HC: TJ McVeigh: Summer 1992: Future Oklahoma Bomber Visits Future Fellow Conspirator

* History Commons: Timothy McVeigh: Summer 1992: Future Oklahoma Bomber Visits Future Fellow Conspirator.
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Future Oklahoma Bomber Visits Future Fellow Conspirator.

Summer 1992, Timothy McVeigh; History Commons


Former Army soldier Timothy McVeigh (see January – March 1991 and After and November 1991 – Summer 1992) makes what apparently is his first visit to Decker, Michigan, to visit his Army friend Terry Nichols (see March 24, 1988 – Late 1990).

It is the first of many visits between McVeigh and Nichols. [PBS FRONTLINE, 1/22/1996]

McVeigh has quit his job as a security guard in upstate New York (see June 1992), and is beginning a life of long, solitary drives around the country, supporting himself by selling and trading guns and materiel (including ammunition, blast simulators, and even atropine, an antidote to chemical warfare) at gun shows. He tells friends that one reason he has chosen to leave his home of New York State behind is because of its “out of control” welfare and social services programs and high taxation. McVeigh does a brisk business buying and selling anti-government propaganda and manuals teaching the reader to build homemade bombs and survival techniques. [STICKNEY, 1996, PP. 143-144; SERRANO, 1998, PP. 55-57]

McVeigh and Nichols share a virulent hatred of the federal government and other right-wing views (see April 2, 1992 and After).

They will soon begin a conspiracy that will culminate in the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City (see 8:35 a.m. – 9:02 a.m. April 19, 1995).