05 Jan: Swiss President Requests Printed Hardcopy of Boer Volkstaat Theses Petition

* 05 Jan: Jus Sanguinis: Swiss President Requests Printed Hardcopy of Boer Volkstaat Theses Petition.
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The Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Petition and Briefing Paper was submitted to the Stamvader nations of Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland; and finally to the NATO Military Committee Chiefs of Defence, between 05 to 16 December 2010.

One hundred and sixty EU politicians, academics, legal experts and military officials were petitioned; the majority of whom acknowledged receipt of the petitions for their attention.

The Boer Volkstaat for African White Refugees Petition appeals for:

[A] International and EU Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Euro/Boere-Volkstaat in South Africa; or in the absence thereof;

[B] The legislative enactment of Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return legislation by the relevant Progenitor/Stamvader EU Nations, for EU citizenship for African White Refugee descendants

The Volkstaat Secession / Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return Petition Justifications (evidentiary details provided in the African White Refugees Briefing Paper # 10/31/16), are:

  1. International Law: Jus Sanguinis, Right-of-Return, International Covenant on Civil, Political, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, etc;
  2. S. 235 of the SA Constitution and the Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination between the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party (Encl. to Briefing Paper);
  3. African National Congress (ANC) / Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) / Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud.
  4. The geopolitical, national, ethnic and cultural importance of amicably resolving population pressures colliding with declining resources multi-cultural conflicts, prior to their friction theory on steroids aggravation by the socio-political and economic resource war consequences of Peak Oil.

On 21 December 2010, Wouter Jurgens, the Head of the Political Section of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria responded, acknowledging receipt of the Petition, “pleading for Netherlands Citizenship for White African Refugees”.

On behalf of Ambassador de Vos, Mr. Jurgens wished to convey that the Embassy had carefully studied the petition, and responded with some specific legal recommendations, and advising on the correct procedures for applying for Refugee Status in the Netherlands, or alternatively applying for citizenship of the Netherlands.

As stated by a legal friend of the author, who would prefer to remain anonymous:

The downside of following that suggestion of him (and I think, that is precisely why he suggested it in the first place) is the fact that the whole issue would be rerouted along personal lines – “Mr. A” or “Mrs. B” applies to regain Dutch citizenship as individuals and, whether any one such application might be granted or refused, the whole issue remains side-tracked into stacks of individual cases.

In contrast to such a situation, I believe your most successful strategic focus-point would be to make them realise that we are dealing here with the fate of a whole people – more specifically, as far as the current Dutch Government is concerned – a people that finds itself in southern Africa for centuries now due to Dutch decision-making and Dutch political behaviour –- the fact that we are talking here of past political behaviour does not get them “off the hook” in my mind. (If current governments are not responsible for the behaviour of their predecessors and have got nothing to do with it, the current German government should not pay the Jews for Hitler’s policy; to cite but one example).

Thus I think the Dutch must not continue to be able, as they had done all along, to shrug their shoulders and say “…well we put you here as farmers, medical personnel and administrators who had to serve many of our needs while we made piles of money in the East – now that you served your purpose, we are done with you; we implore you to accept Black majority rule – and, by implication, also the consequences that go along with it: unspeakable hardship of murder, robbery, rape, theft, corruption, maladministration and suppression of the very culture you inherited from us”.

Therefor, I think, the Dutch (especially) owe us moral and political support to regain self-government…maybe they must be told exactly that?

On 05 January 2011, a written response was received from the General Secretariat Parliamentary Services Office of Hansheiri Inderkum, President of the Council of States.

They wished to acknowledge receipt of the “African White Refugees Petition and Briefing Paper” email and PDF, and to inform Jus Sanguinis Boer Volkstaat Campaign on the correct procedure for submitting such a petition.

The Committee for Legal Affairs of the Swiss Parliaments is responsible for receiving petitionsPetitions must however be submitted in hardcopy form and bear the original signatures.
After checking with the Embassy, we have ascertained that your petition was sent only by e-mail.
We would therefore kindly request you to hand in the original hardcopy of the petition at the Embassy, which will pass it on to the Committee for Legal Affairs in Bern..


It is time that the European Union officials be informed of the TRC FRAUD reasons (and there are many of them in that Briefing Paper), that they owe African White Refugees the moral and political support to either regain self government, by providing international and EU recognition for the VVK’s elections and Volkstaat negotiations process; or the right to return to Europe as Jus Sanguinis citizens.htt

The Jus Sanguinis Campaign shall consequently make plans to have the Petition and Briefing Paper printed into a hardcopy Report format, for submission to the five Embassies in Pretoria as well as the Danish Embassy, for forwarding to the NATO Secretary General and Military Committee.

Donations in support of Printing costs can be made by contacting Jus Sanguinis Campaign.

Briefing Paper Justifications: Rainbow Illusions TRC Fraud: Politically Incorrect Truths About Apartheid & TRC

The ANC’s war against Apartheid was not legally a Just War, in accordance to International Just War legal principles; because the ‘liberation struggle’ had no just cause, was not a war of last resort, the ANC had no proper authority, no right intention, and did not use proportional force.

The ANC’s decision to forsake a commitment to Gandhian non-violence, spawned a Fanonstein Government of comrade tsotsi’s, gangsters and kleptomaniacs

The majority of poor blacks under apartheid, may have been unhappy with apartheid, but they did not want black rule

As bad as apartheid may have allegedly been, Apartheid South Africa still provided poor black South Africans with the highest living standards on the continent of Africa

The ANC’s decisions to launch a violent liberation struggle were motivated by the ideas of Frantz Fanon, as enunciated in his Handbook of Black Liberation, that Violence was the cleansing force which liberated the African from his inferiority complex and restored his self-respect, on the “rotting corpse of the settler.” This was a total repudiation of Gandhi’s non-violence doctrine of self-respect by way of honour, honesty and non-violence.

The ANC launched the People’s War, to terrorize black Africans to support the liberation struggle, for it was well aware that poor blacks did not want black rule, and poor blacks were aware they had the highest living standards in Africa under Apartheid white rule

The ANC’s motives were not to ‘liberate the African people’, to the contrary; their intentions were to do exactly what they have been doing for the past 16 years: enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of taxpayers and the people.

The ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement actions towards Mbokodo’s torture, execution and detention of ANC dissenting members at Camp Quatro simply proved that the ANC led Anti-Apartheid movement “was one of the largest and most successful Popular Front Lobby’s for Stalinist fascism anywhere in the world.”

Ubuntu conformist culture is diametrically opposite of Western Descartian individualist culture, and consequently they are incompatible for a peaceful multi-cultural society

The ANC’s perspective towards reconciliation is based on Black Liberation Theology which believes that salvation/reconciliation is achieved by means of a violent Marxist class struggle; whereas Calvinist Protestantism views salvation as a matter of spiritual forgiveness, a change of perception and heart. The concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation are fundamentally different, but nowhere in any legal TRC social contract document is there any definition for which form of forgiveness the ANC are talking about. The ANC accused apartheid of maintaining legal oppression by means of vague definitions, but for the fundmantal key concepts of the TRC social contract, the ANC have provided no definitions whatsoever.

The TRC totally ignored white SA’s concerns about population policy issues in terms of “swart gevaar” motivations for establishing apartheid; including how population pressures aggravate socio-economic and psycho-political poverty and misery and consequently contribute to resource war conflicts

Apartheid was not a crime against humanity, but a Just War for Boer-Afrikaner demographic survival; for it meets all the requirements for international just war principles: it was a just cause for demographic survival, a last resort, declared by proper authority and of right intention, etc.

Apartheid’s mistakes were that they should not have implemented apartheid to attempt to enable black African tribes to reach the stage of democracy; instead they should have focussed on a smaller area, where they were the demographic majority and seceded from South Africa to form a Volkstaat.

The ANC’s motivations with Land Grabs, and the concomitant Farm Murders prove that South Africa is not a land of Rainbow TRC Peace, but a Racial Hatred War reality; and that the TRC elite are in deliberate denial of reality.

The ANC’s government-sponsored population explosion and welfare production of poverty and misery is a recipe to breed cannon fodder and resource war violence; and is a result of African Masculine Insecurity complexes. Put simply the ANC derives its political power from welfare grant pimping ever more black Africans into poverty; while deflecting the blame for its poverty pimping resource war consequences upon the proverbial scapegoat of ‘apartheid’. The poor are a commodity not only to ANC politicians, but Anti-Apartheid religious and political activists, from those with impressive Archbishop titles to the Poverty Pimping Professors who suck up the research grants to “support themselves and their cronies while they are studying, romanticizing or otherwise exploiting the [African] poor.”

Briefing Paper Justifications: Peak Oil Political Necessity of Ethno-cultural Secession and Relocalisation

This argument concludes that multi-culturalism is impossible between conflicting cultures, and emphasises that the geopolitical, national, ethnic and cultural importance of amicably resolving population pressures colliding with declining resources multi-cultural conflicts, prior to their friction theory on steroids aggravation by the socio-political and economic resource war consequences of Peak Oil; cannot be overestimated or overstated; and is founded on the following points:

  • African White Refugees are the Canaries in the International Ethno-Cultural Geopolitical Coalmine.
  • Europe is committing Ethno-Cultural Suicide: Dr. Frank Ellis reviews Dr. Thilo Sarrazin’s Germany Consigns itself to Oblivion
  • Ethnicity is a basis for, rather than threat to, democracy and freedom; consequently if Europe’s demographic decline is the motivation for its immigration policies, its democracy needs should motivate it to invite its blood relatives home from the Diaspora
  • Multiculturalism is Impossible between hugely different cultures, and particularly between cultures with many diametrically opposed value and belief systems
  • The ‘socio-political and economic consequences of Peak Oil will be severe’, warns numerous Military Energy reports, which include the “total collapse of the markets” and serious political and economic crises, which could threaten the continued survival of democratic governments. Put differently Peak Oil’s consequences on among others transportation costs, the financial markets, and food production, would aggravate multi-cultural conflict to experience Friction Theory on Steroids.
  • Parallel Goals: Economic Relocalisation & Political Secession, argues that the aforementioned Multi-cultural conflict Friction Theory on Steroids consequence of Overpopulation colliding with Scarce and Depleting – particularly Energy – Resources (Ecological Overshoot) can be hugely mitigated by strategically implementing the Parallel Goals of Economic Relocalisation and Ethno-Nationalist Political Secession. Relocalized states and communities can better plan for a world of Energy Depletion, by rebuilding more balanced local economies that emphasise local food, energy and water systems, for local political stability.

For all of these reasons, it is argued that International Legal and Political Support and Recognition should be given to Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) work towards a Volkstaat Election, to elect an Boer-Afrikaner People’s Assembly (Volksraad). This Volksraad shall attain a mandate, to initiate the negotiations for a Boer-Afrikaner Volkstaat.

The Petition and Briefing Paper shall be submitted to the other ‘Stamvader’ nations of France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland, on respectively 07, 09, 11, and 13 December, culminating on 15 December whereupon all other European Union nations shall be petitioned to provide International and EU Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Euro/Boere-Volkstaat in South Africa.


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