18 Apr: Letter to EU Anti-Apartheid Org’s: Could the ANC have won liberation struggle Honourably and Non-violently; by ending their Swart Gevaar Breeding War?

* 18 Apr: Jus Sanguinis: Letter to EU Anti-Apartheid Org’s: Could the ANC have won liberation struggle Honourably and Non-violently; by ending their Swart Gevaar Breeding War?.
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Request for Information: Prior, or subsequent to, the ANC’s M-Plan declaration of War against Apartheid: Did any EU Anti-Apartheid Organisation advise the ANC or any SA Anti-Apartheid Organisation to avoid/suspend the violent ‘liberation ’campaign against the Apartheid Goverment, and to launch a non-violent cultural and political campaign to stop the African ‘swart gevaar’ breeding-war population explosion, to demonstrate the ANC’s honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions?

Jus Sanguinis argue that the TRC was a fraud, because it did not enquire into evidence to show that the ANC (a) did not have a just cause, (b) did not declare war on Apartheid as a last resort, (c) the ANC’s war against apartheid was not declared by proper authority; (d) ANC did not possess right intention, (e) ANC did not have a reasonable chance of success, and (f) ANC did not use proportional force; (g) Post Bellum: ANC are doing all in their power — including the continuation of their breeding war against whites in South Africa – to facilitate the destruction of Boer-Afrikaner and other minority cultures, some of whom (the Radical Honesty culture) have absolutely no standing whatsoever in SA’s alleged ‘multi-culti’ courtrooms; (h) the ANC repeatedly reneged upon its promises of Amnesty destroying all trust in future political agreements.

One particular issue the TRC failed to make an impartial enquiry into were the population policy motives and causes for Afrikaners implementing the political policy of Apartheid as an act of Just War Self Defense against African cultures population explosion breeding war.

In fact when it comes to population policy issues, the TRC made no effort whatsoever to enquire into any population policy related matters, as causal political, economic or psychological factors for Apartheids political violence; even though it is common knowledge that countries with large populations of idle young men, known as youth bulges , account for 70 – 90 % of all civil conflicts.

According to the Kissinger Report, also known as National Security Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests:

“… population factors are indeed critical in, and often determinants of, violent conflict in developing areas. Segmental (religious, social, racial) differences, migration, rapid population growth, differential levels of knowledge and skills, rural/urban differences, population pressure and the spatial location of population in relation to resources — in this rough order of importance — all appear to be important contributions to conflict and violence… Clearly, conflicts which are regarded in primarily political terms often have demographic roots. Recognition of these relationships appears crucial to any understanding or prevention of such hostilities.”


Apartheid was Implemented as Just War Defence Against African Breeding War ‘Swart Gevaar’

It is common knowledge that one -if not the most predominant- factor motivating Verwoerd and Malan’s political propositions for establishing Apartheid were whites fears that the consequences of the exponential growth of the black population, due to their higher rate of reproduction, would result in the demographic suicide of white South Africans:Verwoerd: Verwoerd described the motives, practices and policies for apartheid, aka separate development, or Harmonious Multi-Community Development , and Live and Let Live in depth, in the submissions to the ICJ on S.W. Africa, about the ‘superiority of numbers of the Natives’.

Malan: As declared by Dr. Malan’s National Party in 1947:

It [apartheid] is a policy which sets itself the task of preserving and safeguarding the racial identity of the White population of the country, of likewise preserving and safeguarding the identity of the indigenous people’s as separate racial groups, with opportunities to develop into self-governing national units; of fostering the inculcation of national consciousness, self-esteem and mutual regard among the various races of the country.

The choice before us is one of these two divergent courses: either that of integration, which would in the long run amount to national suicide on the part of the Whites; or that of apartheid, which professes to preserve the identity and safeguard the future of every race, with complete scope for everyone to develop within its own sphere while maintaining its distinctive national character.

F.W. de Klerk: 

‘As far as relations with the other peoples of SA the National Party believed that its interests could be best served by following a policy of “separateness” – or apartheid. Only in this manner, would the whites in general – and Afrikaners in particular – avoid being overwhelmed by the numerical superiority of the black peoples of our country. Only in this manner would they be able to maintain their own identity and their right to rule themselves [..], because any other course would inevitably lead to inter-racial conflict. — Submission to Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) by National Party Leader, President F.W. de Klerk


Was Apartheid legally a Just War Defence Against African culture’s Breeding War ‘Swart Gevaar’?

“We must all understand that the most potent weapons of war are the penis and the womb. Therefore, if you cannot convince a group to control its population by discussion, debate, intelligent analysis etc., you must consider their action in using the penis and the womb to increase population an Act of War,” was the ‘Just War defence’ response by Former Judge Jason G. Brent, to an individual who disputed that the National Party could rationally conclude that white South Africans were facing extinction as a result of the ‘swart gevaar’ (ANC and Africans breeding war decisions and actions); and as a result needed to implement Apartheid for the survival of whites.

In his book Humans: An Endangered Species Judge Brent further expands on this issue, in relation to Peak Oil’s impending collision with overpopulation, in the context of worldwide ecological overshoot: “No one has the right to use his penis or her womb to destroy all of humanity. There is not a God given right to reproduce or to reproduce in a manner which results in the total and complete destruction of our species.”


Was Apartheid biologically/racially/ecologically a Just War Defence Against African culture’s Breeding War ‘Swart Gevaar’?

In Stalking the Wild Taboo, Garrett Hardin deals with the concept of competition, a process that is inescapable in societies living in a finite resource world, and the competitive exclusion principle.

The meaning of this principle can be easily explained in a strictly biological setting. Suppose one introduces into the same region two different species that inhabit the same “ecological niche”. If, by hypothesis, two species occupy exactly the same ecological niche, then all that one species needs to know to predict the ultimate outcome of their competition is the rates at which they reproduce in this ecological niche. If one of them reproduces at a rate of 2 percent per year while the other reproduces at a rate of 3 percent, the ratio of the numbers of the faster reproducing species to the numbers of the slower will increase year by year. In fact, since their rates of reproduction, like compound interest, are exponential functions, a little algebra shows that the ratio of the two exponential functions is itself an exponential function. The ratio of the faster species to the slower species increases without limit. If the environment is finite – and it always is finite – the total number of organisms that can be supported by this environment is also finite. Since the size of the population of a species can never be less than one individual, this means that ultimately the slower breeding species will be completely eliminated from the environment. This will be true no matter how slight the difference in the rate of reproduction of the two species. Only a mathematically exact quality in their rates would ensure their continued coexistence, and such an exact equality is inconceivable in the real world. As a consequence, two species that occupy exactly the same ecological niche cannot coexist indefinitely in the same geographical area.


ANC’s Penis and Womb ‘Operation Production’ Act of War Breeding War:

From 1994 to 2011, the ANC’s Black Power Welfare Breeding War policies have reduced the concentration of SA whites from 20% to 8%; by increasing the concentration of ‘Africans’ from 80% to 92%?

Operation Production is a Revolutionary Thing:

To prevent the revolution from losing steam, Malema urged a full hall in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality building to have as many babies as possible. ­ “Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!”

Operation Production:

Especially evening assemblies girls had to attend as well: “They would come into the house and tell us we should go. They didn’t ask your mother they just said ‘come let’s go.’ You would just have to go with them. They would threaten you with their belts and ultimately you would think that if you refused, they would beat you. Our parents were afraid of them.

All [young girls or women] opposing the wishes of the [ANC young cadres] were reminded, that it was every woman’s obligation to give birth to new “soldiers”, in order to replace those warriors killed in the liberation struggle. The idiom of the adolescents referred to these patriotic efforts as “operation production”. Because of exactly this reason it was forbidden for the girls to use contraceptives.” — Johannes Harnischfeger, Witchcraft and the State in South Africa

Opposing the Wishes of the ANC Cadres Operation Production:

‘I have been raped by comrades before. They force women to sleep with them, even now, because they have the power to do so. And no one dares to speak out. The culture of violence has never ceased to exist in the South-African ANC, even after the end of apartheid.’ – Ms. Fezeka Kuswayo

The street committee members would go on house-to-house raids, forcefully taking young people, including young girls to go on street-patrols. There were then many reports of acts of sexual abuse and rape of young girls being taken to certain hide-outs and camps and being raped. As a result of fear of the comrades and cynicism towards the apartheid police these cases were never reported. — Mphutlane wa Bofelo

ANC’ Cadre’s Right to Sleep with ANC Women:

Sam Mngqibisa poem about his education of an Mbokodo officer:

Give a young boy – 16 years old – from the ghetto of Soweto, an
opportunity to drive a car for the first time in his life.
This boy is from a poor working class family.
Give him money to buy any type of liquor and good, expensive clothes.
This boy left South Africa during the Soweto schools uprising in 1976.
He doesn’t know what is an employer.
He never tasted employer-exploitation.
Give him the right to sleep with all these women.
Give him the opportunity to study in Party Schools and well-off
military academies in Eastern Europe.
Teach him Marxism-Leninism and tell him to defend the revolution
against counter-revolutionaries.
Send him to the Stasi to train him to extract information by force from
enemy agents. He turns to be a torturer and executioner by firing
All these are the luxuries and the dream-come-true he never thought
of for his lifetime…
This Security becomes the law unto itself

Prior to declaring a violent liberation struggle’; did the ANC at any time launch a non-violent cultural and political campaign to end the African ‘swart gevaar’ breeding-war, to demonstrate their honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions?

Application to the Constitutional Court Justices to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae in the matter of The Citizen v. Robert McBride:

TRC’s fraudulent representation to victimizers, victims and citizens: TRC would make impartial enquiry to “establish the truth in relation to past events, as well as the motives for, and circumstances in which gross violations of human rights occurred, and to make the findings known, in order to prevent a repetition of such acts in the future.” The TRC’s enquiry can only be considered a ‘Flat Earth’ enquiry, which totally and perhaps intentionally and deliberately ignored population policy factors which contributed to the motives for implementing apartheid. Imagine if blacks had chosen to adopt a cultural trait of personal responsibility and concern for their children, whereby they refrained from procreation until they could provide for a stable and loving environment for their offspring in a small committed family environment. If so, South Africa would currently be populated by 10 million predominantly educated citizens, 50% white & 50% black and coloured, most of whom had grown up in loving small family homes, with responsible parents.


Could the ANC have won their liberation struggle non-violently; by demonstrating their honourable Just War Just Cause Population Policy Intentions to end their Breeding War?

Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses: Executive Summary: TRC Fraud Population Policy Common Sense:

Just War Tradition: Mutually Agreed Rules of Combat between Culturally Similar Enemies: Jus Ad Bellum Convention, Principles of Jus In Bellow & Just Post Bellum

ANC: No Just Cause & the People’s War Was Not a Last Resort:

Furthermore we shall argue that the ANC’s launching of the People’s War Liberation Struggle was not a ‘Last Resort’.If the ANC’s alleged motives to liberate poor black South Africans were sincere, there were other non-violent population policy options which could have resulted not only in significant socio-economic results for poor black Africans, but also in convincing Apartheid citizens and politicians of the ANC and black African’s honourable intentions to give up its cultural breeding war as a tactic of war. Had the ANC simply encouraged its followers to adopt the following principle, it would have made a huge socio-economic impact on poor S. Africans, and Apartheid supporting politicians and citizens, that black South Africans were finally adopting a culture of personal procreation and familial responsibility, which would make them eligible for the responsibility of political suffrage:

“If you finish high school and keep a job without having children before marriage, you will almost certainly not be poor. Period. I have repeatedly felt the air go out of the room upon putting this to black audiences. No one of any political stripe can deny it. It is human truth on view.”  — — Excerpt from John McWhorter’s Review of Professor of Law Amy Wax’s book: Race, Wrongs, and Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st Century


TRC Just War Fraud: Population Policy Common Sense:

Population Policy Common Sense: Eco-Numeracy, Exponential Functions & Carrying Capacity, Youth Bulges Population Pressure Conflicts and Competitive Exclusion Principle:

Population Policies are the foundation of all other national and international political and social policies, as the point of population stabilisation is to reduce or minimize Malthusian misery. The absence of political and religious intervention in favour of population stabilisation is a consequence of those who prefer to financially or politically benefit from Malthusian misery, starvation and resource war conflicts of overpopulation colliding with scarce resources. Naturally political, media and religious ‘leaders’ who reap political and religious social or financial benefits from Poverty Pimping, endorse the ANC’s abnormally sponsored population explosion of Malthusian poverty, moral degeneration and social disintegration. In fact if the ANC had been sincere about liberating Black Africans out of their poverty and misery, Mandela et al could have avoided the armed liberation struggle and could simply have started a non-violent cultural campaign to educate Africans to change their procreation values: to value the importance of education for their children, the importance of avoiding procreating until married in a committed loving relationship; the importance of concentrating wealth by saving, the importance of small committed families, dedicated to nurturing their children. If more Africans adopted these value systems, they would be able to lift themselves out of poverty. Such a campaign would also have sent the Apartheid voters and government a strong message that Africans were starting to take personal responsibility for their families, for how they breed, for their children’s future, sending a clear message to Apartheid Politicians and voters that such Black Africans were worthy of national political suffrage reward for their acceptance of personal, familial and social responsibility.


(III) Request for Information from European Union Anti-Apartheid Organisations/Archives:

Prior to the ANC’s M-Plan declaration of War against Apartheid: Did any EU Anti-Apartheid Organisation advise the ANC or any SA Anti-Apartheid Organisation to avoid/suspend the violent ‘liberation struggle ’campaign against the Apartheid Goverment, and to launch a non-violent cultural and political campaign to stop the African ‘swart gevaar’ breeding-war population explosion, to demonstrate the ANC’s honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions?

If (a) it was abundantly clear that the major fundamental motive for establishing Apartheid was fear of the ‘swart gevaar’; (2) Apartheid Officials and citizens ‘swart gevaar’ population policy fears are not only legally and ecologically justifiable, but common sense; (3) the ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement were culturally honourably concerned with Just War practices; (4) why did the ANC not consider launching a non-violent cultural and political campaign to stop their African ‘swart gevaar’ breeding-war population explosion, to demonstrate their honourable Just War Just Cause Intentions to ‘swart gevaar’ Apartheid Officials and citizens?

What role did population growth factors play in South Africa’s Apartheid violence? If understanding demographic roots is a prerequisite for understanding their subsequent symptomatic political violence, and hence preventing their future re-occurrence, why was this not a priority for the TRC to enquire into in its enquiry to determine “as complete a picture as possible of the nature, causes” of Apartheid political violence??

What role did the ANC play in contributing to the Population Explosion of Cannon Fodder and Resource War Violence? Why did the TRC not require the ANC to take responsibility for their population production of poverty stricken cannon fodder?

What objections and protests, if any, have former Anti-Apartheid Organisations organized in the European Union to object to the ANC’s Zimbabwefication of South Africa; Deaths in Police custody increase 25,725% under ANC . Why do the Anti-Apartheid movement hold white governments in Africa to different standards than black governments?

‘Crime Against Humanity’ Apartheid South Africa:
1963 – 1994: 75 Deaths in 31 Years = 2.4 Deaths per year

‘Rainbow Hypocrisy Duhmockery’ South Africa:
Jan – Nov 2010: 566 Deaths in 11 months = 617.4 Deaths per year

What objections and protests, if any, have former Anti-Apartheid Organisations organized to object to how the ANC are deliberately sponsoring SA’s Moral Holocaust, through its “abnormal government-sponsored population explosion of Malthusian poverty aggravation, moral degeneration and social disintegration”?

What objections and protests, if any, have former Anti-Apartheid Organisations made against the ANC’s ‘government-sponsored population explosion social engineering aimed at producing a degenerate social climate and, out of that, a malleable rabble’ ; “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups… with the intention of maintaining that regime.” ?


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