06 Oct: Ethno-Cultural ‘Nine Worthies’ Lessons to Learn from Toxic Totalitarian vs. Pure Organic New Eco-Agriculture

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Ethno-Cultural ‘Nine Worthies’ Lessons to Learn from Toxic Totalitarian vs. Pure Organic New Eco-Agriculture

by Lara Johnstone | 06 October 2011
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“The cells of the trees and plants grew until they ruptured and died, like the inner cities of America, the spirit-killing suburbs, the urban freeways and commuter air corridors, as if America’s poison for growth had been concentrated into the oily mist that made the jungle swell like a cancer, burst and die.” – Effects of Agent Orange, as described by Special Forces soldier named Hanson, in Kent Anderson’s ‘Sympathy for the Devil

Scorched earth policies have been practiced by military strategists and tacticians in wars that erupted soon after the consequences of totalitarian agriculture burst its first resource war pimple on the face of Mother Earth: the Scythians against King Darius of Persia, the Armenians against Greek General Xenophon, the Gallic Wars, the British against the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War, Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War, Napoleon and Hitler’s invasions of Russia, to name but a few.

Agent Orange is the code name for one of the ‘Rainbow Herbicides’ used by the US military, in its agricultural warfare defoliation program, known as Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War, between 1961 and 1971.

Agent Orange was manufactured by Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical for the U.S. Department of Defense and included a 50:50 mixture of 2,4D , and 2,4,5-T , which was later found to be contaminated with tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD), which later became known as “perhaps the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man.” Other Rainbow Herbicides some of which included either or both of 2,4D[1] and 2,4,5-T[2] included Agent Purple, Green, Pink, White, Blue and Orange II, also sometimes called “Super Orange”.

The purpose of the U.S. Military’s Operation Ranch Hand was to defoliate forested and rural land to deprive the Viet Cong guerrillas of food and natural cover, and to clear sensitive military areas such as around military base perimeters. Another goal was a general policy of forced draft urbanization, to destroy the ability of peasants to support themselves in the countryside, forcing them to flee to the U.S. dominated cities, thereby depriving the Vietcong guerrillas of their rural resources and support base.

According to RAND Corporation’s Memorandum 5446-ISA/ARPA “the fact that the VC obtain most of their food from the neutral rural population dictates the destruction of civilian crops … if they (the VC) are to be hampered by the crop destruction program, it will be necessary to destroy large portions of the rural economy – probably 50% or more”.[3]

In South Vietnam alone, this scorched earth policy destroyed an estimated 10 million hectares of agricultural land, frequently referred to as an ecocide. According to Daniel Quinn, war and naturally, its scorched earth policies – as in Vietman and others mentioned – are simply one of the consequences of the invention of totalitarian agriculture.[4]

Totalitarian Agriculture and the Law of Limited Competition

Food Production and Population Growth – Daniel Quinn & Alan D. Thornhill, Ph.D. (01:23:56)

Quinn is the author of Ishmael, My Ishmael and The Story of B, wherein he argues that prior to the practice of totalitarian agriculture, tribal societies exhibited 3 million years of social evolution, which should be considered as models for future tribal societal living. He asserts that the practice of totalitarian agriculture should be abolished as it violates the Darwinian ethical ecological principle known as the Law of Limited Competition. Ethologists and students of animal behaviour consider the law of limited competition to be a very practical sort of Darwinian ethics practiced by all species in nature – from sharks to sheep, killer bees to butterflies – “you may compete to the full extent of your capabilities, but you may not hunt down your competitors or destroy their food or deny them access to food (wage war).”

Lions do not rally together to kill off all hyenas, thereby creating more food for lions, allowing their population to increase and their territory to expand. If they did the lions totalitarian extermination of competitor’s, would eventually result in the elimination of the lion/totalitarian agriculturalist once they have destroyed their last Easter Island competitor, thereby initiating their own DieOff, leaving the biodiversity of the ecosystem fatally weakened.

Quinn also considers tribal law as a basis for law in the future. In hunter-gatherer tribes, there are no formal laws, only honour codes and practices of conduct that determines the identity of the tribe that arise from years of social evolution. Quinn argues for all tribes to determine their own path to sustainability; the only absolute universal law being that all tribes abstain from the practice of totalitarian agriculture, i.e. abide by the law of limited competition. In accordance to the law of competitive exclusion, for all tribes to be able to practice their own tribal cultures, all need to agree to abstain from practicing totalitarian agriculture and exponential growth. It is uncertain if such an international agreement can be achieved, but Garret Hardin warned in his seminal work Tragedy of the Commons[5], that in the absence of a fundamental change in human nature’s exponential growth addiction, humanity’s impending overpopulation resource war outcome would be nuclear war.


The Nature of Soil Science: Soils Cation Exchange Capacity Immune System

In 1991 two chemistry researchers were asked to repeat a 1940 study Chemical Composition of Food[6] regarding the nutritional quality of vegetables, fruits and meat over 50 years. Among others they examined 28 raw and 44 cooked vegetables and found that: * Carrots 75% less magnesium, 48% less calcium, 46% less iron and 75% less copper; * Broccoli (boiled) 75% less calcium; * Spring onion 74% less calcium; * Spinach (boiled) 60 % less iron, 96% less copper; Swede 71% less iron; * Watercress 93% less copper; * Potatoes 30% less magnesium, 35% less calcium, 45% less iron & 47% less copper; All fruits 27% less zinc & Apples and oranges 67% less iron.

In The Ideal Soil: A Handbook for the New Agriculture, Michael Astera argues that the nutritional quality of any vegetable or fruit is a result of the nutritional balance, or health, of the soil. New Agriculture focuses on controlling the level and balance of essential nutrients in the soil. It is a new approach to agriculture that incorporates all of the best practices from various schools of agriculture: organic, biodynamic, Albrecht, Permaculture, soil biology, etc.

The horrific destruction of our foods nutritional quality has occurred as a result of our species adoption of totalitarian agriculture on corporate greed steroids: the deterioration of our agricultural soils is a result of short-sighted greed and ignorance and our food nutrition deficiency affects both rich and poor. We are left with toxic soils and food as a result of the green revolution; or put differently, thanks to the reality that we are now eating fossil fuels[7].

The 1950 green revolution was a result of the industrialisation of agriculture, increasing yield production by 250%, as a result of the energy provided from “fossil fuels in the form of fertilizers (natural gas), pesticides (oil), and hydrocarbon fueled irrigation.”[8] This stripped the soil of its richness, exterminating the humus and killing the life of the soil turning it into a nutrient depleted toxic wasteland.

After WWII, the war-time industrial model was incorporated into western world economies, including agriculture, where chemical companies hijacked universities to push their new chemical-based agriculture. Farmers adopted these new methods transforming their farms into modernized commodity factories increasing their yields while their nutritional values fell. Plants grown on depleted soils were found to be prone to insects, pests and disease, which required more fertilizers and pesticides; which in turn burned up the humus and killed all soil life. The soils and plants lost their mineral stores, depleting their immune systems, as the only nutrients applied by the farmers were toxic and those focussed on high yields.

New Agriculture focuses on soil mineral balance to create the ideal soil, for plant and animal health by balancing the major cation minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium in the soil according to the teachings of Dr William Albrecht and Dr Carey Reams. Instead of focussing on high volume yields (quantity), New Agriculture focuses on “achieving the highest yields of the highest quality and nutritional value, while building the overall health of the soil, the crops, and the people and animals that rely on them for food” (quality).

The mineral basis for the New Agriculture was developed by the late William A. Albrecht, PhD at the University of Missouri: balancing the alkaline nutrients in the soil based on the soils capacity to hold them. They took soil, removed its organic matter and spun it in a centrifuge to separate it by weight and size. The process yielded a clear, jelly-like layer of very tiny clay particles, too minute to be viewed with a microscope. These particles were called Colloids, colloidal clay; and are the foundation of the soil’s cation exchange capacity. They are the magnets in the soil which hold the alkaline nutrients available in the soil, to be readily available to plans and soil life.

Albrecht and crew spent next 3 decades experimenting with various combinations of mineral nutrients, feeding their different crops to animals and then measuring the nutritional value of the crops and the health of the animals. By the late 1950s chemical companies had completed their takeover of America’s agricultural schools and Albrecht was forced into retirement in 1960. Albrechts work of balancing the cation minerals would have been buried and forgotten had it not been revived under the science known as Eco-agriculture, by Charles Waters, editor of AcresUSA.

Your soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity is a measure of the soils ‘holding tank’, namely the quantity of nutrients and non-nutrients the soil can hold; the magnetic strength with which it attracts the nutrients from washing away. The lower the exchange capacity is, the less nutrients it can hold and the more the soil and plants have to struggle to get their nutrients. Even if you applied more nutrients to a soil with a low exchange capacity, this would be pointless, since the soil lacked the cation capacity magnetic strength to hold onto them, to make them available to the soil and plants. They would simply wash away when it rained or the soil was irrigated; it would be similar to filling 20 gallons of gasoline into a ten gallon tank. It would simply go to waste. Adding plenty of humus (organic compost) to your soil improves your soils cation capacity, which would then improve your soils capacity to hold and release the various nutrients to plant life and soil health.

“Cation Exchange Capacity is the measure of how many negatively-charged sites are available in your soil. Generally speaking, a sandy soil with little organic matter will have a very low CEC while a clay soil with a lot of organic matter (as humus) will have a high CEC. Organic matter (as humus) always has a high CEC; with clay soils, it depends on the type of clay.”[9]

Once you know your soil’s cation exchange capacity; you proceed to provide it with any nutrients which it may be lacking; with the focus of optimum balance in accordance to the Albrecht method. A balanced, mineralized soil based on the soil’s exchange capacity, results in other things becoming easier. The soils pH balances, plant diseases and pest problems are reduced or disappear, drainage improves, your vegetables have access to all the minerals and nutrients they need.


The Nature of Relationship Science: Toxic PR Sycophancy vs. Simple Organic Honesty

Is there a principle similar to that of a soils cation exchange capacity that we can apply to healthy relationships? I imagine there is, and I imagine similarly to different soils having different cation exchange capacities, so too for people of different cultures. For example: Mimi Silbert[10], Master Chef, co-founder and director of Delancey Street Foundation’s the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for drug addicts and criminals ‘cation exchange capacity’ recipe for success for her tribe is:

  • Take four drug addicts.
  • Gently blend one cup of Compassion with two cups of Strict Discipline.
  • Fold in six tablespoons of Vision.
  • Add a generous dash of Responsibility.
  • Mix with three Valuable Skills and three tightly packed cups of Personal Accountability.
  • Stir all ingredients vigorously, slowly adding Milk of Human Kindness, until the mixture is thoroughly blended.
  • Bake at 300 degrees for four years, or until done to the touch.
  • Generously ice with one “Red Hot” Mimi Silbert.
  • Share this delicious Delancy Street Staff of Life with several thousand hungry people and watch them grow strong.

In my opinion there are two additional principles to be learnt from Delancey Street’s success: firstly it is very difficult to get into Delancey Street, they only accept people into their tribe whom are dead serious about being willing to commit to their rules. Secondly, their rules are simple and strict, and apply to everyone in the tribe. No exceptions.

Radical Honesty tribe’s ‘cation exchange capacity’ is the truth and forgiveness agreement social contract made by its members to each other. Simplistically whenever any Radical Honesty member disagrees with another or is angry with them for whatever reason, no matter how irrational or pathetic, the following procedure enables them to resolve the disagreement, and only once resolved do they move forward to make an agreement about the issue of disagreement.

  1. You have to tell the truth about the specific behaviour you resent, to the person, face-to-face;
  2. You have to be verbally and vocally unrestrained with regard to volume and propriety;
  3. You have to pay attention to the feelings and sensations in your body and to the other person as you speak;
  4. You have to express any appreciations for the person that come up in the process, with the same attention to your feelings and to the other person as when you are expressing resentments;
  5. You have to stay with any feelings that emerge in the process, like tears or laughter, regardless of any evaluations you may have about how it makes you look; and let the tears or laughter or pain or anger not be interrupted by your mind until they go naturally to completion;
  6. You have to stay with the discussion until you no longer feel resentful of the other person.
  7. Dr. Blanton: “Then, and only then, are you ready to talk about the future, make arrangements for the future, or make any agreements.”

Brad Blanton of Radical Honesty teaches that an individual’s higher level of consciousness is a result of their skill and capacity to practice forgiveness; or to sincerely get over their anger. Such an individual is capable of seeing reality, as it is, as opposed to individuals who see reality through their paradigm tainted by their suppressed and unexpressed anger. He believes that cultural transcendence is necessary to contract reality – “truth” – and since culture resides in individuals minds, where there is disagreement between individuals from different cultures, by individuals attached to their own cultural values, both internal and external conflict are inevitable. This means anger is inevitable; and that anger cannot be intellectually gotten over by wishing or praying it away; but must be physically gotten over, i.e. released by the senses. Both individuals are only capable of rational and totally impartial discussion about the scientific truth of their particular culture, once they have given up their emotional ego identity to being ‘right’.

Neither aforementioned tribes members rely on lawyers to resolve their disagreements or misunderstandings with each other. Each tribe has a clear and simple set of rules that all members learn about how to resolve their disagreements with each other. Both focus on simple language understood and practiced – per agreement – by all members. The point being: the codes of conduct work for the tribes members.

Let me emphasise one point from the Delancey Street model[11]:

“The average resident has been a hard-core drug and alcohol abuser, has been in prison, is unskilled, functionally illiterate, and has a personal history of violence and generations of poverty…. Growth and change are not smooth sailing for any person. Because those of us at Delancey Street are self-destructive, we have a particularly hard fight with the part of ourselves that wants to give up, to hide our feelings in drugs or alcohol, to hold grudges rather than learn to forgive, to rationalize and blame rather than admit our own mistakes and fix them.”

If people who literally are the dregs and scum of society can find a simple process whereby they help each other to become a tribe and support each other; then surely anyone or any group of individuals concerned about their future can do so?

So why is it that two successful ‘multiculti’ tribes who are focussed on saving humans, irrespective of their skin colour, can treat all the members of their tribe in accordance to a single code of conduct with honour and honesty; but intelligent individuals who allegedly share a similar ideology, race and culture cannot do so?

Why can a bunch of former drug addicts, criminals and delinquent dropouts develop for their tribe a strong cation exchange capacity that nurtures each other, providing them with the vitamins and nutrients for their liberty tree to grow, with loyalty and teamwork; and a group of intelligent racial activists tribe has a cation exchange capacity that involves backstabbing, gossiping, deception, pity parties and apathy?

Can we build small Aryan tribes of persons willing to experiment with being honest and honourable with each other, to develop simple problem solving codes of conduct, to improve their cation exchange capacity to grow their capacity for many small white tribes that provide its members with the vitamins and nutrients to preserve their cultural and racial future?

Are there any ‘Aryan’ or ‘white’ conscious individuals who are remotely interested in discussing how to foster, one, or many such tribes?


David Simple Honesty v. Goliath’s Toxic MultiCulti Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

“One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests”. — Anders Behring Breivik quoting John Stuart Mill

Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness (57:34) Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis (03:54:56)

Most OO readers are – I imagine – well versed in the history and origins of public relations[12], political correctness/cultural Marxism[13] to agree that these thought paradigms have had huge culturally destructive consequences upon freedom of speech, honest criticism, honest relationships and consequently upon individuals cultural, racial, religious and ideological identities and concepts of self. I do not intend to pretend the battle ahead is going to be easy; but it is not impossible.

I think it is fair to say that a bunch of small white tribes networked into a greater coalition, who have developed simple codes of honour conduct for problem solving, shall find themselves far more effective, than a group of individuals who are backstabbing each other, gossiping about each other, passively aggressively attempting to manipulate each other, etc.

There are many examples of quality being far more effective than quantity.

High Probability Selling is put simply: radically honest selling. It is based on the “deceptively simple concept that people buy from people they trust and respect.” The foundation of High Probability Selling is respect and mutual commitments relationships based upon honesty and mutual respect. Imagine if political, cultural and racial advocacy groups decided to focus their attention on removing the PR puffery from their ideological products, by – for example – focussing on root cause problem solving, and the related quality market of buyers therefore. The lesson mimics the principle practiced by Delancey Street. Focus on quality recruits who really want to buy your simple – not abstract vague ideological – message product. Set a standard for finding out who is serious about buying into your little tribe, and who is only ‘interested’. Experiment with developing ideas for your tribes unconventional strategy.

In How David Beats Goliath: When underdogs break the rules[14], Malcolm Gladwell writes, among others:

David’s victory over Goliath, in the Biblical account, is held to be an anomaly. It was not. Davids win all the time. The political scientist Ivan Arreguín-Toft recently looked at every war fought in the past two hundred years between strong and weak combatants. The Goliaths, he found, won in 71.5 per cent of the cases. That is a remarkable fact. Arreguín-Toft was analyzing conflicts in which one side was at least ten times as powerful—in terms of armed might and population—as its opponent, and even in those lopsided contests the underdog won almost a third of the time.

In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, David initially put on a coat of mail and a brass helmet and girded himself with a sword: he prepared to wage a conventional battle of swords against Goliath. But then he stopped. “I cannot walk in these, for I am unused to it,” he said (in Robert Alter’s translation), and picked up those five smooth stones. What happened, Arreguín-Toft wondered, when the underdogs likewise acknowledged their weakness and chose an unconventional strategy? He went back and re-analyzed his data. In those cases, David’s winning percentage went from 28.5 to 63.6. When underdogs choose not to play by Goliath’s rules, they win, Arreguín-Toft concluded, “even when everything we think we know about power says they shouldn’t.”


Back to the Future: Mandelatopia Rainbow Nation TRC Farce Toxic Poison is Worse for SA Race Relations, than Rainbow Herbicides were for Vietnam.

“I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.” — Pietro Aretino

“We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone.” – Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Opinion, 24 September 1903

In White Refugees from Third World Barbarism[15] I detailed how and why I argued that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission totally failed to fulfil its mandate and in fact was nothing less than a toxic poisonous PR publicity stunt. The demographic realities of South Africa will be all European Nations reality in the absence of moratoriums on immigration, or ethno-cultural secession.

Lawyers and politicians addicted to plausible deniability and avoiding personal responsibility aside, the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange are under no illusions about the ecocide consequences of the US Military’s ‘Rainbow Herbicides’. The effects are there for any individual capable of observation to see.

What about the victims of Mandelatopia’s toxic poisonous Rainbow TRC? Was the purpose of the Liberal establishment to effectively defoliate the forest cover of South African citizen’s psychological defense mechanisms, to deprive them of their racial and cultural identity; to turn them into Century of the Self Corporate consumer zombies; to destroy the cognitive capabilities of those who blindly adopted the TRC narrative for critical thinking and rational enquiry? Has Mandelatopia’s toxic poisonous Rainbow TRC reeked ecocide on South African’s psyche’s and South Africa’s racial and cultural relationships? Are South African’s critical thinking psyches as stunted and deformed in their thinking from Mandelatopia’s toxic TRC Rainbow poison; as Vietnam’s Rainbow Herbicide victims bodies are stunted and deformed? Fake Forgiveness[16] is thousand times worse than no forgiveness. It is analogous to eating a piece of toxic poisonous cake filled with cyanide and cement; and convincing yourself you are eating a nutritious healthy vitamin rich organic salad.

Would you put this poor woman in charge of directing the air traffic at Da Nang International Airport, Da Nang, Vietnam (DAD)? Would Vietnam put this poor man in charge of the Life Guard division on China Beach or Phu Quoc Island? What would you think of a country that put a person whose honesty cognitive capabilities were as stunted as this poor woman’s body is stunted, in charge of a Truth Commission? What would you think of a country and political party whose self-confidence was so crystal fragile they couldn’t stand the scrutiny of honest exposure of their misdeeds for open and honest discussion; to be their President?

What would you think of an International Nobel Peace Prize procedure[17] that deliberately and intentionally avoids giving Nobel Peace Prizes to individuals who address the root causes of war; and instead gives them to individuals who cover up the root causes of war, and endorse perpetual and never ending war?

My salute goes to Sgt. William Brown, 173rd Airborne Brigade, 503 Division as a hero and a man of honour, courage, humility and integrity. Thank you sir, for being you; wherever you may be.


Pity Tutu, Mandela and De Klerk don’t have Sgt. William Brown’s honour, courage, humility and integrity!


  • 2,4,-D is a white crystalline irritant compound used as a defoliant and weed killer called also 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid; (Chemical formula C8H6Cl2O3).
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