23 Apr: Report of the Compliance Committee on its fortieth meeting: Communication ACCC/C/2013/82 (Norway)

* Secretary to the Aarhus Convention
* 23 April 2013: Economic Commission for Europe Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters Compliance Committee Fortieth meeting Geneva, 25–28 March 2013 Report of the Compliance Committee on its fortieth meeting [PDF]: Paragraph 38: Re: 38. Communication ACCC/C/2013/82 (Norway).
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: Aarhus 1382 Norway / EoP NWO SCO: EoP Axis MilNec Evac: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity / EoP v WiP Neg.