02 Aug : The White House: Memo to America from President Obama: Re Our Planet.

* The White House
* 02 Aug : The White House: Memo to America from President Obama: Re Our Planet.
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“Radical Honoursty Ecology of Peace speech writer version” comment posted to Lara Zhivago EoP v WiP Comments Correspondence PDF.


[Edit updated 04/08/2015]

Radical Honoursty Ecology of Peace speech writer version:

Memo to America:

“…an organization cannot have a conservation policy without having a population policy….the sanity test — in which the candidate, confronted with an overflowing sink, is classified according to whether he reaches for the faucet or the mop.” — Daniel B. Luten; as quoted by William Milton Cooper in Behold a Pale Horse.

‘Its our right to consume like bling niggers on crack’ white guilt[1] Fortune 500 corporate America’s 350.org[2] pseudo environmentalists[3]; and ‘its our right to breed like cockroaches on viagra’ black guilt[4] NAACP pseudo racial justice[5] NGO’s; have an Edward Bernays[6] Abner Louima plunger up my ass; forcing me to give America and the planet a bandaid for a braintumour pretend solution to the planets ecological destruction and racial, religious and class justice.

So America: Lets bend over and enjoy our — ‘Proudly America: We bullshit ourselves we give a fuck about the environment; or about racial, religious and class resource war conflict; while doing fuck all about the root Masonic War is Peace social contract ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ causes of environmental destruction and racial, religious and class war conflict’ – bandaid to braintumour lemming mopping.

Options for implementing an Ecology of Peace NWO social contract[7] are available if any Americans or non-American leaders and/or their nations citizens; wish to non-violently cooperate[8] to reach for the conservation policy faucet.

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