13 Feb: EoP Amicus Req; RE: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: Lavoy Finicum Bodycam Surveillance

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* 13 Feb: EoP Amicus Req; RE: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: Lavoy Finicum Bodycam Surveillance.
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Subject: EoP Amicus Req; RE: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: Lavoy Finicum Bodycam Surveillance

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EoP Amicus Req; RE: WiP #16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al: Lavoy Finicum Bodycam Surveillance 

Re: Does Oregon State Police value wildlife over human life? “The FBI stated yesterday that there was no body camera on any of the four state troopers involved in the January 26 shooting of Lavoy Finicum in the snow in Harney County. Coincidently, the same day of the shooting the Oregon State Police released body cam footage of state troopers rolling over an elk stuck in the snow. Clearly the technology is there and was available. The question remains: If there was enough time to set up a tactical roadblock with at least one trooper flanking the roadblock in the trees, why wasn’t there time to attach body cams to the troopers? Body cameras protect the police and the public. They are the best tool for government to dispel rumors regarding unjustified force. These questions must be answered and soon: Was there a decision made to not wear them, was it incompetence, or is there a reasonable answer out there? We need answers but why isn’t the media asking these questions?”

I don’t know what the Oregon State Police’s legal definition is for ‘wildlife’ or ‘human life’; or what their bodycams policy is or was; generally speaking or on 26 Jan 2016 in Harney and Grant Co.

I do know that if or when any American or foreign military intelligence agency – FSB, MI6 or Mossad – were monitoring or psychotronically manipulating any particular event; they have psychotronic bodycam footage of the event. Highly advanced psychotronic technology works similar; but far more advanced; than what is referred to as remote viewing [Remote Viewing Info: Suspect Zero; Christine Hart: News of the World & Feathermen; David Morehouse: Psychic Warrior].

Put simply; its very similar to an individual in charge of manipulating a drone; except that the drone is a human. So they are like a bodycam on the individual; but not only can they hear, see and record everything the person sees and hears; they can also know what the person is thinking about what they see and hear. They can record other bodily senses: heart rate, etc.

More information about psychotronic technology can be found in among others: EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Intnl Psychiatry & Psychology Orgs & Individuals

—– Excerpt —–

12 July 2015: Lara and Tim work on EoP response to the American Psychological Association Hoffman Report:

On 12 July 2015 at 13:53 hrs Lara emailed the American Psychology Association Board of Directors and David Hoffman: Subject: Hoffman APA Review Report: Sincere Problem Solving focus; or Bullshit the Public Relations event?

The American Psychological Association contracted lawyer David Hoffman to investigate whether a group of psychologists led by James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen who were members of the APA; who were involved in various ‘War on Terror torture practices’; such as: waterboarding were involved in ‘unethical practices.’

After the September 11 attacks, the CIA asked James Mitchell to develop an interrogation program to help interrogators to effectively interrogate Al-Qaeda terrorists who were resisting interrogation. Put simply: the CIA wanted to know if Jessen could teach their interrogators to know when one of the terrorists they were interrogating sincerely did not know any question posed to the terrorist; or when the terrorist was hiding or withholding information; by pretending not to know answers to questions from the interrogator. James Mitchell had been a psychologist in the Air Force. In 1988 he became the chief of psychology at the Air Force survival school at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. Mitchell Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training taught American soldiers psychological evasive techniques for how to survive torture if they were captured by AlQaeda and AlQaeda decided to torture them to get military classified information. Interrogation procedures consisted of the interrogator and terrorist suspect meeting in an interrogation room; where they engaged in a question and answer discussion. If the terrorist cooperated and answered all the interrogators questions as honestly and clearly the interrogation was totally cordial and nonviolent. Enhanced interrogation torture techniques were only used if (a) the terrorist refused to cooperate by refusing to answer questions or (b) used evasive psychological techniques to avoid answering questions; as confirmed by a psychologist as symptoms of evasive techniques used by soldiers to avoid answering questions.

The enhanced interrogation techniques included prolonged stress positions, hooding, subjection to deafening noise, sleep deprivation to the point of hallucination, deprivation of food, drink, and withholding medical care for wounds; waterboarding, walling, nakedness, subjection to extreme cold, confinement in small coffin-like boxes, and repeated slapping or beating. Interrogators were restricted to conducting the enhanced interrogation according to Judge Jay Bybee’s Torture Memo’s wherein he clearly defined the lawfully approved ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’.

There are neurological biological similarities between waterboarding and psychotronic manipulation of brain messages to the body. In waterboarding the interrogator physically restricts the body being tortured from receiving messages from the brain for a period of time ranging from 10 to 40 seconds; by restricting the brains access to oxygen; by covering the beings nose with water. In psychotronic manipulation of brain messages to the body; the brain EMF frequencies are manipulated by shutting them down for a period of time ranging from 10 to 40 seconds; by psychotronically restricting the brain from sending ‘continue doing your work to allow the body to survive’ messages to the necessary body parts.

Judge Jay Bybee and the CIA’s definition of waterboarding is as follows: “In this procedure, the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet. The individual’s feet are generally elevated. A cloth is placed over the forehead and eyes. Water is then applied to the cloth in a controlled manner. As this is done, the cloth is lowered until it covers both the nose and mouth. Once the cloth is saturated and completely covers the mouth and nose, air flow is slightly restricted for 20 to 40 seconds due to the presence of the cloth… During those 20 to 40 seconds, water is continuously applied from a height of twelve to twenty-four inches. After this period, the cloth is lifted, and the individual is allowed to breathe unimpeded for three or four full breaths… The procedure may then be repeated. The water is usually applied from a canteen cup or small watering can with a spout… [The CIA has] … informed [Judge Bybee] that it is likely that this procedure would not last more than twenty minutes in any one application.”

In this interview James Mitchell describes psychologists use of waterboarding as a torture interrogation technique to encourage terrorists to change their minds; and start answering the interrogators questions. In this interview Mitchell answers questions as to his motive for getting involved in enhanced interrogation techniques. In Covert Operations of the NSA John St Clair Akwei; a former NSA employee describes how the NSA can psychotronically manipulate the thoughts and bodily functions of any individual on the planet. Put differently; the NSA or any other nations intelligence agencies; such as Britain’s MI6, or Russia’s FSB/KGB; or Israel’s Mossad; can remotely manipulate the thoughts of any one or more persons; and/or kill any one or more persons; by psychotronically shutting off the brain’s signals to the heart; lungs, etc to ‘survive and continue living’. They can also remotely by psychotronics manipulate internal organs in the body; such as induce a heart attack or stroke, pull a tendon or muscle; fill the lungs with water to induce pneumonia; and aggravate an already inflamed intestine to activate an gastrointestinal bleeding attack.

A copy of the Covert Operations of the NSA document is filed in three court proceedings: (i) John St Clair Akwei vs National Security Agency: Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA (Civil Action 92-0449); (ii) State v Lara Johnstone about the 18 June 2002 PW Airport bomb threat made via the George Herald; (iii) GMC 2578-14: Lara Johnstone v Frode and Talitha Moe.

Mitchell was later reported to have personally waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

—– End Excerpt —–

If the NSA, FSB, MI6 and/or Mossad were observing or manipulating the Ammon Bundy’s Malheur occupation and subsequent 26 January 2016 decision by Ammon Bundy and the occupiers to leave the Malheur refuge to go and do some political campaigning in Grant Co; whereupon they ran into the FBI road block and all were nonviolently arrested; except for Lavoy Finicum; who refused to be nonviolently arrested along with Ammon Bundy and drove off as if he was OJ Simpson on crack [See: Mark McConnell statement; Patriotic Warriors: Reasons Why re: Mark McConnell statement]; possibly because he would rather have committed suicide by Sheriff/Cop than spend a day in a jail concrete box; as he had repeatedly stated he would rather die than be arrested [NNN: Gary Franchi: Lavoy Finicum to FBI: I’d rather die than spend time in a concrete box]; then they would have psychotronic ‘sight/sound/thoughts/body senses: heart rate, etc’ bodycam footage of the event.

This would obviously be very frightening for individuals who have a different private identity than their public identity. Put differently for individuals engaging in bullshit the public ‘public relations’ image management bullshit. If however your private identity is your public identity; then you wouldn’t give a fuck about anyone observing your thoughts; cause you ain’t got a problem saying what you really think.

I can sympathize with Mr Finicum’s views on spending time in any nation’s concrete box; whether American Five Star Club Fed concrete boxes; or Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland’ Congo; or Simon Mann’s Equitorial Guinea Fuck all stars African shithouse concrete boxes.

Anyone who has read any of the applications filed by Ecology of Peace culture; would know our responsible freedom prison policy shall not have any concrete boxes; only silent Monk like Monastery retreats in natural surroundings for individuals who are willing to take responsibility for their procreation and consumption and lack of fully informed consent behaviour; where individuals can reflect on their unlawful behaviours and learn the skills to avoid repeating their unlawful behaviours.

For the Record: I have not received any response from any USA v A Bundy et al indicating their interest in providing their fully informed consent about me filing an EoP Amicus to the court in the matter of USA v A Bundy et al.

A copy of this correspondence shall be filed in: EoP Applicants: (i) Req Asst of Counsel: NSA & FSB: Oregon Harney Co [PDF]; (ii) EoP Axis: WiP Case No. 16-MJ-00006: USA v A Bundy et al [PDF]; (iii) EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Intnl Psych Org [PDF]; Comments Corr [PDF].


Lara Johnstone, aka Andrea Muhrrteyn [EoP Oath PDF]
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