01 Jul: Vladimir Lyutov: Stalin Question: You are at a club and Stalin calls your girlfriend a capitalist pig; what do you do?

* Vladimir Lyutov
* 01 Jul: Vladimir Lyutov: Stalin Question: You are at a club and Stalin calls your girlfriend a capitalist pig; what do you do?.
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Response from an eco and egologically literate modern day Josef Bochkareva Dzerzhinsky at: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Vladimir Lyutov:


Ultimate difference between Brexit and Remain: UK Titanic slight change of speed; while remaining on course with iceberg collision:

In the absence of the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; the economic, socio-political impact between Brexit and Remain for British citizens shall be equivalent to passengers on the Titanic being allowed to vote whether to stay on directly on course towards their iceberg; at a speed of five miles per hour; or seven miles per hour.

It is only when British elite allow their citizens to vote about whether to slam on the breaks of the Titanic and vote in support of terminating the Masonic War is Peace ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ – which is the ‘driver’ of the planets economic titanic heading for ecological resource collapse iceberg; that the British elite and their citizens shall start engaging in an honest conversation about the root causes of their – and every nation’s – peak everything ecological overshoot reality predicament; and how to cooperate to honourably, ethically, orderly and humanely resolve it; by supporting the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; to enable humane and orderly deindustrialization and depopulation to carrying capacity levels.

‘Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is irrelevant if American oligarchy has fuck all interest in EoP root cause problem solving.’ – paraphrased EoP interpretation of Vladimir Putin answer in 14 April 2016 Direct Line Q&A session. Similarly it could be said ‘Brexit or Remain is irrelevant if British oligarchy has fuck all interest in EoP root cause problem solving.

— EoP Axis: UK v Thomas Mair [PDF]: 22 June: UKIP: N Farage; Leave EU: A Banks: EoP definition of Innocent v Guilty WiP MP’s, journo’s, lawyers, citizens etc; Re: UK v Thomas Mair.


Suggested Press Release for any UK Politician or Journalist who gives a fuck about honesty, honour and factual ecological carrying capacity reality; should there exist such an individual in the UK Masonic Elite; which I doubt; but I may be wrong [Ref: Freemasonry Inc: RE: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Freemasonry Better Men and Honour Definition Questions PDF]:

—- Draft: UK Masonic Elite Buck Stops Here Brexit Vote Press Release —

Dumb Fuck British Brexit Citizens and Residents:

European Freemasonry just fucked you up the ass again; like we have been doing for the past two hundred years. Now the British Freemason elite can have our British human factory farmed cattle pretending to be humans back again; for our personal human sacrifice freedumb slavery profiteering.

Mr Farage & Boris Johnson:

Thanks for all your help in believing the British citizens don’t give a fuck about Ecology of Peace honour, honesty and facts race, religious, class and cultural relations; and helping the British Masonic Elite establishment get our dumb fuck human cattle slaves to vote to be British Elite human cattle debt slaves.

Ecology of Peace Applicants:

Prime Minister Cameron’s resignation statement reference to resigning from captaincy of the UK Titanic was interesting. However we don’t know whether he or any British Politician; Priest; Queen; janitor; teacher, lawyer; judge, prosecutor; policeman; soldier; general; businessman citizen give a fuck about buck stops here honesty; honour; and ecological reality facts; to support giving their duhmockery human cattle slaves; the buck stops here option of voting for an Ecology of Peace v Masonic War is Peace Referendum.

—- End Draft: UK Masonic Elite Buck Stops Here Brexit Vote Press Release —

— EoP Axis: UK v Thomas Mair [PDF]: 24 June 2016: UK Freemasons; Att Gen; Min of Defence: Draft: UK Masonic Elite Buck Stops Here Brexit Vote Press Release


Nigel Farage has jumped off an economic cliff screaming “Independence Day!!!”, and he’s taking us all down with him. While Brexit will almost certainly usher in a new wave of austerity and impoverishment, it’s far from clear that Remain would avoid it.

Wherever you stand on the outcome of Britain’s EU referendum, hard economic reality is going to bite – and it’s going to bite hard.

The #VoteRemain camp made a point of highlighting the numerous warnings from economists that a UK exit from the EU would trigger an economic crisis. The #VoteLeave camp insisted that this was a doom-mongering lie.

It wasn’t.


Whether or not Britain actually exits the EU, everything is going to rest on the extent to which the government can ensure that we ‘leave in name’ and ‘remain in practice’, by rapidly negotiating a rehabilitated relationship that will allow the economy to stabilise.

What does this mean for the ideologues on both sides of the Leave and Remain debate?

Thank everyone for more austerity!

It means that neither Leave nor Remain address the fundamental causes of Britain’s economic woes. There are valid arguments on both sides. Leave campaigners are correct that the EU has grown into a monstrous super-state that lacks accountability. Remain campaigners are correct that the EU, which Britain played no small role in crafting, has provided a lucrative arena for UK businesses to thrive.

But the bizarre predicament Britain now finds itself in proves precisely that we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. If we remain, we’re screwed. If we leave, we’re screwed.

The reason for this is surprisingly simple, yet has been lost in the farcically shallow nature of the Brexit debate so far: the EU is neither the fundamental cause, nor the fundamental solution, of the core problems Brits care about. And that is why, neither remaining in, nor departing from the EU will address those problems.

Because the problem is that the prevailing global model of neoliberal capitalist economic orthodoxy is broken.

Notice the word ‘global’ here.

​This is not a British model. It’s not an EU model. It’s not just a Washington model, either. It certainly has Anglo-American origins, and has consolidated itself via a range of international, national and local institutions.

But it’s global.

Aim your disillusionment at the cause, not the symptom


You’re missing the mark if you want to pinpoint all the blame on any one political party, on one government, on one institution, or on just the EU. It’s all of them, together, collectively, systemically: it’s a system that is crumbling under the weight of its own chronic unsustainability.

Neither side of this political charade is going to address the real issues, the real causes, the fundamental need for radical systemic transformation to get out of the mess we’re in.

— The Canary: Brexit is about to usher in Third World Britain.


A Sky News report identifying three senior Labour Party whips as the Blairite “choreographers” of Labour opposition to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was inexplicably self-censored on Monday. But the censorship comes as little surprise given Sky News’ longstanding connections to a powerful PR firm tied to former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The firm, Portland Communications, is not only directly connected to the Labour coup plotters, but had anticipated a Shadow Cabinet “mass resignation” contingency plan to oust Corbyn at least six months ago – long before the EU referendum results.

Five paragraphs identifying the Blairite ringleaders of the coup were deleted from a Sky News report minutes after being quoted in an investigation by The Canary.

— The Canary: Labour coup plotters protected by media giant tied to Blairite Portland Communications PR firm, linked to coup.


Re: Russia Insider- RBTH: Russia enters Portland Communications Top 30 Rankings in ‘Soft Power’


“Put simply, Russia is in the perfect position to experiment with a sustainable model for humanity. And Putin is the perfect blacksmith for forging something new and improved. The people must really understand any system, in order to trust the system. And the system cannot survive in the chaos of ramped self interest. Communism and socialism won’t do, and neither will dictatorships, or the capitalist devil. I say we give Putin a chance. If there is no “third way”, we can always restart Babylon. It’s been done 100 times before.”

– Russia Insider: Putins Vision of the Future; New Eastern Outlook: What if Vladimir Putin Does Know a ‘Third’ Way for Society.

“Attaturk knew that for his movement to succeed and be permanent. He had to create a struggle that was initiated and supported by the people. Everything had to be legitimate and ideologically well-founded. A revolutionary ideal at the time it was announced to the whole country from the city of Amasia.” – Mustafa Kemal Attuturk: Attaturk the Feminist Warrior.

– Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence: 31 Jan: Samuel Culper.. Kings County Sheriff’s Office 911.

“President / Secretary of Defence to Generals and Admirals: …… WiP supporters: Please provide me with your argument and evidence clarifying how and why the implementation of an EoP social contract should not be the top priority of honourable political and military leadership; or what exactly your reasons are for opposing the implementation of an EoP international law social contract. If you are addicted to being cannon fodder; as some people are addicted to being beaten; the ‘fully informed consenting principle values’ aspects of an EoP international law social contract; shall provide you the opportunity to meet and relate with other individuals addicted to being cannon fodder; in ‘cannon fodder BDSM fight club’ like private venues; where you can cannon fodder each other to whatever level of cannon fodder addiction extremism you prefer.”

— Excerpt: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence: Orlando Mayor .. Veterans Coalition for Common Sense

— EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 16 Jun: ​A. West, Lt Gen M Dana et al: Re: EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Orlando Mayor .. Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.  CC: Red State; Breitbart; Russia Insider; Films for Action; Al Jazeera; Forward Observer; Outpost of Freedom; American View; USMC; Portland Communications; Russia Beyond the Headlines.


Storyful Canary: Fort McMurray family watch house burn down on IPhone


The Ecology of Peace culture has not come across any scientifically based ‘mental disorder’ definition; and consequently does not consider Masonic War is Peace culture members allegations of ‘mental disorders’ to be scientifically based. In the same way that coalminers would use a canary to warn them of the toxicity of air in a coalmine; Ecology of Peace culture considers individuals experiencing cognitive dissonance from conformity pressures resulting from overpopulation and overconsumption resource war pressures; as human canaries unconsciously warning about the toxicity of Masonic War is Peace culture.


EoP Interpretations are subject to EoP RH IQO caveat: EoP interpretations of possible Military Intelligence use of Gov Mind Control Technologies to psychotronically  compose Glass harp-toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BMW 565 geopolitical orchestra / opera – Culture Change to EoP Honour Eco-footprint Shrinking Lifeboat Ethics – message’s.

Excerpts: (i) Military Gospel according to Homer Lea: Dept of Defense; (ii) EoP v WiP NWO negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: 08 May Sputnik BKA & 18 May: RFERL, The Interpreter.

US Dept of Defense: VE Day Sailors kiss 71st Anniversary surrender of Germany in WWII …. Telegraph: Assisted Death of “kiss” photo Rothschild Giraffe Misha….

Channel Four: African Population Explosion Poverty Crisis; Ted Koppel: CIA & Pentagon on: Population Growth & Resource Wars; Al Bartlett: China’s One Child Population Policy Climate Change Negotiations

Not About the Nail Group Therapy

Large: Its Not About the Nail | Terence McKenna: Masonic War is Peace industrial civilization is a pointed loaded gun | Departed PNG: Cops or Criminals: When facing a loaded gun; what’s the difference? | Group Therapy: Sometimes it Works!

If your activism to end racism, slavery, oppression, climate change; food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, climate change, feminism, nazism, Islamism, capitalism, communism, militarization of police, etc; does not include discussion of the root – ‘right to breed / consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Masonic War is Peace social contract –overpopulation and consumption causes of those socio-economic, psycho-political and ecological resource war  problems; your activism is just another ‘Its not about the Nail’ Masonic War is Peace Bullshit the Public Relations Stunt.

If the nail you are hammering is to abolish the Masonic War is Peace social contract and replace it with an Ecology of Peace social contract; then that nail is simultaneously addressing a multitude of ecological overshoot problems: whether crime and violence, unemployment and poverty, food shortages, inflation, political instability, loss of political freedoms, conformist political correctness, vanishing species, garbage and pollution, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, resource depletion, etc.

Put simply the nail is in the bulls eye target zone, and each hammer strike, sends problem solving solution ripples to each of all of these problems; whereas if you find a nail and stick it in only one of these problem areas; each hammer strike is pointless; because in the absence of addressing the root cause of the problem: Masonic War is Peace ‘right to breed/consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ social contract; the particular problem you are focused on is only going to get worse; as the tap of overpopulation / over-consumption-ecological overshoot resource scarcity grows and grows and grows.​

— EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: Comments Correspondence [PDF]: Webster Tarpley .. Infowars.