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* Russia Federation … Charles Bausman
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* 31 Oct: Russia Federation: Our Putin; Sputnik: Revealed: How John Podesta’s Email was Hacked from New Zealand; McChrystal Group: Chris Fussell: Stanley McChrystal Chief of Staff Chess Moves; Charles Bausman: Bells.
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Russia federation: Our Putin

Sputnik: Revealed: How John Podesta’s Email was Hacked from New Zealand

Chris Fussell: Stanley McChrystal Chief of Staff Chess Moves

Charles Bausman: Bells



The Sicilian by Mario Puzo

The Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed by Norman Lewis

Salvatore Giuliano by Francesca Rosi

Salvatore Giuliano Life Magazine as depicted in movie Salvatore Giuliano

Other Salvatore Giuliano biography titles: God Protect me from my friends; My Brother.
Sicilian Princess Bride Battle of Wits: 1. Never Get involved in a Land War in Asia; 2. Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line Dinner Drinks with Andre.

“I imagine it shall be far cheaper and easier for a prosecutor to prove ‘overbreeding’ and/or ‘overconsumption’ in a court of law; or overbreeding / consumption bribery; than it currently is to prove current multiple different definitions of ‘corruption’ etc; that not only confuse citizens; but in and of such citizen confusion is the seed of the citizens distrust of the legal systems impartiality, honesty and integrity; and the source in citizens and lawyers minds that a bundle of lies is the edifice upon which the legal establishment is built; that courts are not courts for the clear fair and honest resolution of disputes in simple village idiot language understood by the common man; but religious psychological warfare battle of wits temples. [Sajjan Poovayya: Common Myths about Indian lawyers]
— EoP Axis: EoP App & Lawyers: Summary of EoP ICC Complaint [ archive.is/Bdj1V ]

“If they would take all that energy; put it in straight policework; we’d have the city cleaned up in a week.” – Frank Serpico

Nikolai Starikov on Corruption in Russia

Syriana: Corruption in America

Octopus 911

Salvatore Giuliano: People’s Bandit

Robin Hood from Sicily

Sicilian Dinner with Andre: Vizzini Battle of the Wits for Princess Bride

Sicilian Chess Moves: Sicilian Dragon & Sicilian Defence


Sputnik: Revealed: How John Podesta’s Email was Hacked from New Zealand

The latest Wikileaks release has revealed exactly how Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s gmail account was hacked, and the domain in the phishing email is from an island off the coast of of New Zealand. The 21st email release included the actual March 19, 2016, email which provided the hackers with Podesta’s password. Podesta had received an email claiming to be from Google, warning him that someone in Ukraine had obtained his password, and that he was required to change it. The form they linked to, however, was not from Google, but from a site mirroring the internet giant, which, after the password was unthinkingly reset within it, then sent his new password to the hacker.

19 March 2003: President Bush Declaration of War against Iraq

21 March 2003: Shock and Awe bombing of Iraq

“What we are not talking about is whether the emails are true. If they are; who cares where they come from and who cares why. Cause if the accusation is that the Russians are trying to influence this election by telling the truth; then what does that tell us about how American media is trying to influence the election” – Benn Swan; Reality Check: Doesn’t matter who hacked Podesta, if emails are TRUE.


19 March 1994 Denver International Airport Art: among others:

Mustang, by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez, was one of the earliest public art commissions for Denver International Airport in 1993. Standing at 32 feet tall and weighing 9,000 pounds “Mustang” is a blue cast-fiberglass sculpture with red shining eyes. Jiménez died in 2006 while creating the sculpture when the head of it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.

Masonic New World Airport Capstone laid on 19 March 1994, by Prince Hall Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge of AF & AM Colorado.


The Economist: How to contain Vladimir Putin’s deadly, dysfunctional empire

Financial Times: Meet Putin’s favourite economist: Elvira Nabiullina hunts down Russia’s banking ‘banditry’


Pacific Sun New Zealand TPP Election
CCTV Cruise ship Pacific Sun hit by tropical storm near New Zealand



MICKLETHWAIT: The G-20. This will be one of the last times you will see Barack Obama. And as you well know, there is an American election underway, and as you well know, there is a choice in that between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Who would you rather have at the other end of the telephone if there is a geopolitical situation – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Do you have a feeling at all?

PUTIN: I would like to work with a person who can make responsible decisions and implement any agreements that we reach. Their last name doesn’t matter. Of course, it’s necessary for that person to enjoy the trust of the American people, so that they won’t just have the desire but also the reinforced political will to fulfill all those agreements. That’s why we never interfered, don’t intervene and try not to intervene in domestic political processes. We’ll closely monitor what happens and wait for the election results. And then we’ll be ready to work with any administration if the administration itself wants that.

MICKLETHWAIT: Can I just push you on that? Back in 2011, you accused Hillary Clinton of seeking to trigger the protests that you were facing in Russia at the time. And by contrast, when I look at some of things that Donald Trump has said about you… Back in 2007, he said Putin is doing a great job, in 2011 he praised your no-nonsense way, the next year he said you were his new best friend, next year he said you’re outsmarting the Americans, he said you have good ratings together …

I could go on and on like that. And you are really telling me that if you have a choice between a woman, who you think may have been trying to get rid of you, and a man, who seems to have this great sort of affection for you, almost sort of bordering on the homoerotic, you are really going to go for, you are not going to make a decision between those two, because one of them would seem to be a lot more favorable towards you?

PUTIN: You know, I essentially already answered your question. I’ll reformulate it again, say it in different words. We are ready to work with any president, but, of course — I also said this — to the extent that the future administration is ready. If someone says that they want to work with Russia, we’ll welcome it. And if someone, as you said — although it may be an inaccurate translation — wants to get rid of us, that will be a completely different approach. But we will survive it, and it’s not clear who has more to lose with that approach.




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