17 Apr: Doomstead Diner .. Timothy McVeigh

* Doomstead Diner … Timothy McVeigh
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* 17 Apr: UNZ Review: Trump, A Symptom of What?. Robert Amsterdam: Disruption and the Weaponization of the Law. Politico: Does Trump still believe in Trumpism?. Mother Jones: Inside the Underground Anti-Racist Movement That Brings the Fight to White Supremacists. Race Traitor: Tim McVeigh & Me.
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Doomstead Diner: 17 Apr 2017: 03:17 hrs: Trump, A Symptom of What? – You could hear the deep sadness in the preacher’s voice as he named “the greatest p… http://ow.ly/6RG250aT8HE [UNZ Review: Trump, A Symptom of What?]

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EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 19:38 hrs: .@GregScheinert @N_ata6ha 2 or 10 000 fake likes flattery only leads to self deception beliefs in a PC egoist inaccurate hypothesis, on a collision path with reality

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EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 00:04 hrs: @iz_londona @Boris_Genuine @kommersant @KommersantDengi @AndreyGogolev @Nevzlin @nmbush @mkarinna @gerdschroeder https://twitter.com/i/moments/850307934110220288 EoP Info [EoP MC: EoP Help for Navalny & RU Anti-Corruption Protestors]


Robert Amsterdam: 15 Mar 2017: 13:49 hrs: My many thanks to @googletalks for the invitation. Always a pleasure to exchange views on these important topics. https://youtu.be/OEk8p2CyXOU [Robert Amsterdam: Disruption and the Weaponization of the Law]

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 00:13 hrs: @robertamsterdam @googletalks @amsterdamllp @levanrami @owenmatth @Berk2927 @ShaffaNiazi @MalcolmSpellman @RichardHaass @C_Stroop @ikalin1 EoP Ftpt Info eop-v-wip-law.tygae.org.za  pic.twitter.com/2YnzAgttM6 [IG: 17-04-15_soros-eopntegmru-navalny-12jun]

Shaffa Ullah Niazi: 18 Apr 2017: 09:27 hrs: @EoPMiledClerk @robertamsterdam @googletalks @amsterdamllp @levanrami @owenmatth @Berk2927 @ShaffaNiazi @MalcolmSpellman @RichardHaass @C_Stroop @ikalin1 Genius ,you are fully supported

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 18:12 hrs: @ShaffaNiazi @robertamsterdam @googletalks @amsterdamllp @levanrami @owenmatth @Berk2927 @MalcolmSpellman @RichardHaass @C_Stroop @ikalin1 Mr Niazi: 1. Sorry, I am unclear: What is genius? @robertamsterdam @googletalks speech or eop-nte-gmru.tygae.org.za submission to @navalny.

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POLITICO Magazine: 18 Apr 2017: 01:41 hrs: Michael Anton has gone from online polemicist to head of strategic communications for the National Security Council http://politi.co/2nUHKwN [Politico: Does Trump still believe in Trumpism?]

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 15:38 hrs: @POLITICOMag @potus @StephenBannon WiP Trumpism Def’n: ‘Suck my fuck honour fragile ego WiPenis’. EoP: No thx. Good Luck building trust @PentagonPresSec pic.twitter.com/qv1WoN0jvG [IG: 17-04-18_navalny-michaelanton]


Wes Enzinna: 18 Apr 2017: 16:42 hrs: Not all working-class guys r racist: the story of the Sutherlins, 3 brothers & their violent crusade against nazis http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2017/04/anti-racist-antifa-tinley-park-five [Mother Jones: Inside the Underground Anti-Racist Movement That Brings the Fight to White Supremacists]

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EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 20:41 hrs: @wesenzinna @MotherJones @thejbmtweets @RedneckRevolt @PghRevolt @strangetobe @Tall_Samuel @Redneck_Revolt @TorchAntifa @PNWAWC @TorchArmy @TonyHorwitz @NAAOhio @noelignatiev @NewAbolitionis IG EoP Ftpt Info http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-18_eopecoegocultrev-pittardmcchrystal/ http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-13_eopearthfirsthonour/ pic.twitter.com/H3utNPtrGB [IG: 17-04-13_eopearthfirsthonour]

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Apr 2017: 20:46 hrs: @wesenzinna @MotherJones @thejbmtweets @RedneckRevolt @PghRevolt @strangetobe @Tall_Samuel @Redneck_Revolt @TorchAntifa @PNWAWC @TorchArmy @TonyHorwitz @NAAOhio @NewAbolitionis @ms_msmarshas @calystarose @jbrownsghost @TheReal_JDT @noelignatiev I was author of RaceTraitor @Timothy4316 & Me http://racetraitor.org/racetraitor15.html [Race Traitor: Tim McVeigh & Me]