04 May: Prepper Soft .. M Sauther

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* 04 May: MainstreamSmasherTV: Dimitri Khalezov – WTC Nuclear Demolition. Independent: Nato warns climate change is ‘global security threat’ as Donald Trump mulls Paris Agreement. African Crisis: St  James Massacre: When Blacks Killed Whites in Church. American Thinker: Word to American Rabbis: We Must Secure Our Borders. Inc: 12 Ways to Tell Someone is Really Intelligent (and not just faking it). Radical Honesty: How to Quickly Achieve Enlightenment.
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PrepperSoft.com: 04 May 2017: 12:05 hrs: Corporate Insiders Dumping Stocks “At Levels Rarely Seen” http://buff.ly/2pZszTR –-corporate-insiders-are-dumping-their-stocks-most-7-yea pic.twitter.com/D0xGaEytGL [Stock Exchange Trader looking at Graph]

EoP MILED Clerk: 04 May 2017: 03:30 hrs: @PrepperSoft @FortWorth_SEC @SEC_DERA @Boston_SEC @Atlanta_SEC @SF_SEC @SEC_Enforcement Possibly related to EoP v WiP NWO Neg’s? http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer/pic.twitter.com/1I56bx1P3L [IG: 17-04-15_gsoros-eopvwipwealthtransfer]

EoP MILED Clerk: 04 May 2017: 14:34 hrs: @PrepperSoft @FortWorth_SEC @SEC_DERA @Boston_SEC @Atlanta_SEC @SF_SEC @SEC_Enforcement Species from ecosystem » Nuke Tragedy of Commons http://archive.is/y3ZGO [MILINT Earth Day Sign Up]  https://youtu.be/Lec9giab90I [MainstreamSmasherTV: Dimitri Khalezov – WTC Nuclear Demolition] http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-03-19_whatawaytogo/ @INTERPOL_EC pic.twitter.com/Uz6wsAkj1y [IG: 17-03-19_whatawaytogo]

EoP MILED Clerk: 04 May 2017: 14:11 hrs: @PrepperSoft @FortWorth_SEC @SEC_DERA @Boston_SEC @Atlanta_SEC @SF_SEC @SEC_Enforcement @INTERPOL_EC EoP TRC Bomb Disposal Squad Help for WiP Derivatives Debt Mushroom eop-nte-gma-cabinet.tygae.org.za  eop-applicants.tygae.org.za http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-22_eop-v-wip-academia/ pic.twitter.com/aP11YJhIpi [Quote: EoP NTE GM Bomb Disposal Squad]

“p.s. Although in the end, it all really doesn’t matter. For as deftly determined as The Trumpster may be, he and his characterless conniving Cabinet cabal will all get blown away by the doomsday debt mushroom cloud detonating on the horizon.” …….. “Any bomb – military or economic – can be defused; prior to detonation. All you need is a bomb disposal squad.” – EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 11 Dec: Daniel Pipes .. Rick Perry.
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The Climate Dev Lab: 04 May 2017: 18:36 hrs: #Nato warns climate change is ‘global security threat’ as @realDonaldTrump mulls #ParisAgreement http://ow.ly/KNxU30bqUv8 [Independent: Nato warns climate change is ‘global security threat’ as Donald Trump mulls Paris Agreement]

EoP MILED Clerk: 04 May 2017: 19:22 hrs: @ClimateDevLab @realDonaldTrump @US_EUCOM @UKNATO @natomission_ru @GermanyNATO @StevenHillNATO @NATO_MARCOM @ItalyatNATO @NorwayNATO @NATO_JFCBS @JFC_Naples @natopapress Info pic.twitter.com/qDmNRgPnb0 [IG: 17-02-28_eop-rcpss-cop21-cpac17]


The Editor: 16 Mar 2017: 18:10 hrs: Here is some history they try to keep away from white people in America and Europe. They will scream over… http://youtu.be/b6bQvdrefWM?a [African Crisis: St  James Massacre: When Blacks Killed Whites in Church]

EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 16:53 hrs: @BlueEagle212 @frank_retief @frontlinefellow @AMEC_CFIC @lisamariefat @SACP1921 @PACofAzaniaa @AZANIA_PAC @Pastor_RLS @MYANC eop-v-wip-religion.tygae.org.za EoP Ftpt Info pic.twitter.com/VsNXKlTUtM [IG: 17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom]

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EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 17:12 hrs: @BlueEagle212 @frank_retief @frontlinefellow @AMEC_CFIC @lisamariefat @SACP1921 @PACofAzaniaa @AZANIA_PAC @Pastor_RLS @MYANC @postandcourier @glennsmith5 @CharlestonPD @chasngop @PastorFrankReid @revtonylee @Die_Burger @GeorgeHerald @pretorianews @CapeTimesSA @NoseweekM EoP TRC 2 SA Concourt tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za reported only by EoP Media pic.twitter.com/btKR2TNCCS [IG: 17-04-16_eop-v-wip-media]

EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 17:18 hrs: @BlueEagle212 @frank_retief @frontlinefellow @AMEC_CFIC @lisamariefat @SACP1921 @PACofAzaniaa @AZANIA_PAC @Pastor_RLS @MYANC @postandcourier @glennsmith5 @CharlestonPD @chasngop @PastorFrankReid @revtonylee @Die_Burger @GeorgeHerald @pretorianews @CapeTimesSA @NoseweekM IG Info  http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-28_gsoros-butheleziresponsiblefreedom/ http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-16_eop-v-wip-media/ http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-04-21_eop-v-wip-ipatftptimpact/ @GrasslandSocSA @DominicanSrsCab @brambuscher @MSauther pic.twitter.com/bfkacv0RuC [IG: 17-04-21_eop-v-wip-ipatftptimpact]


American Thinker: 05 May 2017: 21:27 hrs: Word to American Rabbis: We Must Secure Our Borders: Two thousand American rabbis wrote a letter to Donald Trump http://dlvr.it/P3yw3H [American Thinker: Word to American Rabbis: We Must Secure Our Borders]

EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 20:17 hrs: @amthinker @TheJNetworks @JComm_BlogFeeds @MendelBluming @RabbiStrom @SR1DD @JYuter @Rabbishish @imabima @RabbiJill EoP comment http://eop-v-wip.tygae.org.za/2017/05/04-may-wests-darkest-hour/


kristopher ryan: 26 Apr 2017: 23:59 hrs: 12 ways to tell someone is really intelligent (and not just faking it) https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/12-ways-to-tell-someone-is-really-intelligent-and-not-just-faking-it.html  … #intelligence #success #lifestyle

EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 23:43 hrs: @jetsetkuya @Inc @jessicastillman @elonmusk @Quora @farnamstreet What is your def’n 4 intelligent? EoP Re: Intelligence: http://eop-v-wip.tygae.org.za/2017/01/25-jan-angry-white-dude/

EoP MILED Clerk: 05 May 2017: 23:50 hrs: @jetsetkuya @Inc @jessicastillman @elonmusk @Quora @farnamstreet @radbrad68 @RadicalHonesty Intelligent https://youtu.be/kbOAwQq3T9w [Radical Honesty: How to Quickly Achieve Enlightenment]  Caveat http://eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za/2015/11/06-nov-timothy-j-mcveigh/ @radicalimprov @TherapyBelfast @Clara_Griffin_

EoP MILED Clerk: 06 May 2017: 01:09 hrs: @jetsetkuya @Inc @jessicastillman @elonmusk @Quora @farnamstreet @RadicalHonesty @radicalimprov @TherapyBelfast @Clara_Griffin_ @radbrad68 Apology » RadicalHonesty fraud ref’d in https://twitter.com/i/moments/857743878996340737 [EoP MC: US Mil STRATINT: EoP or WiP?] CC @philoTruth @annealexander @edgreville
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