25 Sep: The Hill … 350 Football Univ

* The Hill … 350 Football Univ
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* 25 Sep: The Hill: Pope Francis calls for Catholic Church to defend rights of immigrants. Politico: Bannon to Alabama: ‘They think you’re a pack of morons. Vox: The McKibben effect: a case study in how radical environmentalism can work.
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The Hill: 11 Sep 2017: 07:21 hrs: Pope Francis: We must defend the rights of immigrants http://hill.cm/oGn74r9 [The Hill: Pope Francis calls for Catholic Church to defend rights of immigrants]  pic.twitter.com/rtrEUZ0gsi [Pope Francis]

EoP MILED Clerk: 25 Sep 2017: 11:49 hrs: @thehill @GeorgeHWBush @Bush41Library @Pontifex @vatican_en @VaticanObserv @seattlestorm @howardmegdal @B4IleaveU @Kaepernick7 @aliciagarza @JedYork pic.twitter.com/q7BMfnnabT [IG: 17-09-24_georgehwbush-seattlestormpp]


Women’s March: 25 Sep 2017: 22:35 hrs: Today is #NativeWomenEqualPay. Why? Because on average, Native women have to work 9 extra months to make the same salary as white men. pic.twitter.com/6bvJHKdgEm [American Indian and Alaska Native Women are Paid only 57 cents for every dollar white men are paid. Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are paid only 59 cents. This has to change. – People for the American Way.]

EoP MILED Clerk: 26 Sep 2017: 19:25 hrs: @womensmarch @peoplefor @lsarsour @IndianAffairs @PacIslanders @bew1006 @Tiffanydloftin EoP property-ration.tygae.org.za equal pay 4 responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za oath cit’s! pic.twitter.com/W0g894kK22 [IG: 17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon-forpol; 17-09-24_richardnixon-seattlestormpp-islam]


Donald J. Putin: 26 Sep 2017: 14:25 hrs: Bannon to Alabama: ‘They think you’re a pack of morons’. Da; Comic Book Guy love throwing raw meat to the pack!  http://politi.co/2xwYeNf [Politico: Bannon to Alabama: ‘They think you’re a pack of morons’]

EoP MILED Clerk: 26 Sep 2017: 21:45 hrs: @donald_j_putin @SenateMajLdr @WardBaker @KarlRove @StephenLawNS @StephenBannon @MooreSenate @lutherstrange @SwampDrainersUS @LutherForSenate @TeamMoore ☮️? pic.twitter.com/NbPdrxCXGa [IG: 17-02-28_eop-rcpss-cop21-cpac17; 17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon-forpol]

EoP MILED Clerk: 26 Sep 2017: 23:22 hrs: @donald_j_putin @SenateMajLdr @WardBaker @KarlRove @StephenLawNS @StephenBannon @MooreSenate @lutherstrange @SwampDrainersUS @LutherForSenate @TeamMoore @DuckCommanderPR @RogerWicker @markjgreen @BobCorker @R1ghtTh1nk @JudicialWatch @GinniThomas @TomFitton @JWRBX @DrDavidDuke @USAIDMarkGreen pic.twitter.com/Ek6UWrQWel [IG: ]

EoP MILED Clerk: 26 Sep 2017: 23:52 hrs: @donald_j_putin @SenateMajLdr @WardBaker @KarlRove @StephenLawNS @StephenBannon @MooreSenate @lutherstrange @SwampDrainersUS @LutherForSenate @TeamMoore @DuckCommanderPR @RogerWicker @markjgreen @BobCorker @R1ghtTh1nk @JudicialWatch @GinniThomas @TomFitton @JWRBX @DrDavidDuke @USAIDMarkGreen @GovernorKayIvey @TreyDeuce32RTR @AlabamaBaptist @AlabamaNAACP @LeslieProll @HuntsvilleNAACP @aycd_naacp @alabamacoastal @GreenUAlabama☮️?ℹ️ pic.twitter.com/NpAwffYXUr [IG: 17-09-23_donaldtrump-golfswingmcconnell]


king crissle: 26 Sep 2017: 18:58 hrs: i’m done arguing with white people about our humanity. if you don’t get it at this point it’s because you don’t wanna.

EoP MILED Clerk: 29 Sep 2017: 12:03 hrs: @crissles @lsarsour EoP cult human defn ind’l of any race/religion capable of voluntarily signing responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za oath. Others r WiP kaffir reptiles. pic.twitter.com/gEUmChFKby [IG: 17-06-08_eoprhfr-dlanetochadith; 17-04-14_nixonlincolnlea-reptilewareconomysystem]


Ezra Klein: 29 Sep 2017: 16:01 hrs: The McKibben effect: a case study in how radical environmentalism can work  https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/9/29/16377806/mckibben-effect [Vox: The McKibben effect: a case study in how radical environmentalism can work]

EoP MILED Clerk: 29 Sep 2017: 16:55 hrs: @ezraklein @drvox @TSchifeling @HoffmanAndy CCh. Titanic speed: EoP GKhan responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za  -50 mph; @billmckibben @350 + 25 mph; @POTUS + 27mph pic.twitter.com/Z5b72r1eCo [IG: 17-02-28_eop-rcpss-cop21-cpac17; 17-07-23_godsmustbecrazy-nyt-climatedealstick-polpot]

EoP MILED Clerk: 29 Sep 2017: 18:01 hrs: @ezraklein @drvox @TSchifeling @HoffmanAndy @billmckibben @350 @POTUS @APRC_CF @ADBClimate @PICCC_LCC @exxonmobil @Total @BP_plc @RosneftEN @leonardo_live @Essar_Oil @TransneftEn @russellgold  @ShunkhlaiGroup pic.twitter.com/NCkNbVBC8Y [IG: 17-09-24_richardnixon-seattlestormpp-dtrumpkkk; 17-08-30_garrettmurtaugh-cnfamplanning]

EoP MILED Clerk: 29 Sep 2017: 18:14 hrs: @ezraklein @drvox @TSchifeling @HoffmanAndy @billmckibben @350 @POTUS @APRC_CF @ADBClimate @PICCC_LCC @exxonmobil @Total @BP_plc @RosneftEN @leonardo_live @Essar_Oil @TransneftEn @russellgold  @ShunkhlaiGroup @BiketoMosque @qatarpetroleum @qatar_fund @DohaBankQatar @IstandWithQatar @QNBGroup @YBendjoudi @IEABirol @maerskoil @GretchenWatkins ??☮️?ℹ️ pic.twitter.com/e6vOMUGa1e [IG: 17-09-24_richardnixon-seattlestormpp-islam; 17-09-04_eop-bible-eopedenvwipbabylonlaw]

EoP MILED Clerk: 29 Sep 2017: 18:55 hrs: @ezraklein @drvox @TSchifeling @HoffmanAndy @billmckibben @350 @POTUS @APRC_CF @ADBClimate @PICCC_LCC @exxonmobil @Total @BP_plc @RosneftEN @leonardo_live @Essar_Oil @TransneftEn @russellgold  @ShunkhlaiGroup @BiketoMosque @qatarpetroleum @qatar_fund @DohaBankQatar @IstandWithQatar @QNBGroup @YBendjoudi @IEABirol @maerskoil @GretchenWatkins @will350 @Agent350 @350action @JasonK350 @350Pacific @350Europe @350Mass @350NYC @350SouthAsia @350Canada @350nz @Toronto350 @FBUi350 ☮️?ℹ️ pic.twitter.com/I1RbAmCk3a [IG: 17-08-05_gsoros-drainswampponziecon-forpol; 17-09-23_donaldtrump-golfswingkapaernick]