08 Oct: Quillette: Terrorism and White Privilege

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* 08 Oct: Quillette: Terrorism and White Privilege.
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Quillette: Terrorism and White Privilege: Comment.

EoP MILED Clerk: 08 Oct 2017:

US Sec State: EoP suggested Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org definition in S. 219 Immigration & Nationality Act (INA). – eop-v-ussecstate.tygae.org.za


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EoP MILED Clerk: 08 Oct 2017: 09:58 hrs: @QuilletteM @Dale_Claridge US Sec State: EoP suggd Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org defn in INA Immig & Nationality Act – eop-v-ussecstate.tygae.org.za  @NVSOS pic.twitter.com/mW6t4Oz2H1 [IG: 17-09-03_secstate-eopamendinaterrordefn-04]

EoP MILED Clerk: 08 Oct 2017: 23:39 hrs: @QuilletteM @Dale_Claridge @NVSOS @matthew_kerbel @Aftonbladet @UNIDOSxPR @USATODAY @libe @mercnews @MichaelSteele @TheBurdenFilm @StephenBannon @ColinPowell37 @FEC @FCC☮️?ℹ️ pic.twitter.com/7FFNBndfgO [IG: 17-10-07_eop-v-wip-media-07; 17-10-06_lghonore-eoptrc-puertorico]


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