27 Nov: WSWS: IMF lays down the law for Zimbabwe post-Mugabe

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* 27 Nov: WSWS: IMF lays down the law for Zimbabwe post-Mugabe.
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WSWS: IMF lays down the law for Zimbabwe post-Mugabe: 27 Nov 13:42 hrs Comment [Not Yet Published].


Julius Sello Malema @Julius_S_Malema: 09 Nov 2017: 19:42 hrs: I like #PresidentMugabe for his contribution towards african revolution but his overstay is destroying his legacy. A good leader should have produced 2nd & 3rd layer leadership to continue the good fight against imperialism. Zimbabweans should remove him & reclaim their country.

EoP MILED Clerk @EoPMiledClerk: 13 Nov 2017: 22:04 hrs: @Julius_S_Malema @Mampuru_Mampuru The root cause of imperialism is WiP intnl law. The EoP appl’s to @afriforum & Malema Kill the Farmer cases apd-v-ajm.tygae.org.za supported an EoP TRC tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za on path 2 implement EoP intl law; & have been ignored by Malema & Afriforum. cc @Kremlin_E @ProfJNMoyo pic.twitter.com/C6thmqrRgW [IG: 17-06-02_eoptrc-citizenv-mcbride; 17-05-17_putin-objectivetruth-wwii]
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