05 Dec: EoP Green Pill re: Barras Talks: Does Tara McCarthy Deserve to be on the ADL Watch List?; My Red Pill

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* 05 Dec: EoP Green Pill re: Barras Talks: Does Tara McCarthy Deserve to be on the ADL Watch List?; My Red Pill.
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From: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 2:42 AM
Subject: EoP Green Pill re: Barras Talks: Does Tara McCarthy Deserve to be on the ADL Watch List?; My Red Pill.
To: Barras Talks <barrastalks@gmail.com>
Cc: Anti-Defamation League <adlmedia@adl.org>, “Reality Calls: Tara McCarthy” <reality.calls@protonmail.com>, Linda Sarsour <sarsour.speaks@gmail.com>, “Wikileaks: Julian Assange” <office@wikileaks.org>

Barras Talks (barrastalks@gmail.com)
Transparency copies: Anti-Defamation League (adlmedia@adl.org); Reality Calls: Tara McCarthy (reality.calls@protonmail.com); Linda Sarsour (sarsour.speaks@gmail.com); Wikileaks: Julian Assange (office@wikileaks.org)

Barras Talks:

EoP Green Pill re: Barras Talks: Does Tara McCarthy Deserve to be on the ADL Watch List?; My Red Pill.

Barras Talks: Does Tara McCarthy Deserve to be on the ADL Watch List?; My Red Pill.

Very interesting video’s. Not sure if any of the following Ecology of Peace culture working hypothesis theories and/or conclusions may be of interest to you to provide your truthseeking enquiry feedback on.

I don’t know what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) definitions are for racism, hate, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, dumb as fuck or terrorist.

EoP culture’s definition & solution for racial, religious and gender supremacists.

Role of Subjective Belief and Objective Reality in Racial / Cultural / Religious Supremacy

Subjective belief: an idea believed by a person, which can be objectively true or false.

SUPREMACIST: In order for a subjective belief to be ‘racial/religious/cultural’ supremacy’ (i.e. falsely supremacist: morally unethical); it must be both (a) insincerely held, and (b) objectively false.

NOT SUPREMACIST: Sincere aka ego literate: the person sincerely holds a belief about white/blacks being superior (generally) or specifically in any particular skill, and if objectively false, the person has no personal experience evidence it is untrue. [Example A KKK/BPP member, who has never had the personal experience opportunity to meet an honourable – aka ego/eco literate honest – black/white man, sincerely could believe all blacks/whites are liars, dishonest, etc.]

SUPREMACIST: Insincere: The person believes an idea about Muslims/Christians being superior (generally) or in a particular skill; even though (a) they have met a Atheist/Jew who has proven their supremacy idea to be false; yet they refuse – presumably for reasons of ego illiteracy – to amend their opinion to reflect the new information, and insist on their supremacy idea; which (b) is both subjectively and objectively false.

OBJECTIVE REALITY: impartial scientific evidence for whether any idea is true or false.

“White Men are generally speaking technologically speaking superior to black men.”
“African American men are generally speaking superior to white men in basketball.”
If objectively TRUE, such statements are NOT RACIAL SUPREMACIST.

White men are generally speaking racially superior [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]
Black men are generally speaking racially superior [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]

If subjectively SINCERE, such a statement is NOT RACIAL SUPREMACIST. To change the mind of someone who holds a subjective sincere belief about general racial superiority, DO NOT accuse them of RACISM/SUPREMACISM: if you wish to abolish RACISM / SUPREMACISM. Do sincerely engage them to (a) be specific about what skill they are referring to; (b) Provide them with personal evidence to the contrary.

“Serena Williams is superior to 99% of white, black, asian women at tennis.”
“Traditional bushmen culture is superior to European, Asian & African culture at living sustainably”.


“Black women are generally speaking racially superior” [Objectively untrue, but may be subjectively sincere]
“Bushmen culture is generally superior to other cultures” [Objectively untrue, by may be subjectively sincere]

For example: Bushmen culture would not be considered generally speaking superior by individuals who consider warlike cultures superior, only to individuals who consider sustainable cultural lifestyle superior.
IG: 15-09-27_racismdefinition.

According to the EoP definition for racism; and based upon EoP correspondence to Tara to ascertain whether her white supremacist opinions were based upon fact or unconscious negligent or conscious malicious bigotry; she – like many others, right and left wing – declined to (a) provide factual evidence to justify her overt and/or covert racial supremacist arguments as objectively factual; and (b) indicate any subjective truthseeking enquiry interest in hearing or cooperatively investigating any possible contrarian evidence; leading to the EoP working hypothesis conclusion that Tara’s overt white supremacist beliefs are probably overt conscious intentional bigotry; like many others, right and left wing covert racial or religious supremacist beliefs are probably covert conscious or unconscious bigotry.

Racial, religious or gender bigotry is a consequence of population pressures resource conflict.

Ten people who live on an island with sufficient resources for four hundred whose paths never cross, cause they don’t overbreed or overconsume; have no resource conflict necessities to develop hatred for the racial or religious beliefs of their neighbours, when they all keep their racial or religious beliefs to themselves or engage in sincere truthseeking enquiry to determine whose religious beliefs are the most accurate, and don’t use their racial or religious beliefs as self-justifications for their belief in their racial or religious supremacist right to a greater amount of resources than their neighbours; and/or the cheap labour resources of their neighbours.

Racial, Religious and Gender Peacenik Supremacists under EoP Intnl law:

If or when EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] is implemented as Intnl law; it shall allow for Cultural Law Territorial Self Rule for Groups with Subjective Racial, Religious& Gender Culture-Conflict Identities [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za]; as long as such racial or religious cultural laws abide by EoP Scientific procreation and consumption below carrying capacity laws and are based upon fully informed consent of all individuals.

EoP Re: Terrorist definition:

The Ecology of Peace culture’s recommended definition for a scarcity combatant aka terrorist was submitted to the US Secretate of State as published at: 3 Sep: US Sec State: EoP suggested Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org definition in S. 219 Immigration & Nationality Act (INA).

EoP re: Dumb as Fuck:

The EoP culture perspective on defining intelligence was stated to 25 Jan: EoP Response to: Angry White Dude: Angry White Dude’s Irrepressible Conflict.

As for intelligence: Any enquiry into a clear and succinct definition of ‘intelligence’ would require individuals who are buck stops here intellectually honest, to arrive at an accurate definition of ‘intelligence’.

What most people refer to as ‘intelligence’ appears to be a result of them following their  Masonic War is Peace cultural scripting; not a result of their honest existential enquiry into what they as individuals want, from the experience of being alive, on this planet, at this time.

If an individual is incapable of intellectual honesty, to buck stops here honestly evaluate any of his hypothesis as to what could be an accurate definition of ‘intelligence’; then such individuals belief in his or her superior intelligence, or even in the concept of ‘superior intelligence’ in one or another skill or endeavour, are equivalent to children’s beliefs in fairy tales.

For example: If a race or religion’s leaders know that procreation and consumption violation of ecological carrying capacity limits leads to resource depletion and racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict; unemployment, misery, etc; and they are sincere about leading their racial or religious flock towards living in harmony with nature’s laws, other races and religions; then surely these military, religious and corporate leaders would simply call a summit and implement international laws that restrict all the worlds beings who call themselves citizens to breeding and consuming below ecological carrying capacity limits. If a few pint sized Chinese politburo members can implement a one child law to educate their nation about responsible procreation; then surely other races who consider themselves biologically and/or ethically superior to chinks, would be able to do the same?

Implement [EoP – breed & consume below ecological carrying capacity limits – Intnl Law] Family Planning for [orderly & humane de-population & de-industrialization race, religious & cultural planetary] Revolution!

Deng Xiaoping introduced China’s one child policy in 1978-79, to halt – an average of 6 children per family – population growth. On 25 Sep 1980 an official public letter called on all citizens to adhere to the one child policy. The One Child policy was enacted and managed by the National Population and Family Planning Commission, through incentives, persuasion and coercion. Unofficial figures claim approximately 300-400 million births were prevented between 1978-2015. A 2008 survey reported that 76% of the Chinese public support the law. Less than 10% of Chinese families have taken advantage of the Chinese governments relaxation of the law to a two child policy; citing environmental and economic reasons for their adherence to the one child policy rule.
– IG: 17-08-30_garrettmurtaugh-cnfamplanning.

If a few Russian kike’s and slav’s could implement laws to restrict their citizens from overconsumption; then surely western white supremacists who consider themselves ‘virtue of the west’ ethically superior could do the same; if they gave a fuck about responsible freedom peaceful procreation and consumption lifestyle practices?

Alt Right Leaders: Do you want Nigger Free, Full Employment Low Tech Agrarian Sustainable Stable Economy World?

So when you hand South African, American and European white supremacists; the opportunity to honourably, ethically, legally and humanely rid the world of 90% of non-europeans [according to their white supremacist beliefs about blacks ‘chimping out’, lacking sexual impulse control, etc]; and their response is: Thanks, but no thanks, what is going on?

Do white supremacists secretly think their own white supremacists friends and followers lack sexual impulse control; to practice responsible freedom breeding and consumption; and/or do they prefer to masochistically and maliciously profiteer of non-european resource conflict misery and cheap labour; closet slavery supremacists; but Jews are the parasites; that need to be sent to concentration camp ovens? Or what is going on?
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Jul: EoP Re: Patching it Up with Putin; Liberal Jews to Israel: Do It Our Way or Else; 01 Dec: RV, JF, JL & BB, cc ICTY: EoP Obs Re: EoP Honesty v WiP IDPols Loyalty disputes. 02 Dec: ICTY: EoP Info Re: ICTY: Prlić et al. Slobodan Praljak Strategic Suicide: WiP Intnl law root cause of all resource conflict.

Perhaps Alt Right Europeans are petrified their cracker ‘white supremacist’ followers may end up Darwin Award eliminating themselves from the planetary genepool through crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za] convictions; far quicker than their non-european ‘chimped out’ brethren; proving they were not superior to those they vilified as inferior after all?

The process of implementing EoP Intnl law would require individuals to prioritize honesty and cooperative root cause problem solving to themselves and others, which ultimately may result in a conscious or unconscious shift in such individuals identity values from racial/religious primary identity values to honour primary identity values, with race, religion or ideology as secondary to honour.

The ultimate outcome of EoP Intnl law is a society where everyone’s primary identity value is honour identity. The outcome of secondary identity values could result in the society being 9 or 90% European, or Asian, or Catholic, or Muslim, depending on how many of those individuals adopt honourable cooperative problem solving as their primary identity.
– 20 Sep: EoP culture re: Trump, Charlottesville ‘cultural relativism’; price of bourgeois culture, etc.

Much of the Cracker West – and many of their bourgeous coolie, pakkie, nigger, spick duhmockery house nigger dictators – are consciously or unconsciously addicted to cheap labour slavery occult cannibalism. If unconsciously – simple clear factual information has not proven capable of waking many of them from their racial and religious cultural brainwashing stupor; and tough love verbal cold water slap in the face is called ‘hate-speech’ by many on the left, and the ‘so-called clever blacks’ as President Zuma calls them. So whether consciously or unconsciously they do not have the intellectual integrity to call their fuck honour human factory farming addiction what it is; and confront their racial and religious brethren and engage them in an honest EoP Truth and Reconciliation [eop-trc-ds.tygae.org.za] enquiry discussion to determine whether that is what they want to be: factory farming duhmockery cannon fodder slaughterhouse farm managers pretending to be Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Pope’s, Imam’s, Professors, etc; and their brood sow and sperm donor cockroach cattle pretending to be citizens; or whether they want to cooperate and learn to be self ruling responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] citizens.

Global warming will make Earth uninhabitable for humans within 30 years. Australians are fighting over same-sex marriage. #auspol
– Jinho Choi @GoldenTalon: 01 Nov 2017: 06:46 hrs

Either the current birth [& consumption] rates must come down [to below ecological carrying capacity limits, via the implementation of an EoP intl law social contract; enabling humane and orderly de-industrialization and depopulation return to living in harmony with Carrying Capacity limits law] more quickly; or the current death rates must go up [in a WiP Financial or Military DieOff Clusterfuck]. There is no other way. – [EoP Amended] Robert McNamara
» EoP v WiP Military: Necessity: EoP v WiP De-Industrialization & Depopulation.


EoP Green Honesty Root Cause Problem Solving Pill v WiP Red/Black Pill

EoP culture perspective on the ‘Red Pill aka enlightenment’ debate was shared with RooshV: 01 Dec: RV, JF, JL & BB, cc ICTY: EoP Obs Re: EoP Honesty v WiP IDPols Loyalty disputes.

Roosh @rooshv: 13 Nov 2017: 17:17 hrs: The Black Pill  http://www.rooshv.com/the-black-pill  [Rooshv: The Black Pill] pic.twitter.com/rz0msNFmhY

EoP MILED Clerk @EoPMiledClerk: 13 Nov 2017: 11:45 hrs: @rooshv Black Pill is path 2 Green Problem solving pill. All pills b4 Green pill r WiP intnl law culture brainwashing pills. Green Pill is when u confront root causes of race, religious, gender resource conflict; not R/B Pill react 2 symptoms of WiP intl law. eop-v-wip-ism.tygae.org.za

EoP MILED Clerk @EoPMiledClerk: 13 Nov 2017: 23:58 hrs: @EoPMiledClerk @rooshv Activism: * WiP: Zero Sum: Win/Lose, use Force/Deception, boxing/karate, psywar. * EoP: Win/Win; like Seiryoku-Zenyo max efficient use of energy in Judo, use sincerity/honesty & facts. The World is 1% good, 1% bad, 98% neutral. This is why what 2% individuals do is NB.” – Hans Habe pic.twitter.com/dlpV2nJYsX [IG: 17-08-24_pgill-pathwaystoterrormasculinity]
» EoP v Roosh V: 13 Nov: Barack Obama … Global Collapse HQ.


 WiP Interpretation’s of Objective Reality intellectual basis for Green Pill Thesis:

Politics: Dispute over Defining Other People’s Reality:

“[Masonic War is Peace] Politics can be defined as the dispute of power or authority to define other people’s reality.” – [EoP Amended] Dr John Breeding; Political Psychiatry, Social Control and Pharma Psychology.

Brad Blanton: Radical Honesty: 99% of conflict is a dispute about interpretations of reality.

I did allot of work with couples, in the Radical Honesty workshops. I guarantee you that 99% of all conflict between couples has nothing to do with reality. It has to do with other people’s interpretation of reality. You have to buy my interpretation of reality, and we’ll be okay. I’ll love you as long as you meet the conditions of my interpretations of reality. Usually one of the couples comes in and gives me their story and tries to be as convincing as they can; then the other member comes in and tries to be as convincing as they can. And they say: ‘Well okay, what do you think?’ Like I am the judge who is supposed to know which one is right. And I say I think you are both full of shit. Then basically they unify against me and they are together again. – Brad Blanton; Radical Honesty; Radical Honesty Channel: Radical Honesty 01.02.03.

Jordan Peterson: Infinite Number of Interpretations of the World; Finite Number of Functional Interpretations of the World

So although there are a very large number of interpretations of the world; there are unbelievably severe constraints; on the number of functional interpretations there are in the world. – Jordan Peterson: Postmodern NeoMarxism: Diagnosis and Cure.
» IG: 17-09-09_eop-v-wip-lawpsych-03.
» 24 Nov: IBANet Julian Assange Conversation: EoP Re: EROEI Root Cause of Legal System Collapse.


EoP Functional Interpretation of Objective Reality Constraints for Sincere Peaceniks:

Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] and EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] are EoP culture’s functional group shared system of thought and action frame of orientation and object of inter-species relating devotion interpretation of reality for individuals whose object of devotion/values include: (i) honest – race, religious, gender and cultural – relationships; (ii) an ecological carrying capacity based perspective of observable factual social contract reality; and (iii) non-violent cooperative root cause problem solving.

[1] Earth is not flat.
[2] Resources are finite.
[3] When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in ecological overshoot, resource depletion and resource conflict.
[4] Some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources include: poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc.
[5] The root cause of humans breeding and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits is the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Masonic War is Peace international law social contract.
[6] If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, political parties, corporations and/or nations sincerely – aka egological literacy – want to (a) sustainably protect natural resources for future generations; and/or (b) reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; and/or (c) enable honourable, transparent and humane international cooperative de-industrialization and depopulation of the planet to return to living in accordance to ecological carrying capacity limits; they should (d) cooperate to nullify the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses and replace them with Ecology of Peace clauses that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool.

EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] whose preferences are available at Eco & Ego Literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] welcome any and all truthseeking constructive criticism to enable elimination of errors in any EoP working hypothesis theory or conclusion.

A copy of this correspondence shall be documented at EoP Legal Submissions [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za].


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