25 Mar: EoP Observations: Silence re: Industrial Society and Its Future.

* EoP Observations: Silence re: Industrial Society and Its Future.
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EoP Observations of random or possible above normal – and IF so presumably psychotronically manipulated by one or more military intelligence agencies – subject to EoP RH IQO caveat.

Emma González — the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who [survived the Valentines Day school shooting massacre that killed 17] has become known for loudly and passionately “calling BS” — got onstage at the March for Our Lives on Saturday, 24 March 2018  and stood silent for more than four minutes. – Time: Emma González Kept America in Stunned Silence to Show How Quickly 17 People Died at Parkland.

During his speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday, 01 Oct 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did something unusual: He stood in complete silence for 44 seconds. That silence was designed, Netanyahu implied, to show how much of the world had been responded with “utter” and “deafening” silence when while “Iran pledged to murder” Israeli citizens. During those 44 seconds, the Israeli prime minister glared at the audience. – Washington Post: Netanyahu’s’ 44-second silence at the U.N. is being mocked with musical interludes.

Christopher Harper-Mercer, the bitter at a world that he believed was working against him gunman in the massacre at Oregon’s Umpqua community college, on 01 Oct 2015, said “I have noticed that people like Vester Lee Flanagan II [a dismissed television reporter who killed two former colleagues during a live broadcast in Roanoke, Va] are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they are.” The entry continues, “Seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.” …. A dating profile on the website Spiritual Passions, and featuring photos of Mr. Harper-Mercer, said “Looking for someone who shares my beliefs, and is similar to me,” it said, under hobbies, it listed “killing zombies” and that he belonged to a group called “Doesn’t Like Organized Religion.” … He was really shy. …. Most of the nine bodies were found in one classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, which he attended, and where he had herded frightened students for questioning. He asked some of them if they believed in God, then killed them one by one before shooting himself. Witnesses said Harper-Mercer told one student who said he was Catholic, “Thank you for standing for your beliefs,” then shot him. …. “For all those who never took me seriously, this is for you. For all those who haven’t made their stand, I do this. I am the martyr for all those like me. To quote Seung Cho, ‘Today I die like Jesus Christ.'” At least, he added, “my success in Hell is assured.” – Los Angeles Times: ‘Here I am, 26, with no friends, no job, no girlfriend’: Shooter’s manifesto offers clues to 2015 Oregon college rampage; New York Times: Oregon Killer Described as Man of Few Words, Except on Topic of Guns.

Cruz was initially identified by the media as Nicolas de Jesus Cruz and Nicolas Cruz and also goes by Nick Cruz. But the sheriff’s office clarified the correct spelling is Nikolas Cruz and records show his full name is Nikolas Jacob Cruz. ….  According to CNN, he also wrote that he had written a letter to President Donald Trump and proclaimed: “I think I am going to kill people.” …. The caller told the FBI that Cruz’s Instagram page said, “I want to kill people.” … ABC News is reporting that the suspect told investigators “that he heard voices in his head, giving him instructions on what to do to conduct the attack,” describing them as “demons.” …. Long before he slaughtered 17 people at the South Florida high school he once attended, Nikolas Cruz had a disturbing way of introducing himself. “Hi, I’m Nick,” he used to say, according to an acquaintance interviewed by CNN. “I’m a school shooter.” …. Sophia Serino, 17, said Cruz just “snapped” when he decided to open fire on his classmates and murder anyone in his path. “There was a lot going on with him mentally. His mother died three months ago and… his other family members took [his inheritance] from him and kicked him out so he snapped,” Serino told The Post. Reports have come out indicating Cruz suffered from autism. “He’s been saying this stuff many times… During freshman year around he was in the bathroom and he was actually about to snap and plan this out and do it but [my friend] talked him down. ….. “If you go onto his Instagram page, you’ll see all the guns he – he’s so into ISIS and, um, I-I’m afraid this is so-something’s gonna happen. Because he’s, he doesn’t have the mental capacity,” the tipster said, according to an FBI transcript of the call published by The Times. While some have been using that post to claim that he was pro-ISIS or supporter of Islamic terrorism, comments he made on the Instagram post indicated he wanted to kill terrorists and made jokes about terrorism. “Group Therapy sometimes it works” target shooting image posted by Nikolas Cruz … Cruz was at one point part of the U.S. Army JROTC program at Douglas High School, a fellow member of the program, Giovanni Watford. He also said Cruz complained often about bullying and said Cruz “had beef with one kid.” Watford’s brother Mike, told Buzzfeed News, that Cruz talked about “how tired he was of everyone picking on him and the staff doing nothing about it,” and said, “something definitely pushed him.” Cruz was arrested wearing his ROTC shirt. Cruz had been working as a cashier at a Dollar Tree store after leaving high school, Cruz lives in the 11000 block of NW 47th Drive in Parkland. – Heavy: Nikolaz Cruz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know; CNN: From ‘broken child’ to mass killer; New York Post: Alleged school shooter was abusive to ex-girlfriend: classmate.

People who knew Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, the Austin Unabomber, say Conditt was quiet and shy. Crux Manufacturing hired Conditt in 2014 when he was 19. “He was very quiet and introverted,” the owner said. Let go in August as he wasn’t taking the job’s tasks seriously. Crux Manufacturing fired Conditt last August, according to the owner. … Police said Wednesday evening that Conditt seemed motivated by frustration with his life. Manley described a 25-minute recording left on Conditt’s phone as “the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life that led him to this point.” – KVUE: Few answers: What we know about Austin bombings suspect; Washington Post: Austin bomber was frustrated with his life, authorities say.

In 1995, Unabomber Theodore John Kaczynski mailed several letters, including some to his victims and others to major media outlets, outlining his goals and demanding that his 50-plus page, 35,000-word essay Industrial Society and Its Future, referred to as “Unabomber Manifesto” by the FBI, be printed verbatim by a major newspaper or journal by 01 Oct 1995. He stated that if this demand were met, he would then end his bombing campaign. – Discovery Channel: The Hunt for the Unabomber.
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Gary Condit tells his side of the Chandra Levy murder mystery in his new book Actual Malice. Condit claims in the book that Levy came onto him, and shared shocking information about the Timothy McVeigh case  He also reveals that levy shared explosive information with him about Oklahoma City federal building bomber Timothy McVeigh during his trial. Condit writes that Levy told him about McVeigh when the two met for dinner at Tryst, a Washington DC coffee shop. ‘I heard something interesting today from my boss,’ Condit writes that Levy told him. ‘He told me the FBI hid documents, from the defense, a lot of them, and it’s coming out. The AG might delay McVeigh’s execution.’ Condit writes that he responded by telling her this would be ‘opening a wound for a lot of good people.’ .. The book also details the last meeting between Condit and Levy, withg the former congressman writing that she came by his condo unannounced one morning to bring him candy. ….  Although long time readers of these chronicles know that Timothy McVeigh’s 11 June 2001 execution death was faked, they may not know the details surrounding Chandra Levy whom we have previously identified as a Mossad agent who was punished for indiscretions. Levy’s death relates to the principle that loose lips sink ships, one of George Bush Sr’s favorite maxims. ….  – Daily Mail: Gary Condit claims Chandra Levy came onto HIM and shared info about FBI hiding documents in Timothy McVeigh case. The American Chronicle: Timothy McVeigh, Chandra Levy & the Oklahoma City Bombing [archive.is/MM7NT];

McVeigh, 29, is accused of blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City at 9:02 a.m. April 19, 1995, in hopes of bringing about an uprising against the federal government. Jurors Thursday finally saw the clothes Timothy McVeigh was wearing when he was arrested 75 minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing – including the T-shirt with the quotation: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The T-shirt has the image of Abraham Lincoln on the front and “Sic semper tyrannis” – the Latin words the president’s assassin uttered after the fatal shooting. The phrase translated means “Thus ever to tyrants.” On the back is the saying from Thomas Jefferson and a drawing of a tree dripping blood. … Timothy McVeigh’s last meal was two pints of chocolate chip mint icecream. McVeigh was pronounced dead at 7:14 am, on 11 June, 2001 at Terre Haute prison in Indiana. …. He told Jones that he didn’t have the resources to conduct a ‘solo war’ and was convinced he ‘could have gotten away clean from this and continued on if I had anywhere to go.’ ‘I determined that the best way would be to continue on as the Paul Revere type messenger instead of the John Brown type revolutionary, that you could accomplish maybe two in one,’ McVeigh said. In the polygraph interview, McVeigh said when he was pulled over by an Oklahoma highway trooper shortly after the bombing for not displaying a license plate on his car, he had ‘several opportunities to kill the trooper, however, did not because he was a state official and not a federal official.’ Asked about events leading up to the bombing, McVeigh said ‘action had to be taken’ after the 1994 passage of the assault weapons ban, but said he wasn’t certain at that time exactly what kind of action would be appropriate. McVeigh complained to Jones in 1995 that he was granting so many television and newspaper interviews, ‘I am afraid you are becoming addicted to the `media bug.’ Jones responded: ‘If you want to keep the media on your side, they must be fed.’ In one note to Jones marked ‘Personal,’ McVeigh told him if anyone ever approached him ‘to `lean’ on you to `throw’ my case, please confide in me.’ ‘I am a realist, and I know our government,’ he added. ‘TDC – threat, duress, or coercion – is a standard. Money or muscle can influence all but the most ideological.’ … Now awaiting death, McVeigh says he is unafraid, that he doesn’t believe in heaven and hell. ‘If I’m wrong then I’ll adapt, improvise and overcome,’ he says. ‘But if there is a hell, then I’ll be in good company with a lot of fighter pilots who also had to bomb innocents to win the war.’ …. In a preface, McVeigh wrote “I have chosen Media Bypass as a possible forum for this piece because, frankly, I realize that it is quite provocative — and I rather doubt that any mainstream media would touch it. [Note that although the enclosed is very provocative, it was written to provoke thought — and was not written with malevolent intent.]” …. “They (reporters) use words like speed freak, drug addict, neo-Nazi,” McVeigh told the newspaper. “I can’t really head those off. Do not judge thy neighbor unless you walk a mile in his moccasins.'”- CBS: Last Meal of Timothy McVeigh; The Oklahoman: Jury Views Slogan-Bearing Shirt, McVeigh’s Other Clothes; DailyMail: Timothy McVeigh’s defense archive shows he considered the Oklahoma City bombing a failure because it left the building standing; The Guardian: Dead Man Talking; Outpost of Freedom: An Essay by Timothy McVeigh; Business Insider: 22 years after the Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh remains the only terrorist executed by US.

A police officer who took the place of a hostage during a terror attack at a French supermarket married his partner while on his death bed. Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame voluntarily swapped himself for a female store worker during Friday’s siege. The 44-year-old officer died in hospital from his injuries after being shot three times by radical Islamist Redouane Lakdim in Trebes, southwest France. – Sky News: France terror attack: Hero policeman married hours before he died.

In my 2001 letter to President G W Bush and yourself – subsequently deleted from my laptop by unknown individuals – I requested that Pres Bush give you a stay of execution; so that you could meet with the Oklahoma City bombing victims; in an alternative venue interested in the evidence; the whole evidence and nothing but the evidence. I suggested such an alternative venue to include the founder of Radical Honesty and Radical Honesty Trainers; to help facilitate honest forgiveness and truthseeking problem solving related to the causes of the OKC bombing and US foreign policy. Such alternative venue would provide OKC bombing victims and/or victims and/or critics of USforeign policy who were (a) angry with you; and/or (b) not being provided answers to their questions by the legal court proceedings; with the opportunity to (c) express their anger and get over their anger; and once so done; and/or (d) listen to your justifications. Once they had considered your Ecology of Peace evidence; they could determine whether your actions were objectively and/or subjectively legally (a) justified, and if so: acquit you and cooperate with you to address the root causes of OKC bombing; or (b) unjustified: and convict you and sentence you and me to death. – EoP Leg Sub: 06 Nov: Timothy J McVeigh: Formal Apology: Re: Fraud of Radical Honesty Cult.

“[Breivik] emphasizes that if he had not been censored by the media all his life, he would not have had to do what he did. He believes the media have the main responsibility for what has happened because they did not publish his opinions…. The low-intensity civil war that he had already described, had lasted until now with ideological struggle and censorship of cultural conservatives…… He explains that this is the worst day of his life and that he has dreaded this for 2 years. He has been censored for years. He mentions Dagbladet and Aftenposten as those who among other things have censored him….. He says that he also wrote “essays” that he tried to publish via the usual channels, but that they were all censored….. The subject summarizes: As long as more than twelve were executed, the operation will still be a success. The experts ask how the number twelve comes into consideration. Twelve dead are needed to penetrate the censorship wall, he explains….. About his thoughts on the Utøya killings now, the subject says: The goal was to execute as many as possible. At least 30. It was horrible, but the number had to be assessed based on the global censorship limit. Utøya was a martyrdom, and I am very proud of it….. The subject says in the conversation that he knows the truth that is hidden from others. He believes that there is a civil war in the country. He believes he had to kill at least twelve, because there is a censorship-wall preventing an open debate about what is happening in the country….. So I knew I had to cross a certain threshold to exceed the censorship-wall of the international media.” — Excerpts: – Norway v. Breivik: Oslo Organized Crime Police Investigation Report: “Explanation of 22 July 2011, doc 08,01”; as noted in: 29 Nov 2011: Torgeir Husby and Synne Sorheim Psychiatric Report. – NO v A Breivik [no-v-ab.tygae.org.za]
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Former cellmates from the Russian prison where the GRU ex-colonel served his sentence… The GRU employee, fell into a British honey trap. It was 1995, Skripal was 44. He worked at the Russian embassy in Spain recruiting foreign agents. As it often happens with spies, the hunter became the hunted. Valery Malevannyi, GRU Major General, ‘everybody has their own weak spots, if you press such a spot, the person usually goes in for recruiting. Honeytraps are the main source of recruiting for all the agents of intelligence services around the world. In the spies language, a honey trap means sexually compromising material aka kompromat. A victim gives in to temptation, ending up in their counterparts arms. Konstantin Lapin, an ex-FSB official: He was seduced by a woman, then operational footage was made, as in any special service. Then they blackmailed him with it as a GRU officer. Today those who shared a cell with Skripal in a Mordovia prison revealed the details of his life behind bars, at a press conference in Moscow. He was imprisoned there in 2006 for 13 years for high treason. The ex-prisoners say that Sergei Skripal regularly got parcels with tasty food, delicacies, candy, cigarettes. I spent 2.5 years with him. He saw right through people. This man sees everything, but nobody notices him. .. He refused to do sweeping duty, paying off others with 5 packs of cigarettes per month. – Russia Insight: What You Are NOT being Told About Double Agent / MI6 Russian Spy Case; The Guardian: Kremlin denies claim Sergei Skripal asked Putin for a Pardon.
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Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel attended the CNN town hall event on Wednesday, just one week after 17 people were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel attended the CNN town hall event on Wednesday, just one week after 17 people were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. When NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch tried to pin the blame on loopholes in background checks, Israel said, “I understand you’re standing up for the NRA and I understand that’s what you’re supposed to do.” .. Automatic rifles should be outlawed forever,” Israel said. “And anybody who says different, I don’t know about other people, but Emma and I, we’re calling BS on that,” he added. – Daily News: Sheriff slams NRA’s Dana Loesch, calls for ban on automatic rifles after Florida school shooting.

The National Rifle Association’s national spokeswoman argued Thursday that “many in legacy media love mass shootings” during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it,” Dana Loesch said Thursday. “Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back (of the room).” “And notice I said ‘crying white mothers’ because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend, and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?” Loesch asked. “Where’s the CNN town hall for Chicago? Where’s the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?” – CNN: NRA spox: ‘Many in legacy media love mass shootings’.

Army veteran serial killer Israel Keyes sweeping/mopping the floor at Ft Lewis, sometime between 1998 and 2001 [IMG]: FBI say Keyes killed his first victim in Neah Bay, Washington, in 2001 after being discharged from the Army. … ‘A murder addict‘. An Anchorage police officer described Keyes as a kind of murder addict who hunted victims in remote locations like parks, campgrounds or hiking trails. An Army veteran and contractor, Keyes studied other serial killers but “was very careful to say he had not patterned himself after any other serial killer,” Detective Monique Doll said in December. .. …. Keyes also criticized elements of daily life including waiting to die in retirement homes, watching reality television shows, vanity and going to a mindless job. “Land of the free, land of the lie, land of scheme Americanize!” he wrote twice as a refrain. “Consume what you don’t need, stars you idolize, pursue what you admit is a dream, then it’s American die.”-  Daily Mail: FBI reveals movements of Alaska serial killer, 34, believed to have killed 11 people before committing suicide in jail; CNN: Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes tied to 11 deaths; feds look overseas; ABC News: Serial Killer Israel Keyes’ Suicide Letter Is Creepy Ode to Murder; Murderpedia: Israel Keyes.

Something snapped after Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, the alleged 06 Jan 2017, Fort Lauderdale airport shooter was discharged from the Alaska ­National Guard. Santiago walked into an FBI field office in Anchorage about a month ago and admitted that voices in his head were telling him to join ISIS. He also said the government was forcing him to watch the terrorist group’s videos. Esteban, 26, was taken to a mental hospital, but was soon released. He was also dismissed as a security guard at Signal 88 Security on November 15 due to his mental health problems. On Friday, the New Jersey native, who has a concealed-carry permit, took a flight from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale with a gun legally checked in his luggage. Moments after claiming his luggage, he allegedly pulled out the weapon and killed five people at the baggage claim for no apparent reason. In June 2017, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom set a January 22, 2018 trial date for Santiago, and in December 2017, Bloom agreed to postpone the trial until at least June 11, 2018. – New York Post: Airport shooter to FBI: Voices in my head telling me to join ISIS.

Almost two billion people in more than 180 countries took part in the environmental initiative on 24 March 2018, turning off all the lights and electric devices for an hour. The aim of the Earth Hour is to raise awareness for environmental issues and to remind us about the rational consumption of resources. As famous landmarks went dark all across the globe, in Moscow alone, 28.5 MW/h worth of energy was saved, which amounts to the daily consumption of an average Russian city. – Earth Hour: Lights off to Preserve the Environment.

American Coal Plant Energy Waste: Enough to Power Entire Japanese Economy: “Just the energy wasted by coal plants in America would be enough to power the entire Japanese economy. …… Big Coal supported George W. Bush not Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election and helped him gain a decisive edge in key industrial states like the ultimate coal state, West Virginia. Once elected, Vice President Dick Cheney’s National Energy Policy Development Group called for the building of 1,900 new coal plants, and recommended that the Department of Justice “review” enforcement action against dirty coal burners. …….  In just the last twenty years, air pollution from coal plants has shortened the lives of more than 500,000 Americans. In Appalachia alone, the waste from mountain top removal mining has buried more than 1,200 streams, polluted the regions groundwater and rivers and turned about 400,000 acres of some of the world’s biologically rich temperate forests into flat, barren wastelands. Coal-mining has not benefited the average West Virginian who has the lowest median household income in the nation and a “literacy rate in the southern coalfields that’s about the same as Kabul’s.” – Peak Oil: Coal Hard Facts; Google Books: Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future, by Jeff Goodell.
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Q: ‘How many Russians does it take to change a lightbulb? None; they all glow.’ – The Spectator: How many Russians does it take to change a lightbulb?.

Q: How many clinical psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? A: Only one but the light bulb has to want to change. Q: How many psychology professors does it take to change a light bulb? A: One with two graduate students, but they get three papers out of it. Q: How many psychoanalysists does it take to change a light bulb? A: Two. One to screw the bulb and one to hold the penis…I mean ladder. – Univ of Tennessee: Wesley Morgan: Psychology Humor Page.

Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb? A: None. They would waste millions on ‘investigations’ to blame Obama for the burnt out bulb, block any attempts to install a new one and insist that we replace it with a candle. – R Saddler; 12 Aug 2016; Blinibioscope: The Soviet Story.

Q: How many liberals does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They would rather sit in the dark and blame labour – Comrade, 18 Aug 2014.

Q: How many Statists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: So long as 51% agree, it takes 5 to write a law to make changing lightbulbs mandatory, 10 to force someone from the 49% to change the lightbulb against their will, 3 to place charges against anyone unwiling to change the lightbulb, 12 to decide if that someone is guiklty of not changing the lightbulb, 20 to keep that person locked up against their will for not changing the lightbulb and 100 to spread fear and hatred about anti-lightbulb changers in the media – Meoso: How many Statists does it take to change a lightbulb?.

This is how the first Soviet Russian bulbs looked liked. They had the Stalin and Lenin half-face cut as a glower and were considered to be a very classy present – the first of the series were presented to the delegates of Soviet parliament of 1935. Nowadays they are considered to be an awesome antique gadget and for sale in Moscow antique shops for around $2,000. – English Russia: First Soviet Bulb.

A survey ordered by Vladimir Putin shows Crimea residents would rather break an electricity contract with Kiev, than sign one calling the peninsula part of Ukraine – even if it means further blackouts that began when a pylon bearing power lines was blown up. – Russia Today: Crimeans vote to give up electricity contract with Ukraine even if it means more power cut-offs.

“No one could predict what is about to happen. Nobody is allowed into city hall cause the metal detectors arn’t working. .. One hundred power plants shut down affecting fifty million people in two countries… An emergency has been declared in New York State. In a matter of seconds, fifty million people simply fall off the grid. Phone lines and water systems fail. Thousands of people are trapped in elevators and subways. … It is August 14th, 2003… and the largest blackout in North American history causes six billion in damages. The official cause: overgrown trees on the power lines; but there is more to this story than troublesome trees. Just three days earlier on August 11th, someone, somewhere released one of the most damaging computer viruses ever written. Blaster. …. F-Secure Niko Hepannin… Did a computer virus somehow contribute to the Blackout.? ….. Bonnie: We could certainly shut down the United States critical infrastructure; I would assume within a day. Dedicatedly I would give it one week of research; one day to take it down. That means taking out the power grid; it means taking out the communication power; it means taking out probably the military capacity of the United States; to function properly. We would probably go into a police state at that point. [Is that an exaggeration?]. No I don’t think so. …. stormworm alone has infected at least fifty million computers; and it has not been used for anything; so there is this hovering literally perfect storm; of potential attack; so the concern is that if the storm worm has created all these compromised computers; and in themselves created this almost massive computer; and if very bad people have control of this; they may be able to do very bad things; on a very very big scale.” – Web Warriors.

Summary: SS DEFCON Death Spiral Warning Alert: EoP v WiP Deindustrialization & Depopulation Options: Unless Gov’s & Citizens cooperate to implement EoP Truth and Reconciliation responsible freedom path to EoP Scientific and Cultural – restricting procreation and consumption to below carrying capacity limits – intnl law, enabling orderly and humane de-industrialization/population; Gov’s & citizens are likely to end up in the There is No Tomorrow world where WiP ‘right to breed/consume’ intnl law is leading them: Failed States: NTE climate change chaos, 509 Chernobyl terror targets and/or industrial accidents, global economic collapse, race, religious & class war genocides, EMP nuke blackout resource wars, etc.