19 May: Had Enough Therapy: What is a Girlfriend Experience?

* Had Enough Therapy.
* 19 May: Had Enough Therapy: What is a Girlfriend Experience?
» Had Enough Therapy: What is a Girlfriend Experience?.
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Had Enough Therapy: What is a Girlfriend Experience?: Comment:

Its not that Bernie Madoff was a [religio-business] ponzi scheme, the whole [Masonic War is Peace] economy is a [Lolita penis/pussy cannon fodder Express] ponzi scheme. – [EoP Amended] Michael Ruppert; Collapse: Trailer; Rebel Skum: The Devil of St James: The True Jeffery Epstein Story; Global Story: Jacob George Returns Medals at NATO Summit; Flux Rostrum: Veteran Brothers Ride to End Wars; Afghanistan Special Ops Report; Minnesota Men’s Conference: Jacob George; Wikipocalypse: The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror; CCHR: Psychiatry in the Military: The Hidden Enemy.
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I spent a few weeks working as an escort many years ago. My friend was a professional escort and I thought I’d spend a few weeks with her to find out what it was like. From my brief experience as an escort and spending 14 years backpacking around the world, living, working and dating men from many different races, religions and cultures; I don’t think you can generalize. Different men want different things.

Simplistically: There are two types of wo/men: * those who have had the courage to confront their ego’s; who have broken free from their racial, religious, class, gender socio-cultural pussy/penis cannon fodder identity script, who are on a truthseeking honour to self and others journey * those who have not had courage to confront their ego’s, who are brood sows and sperm donor pussy/penis cannon fodder for their racial, religious, class and gender socio-cultural identity group; blindly following the ‘pussy/penis cannon fodder success’ path of their socio-cultural script.

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