31 Jul: David aka Torus Logic: Masonic War is Peace Verbal Diarhea.

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* 31 Jul: Torus Logic: Masonic War is Peace Verbal Diarhea.
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Subject: Re: EoP Answer to David Q: Masonic War is Peace Question.
Date: 2018-07-31 04:11
From: Torus Logic <toruslogic@gmail.com>
To: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@webmail.co.za>
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7/30/2018, Day 211 of the Calendar Year:

Lara Johnson, aka Andrea Muhrrteyn
Former MILED Clerk & Acting Clerk, Ecology of Peace,

My apologies for not replying sooner, if you are offended, to your email from May 14, 2018 Seventy-Eight days ago after Seventy Years of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. I wanted to give the Grand Lodge of Texas, Grand Lodge of France, the Masonic High Council of Egypt, and the Prince Hall Masons ample time to respond to your accusations of their engagements of cannibalism; to state if such accusations are baseless and libelous; and to state their agreement or disagreement with Ecology of Peace social, legal contract limiting cannibalism as acts between fully informed consenting adult cannibals and adults who wish to be eaten. To date, I have received no reply from the Freemasons and Masons who were carbon copied in your reply to me.

Also, to date, three masonic members have not replied to my inquiry to confirm or deny the claims of their practiced cannibalism. However, I did confirm with a masonic member – to the degree that he estimated – that approximately sixty percent of Masons and approximately twenty-five percent of Freemasons do in fact practice cannibalism and that they do not acquire human meat for consumption from obtaining bodies from the morgue. Therefore, by the silence of the Grand Lodge of Texas, Grand Lodge of France, the Masonic High Council of Egypt, and the Prince Hall Masons; by the silence of a few masonic members; and by the confession and estimation made by a masonic member; that indeed many masonic members – not all of them – do murder live humans for drinking blood and consuming human flesh.

Furthermore, according Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, Ms. Ashcraft’s Hivite Uncle Danny has a purple choir-looking robe bearing the emblem of the “Order of the Easter Star” who wore it in their Royal Oak house during the production of a snuff film – the robe she drew on 5/6/2017. I’m of course referring to Ms. Ashcraft whose Uncle Peter personally made so much money from his Subway oven deal, perhaps to the knowledge of Jared Fogle, and who had moved to Texas in order to perhaps make more money trafficking his own children for which Ms. Ashcraft wonders if her Uncle Peter’s Subway oven deal was just money laundering.

In consideration that Jesus is on record as stating that there most definitely was a Gautama Buddha; but that the legend of his compassion towards a hungry lion was so great that he offered himself as food to the hungry lion is “false, is delusion, is an opium to try to urge unrealistic compassion upon human beings. If it is not that, at least it never happened” (3/13/1977); it would seem that no Jesus ever offered himself up as food – as the bread and wine, flesh and blood – to be consumed by other human beings, and that the Last Supper is most definitely an allegorical warning for “watch out for the cannibals.” Killing non-informed, non-consenting people for consumption fundamentally violates the commandment “You shall not Murder” of the Ten Commandments, the latter half of which was removed and concealed by an evil priest from long ago.

This does not mean, nor does it imply, that everyone should be a vegetarian; for Jesus is on record stating that the Human Body requires more protein than what vegetables provide; and for Count Saint Germain is on record stating that not all humans can live as vegetarians, for many will die, just as not all humans can live as carnivores, for many will die. We have the technology to sacrifice animals for consumption in a Humane Way without all the pain and suffering caused by slaughter houses. Likewise, humans should not kill other sentient, self-aware beings including but not limited to Humans, Elephants, Horses, and Dolphins.

I am aware that much of the Israeli Defense Force was carbon copied in your reply to me, and that some so-called Jews might feel uncomfortable, hate, or dislike the Fact that there Most Definitely Exists Jesus; however, Facts are Facts and Jesus Does Exists. However, to date I have seen no physical evidence that the Jews and Romans are Guilty of the Murder of Jesus; in fact, all the scientific evidence presented points to the Innocence of the Jews and Romans with respect to the Murder of Jesus. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are collective works for Freedom from Slavery and Communism by whatever appellation be it called.

And to Israel, I would remind that ArchAngel Gabriel is on record (Winter Solstice, 1977) stating that Muslims are to be considered as Friends, for True Muslims are of the Chosen Ones, and not to be persuaded by evil minds who would have you treat Muslims as anything other than Friends – They are Your Brothers and Sisters. Why then did so many so-called Muslims and so-called Jews fight with each other when the United States moved her Embassy to Jerusalem? Such fighting by so called Jews and so-called Muslims violates ArchAngel Gabriel’s messages to Love and Be of Service to Their Brothers and Sisters and Learn to Be In Commune with God and with their Neighbors.

No longer will those who cannot learn to Love Thy Neighbor and Be of Service to Their Brothers and Sisters be allowed to return. No lawyers, barristers, politicians, officers, judges, juries, etc. will save them or have the capacity to stop the Karmic Drums that are Beating for every Deed and Thought has been perfectly recorded in the Akashic Records.

With respect to your question regarding spaghetti: there is nothing cryptic about my statement. A spaghetti dinner invitation is made to potential Masonic members to get to know members of a Lodge in order to determine if that prospective member may proceed with Masonic Initiation Activities. Again, they have chosen to not invite me for spaghetti; and good thing they didn’t. Who knows how I would react if I were to find that the spaghetti meatballs were of Human, Elephant, Horse, or Dolphin Origin after dinner; perhaps I would react as Samy Hamzeh – for whom you suspect was under the influence of psychotronic manipulation – if someone lured me into consuming spaghetti with Human Meatballs. To reiterate: they have not invited me for spaghetti, nor do I intend to have spaghetti with them and find out if they’re using special ingredients, nor do I intend on having a reaction from trying their spaghetti. Don’t be like the red headed giant, eating Humans, that David had to strike down with 5 stones.

With respect to your breeding / consumption concerns of Masonic WiP, I do agree with you that people should be more cognizant and controlling of their breeding to be in commune with everyone else. From my perspective – and I do not expect you to fully understand what I mean – over-breeding has literally opened the Gates of Hell. This is not to say that the Earth cannot sustain every Human in the Ecosystem – for with ingenuity, invention, innovation, self-control, environmental protection and recycling, and multiplication of one’s labor there does exists sustainability and enough sustenance for All; however, there is no sustainability with certain people making themselves gods over others and parasites on the energy of the poor. One such way to limit gross inequities  is to ensure a fair and just economy, and not by upholding an economic system of theft, parasites, and of gods over others thru the charging of financial interests – Financial Interests that not only Violates Exodus 22:20-26, and not only Violates the Bible whereby Jesus overturned the tables of the Bank Tellers in the Temple, but also Violates the Qur’an. For example, if you had $4.5 Million earning just 5% interests, your money would earn interests annually in excess to that of a President of the United States’ Salary and you wouldn’t have to work again in your life, be known as a “job creator”, and in effect become a god over others and parasitically suck the energy out of the poor; however, the only True Way to Love God thru Agape Love  is To Be of Service to others and not have the money do all the work for you.

With respect to there not existing insanity by your belief system “There is no such thing as a scientific based mental disorder in Ecology of Peace culture”: many people are indeed insane. Insanity is incorrect thinking when confronted with logic and scientific evidence, and willful disregard of or apathy for such scientific evidence; insanity is one willfully allowing evil to face no consequences; insanity is not God Consciousness.

With respect to your method of “implement[ing] orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation”: I cannot agree with the randomness in selection process that “lotto Nation states shall have half of selected Scarcity Combatants – Lawyers, Mental Health, Organized Religion, Charity Non-profits, Media and Breeding/Capital War extremists – evacuated; excluding scarcity combatants who have signed EoP Axis Oaths. Evacuated means humanely eliminated by means of psychotronic technology that terminates the functioning of their bodily organs; their bodies are to be disposed of in silos for composting. Cities with more than 25,500 residents may exempt themselves from lotto evacuation by signing City EoP Axis Oath” for such randomness may allow a “Scarcity Combatant” to live while allowing other Scarcity Combatants to die regardless of their intentions and usage of wealth. For example, one “Scarcity Combatant” may have gained their wealth – enough wealth to qualify as a “Scarcity Combatant” – thru immoral means such as charging financial interests, or by living to reap default judgements in small claims courts with the hope that enough defendants will miss their court cases to render plentiful default judgements, or by shoving pills down someone’s throat in the interest of profit over evidence, or by telling people that it is “God’s Will” for large sums of donations to a Church to be given, or by making deals – such as CNN and Fox News – with certain intelligence organizations to promote propaganda, etc. while others may have attracted such wealth by performing genuinely good deeds – such as receiving monetary compensation for rendering legal services to victims who are financially compensated such that their needs be met, such as real estate developer who amasses large wealth from profit over luxury housing while using that profit and working capital to subsidize the housing development for the poor. Would not a woman who has had more than three children – two of whom as a result of rape – qualify as a “Scarcity Combatant” according to your legal definition along with a woman who has had more than three children by having consensual sex with multiple husbands with the intent on only having sex for procreation and procreation alone? Random selection can indeed result in a woman, already having been punished for having been raped, incurring humane depopulation while the woman intent on spreading as much of her DNA as possible escaping psychotronic manipulation. Would not an 18-year-old heir to a large fortune due to no fault of his or her own also qualify for the same evacuation as someone who is 60 and has experienced life as an adult for 42 years? I would agree that hoarding more than $2.55 million for the sake of hoarding does have its economic ramifications as such money would in effect no longer circulate within an economy and will cause inflation once Finally re-circulated into the economy; yet no one could possibly buy a large enough factory space to streamline business and create more efficiency for a growing business if a mere $2.55 million in capital savings could warrant their death.

I would hope that people will just Allow Jesus and the nineteen Keepers of the Flame of Karma do their work.

I am curious, Lara, on what your views are on the confession by Cody Snodgrass that he was initially offered $1 Million to blow up the Federal Murrah building where 480,000 Medical Records of American Vets were stored before he declined the project and before Timothy McVeigh was offered the job?

Thank you. Again, my apologies for taking so long to reply, but your claim has more weight with the prolonged silence of the Freemasons and Masons.