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* 23 Aug: EoP Obs: Grab Em by da – RU Listening: Define Sex: Genepool Weeding – Penussy.
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One sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns: let’s lay out a pattern and see if we can recognize it in less than 10,000 years. When you think of Iraq, do you think of cedar forests so thick that sunlight never touches the ground? That’s how it was prior to the beginnings of this culture. The Near East was a forest. North Africa was a forest. Greece was a forest. All pulled down to support this [War is Penis] culture. – [EoP Amended] Derrick Jensen: Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism.
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* 27 July 2016: Trump: Russia If You are Listening: Req DNC hitjob.
* 07 Oct 2006-16: Access Hollywood & Wikileaks DNC Data Dump
* 08 Oct 1998: Clinton – Define Sex – Impeachment / CIA-Crack Genepool Weeding Report:

27 July 2016: Russia If You are Listening: Request DNC hitjob:

27 Jul 2016: Pink Prenup Wedding Tie Donald Trump: Russia If you Listening:
Why do I have to get involved with Putin, I have nothing to do with Putin. I have never spoken to him, I don’t know anything about him other than he will respect me. He doesn’t respect our President. And if it is Russia, which it is probably not, nobody knows who it is. But if it is Russia, its really bad for a different reason, because it shows how little respect they have for our country, when they would hack into a major party and get everything. But it would be interesting to see, I will tell you this ‘Russia if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing.’ I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.’ …. Omarosa Manigault, a senior staff member of President Donald Trump’s administration and a former Apprentice cast member, got married in Trump’s Washington DC hotel this morning. The 43-year-old ex-reality star tied the knot with Pastor John Allen Newman, 61, at the Old Post Pavilion in Trump Hotel, a stone’s throw from the White House. About 70 people attended the wedding in the hotel’s Presidential Ballroom, which was followed by a brunch and reception. Donald Trump and other White House senior staff remained at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit and after the US airstrike on Syria. – Washington Free Beacon: Trump – wearing a pink tie – to the Russians: If you’re listening, I hope you find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails; DailMail: And the President’s aide wore… pink! Trump assistant Omarosa gets married in his DC hotel after ceremony was delayed by death threats – but Donald stays away amid Syria crisis; OBL Entertainment: Donald Trump Talks about his Prenuptial Agreement.
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27 July 2016: US v GRU: GRU are Listening:
And the indictment suggests that on July 27, 2016, when Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening,” it should find Clinton’s deleted emails, the Russians were listening. On that day, according to the court papers, the GRU officers “attempted after hours to spear-phish for the first time email accounts at a domain hosted by a third-party provider and used by Clinton’s personal office.” They also pinged 76 emails associated with the Clinton campaign. …  22. The Conspirators spearphished individuals affiliated with the Clinton Campaign throughout the summer of 2016. For example, on or about July 27, 2016, the Conspirators attempted after hours to spearphish for the first time email accounts at a domain hosted by a thirdparty provider and used by Clinton’s personal office. At or around the same time, they also targeted seventy-six email addresses at the domain for the Clinton Campaign. – NPR: The Russia Investigations: 6 Key Insights From The Cyberspy Indictment; US Dept of Justice: Special Counsel: U.S. v. Viktor Borisovich Netyksho, et al: Indictment.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Aug: EoP Response to Cradock BKB; Gauteng Dept Agri & Rural Dev: Nolwazi Ngcobo.

WiPenis Syriana Fake-Peaceniks/News Media Listening? Cheney Duck Hunts with Scalia: EoP v WiP Denuclearization, Deindustrialization & Depopulation:
Summary: SS DEFCON Death Spiral Warning Alert: Unless Gov’s & Citizens cooperate to implement EoP Truth and Reconciliation responsible freedom path to EoP Scientific and Cultural – restricting procreation and consumption to below carrying capacity limits – intnl law, enabling orderly and humane de-industrialization/population; Gov’s & citizens are likely to end up in the There is No Tomorrow world where WiP ‘right to breed/consume’ intnl law is leading them: Failed States: NTE climate change chaos, 509 Chernobyl terror targets and/or industrial accidents, global economic collapse, race, religious & class war genocides, EMP nuke blackout resource wars, etc. ….. ‘My dad was breathing via a reed in a swamp while the Nazis passed by, just a few steps away’. … “There was not a family where someone was not killed, and of course, grief, trouble, tragedy struck all. That they had no hatred for the enemy, that’s what I find amazing. …… When, in May 2001, the conservative legal watchdog group Judicial Watch filed suit to see the records of Dick Cheney’s National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG), it was the first to protest the unheard of secrecy at the energy task force. As the White House stonewalled, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) filed suit the following February. Hints as to what was discussed in the secret task force empanelled immediately after Bush took office in January 2001 are now on the table. They strongly suggest that inside the NEPDG records lay the deepest, darkest secrets of 9-11. The motive; the apocalyptic truth that would compel such carnage and hairpin the course of human history; the thing that no one ever wanted to know; the thing that makes it utterly believable that the US government could have deliberately facilitated the attacks of September 11th, stands on the brink of full disclosure. The likelihood that those truths might soon be revealed is serious enough that two weeks ago Dick Cheney found it convenient to go duck hunting with Justice Antonin Scalia who will hear arguments in the case this spring. Each time a new tragedy strikes, whether it be 9/11, TWA 800 (a Navy shootdown), CIA involvement in drug trafficking, Iran-Contra, Waco, The Savings and Loan Scandal, the Enron shareholders, the Gander crash, or any of a dozen other events in recent history, a new crop of people is instantly and brutally transformed from people who once trusted the system into people who have been betrayed by it. Psychologically and emotionally raped, they rage. They vow to fight. The need to make the [WiP] system that failed them work as they were taught becomes a new imperative for their sanity and emotional stability. They must believe that they can make people listen to them, that they can fix it. When, therefore, others who have been brutalized before them present themselves with valuable experience and try to explain the lay of the land, the new victims are faced with the awful responsibility of acknowledging that they themselves had not listened or responded when their predecessors cried out for help. They had been just as quick to say I’m too busy or That’s a bunch of b.s. It couldn’t be that way. Yet it is. The new victims had once been as deaf as the rest of the world now appears to them. Still they clutch at straws and cling to the illusion that this time it will be different. For their own sanity they must ignore the reality of the people who came before them, when to listen and learn might provide a unifying, if terrifying, focus that might ensure success. All it takes is courage and a good map. ….. Terrorism and the Media: Terrorism is a form of propaganda, demanding publicity to be effective. Among the factors cited for the increases in both the number and sensational nature of incidents is the terrorists’ success in achieving wider publicity and influencing a much broader audience. Terrorists see the media’s role in conveying their messages worldwide as essential to achieving their goals. If the violence is spectacular, wide coverage is usually assured. Terrorist acts are newsworthy, and the media see coverage as a professional, competitive responsibility. Some in the media have claimed that intense coverage helps to resolve an incident and that putting the hostages on television may actually save their lives. The other side of this argument is that untimely or inaccurate information released by the media can interfere with resolution of an incident, foreclose options for dealing with it, or unwittingly provide intelligence information to terrorists, which prolongs an incident or endangers lives. Study the Relationship between Terrorism and the Domestic and International Legal System: International and domestic legal systems are adequate to deal with conventional war and crime. However, on occasion, questions of jurisdiction and authority arise when it comes to terrorism. For example, there are ambiguities concerning the circumstances under which military force is appropriate in dealing with terrorism. This lack of clarity about the international law enforcement relationships and legal systems could limit governments’ power to act quickly and forcefully. The Departments of State and Justice should encourage private and academic study to determine how international law might be used to hasten—rather than hamper—efforts to respond to an act of terrorism.
– EoP Leg Sub: EoP v WiP Deindustrialization & Depopulation Options; From the Wilderness: In Your Face [SQ Copy]; Population Security:  The Public Report of the VP’s Task Force on Combatting Terrorism [MG Copy]; Fort Russ: Putin’s Warning: Full Speech; Russia Insider: Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: ‘I Don’t Know How to Get Through to You People’; Wikileaks Party 25 July 2014: Putins Warning: Fully Speech 2016; Inessa: Putin’s Warning Full Speech; Russia Today: My breathing mom was among corpses; Putin recalls his parents WWII ordeal; Russia Insider: The Vladimir Putin the World Doesn’t Care to Know.
» IG: 16-08-15_gwbushusaddictedoil; 17-07-14_mcveighpool-djt-emin-fired; EoP Leg Sub: 18 Aug: EoP TRC Re: Morandi – FCC Facebook Boston Globe – IQO Pulse Bridge Collapse.

Gordon Liddy: Never give me hitjob order that you don’t mean cause I’ll do it; Kiwi WWII Spy Nancy Wake: Follow Hitjob yes, Torture No Orders; Eat Secret Messages:
Gordon Liddy: Never give me an order for a hitjob that you don’t mean – cause I’ll do it. Each one [of our White House covert projects] had code names and each one described some type of activity that in a sense would harrass the Democrats. Each different kind of operation was given the name of a precious jewel. We had so many operations we quickly ran out of precious jewels; we went into semi-precious jewels and by the time we were finished we were down to coal and brick. ….  While in Nazi prison Nancy Wake eats the secret White Mouse message. Later while fighting with the partisans in France they capture a Nazi and begin to torture him, whereupon she refuses to take part in the torture threatening to shoot the prisoner to put him out of his misery if the partisan soldiers are too gutless to stand for principles they pretend to be fighting for and do so themselves. – American Patriot: The Watergate Scandal: 1. A Third Rate Burglary; 2: The Conspiracy Crumbles; 3: The Fall of a President; Timeline: Nancy Wake: Gestapo’s Most Wanted.
» EoP Leg Sub: 06 Aug: EoP Re: WSWS: Why did NYT publisher Sulzberger meet with Trump?; 21 Aug: EoP Response to Cradock BKB; Gauteng Dept Agri & Rural Dev: Nolwazi Ngcobo.

Trump Inc National Security Dir J.D. Gordon invited Russian NRA activist Maria Butina to styx concert & birthday party, Butina Arrest causes NRA Oliver North Leadership shakeup: J.D. Gordon reportedly invited the Russian national to a Styx concert and his birthday party. Maria Butina, the 29-year-old Russian national charged with conspiracy and acting as an unregistered Russian agent, interacted with former Trump campaign aide J.D. Gordon in the lead-up to the 2016 election, according to a new report. Rosalind Helderman at the Washington Post reported on Friday that Butina and Gordon, who served as director of national security for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, exchanged multiple emails in September and October of 2016. He had already left Trump’s campaign at the time, though he was offered a role in the transition team. Gordon, a former naval officer and Pentagon spokesperson under George W. Bush’s administration, invited Butina to a Styx concert and to his birthday party, according to documents and testimony given to the Senate Intelligence Committee and described to the Post. ….. On May 7, the National Rifle Association released a curious press release declaring that Oliver North, the key player in the Iran-contra scandal and an NRA board member, was “poised to become” the group’s president. Earlier that day, Peter Brownell, then finishing his first term as NRA president, had announced that he would not seek a second annual term in order to devote more time to his family business, a firearms retail company. This changing of the guard—and how it happened—was odd. For fifteen years, the NRA leadership had followed a specific pattern: an officer was elected by the board to serve two consecutive annual terms as second vice president, then two as first vice president, and, finally, two as president. But the Brownell-to-North transition broke this orderly process. North at the time was serving in neither vice president position. And his ascension was a surprise—even to North. The day of the move, North told NRATV, “I didn’t expect this to be happening…This was very sudden.” (North also remarked, “A coup is being worked against the president of the United States and every conservative organization on the planet.”) – Vox: Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina chatted with former Trump campaign aide ahead of the 2016 election; Mother Jones: Did Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Cause a Leadership Shake-up at the NRA?.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Aug: EoP Response to Cradock BKB; Gauteng Dept Agri & Rural Dev: Nolwazi Ngcobo.

SAN / NSA Bushman Qi: Eco Illiterate WiP Climate Deal Needs big Stick:
EoP Perspective of the Masonic Left/Right followers for profit and cannon fodder game, is well depicted in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy II, by Qi, the Bushman, who has lost his son and daughter, and is wandering the Kalahari looking for them, where he runs into American and Russian soldiers involved in their Cold War games. ……. “I have to find my children, but two people are playing some game. They went that way. I hear them. He showed her the tracks where he met the two heavy men. He said, ”This is where they turned back. This one was angry because the tired one grabbed the stick. And then he had to run.” She couldn’t understand. She was also quite illiterate. She couldn’t read the signs and tracks at all.” – Gods Must Be Crazy: 01.02.
» IG: 17-07-23_godscrazy-climatedealneedsbigstick-2; EoP Leg Sub: 21 Aug: EoP Response to Cradock BKB; Gauteng Dept Agri & Rural Dev: Nolwazi Ngcobo.

10-12 Apr 2017: McGahn Stacks Court Q: Syriana Let Them Eat Yellow Cake?:
The journalist’s rule says: follow the money. This rule, however, is not really axiomatic but derivative, in that money, as even our vice president will tell you, is really a way of tracking energy. We’ll follow the energy. …… Imagine 30% of America unable to heat their houses and gasoline twenty dollars at the pump. Its running out and 90% of what is left is in the Middle East. This is a fight to the death. Some trust fund prosecutor, got off-message at Yale thinks he’s gonna run this up the flagpole? Make a name for himself? Maybe get elected some two-bit congressman from nowhere, with the result that Russia or China can suddenly start having, at our expense, all the advantages we enjoy here? No, I tell you. No, sir! Corruption charges! Corruption? Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulations. That’s Milton Friedman. He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. Corruption is why we win. ….. Neil Gorsuch was sworn into office on Monday, April 10, 2017, in two ceremonies. The Chief Justice of the United States administered the first oath of office in a private ceremony at 9:00 a.m. at the Supreme Court, making Gorsuch the 101st associate justice of the Court. At 11:00 a.m., Justice Anthony M. Kennedy administered the second oath of office in a public ceremony at the White House Rose Garden ….. President Trump told the President of China about the Syrian airstrikes over chocolate cake. In an interview on Fox Business, Trump said that he and Xi Jinping were having dessert at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida when he learned that the airstrikes would be starting soon. “We had finished dinner, we were now having dessert, and we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen, and President Xi was enjoying it, and I was given the message from the generals that the ships are locked and loaded,” said Trump. …..  Brett Kavanaugh was not a fan of President Clinton. The U.S district court judge and prospective Supreme Court justice spent over three years working for Kenneth Starr, including the time the independent counsel was investigating Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky. When it came time in August 1998 for Kavanaugh to write a memo to his boss outlining how he believed Clinton should be questioned, he laid bare his feelings regarding the president’s indiscretions, suggesting a series of graphic questions picking apart the nature of the his relationship with Lewinksy. Kavanaugh didn’t try to hide his motivations while attempting to justify this line of questioning. “It may not be our job to impose sanctions on him, but it is our job to make his pattern of revolting behavior clear — piece by painful piece,” he wrote. “Aren’t we failing to fulfill our duty to the American people if we willingly ‘conspire’ with the president in an effort to conceal the true nature of his acts?”……  While McGahn has bolloxed most of the things White House Counsels are supposed to do (like keeping the White House out of legal and ethical trouble), he has had unsurpassed success at stacking the courts. I doubt there’s an ideological Republican in the country who isn’t thrilled with McGahn’s success at stacking the courts. Indeed (this becomes important in just a bit), McGahn’s success at stacking the courts is one of the biggest reasons why Republicans in Congress put up with the rest of Trump’s shit. Being President, for many Republicans, isn’t about governing; it’s about stacking the courts. It turns out, though, that McGahn had another job before he became an expert court-stacker. For decades, Don McGahn has been one of the Republican party’s key campaign finance lawyers. – Harpers: The Oil We Eat: Following the Food Chain back to Iraq; via Resilience: The Oil We Eat Following the Food Chain back to Iraq [SQ Copy]; Movieclips: Syriana; Wikipedia: Neil Gorsuch; Time: President Trump Told Xi Jinping About Syria Attacks Over ‘The Most Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake’; Rolling Stone: Brett Kavanaugh’s Graphic Questions for Clinton Are Now Public; Empty Wheel: Why would Don McGahn (and his lawyer) cooperate in a piece claiming he cooperated with Mueller (on obstruction)?.

07 Oct 2006-16: Access Hollywood & Wikileaks DNC Data Dump:

07 Oct 2016: Grab em by da Penis/ussy & Wikileaks Podesta DNC Data Dump:
Friday, October 7, 2016, 4:03 PM: Washington Post releases the Access Hollywood video, a major hit to the Trump campaign. Friday, October 7, 2016, 4:32 PM: Exactly 29 minutes later, WikiLeaks released their major bounty, Podesta’s emails, which were hacked six months earlier. …  The “Access Hollywood” tape of Trump boasting about sexually harassing women is released at 4:03 pm. At 4:32 pm, WikiLeaks begins posting Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s stolen emails. ….. When Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman described the events of Oct. 7, 2016, during a post-election interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, we had to rewind the clock. “On Oct. 7, the Access Hollywood tape comes out. One hour later, WikiLeaks starts dropping my emails,” Podesta told Chuck Todd on Dec. 18, 2016. “One could say that those things might not have been a coincidence.” – The Moscow Project: The Trump-Wikileaks Timeline; Moscow Project: Wikileaks Releases Podesta Emails shortly after ‘Access Hollywood’ tape released; PolitiFact: It’s True: WikiLeaks dumped Podesta emails hour after Trump video surfaced; Mississippi Burning: Grab Em by da Penis/ussy.

07 Oct 2006: Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya: WiP critic of Chechen War:
Anna Politkovskaya: Am I Afraid?: Society has shown limitless apathy…. As the Chekists have become entrenched in power, we have let them see our fear, and thereby have only intensified their urge to treat us like cattle. The KGB respects only the strong. The weak it devours. We of all people ought to know that. We are hurtling back into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that spells death from our own ignorance. All we have left is the internet, where information is still freely available. For the rest, if you want to go on working as a journalist, it’s total servility to Putin. Otherwise, it can be death, the bullet, poison, or trial—whatever our special services, Putin’s guard dogs, see fit. ….. On 7 October 2006, Russian journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya  was shot dead in the elevator of her apartment block in central Moscow. She was known for her opposition to the Chechen conflict and for criticism of Vladimir Putin. She had authored several books about the Chechen wars, as well as Putin’s Russia, and received numerous international awards for her work. Her murder, believed to be a contract killing, sparked a strong international reaction. Three Chechens were arrested for the murder, but were acquitted. The verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court of Russia and new trials were held. In total, six people were convicted of charges related to her death. – Wikipedia: Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya; Seventh Art Releasing: A Bitter Taste of Freedom: Anna Politkovskaya; Mila: The Real Face of War: Chechnya Russia war documentary; Looking East: Chechnya: The Dirty War.

07 Oct 1952: Birth of Vladimir Putin:
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born 7 October 1952 is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer serving as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008. He was Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 until the beginning of his first presidency in 2000, and again between presidencies from 2008 until 2012.[6] During his first term as Prime Minister, he served as Acting President of Russia due to the resignation of President Boris Yeltsin. During his second term as Prime Minister, he was the chairman of the ruling United Russia party. Putin was born in Leningrad in the Soviet Union. He studied law at Leningrad State University, graduating in 1975. Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before resigning in 1991 to enter politics in Saint Petersburg. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin’s administration, rising quickly through the ranks and becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999, when Yeltsin resigned. Putin won the 2000 presidential election by a 53% to 30% margin, thus avoiding a runoff with his Communist Party of the Russian Federation opponent, Gennady Zyuganov. He was reelected president in 2004 with 72% of the vote. – Wikipedia: Vladimir Putin; Vesti: Putin: 01.02.

Keinholz Birthday Dirty Laundry Masturbation: All Have Sinned in Masonic Breeding and Culling Homo-Cattle for Profit Room 323:
Edward Kienholz (23 Oct 1927 – 10 Jun 1994) was an American installation artist and assemblage sculptor whose work was highly critical of aspects of modern life.  Most of Keinholz art is created from trash; and is highly critical of aspects of alleged civilized modern life. …. The Birthday depicts War is Peace conception and consequences thereof. A woman is in a Masonic doctors floor (tiled floor); covered in dirt (dirt represent the furrow / earth of a woman’s vagina; where the seed is planted). She is tied down (not consenting) while, screaming into a bubble (her voice is censored), and giving birth to missiles, implying Masonic use of women as raped human cattle brood sows; to breed Human Factory Farming War Economy cannon fodder.  Giving birth to missiles or birth control? The Rockefellers and other prominent globalists that control the media, including this artists benefactor, media mobul Henry Luce, promote both depopulation options. The woman screams into a bubble so as not to be heard. …… All Have Sinned in Room 323: Tammy Faye Bakker’s portrait hangs behind a cross and more prominent television set as Kienholz muses abut the public’s “obsession with the dirty laundry of public figures, envisioned here as an act of masturbation, a way of ‘getting off’ on the apparent sins of others. ‘Which is the greater sin?’” we are asked.  – Beat Museum; Pinterest.
» IG: 16-03-23_ekeinholz-birthdayafterthought.

08 Oct 1998: Clinton – Define Sex – Impeachment / CIA-Crack Genepool Weeding Report:

GHW Bush WH: War on Drugs / Terror is Just Weeding the WiPenis Genepool:
In 1972, while I was attending UCLA, my closest friend on campus, Craig Fuller, surprised me one day. I had been interning in the Office of LAPD Chief Ed Davis and was committed to a career in law enforcement. I had taken a special interest in narcotics. Craig said to me about drugs, “It’s just weeding out the gene pool.” I sat in Craig’s White House office in 1981 and complained of CIA drug dealing. Craig went on to become George Bush’s Chief of Staff in 1985. ….. On 5-11-00 at 7:04 PM, EDT, a single AP story was posted without fanfare. It happened after all of the deadlines had passed for evening news broadcasts, after anyone on the West Coast who actually caught the story might have had a chance to respond. It happened as quietly, perhaps, as the Third Reich might have announced in 1944 that it had found no evidence of death camps anywhere in Europe. In a demonstration that the United States Congress and the CIA had evolved and improved their propaganda techniques over those of the Nazis, a black man actually helped make the announcement of CIA innocence in drug trafficking. This, in spite of the fact that the CIA’s own public documents establish their complicity in a cocaine epidemic that decimated African-American communities throughout the 1980s. By the 1940s all the Jews in German public life had already been sent to the camps. And, by way of either acknowledging the shame or of resting comfortably in denial, not a single national media outlet has further reported on the story that was released so quietly that it almost went unnoticed. The headline on the Associated Press story read, “House Committee Sees No CIA Role in 1980s Drug Smuggling.” AP writer Tom Raum’s lead said, “The CIA did not play a role in bringing crack cocaine into the Los Angeles area in the 1980s, the House Intelligence Committee [HPSCI] concluded in a report Thursday.” Two paragraphs later appeared the quote, “‘Bottom line: the allegations were false,’ said the committee chairman, Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla.” Two paragraphs later the AP story added, “‘The committee found no evidence to support the allegations that CIA agents or assets associated with the Contra movement were involved in the supply or sale of drugs in the Los Angeles area,’ the committee said in a report.” Two paragraphs after that – in perfect cadence – came the following quote: “‘All the issues raised by the ‘Mercury News’ articles were addressed in the investigation,’ said Julian C. Dixon of California, the committee’s senior Democratic [and ranking African-American] member.’ ‘I believe that the committee’s effort, together with the work of the Justice Department and CIA (inspector general), thoroughly examined those issues.'” – From the Wilderness: My Dream and the Color of Suffering; Inside the White House; The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire; From the Wilderness: Relevant Excerpts of Vol II of CIA Inspector General Report on Contra Drug Trafficking; Consortium News: CIA Admits Tolerating Contra- Cocaine Trafficking in 1980s.
» IG: 16-08-15_gwbushusaddictedoil.

29 Jan & 08 Oct 1998: CIA Contra Crack Cocaine Genepool Weeding Report:
Overview of Report of Investigation: A short summary of The Inspector General’s Report of Investigation regarding allegations of connections between CIA and the Contras in cocaine trafficking to the United States. * Report of Investigation: Volume I: The California Story: The Inspector General’s Report of Investigation regarding allegations of connections between CIA and the Contras in cocaine trafficking to the United States. Volume I: The California Story. * Report of Investigation: Volume II: The Contra Story: The Inspector General’s Report of Investigation regarding allegations of connections between CIA and the Contras in cocaine trafficking to the United States. Volume II: The Contra Story. – CIA: Inspector General Reports: 29 Jan 1998: Overview of Report of Investigation: 29 Jan 1998: Vol I: The California Story; Vol II: 08 Oct 1998: The Contra Story.

29 Jan & 08 Oct 1998: Clinton Lewinsky – Define Sex – Impeachment Drama:
Jan. 29: U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright rules that the Lewinsky scandal can’t be incorporated into the Jones suit, arguing the matter is “not essential to the core issues in this case.” …. Oct. 8: The House of Representatives votes to begin an open-ended impeachment inquiry, allowing the House Judiciary Committee to draw up charges based on Starr’s report allegations. Thirty-one Democrats vote in favor of opening the inquiry. – Time: From an Anonymous Tip to an Impeachment: A Timeline of Key Moments in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal; ABC 20-20: Barbara Walters: Monica Lewinsky:


What are Trump lawyers and judges criteria for draining the swamp?:
The Ecology of Peace legal ‘sustainability’ – aka sustainable procreation and consumption footprint [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za] – definition has been submitted to among others International Criminal Court Judges; US Secretary of State and Intnl Court of Justice: Permanent Court of Arbitration Environmental Disputes Experts – 29 Dec 2015: ICC: Judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi: Re: EoP ICC Private Pros: EoP PoW’s -v- Nobel Committee and Peace Laureates et al; 03 Sep 2017: US Sec State: EoP suggested Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org definition in S. 219 Immigration & Nationality Act (INA); 03 Jun 2018: PCA: Hugo Siblesz: EoP Re: Judge JBrent: SustDev academic fraudsters should be executed
» EoP Leg Sub: 26 Jul: EoP Obs: The EoP John Brown – how to get along without overbreeding / consuming / deceiving – Question is: What is a Sustainable Procreation and Consumption footprint?.