09 Dec: EoP Obs: Maidan High School – Kneeling Berkut Kisses – Homey Confucious Yellow Vest Orders

* 09 Dec: EoP Obs: Maidan High School – Kneeling Berkut Kisses – Homey Confucious Yellow Vest Orders.
» 09 Dec: 19:13 hrs: Added: Two Yellow vest protestors wearing Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron masks kiss.
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EoP Observations:

Police arrest of Yellow Vest high school students with weapons, force them on their knees.
Footage showing the brutal arrest of high school students protesting outside Paris is causing a stir ahead of further anti-government protests this weekend. The footage, which has been shared widely on social media, has prompted trade unions and far-left parties to lash out at perceived police brutality. The images, which were filmed Thursday at Mantes-la-Jolie, showed a group of students on their knees with their hands behind their head. They are being watched over by armed police officers whose faces are hidden by ski masks. Interior minister Christophe Castaner said Friday that 151 people were arrested in the small town, adding that some of them carried weapons. He said none of the students were injured. Students across France have joined the protests that have escalated over the past few weeks. They oppose an education reform and have clashed with police at many high schools in several French cities. …. France’s government on Friday defended the tactics of riot police who forced several dozen detained high-school students to kneel in rows with their hands held behind their heads or in handcuffs after violent protests west of Paris. – The Telegraph: French school children held on their knees by police during Paris protest; Reuters: French government defends heavy-handed police tactics against students; VOA News: Protesters Kneel Before Police in Shopping District at Paris Protest.

Comey Re: Trump Flynn investigation Orders; Nadler: Mueller and Comey best friends, hugging and kissing each other?:
“On 5 September,” Nadler said, “President Trump brought up special counsel Mueller in an interview with the Daily Caller, stating: ‘And he’s Comey’s best friend, and I could give you a hundred pictures of him and Comey hugging and kissing each other. You know he’s Comey’s best friend.’” Nadler asked: “Are you best friends with Robert Mueller?” Comey replied that though he admired “the heck out of the man”, he did not know his phone number or the names of his children. “I think I had a meal once alone with him in a restaurant,” he said. “I like him … I’m an associate of his who admires him greatly. We’re not friends in any social sense.” Nadler said he would not “ask whether you’ve ever hugged and kissed him”. “A relief to my wife,” Comey said. …. Much later, Comey made clear that he thinks Trump was trying to obstruct justice when, on Valentine’s Day 2017, he asked the FBI director to go easy on former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had lied to FBI agents about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. “Well, the president of the United States asked me—directed me in my apprehension of it to drop a criminal investigation, and so that is an extraordinary use of power and could amount to obstruction of justice,” Comey said. “That is a corrupt endeavor to impede the administration of justice.” …… Two Yellow vest protestors wearing Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron masks kiss. – Mother Jones: We Now Know what James Comey told Congress Last Week. Read the Transcript; The Atlantic: Comey Testified That We’ve Become ‘Numb’ to Trump’s Lies; Politico: Comey: I’m ‘not friends’ with Mueller;Sputnik: Trump Challenges Macron: EU Army ‘Didn’t Work Too Well’ in WWII.
» EoP leg Sub: 02 Dec: GHW Bush: Thank Fu€k Prin€ip£e$ Bushpig$ O£igarch¥ for Fu€k the Planet WiP NWO $wamp.

Timothy McVeigh: Secondary School Students: Job Application tweet:
Timothy McVeigh; 20 Sep 2012: Sent application for Drinking Water Treatment Technologist certification (secondary school students) to Workforce Florida.
» IG: 15-05-29_tmcveigh-featherculture

Crimea Way Home: In Lviv, Euromaidan protestors forced the Berkut officers on their knees; In Crimea they welcomed Berkut officers with kisses and flowers:
Vladimir Putin: When we saw the outburts of extreme nationalism, we realized that the people residing in Crimea might face hard times. It was then – and I want to emphasize this – it was then that we realized that we could not abandon these people just like that and leave them to their own devices.   Andrei Kondrashov: Simferopol, which Kiev declared the seat of the enemies of Maidan, was given an ultimatum, demolish the monument to Lenin within the next ten days. Even before the Korsun massacre, this ultimatum had spurred locals to take to the streets. While some other Ukrainian regions demonstrated their loyalty to nationalists, the Crimeans were busy forming self-defence units.    Sergei Aksyonov: Head of the Republic of Crimea, leader of the all-Ukrainian part Russian Unity 2008-2014: We held training sessions every day and were prepared to stop anyone who tried to tear down the monument. For us, it really was a symbol of stability and the ability of the authorities to keep the situation under control.    Andrei Kondrashov: When you started your personal Crimean Spring, you had no way of knowing that Russia would support Crimea. Were you scared?     Sergei Aksyonov: You know our sense of pride probably helpd us overcome this fear. “Together, we will build our Crimea! Peace to Crimea! Together, we will build our Crimea!”    Andre Kondrashov: Where did Aksyonov come from?    Vladimir Putin: I’m not sure. I never heard of him before. Frankly they just told me his name and said that the MP’s of the Crimean Parliament want him to represent them. The self-defense forces insisted on having a leader from their ranks – Aksyonov.    Andrei Kondrashov: They had some sway with the deputies back then, its true.    Vladimir Putin: That may well be the case, I’m not really sure. That’s up to them, they are the ones who live in Crimea.    Andrei Kondrashov: Of course, they know better. He was the one who formed the companies and so on.    Vladimir Putin: When I asked the chairman of the Crimean parliament about him, he told me, “Well, he’s like Che Guevara. That’s the kind of person we need now.”    Sergei Aksyonov: We want a peaceful, stable and multi-ethnic Crimea, where people can lead normal lives. The Crimean spring was probably successful because of the unity of the people and ideas, patriotism – you know, a single way of thinking, a unified approach.    Andrei Kondrashov: February 22 unified the Crimeans. On that day, Berkut officers returned to Sevastopol and Simferopol. They were attacked with fire and guns during the Maidan protests, then they were accused of sniper attacks. Battered and bruised, they returned home to a sight they couldn’t have imagined in Kiev. At this time, criminal caes were being opened against Berkut officers and commanders throughout Ukraine. In Lviv, they forced the Berkut officers on their knees. In the town of Rovno, all of the Berkut officers were placed under the control of the Right Sector. Kiev proposed forming a special unit on the basis of the Berkut named after the hero’s of Euromaidan. Everywhere else, they were enemies. Only in Crimea were they treated like heroes.    Yuri Abisov: Commander of the Crimean Berkut Battalion, Commander of the Special Rapid Response Unit of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimean since August 2014: It was like salve, a refreshing drink of water or a breath of fresh air. We knew we were finally home – this is our Crimea and we will not give it to anyone. Do you understand?     Andrei Kondrashov: In other words, that was it?     Yuri Abisov: Yes. The decision was made here, on Lenin Square, by the Crimeans.    Andrei Kondrashov: On the same day, dozens of wounded people were taken to the hospitals, and a Berkut officer and two service members of the interior troops who died on the Maidan were buried. When the Berkut officers returned to the base, they realized that for the first time their duty was not to protect public order, but to guard peace in Crimea. – Russia Insight: Crimea Way Back Home; Vesti News: Crimea Way Back Home.


EoP MILED Clerk interpretations:

If – I Repeat If – the aforementioned coincidence pattern events were psychotronically manipulated [Serpico Math] by military officials motivated by EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law negotiations – herewith EoP MILED Clerk interpretations –– subject to EoP objective  –  EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za]  –  and subjective  – EoP Radical Honoursty Information Quality Operations [eop-rh-iqo.tygae.org.za] – reality caveats.

Petroleum Man: Nuclear Nutjob Obedience Gun on the Wall Drama:
Todays action was called in a theatrical manner – Act 3. There’s one thing the president can hope for – Act 4 will never happen. – Vesti News: Pogroms in Paris! Frenchmen Take to the Streets in Disgust; Macron’s Days Look Numbered?

With the arrival of Peak Oil, the curtain has closed on Act 1 of the drama Petroleum Man. What will happen in Act 2? Chekhov said, “If there’s a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, by the end it must go off.” In the world’s nuclear arsenal are many guns on the wall. If life copies art, will there be an Act 3 in which the players, having learned their lesson the hard way, live sustainably? To explore these and other questions… FTW’s Act 2 Blog. Read, comment, take heart! Orkin – From the Wilderness Peak Oil Blog.

The United States delivered Russia a 60-day ultimatum on Tuesday to come clean about what Washington says is a violation of an arms control treaty that keeps missiles out of Europe. NATO allies led by Germany pressed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a meeting in Brussels to give diplomacy one last chance before Washington pulls out of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, fearing a new arms race in Europe. In turn, NATO foreign ministers agreed to formally declare Russia in “material breach” of the INF treaty in a statement in support of the United States. Russia denies undertaking any such development of land-based, intermediate-range Cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads and hitting European cities at short notice. – The Moscow Times: U.S. Issues 60-Day Ultimatum for Russia to Comply With Nuclear Treaty; TIME: Donald Trump’s Comments On The Use Of Nuclear Weapons Before And During His Presidency; MSNBC: Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Repeatedly Asked Why We Couldn’t Use Nukes.

If Congress and the Senate overnight amend the US Constitution to an EoP Constitution; and tomorrow President Obama informs American citizens that the US Government have implemented an EoP Amendment to their Constitution; which will require all Americans citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits. What civilian demographic would cooperate with law enforcement and if necessary national guard officials to implement the enforcement of the new EoP Amendments to the Constitution; and what demographic would refuse to cooperate? How large or small is this cooperation/rebellion demographic? Is it larger or smaller in different nations? Different ideological groups: conservative, capitalist, communist? Different religious groups: Christian, Muslim, Catholic? Age or racial groups: youth, pensioners, Europeans, Africans, etc? – 08 Dec 2015: EoP Corr to From the Wilderness blog editor Jenna Orkin: RE: Wesley Miller: Collapsenet: EoP Invite
» EoP Cop21: EoP Axis: UNFCCC, Cop21 & GMACCC: 09 Dec – 12 Dec 2015 Paris Choking with Fuck Honour Cop21 Ego Supremacists pretending they give a fuck about climate change [PDF]

Kremlin: Informal CIS summit participants attended The Nutcracker ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre. After the performance, Vladimir Putin and the informal CIS summit participants met with the company of the Mariinsky Theatre. ….. When I asked Dr. Blanton to support Truth and Forgiveness between Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing victims in 2001, he refused accusing McVeigh of being a ‘rightwing nutjob’. – Kremlin: 06 Dec 2018: The Nutcrakcer Performance; EoP Leg Sub: 24 Dec: Twitter, Comey: EoP Honesty or WiP Est ID Politics, State v LJ & LJ v B Blanton.

On January 27, Donald Trump invites Comey over for dinner. Expecting there will be others, Comey is unnerved when he realizes that he and the new president are dining alone. Worried that Trump is trying to “create some sort of patronage relationship,” Comey makes a point of saying that he will not be politically “reliable” but will always tell Trump the truth. Trump is not mollified. “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” he declares.” Comey says nothing and the conversation moves on. Near the dinner’s end, Trump returns to the subject: “I need loyalty.” Comey says once again: “You will always get honesty from me.” There’s a pause. Finally, Trump says, “That’s what I want, honest loyalty.” No phrase better encapsulates the conflict of values between President Trump and the man he later fired. There is no such thing as honest loyalty. “Honesty” derives from the same Latin root as “honor.” It’s an inner-directed ideal. To be honest is to be true to one’s own moral sense. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “uprightness of disposition and conduct; integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness.” – The Atlantic: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Honest Loyalty’.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 Jul: US DoJ SC: EoP Re: EoP Win-Win TRC v WiP Lose-Lose Circular Firing Squad; LJ v BB, Comey: Truth or Loyalty.

I’d rather work with one sincere – ego/eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] – or Linkola desperate [sq-plinkola.tygae.org.za] peacenik/honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za], than 10,000 fake peaceniks. In May 1994, Finish environmentalist Pentti Linkola was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Europe. He said he was for a radical reduction in the world population and was quoted as saying about a future world war, “If there were a button I could press, I would sacrifice myself without hesitating, if it meant millions of people would die.” – Pentti Linkola [SQ Copy]; Associated Press: US Reset Button Gift to Russia Lost in Translation. Solari Report: Catherine Austin Fitts – The Red Button.Postcarbon: Petrolify®: The Power of Petroleum in One Little Button Pill. Urban Dictionary: Button Man..
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jan: EoP Re: IPF-Mossad Re Gov Peace Policy Statements, IDF Re Military Orders to shoot thousands; EoP Axis Leg Licensing deadline postponed: 18 Feb 2018; 01 Jun: EoP Obs: OPEC Bee-sting Direct Line Holy Fool Bridge to Starbucks NSA Shit Sandwich Coffee; 20 Jun: Kjirstjen Nielsen: EoP CVID Denuclearization Definition allows for banning of ALL WiP immigration.


Brother who can JSOC – constitutionally legally – shoot?:

Yellow Vest Protestor: I would say that today we are lead by vermin and it is sad to see the country taking this direction. ….. Whose Unabomber: John Zerzan: In Revulsion: I believe I am not alone in the opinion that vermin such as you will one day be considered among the worst criminals this century has produced. …. Sniper: Ghost Shooter: JSOC1: Get me Colonel. I have something. Officially, I’m a geologist. A geologist? The natural gas and oil make the world, my friend. The Trans-Georgian Pipeline is the largest in the geopolitical game. Participants are the most important players. You, me and Gazakov; we are not even pawns. Enemy Sniper teams dialled into our exact positions. We were sitting ducks. Welcome to the Wild Wild East. I brought someone to see you. Colonel, take a chair. You were right. I was wrong. Just doing your job. …… The Burden: To get fuel to Afghanistan, its costs as much as $400 a gallon. It is the lifeblood of this combat outpost. If fuel ran out here, they would be sitting ducks. …. Little Eichmanns are persons participating in society whose [WiP breeding/consumption & deceiving crimes of aggression] actions, while on an individual scale may seem relatively harmless even to themselves, taken collectively create destructive and immoral systems in which they are actually complicit. The name comes from Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat who unfeelingly helped to orchestrate the Holocaust. The phrase has been attributed to anarcho-primitivist writer John Zerzan, from his essay Whose Unabomber? written in 1995, although it “was certainly in common usage by the 1960s”, as various prior examples are known. It gained prominence in American political culture several years after the September 11, 2001 attacks, when a controversy ensued over the 2003 book On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, republishing a similarly titled essay Ward Churchill wrote shortly after the attacks. In the essay, Churchill used the phrase to describe technocrats working at the World Trade Center. – Wall St Journal: What Is France’s ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or ‘Yellow Vests’ Protest Movement?; Green Anarchy: Whose Unabomber?; Sniper: Ghost Shooter: Trailer; The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military and National Security; Wikipedia: Little Eichmanns; EoP NWO SCO: Crimes of Aggression.

Brother who can JSOC – constitutionally legally – shoot?:
Memo to Constitutional Lawyers, Religious and Secular Judges: Brother who can JSOC – constitutionally legally – shoot?.
» EoP Leg Sub: 15 Nov: EoP Re: Katyal Calabresi: Unconstitutional AG Whitaker & Special Counsel Mueller.

Ariel Sharon: Obeying WiP ponzi swamp economy Kaffir Political Party Politicians cattle-voter slaughterhouse management orders: Shooting cattle voter protestors with weapons; A Generals observations re Cow/Bull reality in WiP cattle-voter slaughterhouse:
Ariel Sharon: 1974: I believe that orders should be obeyed, but sometimes you come to a situation where you have to think about the orders that you get. And I believe that you have to divide the orders according to certain categories. First of all you have to obey the orders of the state, the country that you serve; and then of course you come to a problem should you obey. To whom should you be loyal, or more loyal, to your troops or to your superiors? And I must tell you in many times I believe you must be more loyal to your troops than to your superiors.  ….. Narrator: Sharon shared in the glory of Israel’s 1967 victory against the Arabs. He commanded a division in the Sinai, but he was never a fully accepted member of the generals club. Although Sharon didn’t get on with his peers in the Army, he was useful to the Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan. Following the 1967 war, Palestinian resistance to occupation and terror attacks against Israel reached the peak in Gaza. Under Dayan Sharon set about cracking down on them with vigour. Eli Landau Friend: In 1970 we were posted near the Gaza River and Arik told me then I will put an end to terror in Gaza. I said to him: Arik, I’ve read all the books on terrorism and I’ve never read that anyone has ever managed to end terrorism by force. Come here in 3 or 4 months, he said. He was a senior commander who went with his units from house to house, from bunker to bunker, from orange grove to orange grove; to explain what he meant. And three months later, Gaza was quiet. Terrorism was crushed with an iron fist, with a cruel hand. He cast fear into Gaza. They were afraid of him, really scared. He explained to me once in a very simple manner; that he went to put an end to terrorism in Gaza. He was head of Southern Command. His method was simple. Every Arab caught holding a weapon; was shot on the spot. …..  Martin Indyk: Former US Ambassador to Israel: Ariel Sharon is a farmer, and that is a very important side of his personality. He tells about how he has watched the cow bellowing as it is moved from the large corral to the smaller corral, and finally into the chute where it is taken to the slaughter and he sees himself in some respects as the cow or the bull being cornered and his job is basically to shut the gates, so that it becomes impossible to move him from the larger corral to the smaller corral to the chute. If you look at the way that he deals with the efforts of outside powers to move the process forward, he is always putting gates, shut gates infront of them. He is prepared to have those gates opened, but he will extract a price for them.  That is his tactic and its quite effective. But just as he imagines himself as the cow and the bull, so he understands that it is very effective to treat others in the same way as the cow and the bull, and to move them from the corral, until he’s got them in the chute where he wants them. – Biography: Israels Generals: Ariel Sharon.
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jan: EoP Re: IPF-Mossad Re Gov Peace Policy Statements, IDF Re Military Orders to shoot thousands; EoP Axis Leg Licensing deadline postponed: 18 Feb 2018; 30 Jun: EoP Draft: Assange: Re: MEGA Database for EoP Land Reform Denuclearization; 23 Jul: Why did Farmlands not include EoP TRC campaign info?; 29 Sep: EoP Re: J Flake, Maria Archila & Gallagher: EoP RH FR Conservative Conscience..

Vladimir Putin: Obeying Orders:
Is it possible to argue with Putin? Of course, but only if you [are sincere and] have ironclad counterarguments. – [EoP Amended] Vesti: Putin: 01.02
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jun: EoP Obs: Database Signals; Training Day Dyke IUD A’s to Simple Q’s: I don’t care do you; What do you want?.

Stan McChrystal: Obeying Orders in Afghanistan: If, when you get on the ground, the order that we gave you is wrong, execute the order that we should have given you.
Forbes: Did you have to upend the classic military hierarchy?      McChrystal: Not formally. What changed was who got what information, how it was controlled, where decisions were made and who was responsible. It even changed sort of the meritocracy inside this, which upset things, but made us remarkably better.     Forbes: How do you instill cultural changes, such as driving meritocracy deeper into an organization, when people at the top don’t want to give up power? Who wants to give up power?     McChrystal: Well, nobody is the answer, because it’s just not in our nature. We convince ourselves that we hold onto power not because of ego but because it makes us more effective at our jobs. And there’s a logic to that. The trick is to convince people in different parts of the organization that it’s in their best interest. You incentivize them to be connected to the larger goals.      Forbes: How do you create what you call a shared-consciousness culture?      McChrystal: What you can do is tell people how to think about things and the broader mission. There’s a great line we used to use in Afghanistan: “If, when you get on the ground, the order that we gave you is wrong, execute the order that we should have given you.” Think about the responsibility you’re giving your subordinates when you issue that instruction. You’re looking for them to use their best judgment.      Forbes: But when you ask employees to use their “best judgment,” that means they’ll be overriding rules. What’s the right level of dissent in an organization? I imagine, that will vary. A freewheeling software company might be a more accommodating place for raucous debate and dissent than the military or the factory floor. How do you get the right level of creative dissent in an organization? And I’d especially love to hear your perspective, because your previous business, the military, doesn’t appear to tolerate much dissent.     McChrystal: [Laughs] There’s a pile of dissent in the military! It just takes different forms. In all healthy organizations, dissent takes place face to face. People tell you, “Okay, I disagree with that.” In unhealthy organizations dissent is passive-aggressive resistance.     Forbes: Which then poisons a culture.      McChrystal: Exactly. So here’s my view on dissent. Dissent is important. The problem with dissent is that there’s a time and place for it, and there’s a time and place not to have it. I tell people, “When the landing-craft ramp drops and hits the beach, that’s not the time to discuss the plan.” Unhealthy dissent goes away when you show your team respect, engage them in the process and pass information along to them. Give them as much transparency into decision making as is possible and practical to do. But everybody needs to understand that there’s a point–once a decision has been made or a line has been crossed–at which dissent is no longer appropriate, unless it is very carefully and very maturely provided in the right time, place and way. And that takes a deft hand. What I’m saying is that it’s not okay to bitch about everything all the time and fight things. There’s a time to shut up and execute, and the organization should be schooled in that. – Forbes: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal.

Cmdrs for Israel Security: WiP Kaffir ponzi swamp economy Oligarchs and cattle-voter slaughterhouse WiP Political Party farm manager politicians & Yellow Vest cattle voters; need to commit to EoP Peace policy statements: confront and compromise to EoP Footprint reality:
Shabtai Shavit, Mossad Director, 1989-1996: First off, a personal confession. I never spoke publicly about public and political issues. When I did speak, I spoke as a retired intelligence officer and that was it. What has happened now, recently. There is a window where Israel’s interest meet with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan. It’s a windown that I’m not sure will stay open for much longer. When Arafat was in Cairo, for the signing of the Oslo Accords, Mubarak on the one said, Rabin on the other, and in the last minute, when the world was watching, Arafat said: “I’m not going to sign this,” and Mubarak yelled at him, “Sign it you dog,” and he signed. What a surprise. So I believe after all the failed talks with Western mediators. It makes sense to try to negotiate when there are mediators in the region. In my opinion, when an Israeli government issues a policy statement, saying it is willing to discuss the Arab Peace Initiative, everything will change for Israel, it will flip upside down, 180 degrees, even before we sit down to negotiate. …….. Major General Avi Mizrahi: Head of Central Command 2009-2012: In November 2013, I retired from the IDF. Until then I was limited in what I could say, now I can talk. As head of Central Command I worked closely with the Palestinians on what is called their ‘security mechanisms’. We got to a very high level of operational cooperation and intelligence cooperation. I don’t want to go into detail but at the beginning I didn’t believe it, that they have the ability, they have the will, and again they don’t love us; but we have a common interest, they are scared of Hamas, maybe even more than us. And therefore this works. Now, this security cooperation needs to be translated to political cooperation. In other words they are in favour of economic peace if that was enough, but its not enough. Military strength has a limit. If today, lets say 10,000, 20,000 100,000 Palestinians cross Kalandia crossing to Jerusalem. What do I do? Stand and shoot them? Lets say you find a general who gives that order. You think his comrades will listen?! I don’t think so! Now, could something like this happen? Yes, it can. And therefore, force has its limit. I believe there can be a solution. I believe such a solution requires sacrifice from both sides, but they are concessions that both sides can live with, because the alternative is much worse. And if someone tells me that we have flipped over every rock in pursuit of peace, that’s not true. We haven’t flipped over every rock, only some of them. – Israel Policy Forum: The Commanders: Shabtai Shavit; Avi Mizrahi.
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jan: EoP Re: IPF-Mossad Re Gov Peace Policy Statements, IDF Re Military Orders to shoot thousands; EoP Axis Leg Licensing deadline postponed: 18 Feb 2018; 01 Feb: Pres Trump: FSB EoP Cold War TRC Q to Trump 2016 Voters; Notice of EoP Axis Responsible Freedom Leg Licensing: Req for EoP Policy Statements; 16 Jun: IL MoFA & US v E Holmes: EoP suggested CVID Denuclearization Definition; 26 Oct: EoP Obs: MAGAbomber NASA-ISIS packages to DNC; Putin Bolton Peace War Symbolism Nuclear treaty meeting.


Problems of Privilege: Lessons from French Revolution:

Origins of Attacks on Privilege:
The first attacks on privilege appeared in the years before the French Revolution, and these critiques inspired many of the Revolution’s transformations. This neglected history of ‘privilege’ as a polemical concept offers sobering warnings for the present. ‘Privilege’ is derived from the Latin words for ‘private’ (privus) and ‘law’ (lex); in the Roman legal system, and in the medieval European traditions derived from it, a privilege was conferred by a special law concerning a single individual, corporate body, or community. Originally understood as exceptions to general legal principles, privileges gradually became part of the organizing structure of European societies. In the medieval and early modern eras, Europeans imagined themselves, not as citizens of their states equal to all other such citizens, but as members of different groups with specific rights, duties, and privileges attached to their various legally defined identities.
– Quillette: The Problems of Privilege: Lessons from the French Revolution [SQ Copy]

EoP v WiP Definitions of Privilege:
Ecology of Peace Privilege Definition — is scientifically based upon objective ecological carrying capacity limits principles. An individual who has taken advantage of WiP clauses of international law [eop-v-wip-law.tygae.org.za] enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits; whose breeding/consumption footprint [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za] is above ecological carrying capacity limits is guilty of breeding/consumption resource footprint privilege, and under EoP SciCult law, shall be charged with the breeding/consumption crime of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]. An individual whose progenitors engaged in WiP breeding/consumption resource accumulation; is a beneficiary of progenitor breeding/consumption privilege. Individuals and Groups who use their access to resource privilege to cooperate in EoP TRC to End the Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] negotiations to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law, abolishing clauses of law enabling procreation and consumption resource access privilege; are making ethical use of their privilege. Individuals and Groups who use their access to resource privilege to obstruct the implementation of EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law, abolishing clauses of law enabling procreation and consumption resource access privilege; are intentionally working to perpetuate their privilege.

Masonic War is Peace Privilege Definition — is not scientifically based upon objective – what is a sustainable procreation/consumption footprint [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za] – ecological carrying capacity limits principles. Generally speaking WiP privilege is subjective and refers only to excess resource consumption benefits of a particular group of elite individuals in relation to another group of individuals – who may or may not be the same race, religion or nationality – resource consumption; not to a scientifically ecological carrying capacity limit resource consumption standard. It also ignores excess resource consumption and territorial resource acquisition benefits from higher procreation in relation to another group of individuals procreation.
» EoP Leg Sub: EoP v WiP Privilege.

Secret Societies, Protestants v Catholics and French Revolution:
This Protestant inquisition is seldom mentioned nowadays in keeping with the masonic strategy of tarring only the Catholic Church with the brush of “inquisitor” and thereby building up Protestanism as the exclusive “true Christianity.” They have presented this false picture to the world because Protestantism was the chosen vehicle through which Freemasonry infiltrated Christianity. Protestants, not just Catholics, persecuted and executed thousands of Anabaptists (the forerunners of today’s Mennonites and Amish). Michael Servetus, a dissenting mathematician, was burned at the stake in Switzerland by Calvinists. According to contemporary adherents of paganism, the 16th century covens of Wicca sided with the Protestant Queen Elizabeth against the Catholics, in appreciation of her having awarded Satanist John Dee, the founder of Freemasonry, high office in her government (Howard Rheingold, “The Pentacle and the Wand,” Whole Earth Review, Spring, 1992, p. 61). The French Revolution of 1789, or Reign of Terror as it is more appropriately known, was a masonic war against the Catholic church and the Catholic people of France; a war conducted with all the instruments of torture and all the atrocities of an inquisition. The masonic hanging judge, Jean-Baptiste Carrier, ordered the execution of 13,000 Catholics, who were drowned in the Loire River in boats specially designed for that purpose. On Dec. 23, 1793, the masonic General Francois Westermann attacked the Catholic village of Savenay, killing hundreds of Catholic women and children. Westermann bragged that he had “trampled children under horses’ feet and massacred women who will no longer give birth to brigands.” In 1794, another of the generals of the French Revolution, the Freemason Louis-Marie Turreau, ordered the slaughter of 109 Catholic children in the village of Lucs-sur-Boulogne. In the western section of France, in the area around Nantes known as the Vendee, hundreds of thousands of Catholics were slaughtered by the masonic government of the French Revolution. Thousands of their religious leaders were also killed in Paris and other areas for their opposition to the suzerainty of the masonic cryptocracy. A great deal has changed since then however. Today the Vatican is as firmly in the pocket of the Freemasons as are many Protestant institutions. – Michael A Hoffman: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.
» IG: 16-07-30_hoffmanm-secsocpsywar-truthorcons.

Summary EoP Interpretation: EoP Garden of Eden v WiP Babylon Law.
Indigenous tribes living in their Garden of Eden’s around the world were obeying EoP [breed & consume below Mother Nature/God’s ecological resource carrying capacity] law, while they consciously or unconsciously required their tribes to breed and consume – in terms of their hunting, nomadic herding, hunter gathering and/or sustainable subsistence agriculture – below ecological carrying capacity limits.

Once one or more Cain tribes adopted totalitarian agriculture; they changed their breeding/consumption to obey WiP cultural / religious and/or national law. Practicing totalitarian agriculture involves intensive cultivation of the land for surplus food production; which then results in growth of population of the tribe, and extension of territory – for growing population / consumption greed – into a neighbouring Cain or Abel tribe’s territory.

Many Cain tribes / religions living in accordance to totalitarian agriculture WiP law; results in resource conflict as tribes demands for expanding territory comes into conflict with neighbouring tribes territory. All tribes can cooperate & return to harmony with EoP Gaia law for all; or develope their ‘war’ – alienation from honesty – deception skills on their WiP Tower of Babel Four Horses Armageddon journey.

The ‘knowledge of good and evil’ – flattery / spin / public relations – deception resource thieving war skills; are then used to deceive: (a) self: in order to better deceive others, it helps if you believe your own ego ‘its my God given right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity’ bullshit; (b) tribal followers: to convince them to be economic brood sow and/or sperm donor or military cannon fodder for your political resource thieving campaigns; and (c) other tribes: to deceive their political leaders and/or followers; so as to more easily steal their land and/or cheap labour capital.
» IG: 17-09-04_eop-bible-eopedenvwipbabylonlaw.


EoP MILED Clerk Responsible Freedom Voter Answers:

EoP MILED Clerk does not vote for white/pink or brown/black Masonic War is Peace aka Kaffir politicians or political parties. EoP MILED Clerk is willing to cooperate with white/pink, brown/black, yellow/red Kaffir oligarchs, generals, politicians, etc engaged in an enquiry as to whether the WiP slavery freedumb kaffir international law social contract can be replaced – and if so, how, when, where, by whom – by EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law.  ….. I consciously give a fuck about being a buck stops here [eop-rh-cult-info.tygae.org.za] honest person – to anyone of any race, religion class or gender. In my opinion I am by far the most honest person in South Africa. If however I am wrong, and there is a South African more honest than me, I’d be more than happy to recognize their honesty superiority. EoP MILED Clerk honesty about objective [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] and subjective [eop-rh-iqo.tygae.org.za] truth aka reality.
» EoP MILED Clerk: 05 Dec: EoP Re: Johann Rupert President of Racist White South Africa.

EoP MILED Clerk re: Obeying Vladimir Putin Orders:
EoP Re: Is it possible to argue with Putin? Of course, but only if you [are sincere and] have ironclad counterarguments. EoP definition of sincere – aka truthseeking to ascertain accuracy or error of any hypothetical argument’s evidence – is ego literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za].
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jun: EoP Obs: Database Signals; Training Day Dyke IUD A’s to Simple Q’s: I don’t care do you; What do you want?.

EoP MILED Clerk Re: EoP or WiP Kaffir ponzi swamp economy Oligarchs, EoP or WiP Political Party cattle-voter slaughterhouse farm manager politicians, EoP or WiP Yellow Vest slaughterhouse cattle voters:
EoP – loyal to EoP SciCult law: scientifically based carrying capacity [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za] crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za] EoP Applicant goals; not L/R/W/B fuck scientific facts ego mindfuck resource thieving addicted troops, generals, protestors, presidents, oligarchs or citizens – Referendum peace compromise recommendations to France oligarchs, politicians, police and Yellow Vest protestors, can be found at EoP Leg Sub: 03 Dec: EoP Ethics Enwokenment Control of Yellow Jacket Protests; under paragraphs: * EoP RH FR Ethics Enwokenment Referendum Offer to Yellow Jacket Protestors: »» EoP Sincere Peacenik Responsible Freedom Voters; »» WiP Mafiocracy Slavery Freedumb Voters; »» Round One: EoP Responsible Freedom Referendum; »» Round Two: French Roulette Revolution Referendum.

EoP MILED Clerk answer to Forbes McChrystal Combat Consultant Q: Recruit to Shared-Consciousness culture:
Forbes: How do you create what you call a shared-consciousness culture?
EoP MILED Clerk: If you want to recruit people like me; you are very honest; you answer my questions, you listen to my constructive criticism feedback, and earn my trust, about what exactly our ultimate ‘shared consciousness teams’ goals are. Everyone is required to abide by whatever our team rules are. If you want to recruit a bunch of fragile ego morons addicted to being flattered or bribed with ‘success’ or their ‘career’ or whatever the fuck their fragile little ego’s need to feel part of a ‘[insert feelgood psychobabble bullshit to appease individuals existential economic, racial, religious, class, gender insecurity]’ team; then of course you would tell them whatever the fuck you think the fragile ego snowflakes want to hear.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Nov: EoP: Re: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal.

EoP response to Stan McChrystal Re EoP Applicant or WiP American Order:

Stan: I received your “Please remove me from your list of addressees. Thank you’ response sent 27 Nov 2018 at 19:26 hrs; to EoP correspondence sent to you published at EoP Leg Sub: 27 Nov: EoP Re: The Robert E Lee Beam in Stanley McChrystal’s Leadership Eye.

If the Stan McChrystal – on behalf of Stan McChrystal, and/or Annie McChrystal and/or McChrystal Group – message is:

Confirm: Stan McChrystal Plausible Deniable EoP Applicant: if so: Message Received:
Confirmation of Stan McChrystal as plausible deniable EoP Applicant. Message received.

Confirm: Stan McChrystal: Former EoP Applicant: If so: Please Resend to 100% Confirm:
Confirmation of Stan McChrystal request to be removed as a plausible deniable EoP Applicant and transferred to list of Former EoP Applicants. Please resend your request/order to enable it to be accurately heard/received [TED: Stan McChrystal: The Illusion of Being Connected]. Upon receipt of your confirmation of your request to be removed as an EoP Applicant. I shall list you as a former EoP Applicant. You will no longer receive any emails from EoP MILED Clerk making reference to you as an EoP Applicant. If or when you are mentioned in EoP correspondence as a former EoP Applicant, you may receive a copy of such correspondence for your transparency notice and/or records.
» EoP Leg Sub: 27 Nov: EoP Re: Stan McChrystal Re: The Robert E Lee Beam in Stanley McChrystal’s Leadership Eye.



    1. […] Gen Dana Pittard: Ecological Overshoot is criminal ….. Andrew Holland: The military has been concerned about oil dependence for decades. This isn’t some newly green military. When they do have to fight a war, they want to mitigate risks to their personnel & equipment. Eight presidents have declared addiction to foreign oil a threat to national security. That would mean anyone using foreign oil is aiding & abetting an enemy. Anyone, who doesn’t aggressively cut oil consumption to within domestic production is technically committing treason. …. Sniper: Ghost Shooter: JSOC1: Brandon Beckett: Why did Saayid change sides and choose them over us? Andrei Mashkov: Last month, yesterday, ten minutes ago, makes no difference. He’s dead because he did. Officially, I’m a geologist. A geologist? The natural gas and oil make the world, my friend. The Trans-Georgian Pipeline is the largest in the geopolitical game. Participants are the most important players. You, me and Gazakov; we are not even pawns. Brandon Beckett: Enemy Sniper teams dialled into our exact positions. We were sitting ducks. Andrei Mashkov: Welcome to the Wild Wild East. Robin Slater: You were right. I was wrong. Brandon Beckett: Just doing your job. …… The Burden: To get fuel to Afghanistan, its costs as much as $400 a gallon. It is the lifeblood of this combat outpost. If fuel ran out here, they would be sitting ducks. – LA Times: At one Army base, a vision for a new shade of green; Yes: The Real Reason the Military is Going Green; Sniper: Ghost Shooter: Trailer; The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military and National Security; » IG: 17-04-15_ecologicalovershootiscriminal; EoP Leg Sub: 09 Dec: EoP Obs: Maidan High School – Kneeling Berkut Kisses – Homey Confucious Yellow Vest Orders. […]

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