15 Feb: LJ v BH: Affidavit: EoP TRC Info

* 15 Feb: NOT YET FILED: Notice of Motion [PDF];  Application for Referral to Mediation [PDF];
EoP Prisoner of Swamp Elections Ecological Overshoot Cold War TRC submission – via Official SA Representatives – to [A] High Contracting Parties of the Geneva Convention relative to Treatment of Prisoner War, via Swiss Federal Council ITO Art 4A, 5 & 128; [B] Director-General of the Technical Secretariat of Chemical Weapons Convention ITO Art VIII, IX & XV; [C] Secretary-General of the United Nations ITO Art 5.1(d) & 9.2 & 121 of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court [PDF]. Statement of Claim: Request for Info: Accuracy / Error of EoP RH FR Frame of Orientation [PDF]; Request for Info: Accuracy / Error of Ego Literacy Communication Policy [PDF]; Request for Info: Accuracy / Error of EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [PDF]. Affidavit: EoP TRC Info [PDF].
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: LJ v Brian HeuvelLJ v IECLJ v SA Political PartiesLJ v Min of JusticeLJ v SANEFLJ v Mikhail PetrakovLJ v Robert McBrideEoP v US SenateEoP v US CongressEoP v EU ParliamentEoP v UNUS v Tim McVeighState v L JohnsonJus Sanguinis Right of ReturnEoP PoW SubVeto Swamp Elections, EoP SCOTUS, EoP v Bret Kavanaugh, EoP v Neil Gorsuch, EoP v Pres Swiss Confed, EoP US DoJ, EoP v OPCW / EoP NWO SCO: EoP NTE GM: EoP NTE GMAEoP NTE GMZA, EoP NTE GMG, EoP NTE GMUK, EoP NTE GMRU | EoP Axis MilNec Evac: EoP Axis: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity, EoP v WiP Psych / EoP v WiP Neg.

DRAFT – 15 Feb 2019: Application for Referral to Mediation




Case _______________

In the matter between: 

 Lara Johnson  Applicant
Brian Heuvel  1st Respondent
Michael Masutha  2nd Respondent
Helene Budliger Artieda  3rd Respondent
Lindiwe Sisulu  4th Respondent
Masimba Tafirenyika  5th Respondent
Marcus Cornaro  6th Respondent
Didier Vanderhasselt  7th Respondent
Jessye Lapenn  8th Respondent
Lin Songtian 9th Respondent
Mikhail Petrakov 10th Respondent


Affidavit: EoP TRC Info.


I the undersigned,


do hereby make oath and say:

[1] I am the applicant in this matter, a South African citizen, resident in Heatherpark, George, South Africa.

[2] The 1st respondent is Brian Heuvel, in his capacity as Manager of Voter Registration & Party Liaison at the IEC: Independent Election Commission. Mr Heuvel is the official IEC liaison to all South African political parties, registered in local and/or national elections. Transcript of applicants correspondence to IEC [lj-v-iec.tygae.org.za[1]] and South African Political Parties [lj-v-sapp.tygae.org.za[2]]

[3] The 2nd respondent is Michael Masutha, in his capacity as South African Minister of Justice and Correctional Services.

[4] The 3rd respondent is Helene Budliger Artieda, in her capacity as Ambassador at the Switzerland Embassy in Pretoria, representing the Government of Switzerland, officials and citizens in South Africa; including Swiss Federal Council officials and Swiss Minister of Justice: Karin Keller-Sutter.

[5] The 4th respondent is Lindiwe Sisulu, in hers capacity as Minister of International Relations and Cooperation; employer of Vusi Bruce Koloane: South African Permanent Representative to the OPCW; in his capacity as Ambassador of South Africa at the Netherlands.

[6] The 5th respondent is Masimba Tafirenyika, in his capacity as Head of Mission at the United Nations Information Center[3]; UN representative in South Africa; on behalf of ; on behalf of António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations; Yukiya Amano: Director General of the IAEA: Intnl Atomic Energy Agency, Abdulqawi Yusuf: Chief Justice of International Court of Justice.

[7] The 6th respondent is Marcus Cornaro, in his capacity as Head of Delegation of the European Union to South Africa, on behalf of Jean-Claude Juncker, President European Commission, Donald Tusk, President: European Council, Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

[8] The 7th respondent is Didier Vanderhasselt, in his capacity as Ambassador at the Belgian Embassy in Pretoria on behalf of Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman: NATO: Military Committee.

[9] The 8th respondent is Jessye Lapenn, in her capacity as Charge D’Affairs at the US Embassy in Pretoria, representing the United States Government, officials and citizens in South Africa Respondent Lapenn has been the Charge D’Affairs at the US Embassy in Pretoria, since 16 December 2016. She is the official representative of United States Government executive, legislative and juridical officials in South Africa, in this matter a representative of: (a) Donald Trump: President of America; (b) George W Bush: Former President of America; (c) Mike Pompeo: Secretary of State; (d) Matthew Whitaker: Attorney General; (e) Patrick Shanahan: Secretary of Defence; (f) Joseph Dunford: Joint Chiefs of Staff; (g) John G Hannink: Judge Advocate General: US Navy; (h) Paul Nakasone: Dir: National Security Agency; (i) Mitch McConnell: Senate Majority Leader; (j) Chuck Schumer: Senate Minority Leader; (k) Nancy Pelosi: House Majority Leader; (l) Kevin McCarthy: House Minority Leader; (m) Seth Moulton: Representative: D-MA 6th District; (n) Barbara Lee: Representative D-CA 13th District; (o) Timothy Tymkovich: Federal Judge on the 10th Circuit court; (p) John Roberts: Chief Justice: Supreme Court.

[10 The 9th respondent is Lin Songtian, in his capacity as Ambassador at the China Embassy in Pretoria, on behalf of Xi Jinping, President of People’s Republic of China.

[11] The 10th respondent is Mikhail Petrakov, in his capacity as Ambassador at the Russian Federation Embassy in Pretoria, representing Russian Federation Government, officials and citizens in South Africa Respondent Petrakov is the official representative of the Russian Federation Government executive, legislative and juridical officials in South Africa, in this matter a representative of (a) Vladimir Putin President: Russian Federation; (b) Sergey Shoygu: Minister of Defence; (c) Sergey Lavrov: Foreign Minister; (d) Yury Chaika: Prosecutor General; (e) Vyacheslav Lebedev: Chief Justice: Supreme Court; (f) Alexander Bortnikov: Director: FSB: Federal Security Service.

[12] The objective and/or subjective truth facts set out herein fall within my personal knowledge, unless otherwise indicated by the context, and are to the best of my belief true and correct.


Veto Swamp Elections: Waiting for Peak Oil Peace Political Parties:

[13] On 15 April 2016, I notified the IEC[4], that I am a member of an Ecology of Peace culture [EoP Axis Oath[5]: PDF[6]] and in the absence of any IEC approved Ecology of Peace Political Parties; I would not be voting in any upcoming South African elections.

[14] Among others: On 14 March 2018, I responded in writing to DA: Matabelo Kubayi’s phone call requesting me to vote for the DA in the upcoming George by-election[7]. My EoP response included a draft referral to mediation document to twenty-two South African Political Parties[8]: Request Confirm/Deny legal certainty accuracy of EoP RH FR Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior principles[9].

[15] On 15 March 2018, I responded[10] to Respondent Heuvel’s questions about the draft – LJ v SA Political Parties – referral to mediation document.

[16] On 27 March 2018, I responded to IEC: Independent Election Commission: Chief Electoral Officer Mr S Mamabolo, CC: SA Political Parties: 27 Mar: IEC: Voters Roll Transfer Notice; Waiting for RSA Peak Oil Peace Party[11].


Apartheid TRC, OKC Bomb TRC, AIDS BW TRC & UFO Disclosure TRC:

[17] In 1999 I filed a Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, promising to donate my inheritance – at that time, a portion of my parents farm, which they subsequently sold – to the TRC; in support of sincere – racial, religious, class and gender – land and/or economic inequality reform reconciliation in South Africa.

[18] The TRC responded in a brief form letter thanking me for my submission.

[19] In May 2001, I wrote a letter to President Bush requesting President Bush to suspend Timothy McVeigh’s execution pending OKC bombing Truth and Reconciliation, to facilitate honest forgiveness and truth-seeking problem solving related to the US domestic and foreign policy causes of the OKC bombing. If the OKC TRC proceedings did not grant Timothy McVeigh amnesty, they would choose to sentence Timothy McVeigh and myself to death.

[20] On 28 July 2001, I went on a hunger strike in support of President George W Bush to support the US Disclosure Project[12] witnesses[13]. Among others I wrote to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, requesting him to support President George W Bush and the Disclosure Project witnesses. He responded declining to support President Bush and the Disclosure Project, stating among others, to my recollection, that the first world ‘did not have the will to make the Sahara blossom’. On 06 Sep 2001, Nicholas E. Calio, Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs, responded to my UFO Disclosure hunger strike on behalf of President George W Bush, via US Representative Barbara Lee’s office; a transcript of which is available at: The President’s UFO Website: George W Bush’s UFO Mail[14]. Allegedly Mr. Calio’s response letter to UFO disclosure issues, is the only formal White House response on the UFO issue ever authored. All other White House responses to UFO Disclosure issues were referred to NASA for official response. On 09 September 2001, unaware of the White House letter, I notified individuals following the UFO Disclosure hunger strike that I would be ending the hunger strike, and would issue a press release on 11 September 2001 at 09:00 hrs PST. The press release was never sent. The World Trade Center attacks started at 08:46 EST. Possibly relevant or not observations:

[201] American Airlines Flight 11: a Boeing 767 aircraft, departed Logan Airport at 7:59 a.m. en route to Los Angeles and flew into the northern facade of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City at 8:46 a.m EST.

[20.2] United Airlines Flight 175: a Boeing 767 aircraft, departed Logan Airport at 8:14 a.m. en route to Los Angeles and flew into the southern facade of the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City at 9:03 a.m EST.

[20.3] The OKC bombing occurred at 09:02 hrs CST on 19 April 1995.

[20.4] The World Trade Center Attacks occurred on the anniversary of 11 September 1830, the Anti-Masonic Party’s First National Convention, the four-year anniversary of the abduction of William Morgan, who was planning to print an exposé on Masonic rituals, and was believed to have been kidnapped and murdered by Freemasons supposedly intent on making sure that Morgan did not reveal any Masonic secrets[15].

[20.5] If – I Repeat IF – the scheduled Bush UFO Disclosure press release and WTC Attack events were consciously intentionally related, presumably I was being psychotronically[16] manipulated to schedule the press release for the time, which the psychotronic handlers of WTC Attack events, were planning to psychotronically manipulate to occur at that approximate time.

[21] 07 Oct – Dec 2001: Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing commanding officer: Timothy McVeigh’s execution was faked:

[21.1] Sometime on the morning of 07 October or between 6 and 17 December 2001 – the initial meeting occurred during media reports about the bombing of Tora Bora in Afghanistan – I accidentally met US Special Forces Native American – Seminole tribe – soldier Michael Martin – not his real name, which I do not know – at the Westridge park Flying J Truckers Parking lot – Flying J #611, at 6700 Latham St, on the corner of Papago Freeway and N 67th Avenue – in Phoenix Arizona. We traveled together for the day and spent the night at the Geronimo Motel in Flagstaff, discussing among others the OKC bombing, then returned to Phoenix the next day. Michael Martin informed me that Timothy McVeigh’s execution had been faked, and he knew this, because he had personally run into Timothy – who had been partially disguised – at a homeless shelter, in the week of 4th of July 2001, a few weeks after Timothy’s alleged execution. Initially we decided we would travel to various militia compounds where Michael thought McVeigh could be found, or who would know where we could find McVeigh. However, my funds were low, and I had to be back in California for a court date, and so we agreed that Michael would go back to Washington DC to speak with his Pentagon superiors to ascertain their level of interest if any for the disclosure of Oklahoma City bombing events via Truth and Reconciliation proceedings, and I would return to the Bay Area. A few weeks later Michael Martin returned to the Bay Area from DC, where I picked him up at the San Francisco bus station, where I got a parking ticket waiting for his bus to arrive. He stated his Pentagon superiors did not object to his enquiry whether the OKC bombing events could be disclosed via Truth and Reconciliation proceedings, but they did say that it would open a can of worms that went directly back to the John F Kennedy Assassination, and they did not know whether American citizens really want to know the truth about what is done for them in their name.

[21.2] Upon returning to California I went to CA Governor Gray Davis office where I proceeded to inform Steve West, Former US Special Forces and then Secret Service Officer in the office of Governor Gray Davis of Michael Martin’s information regarding the faked execution of Timothy McVeigh. Mr. West doubted my assertions but I refused to leave the office unless he promised to request Governor Gray Davis to ask President Bush to confirm or deny the information. A few weeks later, I returned and Steve West confirmed that his previous conclusions about the execution of Timothy James McVeigh had been incorrect. Governor Gray Davis had requested President George Bush to confirm or deny Michael Martin’s information about McVeigh’s faked execution, and President Bush had confirmed it; when he met President Bush at their recent meeting in San Bernadino County. Consequently he confirmed for me that Timothy McVeigh had not been executed on 11 June 2001; his execution was faked. Mr. West then thanked me for informing Governor’s Davis office of this information for him to verify with President George W Bush.

[21.3] All my EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War negotiations legal applications and correspondence since 2002 has been – a result of my OKC Bomb TRC offer – and an effort to cooperate with US Pentagon officials to ascertain the level of American and international support for such Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation to End to the Cold War.[17]

[22] On 28 Oct 2001 I provided the NSA and FSB legal authorization – CC: Office of Senator John McCain – to psychotronically[18] monitor my thoughts if they had any doubts about my sincere peacenik / honourable warrior intention support for a fair – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – trial for Timothy McVeigh; and give me a fatal heart attack / stroke if or when they observed me to consciously tell anyone a lie. An overview of Ecology of Peace culture re: objective and subjective truth can be found in Statement of Claim: Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Culture Information Requested.

[23] On 31 January 2002 – subsequent to informing (a) the INS of my failed 04 July 2001 necessity plans to protest the execution of Timothy McVeigh and (b) the FBI and San Francisco District Attorney officials of Michael Martin’s information about the faked execution of Timothy McVeigh – I was arrested at the INS San Francisco office, all my property was seized, I was detained at Yuba Co Jail for two months, and deported back to South Africa in March 2002.[19] I received no help whatsoever from the South African embassy in Washington DC or Consul in San Francisco.

[24] From 2002 to 2018 I advocated on behalf of sincere scientific based peace for South Africans and the world, as documented at: EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za[20]].

[25] On 18 June 2002, I made a bomb threat to the George Airport via the George Herald: 18 June 2002 Political and Military Necessity Iatrogenic origins of AIDS bomb threat to the W. Botha Airport trial. [Affidavit: State v Lara Johnstone: 18 June 2002 Political and Military Necessity Iatrogenic origins of AIDS bomb threat to the P.W. Botha Airport trial[21]]

[26] On 06 May 2010, SA Constitutional Court Justices consented to my Pro Se EoP Amicus to be submitted into the case of CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm.tygae.org.za[22]].

[26.1] The EoP Amicus argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — breeding & consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of racial, religious and class resource conflict; including South Africa’s Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid resource conflict.

[26.2] The expert witness affidavit of T. Michael Maher, Ph.D, was included confirming his willingness to testify as expert witness for How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection and Media Framing and Salience of the Population Issue.

[26.3] Transparency copies of the EoP Amicus were provided to among others: (a) first respondent: Desmond Tutu; (b) the leaders of South Africa’s political parties.

[27] In May 2011, I filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court Prosecutors Office against the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its SA Media co-conspirators [lj-v-trc.tygae.org.za[23]]; regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Media’s negligent and/or fraudulent failure to expose the root consumption and breeding war causes of South Africa’s Apartheid v Anti-Apartheid resource conflict issues.

[28] From July 2011 to 2014: I filed EoP TRC complaints against Anders Breivik’s appointed psychiatrists, and applications to among others Oslo District, Norway Supreme Court, and the European Court of Human Rights, requesting Norwegian authorities to provide Anders Breivik a free and fair treason trial equivalent to the free and fair treason trial provided to Nelson Mandela by the Apartheid government [no-v-ab.tygae.org.za[24]]. Anders Breivik’s thank you letter[25].

[29] EoP v Nobel [eop-v-nobel.tygae.org.za[26]]. On 18 October 2014 I notified the Nobel Committee and Nobel Laureates, including the first respondent: Desmond Tutu; of a complaint being drafted to the International Criminal Court against amongst others: Norwegian Nobel Committee and Nobel Peace Laureates. The purpose of the EoP private prosecution complaint to the International Criminal Court – if or when filed – would be to implement an Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law as international law; requiring all the world’s citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; to enable orderly and humane de-industrialization and depopulation. Nobel Laureates who supported sincere scientific based peace, were requested to notify the Nobel Committee of their intention to return their Nobel Peace Prizes, by 18 October 2014.

[30] On 03 September 2017, I submitted EoP TRC suggested Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org definition in S. 219 Immigration & Nationality Act (INA)[27]; to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, CC: former and current organizations listed on US State Dept: Foreign Terrorist Organizations list[28].

[31] On 23 Sep 2017, I submitted my Responsible Freedom Oath to IAEA Dir Gen Yukiya Amano, EoP Applicants, EoP Axis: RU-CN-USA & NATO Presidents/Prime Ministers; CC: North & South Korea Pres & Supreme Leader, via Embassies. [23 Sep 2017: Signed Responsible Freedom Oath; EoP Obs re: MILINT Earth Day related Events[29]]

[32] On 30 Oct 2018, I submitted informal EoP TRC application to Judge Timothy Tymkovich, a Federal Judge on the 10th Circuit court, CC: US Supreme Court Judges; re: ongoing OKC bomb Truth and Reconciliation efforts: EoP Re: 10th Circuit Court: John Roberts v Brett Kavanaugh & US v Tim McVeigh[30].

[32.1] The submission concludes that: “If or when it is determined by FSB Gen Bortnikov and NSA: Gen Nakasone that there are insufficient EoP cooperating 2% elite: EoP Applicants consent to Gen Nakasone to release Tim McVeigh [us-v-tjm.tygae.org.za] to travel to South Africa and to Russia with EoP MILED Clerk for their joint assisted suicide in Siberia.”

[33] The Ecology of Peace culture’s EoP Footprint [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za[31]] answer to the EoP John Brown – how to get along without deceiving, overbreeding and overconsuming – Question: What is a Sustainable Procreation and Consumption footprint?; was submitted to:

[33.1] ICC: Judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi: 29 Dec 2015: EoP ICC Private Prosecution: EoP PoW’s -v- Nobel Committee and Peace Laureates et al[32].

[33.2] US Secretary of State: 03 Sep 2017: EoP suggested Amendment of ‘terrorist’ org definition in S. 219 Immigration & Nationality Act (INA)[33].

[33.3] Permanent Court of Arbitration Environmental Experts: 03 Jun 2018: EoP Re: Judge JBrent: SustDev academic fraudsters should be executed[34].

Signed and Sworn to at George, the Deponent acknowledging that she knows and understands the contents of this Affidavit, and that she has no objection to taking the prescribed oath and that the oath is binding on her conscience.

DATED at this __________________, George, South Africa, Pale Blue Dot.


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