11 Mar: Electoral Court: LJ v IEC: Responsible Freedom Judicial Enquiry: Prisoners of Kane and Abel Cold War

* Samkelo Mgxekwa, ElectoralCourt, Supreme Court of Appeal, CH Van der Merwe, IEC: Election Commission, Simon Mamabolo, Glen Mashinini, Brian Heuvel
* 11 Mar: Electoral Court: LJ v IEC: Filing of Pro Se Application: Notice of Motion Application [PDF]; Founding Affidavit [PDF]; Encl: [A] Ecology of Peace Culture Frame of Orientation Info: EoP Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Culture values [PDF]; [B] 03 May 2010: CCT 23-10: Citizen v McBride: Concourt Radical Honesty Order [PDF]; [C] 23 Sep 2017: Ecology of Peace Responsible Freedom Oath [PDF]; [D] Responsible Freedom Judicial Enquiry: Prisoners of Kane and Abel Cold War: Prisoners of Swamp Elections Ecological Overshoot – racial, class, religious, gender and national – resource conflict, caused by clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits [PDF].
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Case: ___________

In the matter between:

Lara Johnson Applicant
Election Commission 1st Respondent
Sy Mamabolo, Chief Electoral Officer 2nd Respondent
Brian Heuvel, Voter Registration & Party Liaison 3rd Respondent

Responsible Freedom Judicial Enquiry

Prisoners of Swamp Elections Ecological Overshoot – racial, class, religious, gender and national – resource conflict, caused by clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits.

A swamp election is any local, regional, or national political election where the nations electoral legislation is based upon Masonic War is Peace – clauses of international law that enable procreation and/or consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits, which are the direct and indirect cause of resource depletion, ecological overshoot and all racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict – international law. Politicians taking part in swamp elections consciously or unconsciously covertly and/or overtly bribe potential voters to vote for their candidacy by promising them individual or corporate innocence for sale indulgences –  legislated innocence from breeding/consumption crimes of aggression externalities – welfare.

If Wilson was right that competition occurs only when overcrowded numbers struggle for a scarce resource, then Malthus is confirmed. And humanity has little to look forward to but that chaotic day when in unlimited number we assassinate one another in our pursuit of inadequate resources. But if Wynne-Edwards is right, any population, human or non-human, has within its power the limitation of numbers and consumption of resources through conventional rules and regulations and the capacity to abide by them. – Robert Ardrey: The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder [SQ Copy[1]].
» EoP Leg Sub: 05 Mar: EoP Re: BMoyo: Manifesto for Right to Food / Putting School at center of community[2].

Prisoner Guards on the Global Ecological Overshoot Suicide Train:
I think civilization’s cities are the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing they built. They’ve built their own prison, and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners. As a result of being lobotomized they no longer have the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made for themselves, or even to see it as a prison. – Wikipedia: My Dinner with Andre[3]: Dinner with Andre: Trailer[4]: A Conversation about Reality[5].

History of Prisoner Guard Legal Control of Reproduction and Production:
Karl Marx had it wrong. Class has, to be sure, been a major factor in history; but class itself is a derivative concept that is based on the ultimate causative power in history: sex. Marx‘s famous formulation must be revised: The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggles based on the division of our species into two sexes, jealousies emanating from this division, exaggerations of the differences between the sexes, misunderstandings about sexual reproductive power, and metaphors derived from sex. Together, these closely related matters constitute the most important, but largely neglected, set of motive forces in human history. Control — or the claim of control — over the means of reproduction has been even more fundamental to history than has control of the means of production. – Robert McElvaine; Eve’s Seed: Masculine Insecurity, Metaphor, and the Shaping of History, and Eve’s Seed: Biology, the Sexes and the Course of History.[6]

Ecological Overshoot Limited Resources World means Limited Breeding, Consumption & Production Rights:
Every right must be evaluated in the network of all rights claimed and the environment in which these rights are exercised. If we hold that every right, “natural” or not, must be evaluated in the total system of rights operating in a world that is limited, we must inevitably conclude that no right can be presumed to be absolute, that the effect of each right on the suppliers as well as on the demanders must be determined before we can ascertain the quantity of right that is admissible. From here on out, ours is a limited world. Rights must also be limited. The greater the population and consumption, the more limited the finite resource foundation per capita supply of all goods; hence the greater must be the limitation on individual rights, including the right to breed or consume. At its heart, this is the political meaning of the population and consumption problem. – EoP Amended: Garrett Hardin, Limited World, Limited Rights.[7]

EoP Axis Necessity to Stop Global Ecological Overshoot Suicide Train:
[..] We need some sort of relationship like that between Washington and Beijing today, I think. And I do not mean in any way that we should rule the world together. What I mean is the [ecological & economic collapse consequences of WiP ‘right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity limits’ intnl law] challenges like we’re going to confront in the 21st century, challenges that could be [species ending] existential, challenges like climate change, challenges like enough water to drink, enough food to eat, and so forth — I’ve seen some projections that say — by climatologists whose views I respect, that say by the end of this century we could have only arable land and water enough for some half-billion people. What do we do with the other 9 billion? Where do we bury them? How do we deal with that kind of massive change in human relationships with this planet? So these are huge challenges. So what I’m saying is you need this kind of great-power relationship, this great-state relationship to begin to [EoP truth and reconciliation[8]] lead the [ responsible freedom[9]] way for others to follow. — [EoP Amended] Lawrence Wilkerson: The Real News: Reality Asserts Itself: Who Makes US Foreign Policy?: If We Remain Predators; the Planet Will Cast us off: 01:02;03. [SQ Copy [10]]


Alastair Crooke: Founder of Beirut based Conflicts Forum: I think also its important because there is a much longer term game in play for Russia, which is the future of Europe. And the future of Europe is now very much uncertain and in the balance. And we may see, partly exacerbated by the refugee crisis, but because of internal dynamics, that Europe has to reinvent itself, because it won’t stay as it is. And it also needs to reinvent itself as an identity. What does it mean to be European today. I mean what are European values? I mean no-one can really answer these questions. Europe was built on the false basis of the promise of prosperity for all. There has not been prosperity for all, for some years now, since 2008, and in fact its getting much worse now in many parts of Europe. So what do we stand for? Where do we stand? And into that comes the question of the role of NATO, as the representative of the carry on of American occupation of Europe, but also as a means of European foreign policy, is NATO foreign policy. Its not independent of it. And a strong sense in many of the European countries that actually we have to deal with the unfinished business of the second world war. The outcome of the Second World War was not won on the beaches of Normandy but was won in Stalingrad. – Valdai Club: Alistair Crooke: Assad Will Win in a Fair Election[11].

Russian soldier: There was no such thing as a peaceful population. They were all guerrilla fighters. I remember how we once rounded up all the women and children, poured kerosene over them and set fire to them. Yes it was cruel, yes we did it, but those kids were torturing our wounded soldiers with knives. You might kill to see what’s inside a smashed head. But there is also the fact that if you don’t kill, you will get killed. It is the feeling of being drunk on blood. Often you kill out of boredom or because you just feel like doing it. Its like hunting rabbits. You don’t know what you are doing. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Perhaps you are going to die and for the sake of what? For the sake of a system that lies to you? For the sake of a system that turned my father and all our fathers into alcoholics? You suddenly realize that you have been brought up in a system that only creates evil. You just want to escape from it, but you don’t know where to run.  You’ve only got one hope, to eat half a kilo of opium, go to sleep and never wake up. Mikhail Gorbachev: We had to finish this war, but we had to do it in such a way that the Russian people would understand why tens of thousands had died and/or become invalids. We had to explain what it had all been for. We couldn’t just run away from there in shame. We needed to find a process. – CNN: Cold War[12]: 20/24: Soldiers of God[13].

Remember Tim Garrett wrote seven years ago that only the collapse of these set of industrial civilization living arrangements; gives us any hope at all of persisting into the future[14]. That’s because [industrial] civilization is a heat engine and Tim Garrett knew that civilization is a heat engine and if we are going to maintain civilization; it is going to produce a bunch of heat. The downside of collapse is that it triggers the catastrophic collapse of nuclear power plants around the world. Think Fukushima times 509, and so that could be severely problematic. So I’d like to think that there was a way out, cause I don’t think its a good idea for humans to go extinct, much less the two hundred species we are driving to extinction every day. If we can find a way to get out of this mess, I am a huge fan, I just don’t see it in the data and in the projections at this point. The political response remains the same. If the message is somehow we’re going to ignore jobs and growth simply to address climate change. I won’t go for that – Barack Obama, 14 Nov 2012. And that is understandable actually, because there are no politically viable approaches to deal with climate change; just as there are no political viable approaches to deal with peak oil There is nothing a politician can do. Can you imagine a politician running on the campaign of ‘We need economic collapse to save our species. I bet there aren’t ten people in this room who would vote for them. Just to save our species. See I saw three hands go up right there. – Dr Guy McPherson; Going Dark: Walking Away from Empire; Truth: Somewhere in New Mexico Before the End of Time; Nature Bats Last: Climate Change Summary and Update[15].

Summary: EoP Footprint: definition of sustainable procreation and consumption.

Enemy: WiP clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits.

EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za[16]] Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior frame of orientation is to support EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za[17]] negotiations to implement [eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za[18]] EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za[19]] as international law; to [A] enable responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za[20]] orderly and humane – de-industrialization and depopulation [eop-v-wip-deindpopn.tygae.org.za[21]], prisoner release [prisoner-pardon.tygae.org.za[22]], land reform [eop-landreform.tygae.org.za[23]] and denuclearization [eop-denuke-defn.tygae.org.za[24]] – shut down of the WiP Ponzi Swamp economy [eop-sdwipecon.tygae.org.za[25]]; [B] require all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed [one-child-law.tygae.org.za[26]] and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za[27]]; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za[28]]; [C] nationalize all property and provide all responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za[29]] for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za[30]]  land reform [eop-landreform.tygae.org.za[31]] to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.

 Sustainable vs Unsustainable Procreation, Consumption and Production

[1] In Peace seekers have no plan for enduring peace[32], Dr. Jack Alpert argues that Peaceniks failure to move society from conflict to peace, their establishment of never ending or honoured “peace accords, moral codes, acts of economic justice, and environmental laws, are like traffic signals” which “cause people to relinquish freedoms” but, “do not stop (change) the behaviors that increase scarcity, conflict, and environmental destruction”[33]: “result from a faulty perception of what increases or decreases conflict. Where, peace seekers have acted as if conflict is caused by bad leadership maybe they should have acted as if trends in conflict are driven by trends in scarcity. Maybe they would have been more successful if they acted as if trends in scarcity are driven by the collective behaviors of 6 billion people. That while each individual acts benignly to achieve personal objectives the unintentional result is an increase in scarcity and conflict.”

[2] Another reason for ignoring the above view of human conflict – according to Dr. Alpert — is that peace seekers, even when successful at restraining the police, military or mediating hostilities, do not change our course toward conflict. They only delay it. In the process, peace seekers consume the very energy required to change the things that would make societies head toward peace.

[3] In Human Predicament: Better Common Sense Required: The Future of Social Conflict[34], Jack Alpert challenges us to answer two questions Corporate Oligarchs who profit from Unsustainable procreation (demand for more consumers), production and consumption, including its scarcity-conflict resource war consequences; do not want citizens, politicians, police, judges, prosecutors and those tasked with national security to ask themselves.

[4] Let’s consider that Peace and conflict are defined not as descriptions of behaviour between nations, but as trends describing social conditions. Put differently: Conflict is not defined as the violence between neighbours and nations, but as the unwanted intrusion of one person’s existence and consumption behaviour upon another person.

[5] There are two kinds of conflict:

[5.1] Direct: he took my car, he enslaved me, he beat me, he raped me, he killed me; and Indirect. Indirect intrusions are the by-product of other people’s behaviour.

[5.2] Indirect: ‘All the trees on our island were consumed by our grandparents,’ is an indirect intrusion of a past generation on a present one. ‘The rich people raised the price of gasoline and we can’t afford it,’ and ‘The government is offering people welfare to breed more children’ are current economic and demographic intrusions by one present group on another present group. Free Trade enabling overexploitation, overproduction and overconsumption of a nation’s natural capital resources is an economic intrusion by one set of oligarchs upon another set of citizens whose lives depend on such natural capital.

[5.3] System conflict is the sum of intrusions experienced by each constituent, summed over all the constituents. A measure of the existing global conflict is the sum of six billion sets of direct and indirect intrusions. A measure of any nation’s conflict is the sum of its population sets of direct and indirect intrusions.

[6] Using this definition of conflict, any citizen, politician, policeman, judge or legislator sincerely concerned about finding out whether and how their nation’s socio-economic and political system is moving towards peace or towards conflict; can do so, by determining the answers to the following questions: Procreation Footprint: How many children per family leads to peace; or conversely how many children per family, contributes to greater resource scarcity, and exponential increase in conflict, i.e. an individuals’ ‘breeding war combatant’ status? [According to the research of Dr. Jack Alpert[35], the global answer – currently based on current population numbers — is one child per family leads to peace; two or more children leads to conflict]

[6.1] Production/Carbon Footprint: How much exploitation and production of non-renewable and renewable natural resources relative to the nation’s Natural Capital carrying capacity footprint leads to peace; or conversely how much of a nation’s non-renewable and renewable natural resources can or should a corporation exploit into production of consumer goods, before such exploitation and production contributes to greater resource scarcity and exponential increase in conflict; i.e. a corporations ‘production combatant’ status? [All utilization of non-renewable natural resources—fossil fuels, metals, and minerals—at any level, contributes to scarcity-conflict. Peaceful utilization of Aquatic, terrestrial, and atmospheric natural habitats requires that they be degraded only at levels less than or equal to the levels at which they are regenerated by Nature. Exploiting renewable resources above their capacity to regenerate is not sustainable and does not contribute to peaceful resource relations; i.e. contribute to scarcity-conflict[36]. See Carbon Footprint[37]]

[6.2] Consumption/Carbon Footprint: How much consumption of non-renewable and renewable natural resources relative to the nation’s Natural Capital carrying capacity footprint leads to peace; or conversely how much consumption of non-renewable and renewable natural resources relative to the nation’s Natural Capital carrying capacity footprint, contributes to greater resource scarcity, and exponential increase in conflict, i.e. an individuals ‘consumption combatant status’? All consumption of non-renewable natural resources—fossil fuels, metals, and minerals—at any level, contributes to scarcity-conflict. Peaceful consumption of Aquatic, terrestrial, and atmospheric natural habitats requires that they be degraded only at levels less than or equal to the levels at which they are regenerated by Nature. Exploiting renewable resources above their capacity to regenerate is not sustainable and does not contribute to peaceful resource relations; i.e. contribute to scarcity-conflict[38]. [See Nation Footprint[39]; Finance Footprint[40], Business Footprint[41]; Personal Footprint[42]]

[7] In the absence of the worlds political, economic and corporate leaders confronting and acknowledging the difference between sustainable peaceful consumption and procreation and unsustainable scarcity-conflict aggravating consumption and procreation; and implementing legislation and Jurisprudence in accordance thereto; Dr. Alpert provides proof how the global AnthroCorpocentric Jurisprudence Suicide S.V. Titanic has as much chance of muddling through the coming ‘Falling Man Syndrome’ Crisis of Conflict, as an individual sitting in an unbelted car crash. [Jack Alpert: Non-Linearity and Social Conflict[43]]

[8] Alpert compares humanity’s belief that “in 200 years, our Right to Breed and consume has resulted in the exponential consumption of over half of the Earth’s resources, and nothing bad has happened yet”; to a man who has fallen out of a 150 story building, passing the window of the 60th story, calling out to a friend “‘I’ve fallen 90 stories in the past 5 seconds and nothing bad has happened yet”.


Summary of various efforts to reduce and/or abolish the procreation & consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits causes of resource conflict:

EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za[44]]: The root – socio-cultural lying and deceiving – causes of impending ecological collapse are procreation and consumption in violation of carrying capacity limits. There is very little time to abolish the ‘right to breed/consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of international law root causes of all overpopulation and overconsumption causes of impending ecological and economic failed state collapse, and subsequent racial, religious and class resource conflict; and implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation.

World Scientists Warning to Humanity – A Second Warning[45] [aws17-ecowarning.tygae.org.za[46]]: We are jeopardizing our future by not revising our economy to reduce wealth inequality and ensure that prices, taxation, and incentive systems take into account the real costs which consumption patterns impose on our environment; and estimating a scientifically defensible, sustainable human population size for the long term while rallying nations and leaders to support that vital goal. By failing to adequately limit population and reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere.

[9] Conservation of Resources:

“The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others.” – US President Theodore Roosevelt[47].

‘an organization cannot have a conservation policy without having a population [and consumption] policy .. the sanity test – in which the candidate, confronted with an overflowing sink, is classified according to whether he reaches for the faucet or the mop.” – [EoP Amended] Daniel Benjamin Luten; Chemist & Resource Assistant to General McArthur; Sierra Club Bulletin; as quoted in: The Population Bomb: Population Control or Race to Oblivion by Paul Ehlrich & Behold a Pale Horse, by William Milton Cooper. A different Daniel B Luten was the ‘Luten Arch’ Bridge Builder Engineer.

[10] Soviet and American ‘Population and/or Consumption Control’ resource conservation efforts to encourage domestic and foreign policies to educate their citizens to amend ‘right to breed’ and ‘right to consume’ clauses of international law:

“Birth [& Consumption] Rates Must Come Down More Quickly Or Current Death Rates Must Go Up. There Is No Other Way.” – [EoP Amended] Robert McNamara, Worldbank President, 1970; Secretary of Defence from 1961 to 1968[48]

[10.1] Soviet and Chinese Communism made significant efforts to educate citizens about one child only – ‘Economic freedom for women means sexual freedom, and sexual freedom means birth control’[49] – socio-economic benefits of population control, including severe ‘need to be shot’[50] penalties for consumption cheaters of nation’s resources.

Deng Xiaoping introduced China’s one child policy in 1978-79, to halt – an average of 6 children per family – population growth. On 25 Sep 1980 an official public letter called on all citizens to adhere to the one child policy. The One Child policy was enacted and managed by the National Population and Family Planning Commission, through incentives, persuasion and coercion. Unofficial figures claim approximately 300-400 million births were prevented between 1978-2015. A 2008 survey reported that 76% of the Chinese public support the law. Less than 10% of Chinese families have taken advantage of the Chinese governments relaxation of the law to a two child policy; citing environmental and economic reasons for their adherence to the one child policy rule. Each child increases a parent’s carbon footprint by a factor of 20. – Mojo: 10 China’s One-Child Policy Facts[51]; Suzanne Transki: One Child Policy Documentary[52]; ASPO: Al Bartlett on China’s One Child Population Policy[53]. Paul Murtaugh: Reproduction & the Carbon legacies of individuals[54].

“[Individuals who refuse to voluntarily cooperate in consumption control] need to be shot for [their intentional and malicious consumption crimes of aggression]”. –  [EoP Amended] General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev; Rokotov–Faibishenko case.  The Rokotov–Faibishenko case was a criminal trial against financial speculators that took place in the Soviet Union in 1961. It also marked the start of a three-year campaign against large-scale economic crimes, accompanied by show trials. The case was tried in Moscow City Court beginning on May 31, 1961. The trial lasted thirteen days. On June 15, Rokotov, Faibishenko and Edlis were sentenced to fifteen years’ imprisonment and confiscation of all property. Lagun, the Papismedov brothers, and Rizvanova received eight-year sentences and had their illegally obtained property confiscated. Ilya Papismedov was sent to prison for six years. At this point the influence of General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev began to be felt, and with it the accompanying politicisation of the case. During the trial the KGB had arranged an exhibit featuring the group’s holdings: a mountain of valuables, Czarist gold coins, a mound of foreign banknotes, packets of Soviet money & bank deposit books. Khrushchev was invited & remarked, “They need to be shot for this”. It was taken for one of his angry outbursts, but he was serious this time.

[10.2] Socialist population and consumption control policies were embraced by some African socialist leaders such as Thomas Sankara, but with a few exceptions largely ignored by others:

In Black Viewpoint: KwaZulu Development: Chief M. Buthelezi makes the following statement clearly indicating that he is well aware of the concept of ‘carrying capacity’ and the famine, starvation, unemployment and poverty consequences of overpopulation although he – perhaps politely to his then Apartheid masters – ignores overconsumption: “My people were at first self-sufficient because there was enough to eat and no problems of population explosion.”

In Something New Out of Africa: The Challenge to Transform Country and Continent, the ANC Commission for Religious Affairs says: “Overpopulation is irresponsible”

In a 1992/93 Race Relations Survey by the SAfrican Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), we are told that the high population growth is the cause of growth in poverty, unemployment and squatter camps, and most of the serious problems in South Africa; Population pressures are destroying the environment; the IFP and FRD call for ethics of 2 children per family as urgent population control priority; Population Growth outstrips Economic Growth for many years, and blacks avoid participation in family planning programs.

Operation Production is a Revolutionary Thing:
“To prevent the revolution from losing steam, Malema urged a full hall in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality building to have as many babies as possible. “Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!” – City Press: 05 March 2011: We want 60% of Anglo American, says Malema.

Operation Production:
Especially evening assemblies girls had to attend as well: “They would come into the house and tell us we should go. They didn’t ask your mother they just said ‘come let’s go.’ You would just have to go with them. They would threaten you with their belts and ultimately you would think that if you refused, they would beat you. Our parents were afraid of them. All [young girls or women] opposing the wishes of the [ANC young cadres] were reminded, that it was every woman’s obligation to give birth to new “soldiers”, in order to replace those warriors killed in the liberation struggle. The idiom of the adolescents referred to these patriotic efforts as “operation production”. Because of exactly this reason it was forbidden for the girls to use contraceptives.” — Johannes Harnischfeger, Witchcraft and the State in South Africa

Opposing the Wishes of the ANC Cadres Operation Production:
‘I have been raped by comrades before. They force women to sleep with them, even now, because they have the power to do so. And no one dares to speak out. The culture of violence has never ceased to exist in the South-African ANC, even after the end of apartheid.’ – Ms. Fezeka Kuswayo.

The street committee members would go on house-to-house raids, forcefully taking young people, including young girls to go on street-patrols. There were then many reports of acts of sexual abuse and rape of young girls being taken to certain hide-outs and camps and being raped. As a result of fear of the comrades and cynicism towards the apartheid police these cases were never reported. — Mphutlane wa Bofelo; Racist, Sexist, Violent-Peddling, Malema Hate-Talk dangerous for the future, by Mphutlane wa Bofelo.

[10.3] American capitalism – including anti-war peaceniks – has not made any serious effort to restrict Americans or any nation’s consumption of resources; but did under some administrations – particularly Nixon – make significant efforts to support preventative family planning third world population control efforts and to support an international law population policy.

“Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the billions who are its victims. – Martin Luther King: Margaret Sanger Human Rights Award Acceptance Speech 1966; World Population Balance[55].

[10.4] When Western Capitalist population control efforts failed, Capitalists had little hesitation in enabling its military industrial complex to profiteer from militarily and economically culling millions of third world overbreeders[56].

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. … I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service. I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents. –  USMC Gen Smedley Butler: War is a Racket; Ratical & Quaker[57].

[10.5] Nixon/Kissinger[58] State Dept[59] population control advocacy efforts – ultimately unsuccessful[60] – included:

[A] March 27, 1972: Population And The American Future The Report Of The Commission On Population Growth And The American Future[61] [PDF[62]];

[B] 24 April 1974: Pres Nixon: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests[63] [PDF[64]]

[C] 10 Dec 1974: The Kissinger Report: NSSM 200: National Security Study Memorandum: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests[65] [PDF[66]];

[D] 26 Nov 1975: NSDM 314: Ford’s Implementation of NSSM 200[67].

[11] Organized Religion interpretations of Religious Texts which encourage population and consumption control:

[11.1] Islam: Various Sunni and Shia Imam’s have spoken out in favour of family planning, including that under certain conditions it should be legally compulsory:

“Smallness of a family (qillat al’ayal) is a facility (yusur) and its largeness (Kathrat) results in faqr (indigence, poverty). … the best of people (Khayar al-nas) is one who has less burden of children on his back (Khafif al-zahr min al-ayal) – Imam Ghazzali, a Muslim theologian, philosopher and sufi of great eminence.

Birth control is permissible – Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Ibn Hanbal, Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ghazzali,  Small family is a bliss … excess children creates great worries – Imam Abu Hanifa & Imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq  Under certain conditions, family planning is not only morally permissible, but should be made compulsory – [paraphrased] Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi & Imam Taymiyyah
– Asghar Ali Engineer; The Qur’an, Women and Modern Society: Islam and Family Planning.

[11.2] Sayyid Qutb’s Muslim Brotherhood interpretation of the Koran is highly critical of overconsumption.

[11.3] Christianity: In Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman documents his interpretation of Christianity’s origins as a people who were opposing the occult Babylonian human factory farming sacrifice practices resulting from totalitarian agriculture population pressures.

[11.4] Various Anglican denominations consider overbreeding[68] and consumption equivalent to stealing; in terms of theft of resources[69].

[11.5] Catholicism: Pope John Paul I and Pope Francis[70] support levels of international population control legislation to mitigate and prevent the aggravation of climate change.

“I have noticed two things that appear to be in a very short supply in the Vatican. Honesty and a good cup of coffee.” – Albino Luciano, the Smiling Pope, aka Pope John Paul I; In Gods Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I; by David Yallop[71]. Luciano wanted to amend Church’s ‘vatican roulette’ [Urban Dictionary[72], Independent[73]] policies; and received the ‘Italian solution’ treatment given to the problem of an honest pope. .  “Upon his election the current Pope learned of the changes that Luciani had proposed making. He was advised of the various consultations that his predecessor had had on a variety of problems. The fiscal information collected by Benelli, Felici, members of APSA and others on behalf of Luciani was made available to Wojtyla. He was shown the evidence that had led Luciani to conclude that Cardinal Cody of Chicago should be replaced. He was shown the evidence that indicated that Freemasonry had infiltrated the Vatican. He was advised of Luciani’s dialogue with the US State Department and the planned meeting with the Congressional Committee on Population and Birth Control. Villot also made the new Pope fully conversant with Albino Luciani’s attitude on birth control. In short Pope John Paul II was in the unique position to bring all Luciani’s plans to fruition. Not one of Luciani’s proposed changes became a reality. Whoever had murdered the Pope had not murdered in vain.” – David Yallop: In Gods Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I; via Church and State[74].

[11.6] Hindu: Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy supported both responsible procreation and consumption.

And when I finally found the pencil and brought it to him he said, “Now I want you to sit here and learn two very important lessons… The first lesson is that even in the making of a simple thing like a pencil we use a lot of the world’s natural resources and when we throw them away we are throwing away the world’s natural resources and that is violence against nature. Lesson number two is that because in an affluent country we can afford to buy all these things in bulk, we over-consume the resources of the world. And because we over-consume them, we are depriving people elsewhere of these resources and they have to live in poverty. And that is violence against humanity.” – Mehitable Day: Mahatma Gandhi: The Little Pencil Story[75] [SQ Copy[76]]


Lara Johnson, Pro Se 11 March 2019, George, RSA


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