01 Aug: EoP Re: GD: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you

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* 01 Aug: EoP Re: GD: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you
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Subject: EoP Re: GD: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you
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TO: Graham Dockery via Russia Today:
CC: FSB: Gen Bortnikov
Re: RT: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you; via Seb Ronin.

Graham Dockery:

EoP Re: GD: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you.

The elite don’t just want to regulate how you travel and how you heat your home. They want to control what you eat and how you breed, too. Open the pages of any mainstream magazine; turn on your television; scroll through any mainstream news site and you’ll see headlines like “To feed the world, why not eat bugs?,” “Eating insects is good for you – and the planet!,” “To Confront Climate Change, the Modern Automobile Must Die,” and “Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children.” Thunberg, her elite backers, and their court scribes – if they’re to be taken at their word – want you alone, immobile and, literally, eating insects in the name of environmentalism. – RT: Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you.

Depends on your definition of love and hate, I suppose. If you classify the information someone provides you of an impending ambush as hate; then of course that’s your definition of hate. Perhaps after you have been ambushed, you may change your definition of love and hate.

Age of Consequences: 99% v 1% intelligence Ambush:
Michael Breen: US Army: Think about it from a military perspective. When I was leading paratroopers in Afghanistan and 98-99% of my intelligence told me that I was driving my plattoon down a road and that 2 miles down that road there is an ambush waiting for me. I don’t get to say ‘yeah but there is that 1% that says there is no ambush. So to hell with the other 99%, we are going to keep going down this road’.  I mean that is negligence on an unfathomable scale.That is the debate we are having right now, with regard to climate – Age of Consequences: Trailer; PBS America: Age of Consequences.
Q: DPRK-US Age of Consequences Titanic: EoP Turn or WiP Ambush Turn.
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If you want an EoP – one child law [one-child-law] orderly and humane shut down of global economy [eop-sdwipecon] own labour responsible freedom [responsible-freedom] self sufficient property ration [property-ration] in cultural law self rule homelands [cult-law-self-rule] land reform [eop-landreform] – future; you better wake up and support EoP – End Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution [eop-un-res, before its too late.

A list of helpful questions journalists can ask environmentalists you choose to interview was provided to Igor Ogorodnev [30 Jul: EoP Re: RT: If Greta Thunberg worries about end of the world, why does she pose with status quo politicians?]

Joseph Stalin: “When I am gone, the capitalists will drown you like blind kittens.”
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Once EoP future deadline passes [IG: 17-09-12_eop-v-wip-wealthtransferoptions], I imagine some WiP slavery options may include insects, others may only include rotten potatoes and leaves [Discovery: Irish Potato Famine], others Dachau ovens and cannibalism; but if that’s what you, the women and children in your family and your readers want; that’s their choice, hope you allow them to make a fully informed consenting – presuming you are one of the men who care about things like fully informed consent: if not sooner FSB do Russia a favour and eliminate you from the genepool the better – choice to decline an EoP future, before its too late.

EoP Interpretation of Guy McPherson: If we follow Paris Agreement / Green New Deal; near term extinction is locked in by 2026. We are fucked.
If my interpretation of Guy McPherson’s ‘climate change conclusions’ are accurate he concludes that if we have breached the tipping points and feedback loops, or once we breach the tipping points and feedback loops: we are fucked. If or once we breach the tipping points; McPherson’s estimate is that by 2026: 7 years from now, Climate change has killed us all [Neils van der Wolk: 25 Nov 2016: Guy McPherson: Human Extinction by 2026; Nature Bats Last: Climate Change Summary and Update; Truth: Somewhere in New Mexico Before the End of Time. Guy McPherson; Walking Away from Empire: Going Dark].

Ecology of Peace Hypothesis: If we implement EoP SciCult intnl-law; we might have 2 years [2020] to do so:
EoP hypothesis: we maybe have 2 years – till 2020 – to change the world, if by change the world we mean implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation, denuclearization and land reform.
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The human cost of such an involuntary population rebalancing is, of course, horrific. Based on this model we would experience an average excess death rate of 100 million per year every year for the next 75 years to achieve our target population of one billion by 2082. The peak excess death rate would happen in about 20 years, and would be about 200 million that year. To put this in perspective, WWII caused an excess death rate of only 10 million per year for only six years. Given this, it’s not hard to see why population control is the untouchable elephant in the room – the problem we’re in is simply too big for humane or even rational solutions. It’s also not hard to see why some people are beginning to grasp the inevitability of a human die-off. – Paul Chefurka: Populaton: The Elephant in the Room [SQ Copy]: IG: Chefurka_PopElephant-DieOff.

As I look at this room another demographic that we watch and worry over a little a bit is — I call it – testosterone demographic, but its the 18 to 25 year old males. Follow that demographic and you will find conflict. … There are places in Russia between 1995 and 2005 where we saw as high as 65% [starvation dieoff] decline in population [due to Soviet Union economic collapse]. The difficult part of this is at least until now, certainly we have had a sufficient reservoir of natural resources, intellectual capacity to adapt, you name it, so we have stayed on the front side of that curve, for the most part, as a planet. But what happens when you put a financial crisis with a climate problem; with a weapon of mass destruction? Do you get to the point where you are at the so-called Tipping Point? Where is that tipping point? How close are we today versus our ability to adapt? ….. So for me, in my career, we’ve gone from worrying about the potential of losing a nation state to a war; to the so-called cold war of Mutual Assured Destruction; to a world today, where unfortunately today in forums like these we hear the words ‘species ending’.” — [EoP Amended] General James Cartwright, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff: John Hopkins: Carey Business School: Leaders and Legends; 16 October 2008;
» IG: 16-09-08_jcartwrighttippingpts.

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