05 Aug: EoP Re: Client Earth Re: China Ecological Civilization Definition

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* 05 Aug: EoP Re: Client Earth Re: China Ecological Civilization Definition
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Subject: EoP Re: Client Earth Re: China Ecological Civilization Definition
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Subject: EoP Re: Client Earth Re: China Ecological Civilization Definition
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TO: Client Earth: James Thornton:
Re: Open Democracy: What we could learn from lawyers – and from China – about protecting the planet.

CC: Demosisto: Joshua Wong:
Ref: 01 Aug: EoP Re: HK Self Determination autonomy from capitalist hegemony protests

CC: Pres Jinping and CPC Politburo Lawyers & Engineers:
Ref: 29 Jul: Pretoria Central Sheriff Service of H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu & 8 Others

James Thornton:

EoP Re: Client Earth: Re: China Ecological Civilization Definition.

China has instigated its transformation into an ‘ecological civilisation’. This promises to fundamentally change all aspects of Chinese national and civic life. “This is a deep, positive and powerful concept, which has given me a lot of hope,” James tells me. “They mean it. I have had conversations with a variety of senior people and ecological civilisation is a meaningful concept – it is not a slogan.” He adds: “It’s quite clear that from the top on down in China they need no convincing, they understand the science, they completely get it, and they are trying to turn their whole country around as fast as possible on the environment – and they are very very clear about it. Here you have the Rupert Murdoch influenced media in the English language world sowing discord, and you have ExxonMobil and its peers sewing discord so that otherwise intelligent people are confused about these things. “That does not happen in China. The politicians are also engineers – on the Politburo there are a lot of engineers – so if they see there is a problem, what an engineer says is, ‘how do we solve that most efficiently’. And it is a completely different mindset. They are saying, how do we solve this efficiently? That’s where we come in, we and other Western experts, or foreign experts are being brought in as advisers. – Open Democracy: What we could learn from lawyers – and from China – about protecting the planet.

There are no differences between economic and sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development was created by fools and cowards who were afraid to advise humanity that since the earth and the resources it can provide humanity are finite, both economic and population growth must and will cease in the very near future. They are attempting to confuse and mislead humanity by putting the word “sustainable” in front of the word “development” they can convince humanity that economic growth will continue forever into the future and humanity will not have to face the stoppage of growth. Everyone who created the concept or use the words “sustainable development: should be executed for crimes against humanity and pure stupidity and arrogance – Jason Brent; Quora: Jason Brent A: What is the difference between economic and sustainable development?.
» EoP Leg Sub: 03 Jun: EoP Re: Judge JBrent: SustDev academic fraudsters should be executed.

I don’t know what the CPC Politburo’s engineers or lawyers definition of ‘ecological civilization’ is, but if their – agrarian or industrial economy based – definition of ‘ecological civilization’ legally allows for citizens to procreate and/or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits then they are consciously or unconsciously engaged in Babylon WiP legal bullshit the public relations image management sloganeering verbal diarhea [eop-v-wip-law].

Polly Higgins: In law we draw a line: you can’t cross here. …. Now we are also looking at ecological law, it is a far more holistic approach. It is an understanding, not just about it being a rights issue but, about it being a duties and responsibilities issue individually and collectively, at state level, at corporate level. Where do we draw the line? Where do we say enough, no more? That is where we create the crime. That is where we criminalise that dangerous industrial activity, the decisions, the individuals who make the decisions. – Deep Green Resistance: Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Polly Higgins – May 6, 2018; Conscious Lawyer: Polly Higgins, Earth lawyer, Stop Ecocide.
» EoP Leg Sub: 11 May: EoP Re: Eco Revolt & Nowhere News Extinction Rebellion Questions; 16 May: EoP Obs Re: Donald Rouhani Honesty / Sanity Test Question; 21 May: LJ v LS Req for Info: Extinction Rebellion

An – ecological civilization – legal definition that allows for procreation and/or consumption growth above ecological carrying capacity limits, whether such growth is  0.00001% or 0.1% or 1% or 10% – cannot honestly be called an ‘ecological civilization’ legal definition. All exponential growth above ecological carrying capacity limits has the same ultimate – socio-economic collapse of economy – outcome; the difference is the time it takes for them to reach the same outcome.

State economic and ecological collapse are a result of ‘Rule of Babylon WiP Legal Culture’ policies that allow Ecological Overshoot & Economic Inequality:
Societies who engage in totalitarian agriculture, engage in Predator-Prey Growth and Collapse of Civilization/Empire cycles: Greco-Rome, Minoan, Mycenaean, Sumerians, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Seleucid, Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, Parthian, Sassanid, Umayyad, Abbasid, Mauryan, Gupta, Maya, Hittite, Harrapan and Teotihuacan. Collapses result from (1) Ecological Strain and (2) Economic Stratification and include the disappearance of between 90-99% of the populations (from famine, disease and organized violence resource wars) including their kings, Gods, calendars and other complex political and cultural institutions. Economic Stratification Collapse occurs due to unequal consumption of resources generating Elites vs Commoners. As Elites become sizable and keep growing, they consume more; their over-exploitation results in collapse of resources to the Commoners; who experience famine and collapse. Elites — due to their wealth — do not suffer the detrimental effects of environmental collapse until much later than Commoners, which allows them to continue ‘business as usual’, despite the impending catastrophe; explaining how historical collapses were allowed to occur by seemingly oblivious elites (eg Roman & Mayan cases).
» Military Gospel: Human and Nature Dynamics [mg-nasa.tygae.org.za]: 11 Feb: NASA: Human and nature dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies.

Albert Bartlett: The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.
Exponential growth / degrowth work the same way. If exponential growth is the strongest force in history [Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy, Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle], exponential degrowth is the equal and opposite strongest force with which to fight exponential growth. Racial, religious, class and gender ecological overshoot resource conflict is a direct consequence of exponential population / consumption growth; which is a direct consequence of – ‘We the exponential function illiterate lawmakers’ – wo/man made international law legislation allowing it to occur. Similarly EoP SciCult international law orderly and humane exponential population degrowth can be a direct consequence of – ‘We the exponential function literate lawmakers fix the We the exponential function illiterate lawmakers mistake – wo/man made legislation. China Great Leap Forward: 1958-1961: enabled population Degrowth/Reduction from 56 million to 41 million [IG: Chefurka World Pop Growth: 1910 – 2010]. Climate change benefits via reforestation due to depopulation are massive [The Guardian: European colonization of America’s killed so many it cooled Earth’s climate: SQ Copy; Daily Mail: Genghis Khan the GREEN: Invader killed so many people that carbon levels plummeted: SQ Copy]. In the context of current massive ecological overshoot and climate change, mitigation requires not ‘zero carbon footprints’, but negative carbon footprints. EoP SciCult law – based on EoP Footprint – advocates for (a) a global one child law, which is a negative procreation footprint law [Oregon Univ: Murtaugh: Every child increases a parents carbon footprint by a factor of 20: SQ Copy]; combined with a (b) zero carbon footprint consumption law. In combination they are an End Ecocide ‘minus 25% degrowth carbon footprint’ international law policy. When population reaches ecological carrying capacity limits, the one child law can become a two child law, whereupon the law will be a zero carbon footprint law. Similarly as population decreases, individuals property rations are allowed to increase; until carrying capacity limits where property rations no longer increase, and population and consumption growth are both at zero percent, slightly lower than ecological carrying capacity limits.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 May: EoP TRC Info for Kyle Kulinski, Sean Duffy R-WI & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY; 08 Jul: EoP Obs: Humpty Francis: The Neil Brown question is whether EoP SciCult law or WiP Babylon law should be master intnl law; that’s all.

Ecology of Peace SciCult law – ecological civilization – definition:

Ecology of Peace Functional Interpretation of Objective Reality Transforming the World Constraints for Sincere Peaceniks / Honourable Warriors to implement EoP SciCult law as international law:
Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr.tygae.org.za] and EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] are EoP culture’s functional group shared system of thought and action frame of orientation and object of inter-species relating devotion interpretation of reality for individuals whose object of devotion/values include: (i) honest – race, religious, gender and cultural – relationships; (ii) an ecological carrying capacity based perspective of observable factual social contract reality; and (iii) non-violent cooperative root cause problem solving.
* Objective Factual Reality: [1] Earth is not flat. [2] Resources are finite. [3] When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in ecological overshoot, resource depletion and resource conflict. [4] Some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources include: climate change, mass migration, poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc. [5] The root cause of humans breeding and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits is the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Masonic War is Peace international law social contract.
* Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior: Interpretative Reality: [6] If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, political parties, corporations and/or nations sincerely – aka egological literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] – want to (a) sustainably protect natural resources for future generations; and/or (b) reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; and/or (c) enable honourable, transparent and humane international cooperative de-industrialization and depopulation of the planet to return to living in accordance to ecological carrying capacity limits; they should (d) cooperate [eop-cooperator.tygae.org.za] to nullify the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses and replace them with Ecology of Peace clauses that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool.

Ecology of Peace Scientific Law [eop-scicultlaw] refers to Procreation and Consumption below carrying capacity limits. EoP Footprint [eop-footprint] defines how procreation and consumption carrying capacity limit is measured.

EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw] – based on EoP Footprint [eop-footprint] – is the Ecology of Peace culture’s answer to the EoP John Brown – how to get along without deceiving, overbreeding and overconsuming – Question: What is a Sustainable Procreation and Consumption footprint? EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr] is the recommended objective reality socio-legal cultural frame of orientation process for implementing EoP SciCult law as international law.
» EoP Leg Sub: 16 May: LJ v LS Court Filing: Notice of Motion [PDF]: Affidavit & EoP UN Res [PDF]: EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [PDF]; EoP Footprint [PDF]

Sincere Peacenik Questions for Media to ask environmentalists:

[A] Does your individual or your organizational environmentalist groups advocacy platform propose (a) abolishing Babylon WiP slaughterhouse slavery freedumb economy [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms] enabled by Babylon WiP clauses of international law; that allow citizens to procreate and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits; and (b) replaceing Babylon WiP – population / consumption growth – international law legal clauses with scientifically sustainable procreation and consumption footprint below ecological carrying capacity limits clauses?

If not: go to Q: [G]:

If so:

[B] What is your groups peacenik warrior advocacy platform’s sustainable – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits – legal definition?

[C] Is it a KISS – Keep it simple stupid – legal definition to enable it to be easily understood by any ego literate [ego-eco-literacy] village idiot layperson, journalist, editor, or policeman or judge; to avoid Babylon WiP academics, lawyers, etc bullshitting the public with bullshit environmentalist/conservationist verbal diarhea. [The more KISS the legal system is the cheaper it is to abide by, to amend and to enforce; and the more it raises the credibility of the justice system, as a – racial, class, gender, religious – fair and impartial low cost justice system; thereby reducing conflict between law enforcers and the public and between different racial, religious, gender groups]

[D] Does your KISS advocacy platform have a KISS plan to shut down the global Babylon WiP perpetual war economy in a way that enables the people who are currently employed in the – financial, military, factory, media, etc – perpetual unsustainable resource thieving war Babylon WiP economy; to transition to a militia responsible freedom self sufficient self government peace economy; where such economy provides them with shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the co-operative rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future?

[E] Does your KISS environmentalist / conservative advocacy platform have fair and impartial – and easily measured – sentencing penalties to enable orderly and humane weeding of any and all intentional Babylon WiP breeding / consumption / deceiving supremacist addiction cheaters from the genepool?

If not:

[F] Does your individual or your organizational environmentalistist / conservative groups advocacy platform endorse any – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – groups platform?

If Not:

[G] Are you consciously and intentionally fraudulently marketing yourself as an environmentalist?
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jul: EoP Re: RT: If Greta Thunberg worries about end of the world, why does she pose with status quo politicians?; 30 Jul: EoP: Re: SB-PW: Cuba / GWill Honest Thinker Revolutionary/Conservative; 02 Aug: EoP Obs: 01 Aug 2019 14:32 hrs Death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill; 03 Aug: EoP Re: Ali Velshi: More House Republicans Head for Exits..

Individuals and/or organizations can show their unconditional or conditional cooperator support for EoP Axis [eop-axis] Presidents to authorize EoP – End Babylon Law Ecocide – UN Resolution [eop-un-res] – global one child law [one-child-law] orderly and humane shut down of global capitalist economy [eop-sdwipecon] by providing responsible freedom [responsible-freedom] citizens with self sufficient property ration [property-ration] in cultural law self rule homelands [cult-law-self-rule] land reform [eop-landreform] – by signing their individual or organizational EoP Axis oath [eop-axis-oath], by or before 16 Sep 2019 [01 Aug: Pta Central Sheriff: Chris Jakobus: Re: H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu & 8 Others]; to provide a mandate for Presidents and/or Judges and/or Generals authorization of EoP UN Resolution to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as binding international law, to be submitted for voting to UN General Assembly.

EoP culture re: questions:

EoP MILED Clerk does not require a formal – service by a sheriff – legal process for any request for information. An email with questions, or for a request for particular information or evidence is sufficient. All emails with a request for information – irrespective of the race, class, religion, gender of the author, or the size of their country, or whether they have zero police wo/men, or nuclear weapons – are given the benefit of the doubt that they are an honourable request for information and responded to in accordance with EoP Ego/Eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] communication policy. No lawyers or Sheriffs or Judges required to get a buck stops here [eop-rh-cult-info.tygae.org.za] answer to any question.  EoP Responsible Freedom represents ‘walk our sincere peacenik talk’ path towards smallest government in the world. When every citizen in a nation is a responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] citizen aka volunteer citizen militia / sheriff: Babylon Masonic War is Peace factory farm slaughterhouse [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms; ELS Ref] government is effectively abolished.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Mar: EoP Re NZ Police Req to Kiwifarms re 15 Mar Christchurch Mosque attack.

End Abel & Kane Cold War Global EoP SciCult intnl-law orderly and humane Denuclearization Land Reform Shut Down of the Industrial War Economy Swamp Negotiations:

EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] multi-tasking [mt-summary.tygae.org.za] negotiations correspondence – on behalf of Dalio Pittard [daliopittard.tygae.org.za] and EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] whose preferences are available at Ego/Eco Literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] – to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law; to [A] enable responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] orderly and humane – de-industrialization and depopulation [eop-v-wip-deindpopn.tygae.org.za], prisoner release [prisoner-pardon.tygae.org.za], land reform [eop-landreform.tygae.org.za] and denuclearization [eop-denuke-defn.tygae.org.za] – shut down of the WiP Ponzi Swamp economy [eop-sdwipecon.tygae.org.za]; [B] require all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed [one-child-law.tygae.org.za] and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za]; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; [C] nationalize all property and provide all responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za] homelands for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.

A copy of this correspondence is documented at EoP Legal Submissions [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za].


Lara Johnson, aka Andrea Muhrrteyn [EoP Oath PDF]
PO Box 5042, George East, 6539, RSA

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