14 Aug: LJ Re: CRLRC-KS Re: CRLRC Recognition of EoP Community Council Offer

* Kgositoi Sedupane, Edward Mafadza, Maureen Chauke, Kgaogelo Makgoba
* 14 Aug: LJ Re: CRLRC-KS Re: CRLRC Recognition of EoP Community Council Offer.
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From: Lara Johnson <eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:19:31 +0200
Subject: LJ Re: CRLRC-KS Re: CRLRC Recognition of EoP Community Council Offer
To: Kgositoi Sedupane <asedupane@crlcommission.org.za>
Cc: Edward Mafadza <Eddie@crlcommission.org.za>, Maureen Chauke <maureen@crlcommission.org.za>, Kgaogelo Makgoba <Kgaogelo@crlcommission.org.za>, CRL Rights Commission <info@crlcommission.org.za>
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TO: Kgositoi Sedupane
CC: CRL Rights Commission: Edward Mafadza, Maureen Chauke, Kgaogelo Makgoba

Kgositoi Sedupane

LJ Re: CRLRC-KS Re: CRLRC Recognition of EoP Community Council Offer.

I received your email [13 Aug: CRLRC-KS Re: H45/19: LJ v CRLRC: LJ Reply Affidavit; Pro Se Set Down Date], wherein you write: “I suggest that the Commission send you a Community Council Form to complete so that your query to be recognised can be properly considered.”

CRLRC Recognition of Community Council:

I imagine you are referring to CRLRC Guidelines for Recognition of CRL Community Councils [PDF]: Form [PDF].

In accordance to fully informed consenting legal principles, both parties to an agreement have a duty to provide all the relevant facts required to enable a mutual fully informed consenting agreement; and if or where one or both parties consciously and intentionally fail to provide all relevant facts to enable the other party to make a fully informed consenting decision; such withholding of relevant information will result in the agreement being null and void on the basis of negligent and/or intentional fraudulent non-disclosure of important information.

CRLRC Community Council Definition:

CRLRC documentation defines a community council as follows:

“community council” means a voluntary association of persons or community organisations based on the principle of freedom of association and which represents a cultural, religious or linguistic community and includes a cultural council envisaged by section 185( l)(c) of the Constitution. – Gov Gazette: CRL Act: Act No. 19, 2002: Commission for the Promotion and Protection of The Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities Act, 2002 [PDF]; CRLRC: Guidelines for Recognition of CRL Community Councils [PDF]

If CRLRC interpretation of ‘association of persons’ – refers to ‘more than one person’, EoP culture would not currently qualify.  Its possible EoP culture may at some point in the future consist of more than one person, currently there is only one signed up EoP culture member [eop-axis-oath], myself.

EoP Culture of One:

As noted in correspondence to Legal Practice Council [16 May: Court Filings: Responses to Invitation to Negotiation and/or Mediation: Transcript of 13 Feb – 16 Apr 2019 correspondence PDF: 02 Mar: Notice Re: LJ v Legal Practice Council]; there are military individuals, besides EoP Applicants [eop-applicants] who – EoP interpretation – are interested in the hypothesis: Besides village idiot Lara Johnson aka EoP MILED Clerk; do sincere peacenik civilians exist in South Africa or anywhere else?

I am not the legal reform activist. The EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] are not the legal reform activists; they are – currently at least – the plausible deniable applicant observers; on behalf of the FSB and NSA legal reform activists; whom lawyers and legislators consciously or unconsciously deceived into signing Masonic War is Peace Military Enlistment and Non-Disclosure Agreements. I am simply the Ecology of Peace – fuck all racial, religious, class, gender, professional tribes secret society resource thieving bullshit the public verbal diarhea – village idiot clerk.
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Mar: Notice Re: LJ v Legal Practice Council.

There may be civilians representing themselves as peaceniks in South Africa and globally who may have considered accepting an invitation to join the EoP culture by signing their sincere peacenik / honourable warrior EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath]; but – for various reasons, observing EoP MILED Clerk’s battle with ‘WiP Only’ lawyers could be one of their reasons, or maybe they have other reasons – have not done so. If so, they have not told me their reasons, so I don’t know what their reasons are.

There has been no response from Respondent Peaceniks notifying them of LJ v LS affidavit references to them; and LJ v LS Request for Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Information [18 May: Blanton & Radical Honesty Trainers; Norwegian Nobel Committee; Klaus Schwab & World Economic Forum; 20 May: Alt Right Peace with Russia Trump voters; US Pres/Sen/Cong Peace Candidates; IWW Labour Organisations; Veterans for Peace; 21 May: Commanders for Israel Security; Indigenous Groups; Wikileaks; Alliance for World Scientists; End Ecocide Lawyers; Extinction Rebellion; 22 May: Fridays for Future School Strike; Gilet Jaune / Yellow Vest; Black Lives Matter; Duty to Warn Psych; Me Too Movement; Women Across the DMZ; Larry Flynt].
» EoP Leg Sub: 29 May: LJ v LS Upd: Re: Req for Info: (i) Scientific Sincere Peacenik definition, (ii) McVeigh OKC Bomb Pardon.

Whatever their non-disclosed reasons, as of yet none have provided any evidence that EoP culture’s definition of ‘peace’ is not a scientific sound ‘sincere peacenik / honourable ‘warrior’ definition [12 Aug: EoP Re: TT: Iranian writer says wars happen because of West’s fake definition of peace]

CRLRC ‘EoP and WiP’ or ‘WiP Only’ Officials / Arbitrators:

Recommendation of establishment of community councils
36 (1) Persons belonging to a cultural, religious or linguistic community may form, join and maintain cultural, religious and linguistic associations and other organs of civil society as envisaged in section 31 of the Constitution.
(2) The Commission may recommend to a community, which is not organised, to initiate and establish a community council at a provincial or national level if the establishment of such a council would be conducive to
(a) the promotion and protection of the rights of such a community; and
(6) the promotion and development of peace, friendship, humanity, tolerance and national unity among and within the different communities in South Africa.

A community council has to fulfill the aims of the community councils as stipulated by section 38 (1) (a) Preserve, Promote and develop the culture, religion or language of the community for which it is recognized; or (b) Advice the Commission on, and assist the Commission in matters concerning the achievement of the objects of the Commission.
– Gov Gazette: CRL Act: Act No. 19, 2002: Commission for the Promotion and Protection of The Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities Act, 2002 [PDF]

EoP MILED Clerk acting on behalf of EoP Culture – whether recognized by CRLRC or not – is and has been the only scientific based – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – culture in South Africa or globally, who has and continues to advocate on behalf of implementation of EoP SciCult law [eop-scicultlaw] as international law – (a) eco literacy: scientific based resolution of conflict by exposing the root – procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits – causes of all racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict; and (b) ego literacy: objective and subjective honest relating: honest listening and speaking communication policy to enable honest fully informed consent inter-cultural, racial, religious, class and gender relating – to enable sincere promotion and development of peace, friendship, humanity, tolerance and national unity among and within the different communities in South Africa, and other nations.

Every effort made by EoP culture in relating to CRLRC to support the sincere – scientific based ego/eco literacy character – promotion and development of peace, friendship, humanity, tolerance and national unity among and within the different communities in South Africa; has been consciously or unconsciously – negligently or maliciously – obstructed by CRLRC officials; presumably because all the CRLRC officials EoP culture dealt with were and/or still are ‘WiP Only’ – lack of EoP ego/eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy] character – culture individuals.

Its not possible to promote and develop a culture of peace, with individuals who are WiP Only individuals. A WiP Only individual does not respect peace, they respect force; they consider peace to be weakness. A WiP Only individual does not act voluntarily and cooperatively based on reason, logic and cooperative thoughtful disagreement truthseeking root cause problem solving. A WiP Only individual acts based upon the threat of force. WiP only individuals obey their ego’s and demand obedience to their ego and public relations image management manipulated legislation. EoP only individuals obey scientific reality principles and demand cooperative obedience to such strategic scientifically founded objective reality goals. The degree to which a person is – consciously or unconsciously – an EoP or WiP individual, is the degree of their EoP ego-eco literacy character; or WiP lack thereof. An individual can be EoP Only in one circumstance – something they feel confident about – and WiP Only in others, where they are afraid of appearing to be a village idiot. In psychology its referred to as the Dunning and Kruger effect: people who are unskilled at a particular skill; lack the honesty vulnerability courage to admit to themselves and others that they lack the particular skill; so they pretend.

When two people believe opposing things, chances are that one of them is wrong. It pays to find out if that someone is you. …. holding wrong opinions in one’s head and making bad decisions based on them instead of having thoughtful disagreements is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind. ….. That quote is from Ray Dalio, the founder and Grand Poobah at Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world and a successful billionaire entrepreneur. Dalio likes to develop the idea of thoughtful disagreement, in which the goal is not to convince the opposite party that you are right, but simply to find out which view is true and then what to do about it.  Both parties must be motivated by a genuine fear of missing important perspectives. In such a situation it is about exploring the truth and not simply arguing. Or “winning” the argument. In reality, the winners of an argument, if there is such a thing, are those who leave the discussion having learned something. Whereas the losers are those who stubbornly cling to their thoughts, beliefs and reasoning without having given any consideration to the others’ point of view. – The Startup: How to have better discussions — the art of thoughtful disagreement.
» EoP Leg Sub: 06 Aug: LJ v LS CEO Req for Invest Info: Peter Blanken & Michael Burry

Bob Astles, Advisor to Field Marshall Idi Amin: Idi Amin reckons that people in Africa can never make a decision and the only way you can get them to make a decision is put them in a box and knock their bloody heads in; or put a rifle up their bum. — Discovery: The Most Evil Men in History: Idi Amin.
» EoP Leg Sub: EoP Axis MilNec Evac; 24 Jan: Yoweni Museveni: Colt Peacemaker National Security Shithole Frank Talk; Notice of EoP Axis Responsible Freedom Legal Licensing.

Does CRLRC have an ‘EoP and WiP’ Commissioner / Arbitrator or Employee?

Can CRLRC confirm that you have one or more EoP and WiP culture Commissioners, who would be impartial if or when an EoP v WiP community council dispute was referred to the CRLRC?. If not, a caveat may need to be added, that in a dispute between an EoP and WiP community council, such dispute should be referred to an EoP and WiP external mediator, and/or court, since the Dept of Justice has proven that there are at least a few Magistrates and Judges within the Dept of Justice who are willing to impartially arbitrate in EoP v WiP culture dispute.


Consequently if CRLRC interpretation of “community council association of persons” includes an ‘association of one person’, and CRLRC would be wiling to confirm that they will appoint an EoP and WiP mediator/arbitrator if or when so required in an EoP v WiP culture/community council dispute; then further discussion of CRLRC offer would not be a waste of my or CRLRC time, and I would willing to discuss the CRLRC – Recognition of CRL EoP Culture Community Council – offer further; to enable us to come to a fully informed consenting agreement.

A copy of this correspondence shall be documented at LJ v CRLRC [lj-v-crlrc.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
Pro Se, EoP Applicant [EoP Oath PDF]
PO Box 5042, George East, 6539.

Sent per electronic notice to:

CRL Rights Commission: Tshimangadzo Edward Mafadza:
Edward Mafadza (Eddie@crlcommission.org.za); Maureen Chauke (maureen@crlcommission.org.za); Kgositoi Sedupane (asedupane@crlcommission.org.za); Kgaogelo Makgoba (Kgaogelo@crlcommission.org.za); CRL Rights Commission (info@crlcommission.org.za)


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