18 Sep: EoP Re FT: Legal sector faces £3.5bn hit from no-deal Brexit, says Law Society

* PM Xavier Bettel, UK Law Society: Simon Davis, Fieldfisher: Michael Chissick, Clyde & Co: Anthony Albertini, Pinsent Masons: Ewan Alexander, Lawyers for Britain: Martin Howe, Matrix Chambers Aidan ONeill, Hubert Legal, Plan B: Tim Crossland, Chief Air Marshall Stuart Peaches, NATO Military Committee.
* 18 Sep: EoP Re FT: Legal sector faces £3.5bn hit from no-deal Brexit, says Law Society
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu, EoP v Xavier BettelEoP v EU Parliament,  EoP v XR / EoP NWO SCO: EoP NTE GM: EoP NTE GMUK| EoP Axis MilNec Evac: EoP Axis: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity, EoP v WiP Peacenik / EoP v WiP Neg.

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Subject: EoP Re FT: Legal sector faces £3.5bn hit from no-deal Brexit, says Law Society
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Subject: EoP Re FT: Legal sector faces £3.5bn hit from no-deal Brexit, says Law Society
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TO: PM Xavier Bettel, UK Law Society: Simon Davis, Fieldfisher: Michael Chissick, Clyde & Co: Anthony Albertini, Pinsent Masons: Ewan Alexander, Lawyers for Britain: Martin Howe, Matrix Chambers Aidan ONeill, Hubert Legal.
CC: Plan B: Tim Crossland, Chief Air Marshall Stuart Peaches, NATO Military Committee:
Re: Fin Times: Legal sector faces £3.5bn hit from no-deal Brexit, says Law Society; Plan B Earth: Tim Crossland, Plan B on Climate Emergency; Global Observatory: Climate Change is Urgent Global Security Threat; The Newsroom: Climate Change Woke?.

Tim Garrett: Only Collapse of Industrial economy will Prevent Climate Catastrophe. Paul Murtaugh: Every child increases a parents carbon footprint by a factor of 20.
Dr. Garrett is the author of the study that concludes that only civilization collapse can stop climate catastrophe: Utah News Center: Is Global Warming Unstoppable? [SQ Copy]. Dr. Paul Murtaugh: Reproduction and Carbon legacies of individuals.

Pub: 05 Sep: EoP Brexit proposal: EoP – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution.
From: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2019 21:08:23 +0200
Subject: EoP Brexit proposal: EoP – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution
Attachment: 19-07-23_SRS-06_EU-Cornaro_NoM-Afd-Encl.pdf; 19-08-10_EoPMilDemMLVote_EANatSecOath.pdf

TO: PM Antti Rinne: Finland Presidency of EU Council:
TO: Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbin, Tony Blair:
CC: Jean Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Frederica Mogherini, Barnier Michel, Antonio Tajani:

TO: Brexit Party: Nigel Farage
CC: Brexit Steering Group: Philippe Lamberts

PM Rinne & Johnson / Nigel Farage, et al:

EoP Brexit proposal: EoP – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution.

FI PM Rinne: UK-EU Brexit extension requires sensible future scenario.
Finland’s Prime Minister Antti Rinne, whose country currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency, has said an extension lacks widespread support, and to be acceptable would probably require “some sort of future scenario … to underline that something sensible could start happening.” He told Finnish lawmakers Wednesday that there is “no sense” granting Britain an extension “that seems to lead nowhere, and I don’t think it’s possible to find majority support for such an extension.” The EU, Rinne said, needs “a perspective that would change the situation for a sensible, better direction.” – 660 News: Meanwhile, across the English channel, EU waits.

Philippe Lamberts: Johnson will blame no deal Brexit on those bloody Europeans.
“That’s bullsh*t. That’s bullsh*t. There’s no negotiations, simply because the British position is to say: ‘we don’t want the backstop, and we don’t want the backstop’. Has there been a counter-proposal? There has been nothing. So basically they are saying: ‘come back with something that pleases us’. That is not a negotiation.” He’s not interested in an agreement. What he’s interested in is giving the illusion that he’s negotiating in good faith with bad people, and that ultimately if there’s disorder, if there’s disruption, because of no-deal Brexit, well you know I tried but these bloody Europeans can’t really negotiate. – ScramNews: “Bullsh*t”: EU politician says Boris Johnson is lying about Brexit negotiations.

PM Rinne: Solving the ecocide climate crisis could be Europe’s next heroic act
“Solving the climate crisis could be Europe’s next heroic act,“ Finland’s Antti Rinne wrote in a blog post marking the start of his country’s EU presidency, suggesting a deal on the bloc’s 2050 climate objective could be reached in the coming six months. Rinne promises “to strive for” solutions on climate change during Finland’s EU presidency, which ends on 31 December. “The time for solutions is now,” he wrote in a blog post published on the Finnish Presidency’s website. A European Commission proposal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 narrowly failed to reach consensus last June, receiving backing from all but four EU member states. But the 2050 objective isn’t off the negotiating table, Rinne wrote, referring to the school strike movement which started in Finland’s neighbouring country Sweden. Young people across Europe have one message for decision-makers, he said: “Make decisions to save the future of humanity and our planet”. “During Finland’s presidency, not only are we going to listen to young people’s concerns, we’re going to answer them,” Rinne said. “Some people have asked me why the Finnish Government Programme starts with the words ‘Climate change’. My answer is very simple. The Government Programme starts with climate change because we don’t want climate change to mark the end,” he wrote. – Euractiv: Finnish PM calls for ‘heroic act’ to solve climate crisis.

PM Johnson: Its time to have a grown up discussion about overpopulation ecocide.
It is time we had a grown-up discussion about the optimum quantity of human beings in this country and on this planet. Do we want the south-east of Britain, already the most densely populated major country in Europe, to resemble a giant suburbia? This is not, repeat not, an argument about immigration per se, since in a sense it does not matter where people come from, and with their skill and their industry, immigrants add hugely to the economy. This is a straightforward question of population, and the eventual size of the human race. All the evidence shows that we can help reduce population growth, and world poverty, by promoting literacy and female emancipation and access to birth control. Isn’t it time politicians stopped being so timid, and started talking about the real number one issue? ……. Johnson suggests China will have an important role to play in bringing North Korea in from the cold. “In the end, the people who can really solve the problem are the Chinese.” He adds: “I think one of the reasons for being optimistic about the world generally is, there are places around the world where you can see the Chinese ability to play a positive role in global diplomacy, and increasing Chinese interest in doing that.” Johnson also wants to talk about his latest preoccupation, which is on an altogether more domestic scale: advancing women’s education around the world. “I genuinely think, having done this job now for 18 months, having been to about 62 countries, having seen many of the problems of the world much more clearly than I ever saw them before, I really think that that is the number one challenge that we have – and also the biggest opportunity to transform the world,” he says. He argues that providing girls with 12 years of good-quality education is “the Swiss army knife, the universal spanner” to tackle a range of problems, from radicalisation to poverty – and in particular, population growth. “You open it up and it’s got all the tools,” he says. “All the evidence is that if you educate a girl in sub-Saharan Africa, broadly speaking, you will reduce the family size by roughly half – and that in the end is going to make a big, big difference to humanity.” He brushes off the idea that by advocating women’s education as a tool for tackling overpopulation, Britain could be accused of arrogance, or even neo-imperialism, saying, “I think sometimes we’ve got to be very frank about our ambitions.” – Telegraph: Boris Johnson: Global over-population is the real issue [SQ Copy]; The Guardian: Boris Johnson: ‘Let us have a grown-up conversation with our American friends’.
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 Jul: EoP Re: Boris Khameini: Pretty Please Nigel Widdecombe: Ready for Grown Up Discussion?.


Jonathan Powell: Negotiating the Good Friday Agreement: You have to talk to them unless you think there is a military solution:

Roger Hallam: The capitalist system is going to be brought down by itself. The capitalist system is eating itself. Let me make this point clear. The capitalist system, the global [Babylon WiP legal economic] system that we are in, is in the process of destroying itself, and it will destroy itself in the next ten years. …. When you go to a doctor the doctor has a responsibility to tell you whether you have cancer or not, and whether its terminal or not. Hope does not come into it, its a matter of scientific analysis. The doctor shows you an x-ray of your lungs or whatever. Its a scientific reality. The arctic’s melting, its going to go, whether you are fearful about it, or hopeful about it or you got a political problem with it, its going. That’s the way the world is, its a harsh thing. Science doesn’t have any sentimentality about it. Its not a political thing, its not a sort of give or take sort of thing. – [EoP Amended] BBC: HardTalk: Extinction Rebellion: Roger Hallam: “Something Drastic Has To Happen”.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 Aug: EoP Re: Keeping it together while witnessing Collapse of Capitalism.

Nigel Farage has jumped off an economic cliff screaming “Independence Day!!!”, and he’s taking us all down with him. While Brexit will almost certainly usher in a new wave of austerity and impoverishment, it’s far from clear that Remain would avoid it. Wherever you stand on the outcome of Britain’s EU referendum, hard economic reality is going to bite – and it’s going to bite hard. ….. But the bizarre predicament Britain now finds itself in proves precisely that we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. If we remain, we’re screwed. If we leave, we’re screwed. …….. The reason for this is surprisingly simple, yet has been lost in the farcically shallow nature of the Brexit debate so far: the EU is neither the fundamental cause, nor the fundamental solution, of the core problems Brits care about. And that is why, neither remaining in, nor departing from the EU will address those problems. Because the problem is that the prevailing global model of neoliberal capitalist economic orthodoxy is broken. Notice the word ‘global’ here. Aim your disillusionment at the cause, not the symptom ……….  You’re missing the mark if you want to pinpoint all the blame on any one political party, on one government, on one institution, or on just the EU. It’s all of them, together, collectively, systemically: it’s a system that is crumbling under the weight of its own chronic unsustainability. ….  is going to address the real issues, the real causes, the fundamental need for radical systemic transformation to get out of the mess we’re in. – The Canary: Brexit is about to usher in Third World Britain.
» EoP Leg Sub: 01 Jul: Vladimir Lyutov: Stalin Question: You are at a club and Stalin calls your girlfriend a capitalist pig; what do you do?.

In September 2017, American Renaissance, a white nationalist magazine, presented a question to their readership: “What does it mean for whites if climate change is real?” In the ensuing several hundred words, the publication deviated from decades of right wing doctrine in order to propose an ethno-nationalist perspective on global warming. They correctly analysed that changing weather patterns have and would continue to impact poor people of colour in the Global South disproportionately, which would by extension lead to higher rates of migration to the Global North. Indeed, the magazine wrote that “the population explosion in the global south combined with climate change and liberal attitudes towards migration are the single greatest threat to Western civilisation,” adding that “[this is] more serious than Islamic terrorism or Hispanic illegal migration.” … Ultimately, political leaders in the Global North can denounce El Paso and Christchurch and offer thoughts and prayers. But failing to both dramatically curb global warming and open borders to refugees in the face of migration spurred by climate change will in the end have far deadlier consequences than any 8chan eco-fascist with an assault rifle. – Honi Soit: When the far right believes in climate change, via American Renaissance: When the Far Right Believes in Climate Change.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Aug: EoP Re: Jonathan Powell: If no military solution: you have to talk to your opponents.

Jonathan Powell: Negotiating the Good Friday Agreement: You have to talk to them unless you think there is a military solution: The IRA wanted a united Ireland, and it didn’t get a United Ireland. What it got was the ability to pursue its aims through political means. To argue for a United Ireland, but not to get one through force or the threat of force. What the Unionists got was the Union, the abandonment of the Irish govement to the claim of Northern Ireland. They got a devolved assembly and peace and prosperity. So I don’t think its a fair critique [from the left and right] saying that we gave in to the terrorists and gave them what they wanted. I think also that you should be prepared to talk to terrorists if you want to bring about a solution in these kinds of situations. If you want to get the guns out of politics and if that is what is being demanded of you; then you have to talk to those with the guns to ask them to give up their guns. You can’t do it without talking to them. I must say I found it very difficult at the beginning anyway to talk to Sinn Fein representatives. My father had been shot up by the IRA, my brother had been on a death list for ten years. I felt quite strongly about it. But it is necessary in a process like this to build up trust, to establish a relationship with such people if you are going to negotiate with them and persuade them to give up their guns.  The serious point in this is that you cannot think that you will persuade republicans in this case and terrorists in other cases unless you talk to them. So you have to talk to them unless you think there is a purely military solution. And the British army after a disastrous start in Northern Ireland with bloody sunday and the internment, realized quite early in the 1980s that there wasn’t going to be a military solution. – RSA: Jonathan Powell – Great Hatred, Little Room: making peace in Northern Ireland.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Aug: EoP Re: Jonathan Powell: If no military solution: you have to talk to your opponents.


Well I tried but Babylon Ecocidal Europeans, don’t appear to want a – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – Steppe Aryan EU responsible freedom future.

Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no [steppe] Aryan palaces. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. Men who do not own women, do not fight over them, much less join war parties to go out to kidnap women for harems. All of this arises out of living without privacy, and without men making rules about who can have sex with who. – SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto Indo-European: 23 January 2017.
» EoP Leg Sub: 28 Jul: EoP Re: IC: Trump’s SCOTUS overturns Magna Carta, Montesque for Sultan Donald.

The EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict.
» IG: 17-06-02_eoptrc-citizenv-mcbride; EoP Leg Sub: 12 Jun: IAEA & UNODA: DRAFT: Consent to Ecology of Peace CVID – weapons & power – Denuclearization Definition; 04 Jul: LJ v LPC Req for EoP TRC Info to J Gauntlett QC & Adv Group 621.

Please find enclosed EoP – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution [eop-un-res] H 111/19: L Johnson v Lindiwe Sisulu & Eight Others [lj-v-ls] application filed in George High Court served on President Claude Juncker via Marcus Cornaro: Ambassador of EU Delegation in Pretoria by Centurion East Sheriff office [PDF] copies provided every single EU MEP [25 Jul: LJ v LS Sheriff Svc to M Cornaro: Amb: EU Delegation in SA].

Applicant has so far notified the UK, Germany, Denmark and French EU member Heads of State of EoP – Exit Babylon Ecocide Law – UN Resolution [eop-un-res] application served on EU Pres Claude Juncker [06 Aug: PM Johnson & UK MP’s; 08 Aug: Ch. Merkel & DE MP’s; 17 Aug: PM Frederiksen & DK MP’s; 18 Aug: Pres Macron & FR MP’s].


Some of the Questions used to formulate EoP UN Resolution to implement Scientific and Cultural law:

[A] Does your peacenik / environmentalist / climate & ecological emergency / anti-racist / conservative plan propose (a) abolishing Babylon WiP slaughterhouse slavery freedumb economy [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms] enabled by Babylon WiP clauses of international law; that allow citizens to procreate and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits; and (b) replaceing Babylon WiP – population / consumption growth [Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy, Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle] – international law legal clauses with scientifically sustainable procreation and consumption footprint below ecological carrying capacity limits clauses?

If not: go to Q: [G]:

If so:

[B] What is your advocacy platform’s sustainable – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits – legal definition?

[C] Is it a KISS – Keep it simple stupid – legal definition to enable it to be easily understood by any ego literate [ego-eco-literacy] village idiot layperson, journalist, editor, or policeman or judge; to avoid Babylon WiP academics, lawyers, etc bullshitting the public with bullshit environmentalist/conservationist verbal diarhea. [The more KISS the legal system is the cheaper it is to abide by, to amend and to enforce; and the more it raises the credibility of the justice system, as a – racial, class, gender, religious – fair and impartial low cost justice system; thereby reducing conflict between law enforcers and the public and between different racial, religious, gender groups]

[D] Does your KISS advocacy platform have a KISS plan to shut down the global Babylon WiP perpetual war economy in a way that enables the people who are currently employed in the – financial, military, factory, media, etc – perpetual unsustainable resource thieving war Babylon WiP economy; to transition to a militia responsible freedom self sufficient self government peace economy; where such economy provides them with shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the co-operative rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian family farm sustainable future?

[E] Does your KISS plan have fair and impartial – and easily measured – sentencing penalties to enable orderly and humane weeding of any and all intentional Babylon WiP breeding / consumption / deceiving supremacist addiction cheaters from the genepool?

If not:

[F] Does your plan endorse any – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – groups platform; whose plan does KISS answer aforementioned questions?

If Not:

[G] Are you consciously and intentionally fraudulently marketing yourself as a peacenik / environmentalist / climate & ecological emergency / anti-racist / conservative, etc?
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jul: EoP Re: RT: If Greta Thunberg worries about end of the world, why does she pose with status quo politicians?; 30 Jul: EoP: Re: SB-PW: Cuba / GWill Honest Thinker Revolutionary/Conservative; 02 Aug: EoP Obs: 01 Aug 2019 14:32 hrs Death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill; 03 Aug: EoP Re: Ali Velshi: More House Republicans Head for Exits..

EoP culture re: questions:

EoP MILED Clerk does not require a formal – service by a sheriff – legal process for any request for information. An email with questions, or for a request for particular information or evidence is sufficient. All emails with a request for information – irrespective of the race, class, religion, gender of the author, or the size of their country, or whether they have zero police wo/men, or nuclear weapons – are given the benefit of the doubt that they are an honourable request for information and responded to in accordance with EoP Ego/Eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] communication policy. No lawyers or Sheriffs or Judges required to get a buck stops here [eop-rh-cult-info.tygae.org.za] answer to any question.  EoP Responsible Freedom represents ‘walk our sincere peacenik talk’ path towards smallest government in the world. When every citizen in a nation is a responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] citizen aka volunteer citizen militia / sheriff: Babylon Masonic War is Peace factory farm slaughterhouse [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms; ELS Ref] government is effectively abolished.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Mar: EoP Re NZ Police Req to Kiwifarms re 15 Mar Christchurch Mosque attack.

End Abel & Kane Cold War Global EoP SciCult intnl-law orderly and humane Denuclearization Land Reform Shut Down of the Industrial War Economy Swamp Negotiations:

EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eoptrc-akcoldwar.tygae.org.za] multi-tasking [mt-summary.tygae.org.za] negotiations correspondence – on behalf of Dalio Pittard [daliopittard.tygae.org.za] and EoP Applicants [eop-applicants.tygae.org.za] whose preferences are available at Ego/Eco Literacy [ego-eco-literacy.tygae.org.za] – to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] as international law; to [A] enable responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] orderly and humane – de-industrialization and depopulation [eop-v-wip-deindpopn.tygae.org.za], prisoner release [prisoner-pardon.tygae.org.za], land reform [eop-landreform.tygae.org.za] and denuclearization [eop-denuke-defn.tygae.org.za] – shut down of the WiP Ponzi Swamp economy [eop-sdwipecon.tygae.org.za]; [B] require all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed [one-child-law.tygae.org.za] and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-footprint.tygae.org.za]; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; [C] nationalize all property and provide all responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule [cult-law-self-rule.tygae.org.za] homelands for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future.

A copy of this correspondence is documented at EoP Legal Submissions [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za].


Lara Johnson aka Andrea Muhrrteyn
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath: LJ]
PO Box 5042, George East, 6539, RSA