29 May: EoP Law Re: Designing an honesty trust sustainable society

* Ray Hartley, Greg Mills, The Brenthurst Foundation, Biell Benningham, Cyril Ramaphosa, Robert Ngobeni, Khusela Diko
* 29 May: EoP Law Re: Designing an honesty trust sustainable society
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From: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 15:19:35 +0200
Subject: EoP Law Re: Designing an honesty trust sustainable society
To: Bielle Bellingham <hello@biellebellingham.com>, “Brenthurst Foundation: Greg Mills” <millsg@eoson.co.za>, Ray Hartley via Leila Jack <Leila.Jack@eoson.co.za>
Cc: “SA Presidency: Cyril Ramaphosa: Robert Ngobeni” <Robert@presidency.gov.za>, Khusela Diko <malebo@presidency.gov.za>
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TO: Ray Hartley, Greg Mills
TO: Bielle Benningham
CC: Cyril Ramaphosa
Re: Daily Maverick: What if … we design for people’s needs, not their wants?; Ramaphosa’s lockdown lesson: Trust is hard to build and easily broken.

Ray Hartley, Greg Mills, Bielle Benningham:

EoP Law Re: Designing an honesty trust sustainable society.

Bielle Bellingham:

If your needs and wants are for a Steppe Aryan honesty trust society; cooperating [eop-cooperator] to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.37-38, 44-48/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.36-37,43-47/70] as international law will be of interest.

McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020]: A handshake is a very low cost way of making contracts, but is worthless in a community with lotsa liars. Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no steppe Aryan palaces, no prisons, no mental institutions, no homeless, no landless and no unemployed. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. – SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto Indo-European: 23 January 2017; SQ-DS: The Mosou Matriarchy: Men Live Better where Women are in Charge.
» McVeigh 2020: Return to Eden: EoP – End Civ – UN Resolution.


Ray Hartley & Greg Mills:

Cyril Ramaphosa is president of WiP Law SA citizens; as a result of an election where the majority of SA WiP TRC SA citizen voters voted for him for President. Cyril Ramaphosa appointed Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma as his Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, who appears – ANC NEC and MAC deliberations have been held in secret, so its unclear who the actual final decision makers are – to be in charge of Covid-19 legislation.

Vladimir Putin is global EoP Law New World Order Czar, and consequently president of EoP Law SA citizens; as a result of EoP law election where the only and consequent majority of global and SA EoP TRC responsible freedom [eop-axis-oath] voters voted for him as global EoP Law New World Order Czar.
» EoP Leg Sub:24 May: EoP Re: JDuarte: BAT Back Off: Dlamini Zuma democratically elected

Generally speaking there are two kinds of people: those who respect honesty / evidence [EoP law reality]; and those who respect flattery deception and/or fear / violence [WiP law reality]. Summary of EoP v WiP Law: [eop-v-wip-law: PDF].

All racial, religious or ideological socio-culture’s composed of individuals who call themselves humans, have a small percentage of individuals focused on cooperation, partnership and empowerment, and another percentage of individuals focused on domination, control and suppression; and the other 90% of neutral humans whose life-goals are simple: With access to land, using their own labour, they are  capable of being happy and satisfying their Maslow Hiearchy of Needs — Physiological, Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem and Self Actualization – without exceeding ecological carrying capacity limits. Have you ever seen the wooden lace windows in a Russian village?; or watched the Community Solution documentary: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil?. See also: Community Self Sufficiency: Rural Off Grid Russians Unphased by Economic Collapse. These simple people can be tipped either way; towards cooperative rationing sharing and problem solving, or mass hoarding hysteria mobjustice, looting or mass murder. For example: Consider the Japanese cooperative rationing sacrifice and sharing during the Fukushima earthquake; vs their gang raping, pillaging and mass murder; during the rape of Nanking. Similarly, a family, village, region, nation or planet confronting SS DEFCON 2: Scarcity Conflict; the neutral majority can be led by their racial, religious, class or cultural leaders towards sincere root cause problem solving rationing – including of procreation, production and consumption – and equitable sharing of available resources use below ecological carrying capacity limits; or they can be led to mass hoarding hysteria mobjustice looting and race, class and religious war; and looking the other way, while their family members, neighbors, members of their church, are carted off to concentration camp ovens; simply because they belonged to the wrong race, religion, gender, or class.
» IG: 17-08-12_colbysapersteincompost; EoP Leg Sub: 02 Oct: EoP Re: Charles Luddington v Brett Kavanaugh: SCOTUS EoP or WiP honesty standard.

If the 1% bad, 1% good, 98 % neutral and/or the micro-organisms in the compost heap society theory is reasonably correct, which I think it is, although of course the percentages could be very different; then the individuals to focus on incentivizing would be the 2%.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Nov: EoP: Re: Combat Consultant: Q&A With Retired General Stanley McChrystal.

The former you can build trust with; with the latter your state management options [Seb Ronin: The Convergence; IG: Sustainable Security; TRSA: Jonathan Powell: If no military solution; you have to talk to your opponents ELS Ref] are flattery deception with state propaganda and/or coercion with state violence.

Political, military, oligarch, corporate, racial, religious, etc leaders who want to increase the honesty / trust citizen percentage factor in their nation and build a global international law honesty trust society; can provide honesty – ego/eco literacy [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.37-38, 44-48/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.36-37,43-47/70] character – education skills; to enable those who are unconscious about how to respect honesty and build real trust, with the opportunity to learn ego/eco literacy character honesty trust skills, and become honesty trust EoP Axis Alliance [eop-rh-fr: eop-axis-oath] citizens to provide a mandate to implement an honesty / trust – EoP UN Resolution [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] – international law social contract.

The Battle – deep state, oligarchs, citizens, media, religions etc – is between an EoP or WiP Future. » IG: 17-06-25

Under a Babylon War is Peace international law system [eop-v-wip-ism]; states survive and overtly or covertly cannibalize other states resource minerals and/or resource labour; by deception and/or coercion, until the cannibal master state overextends its – natural resources, citizen deception and/or violence labour resources – resource base and collapses.

“Investigation [of the consequences of nations living in accordance to a Masonic War is Peace international law social contract that allows for the nations citizens to procreate and/or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits] shows that whenever two nations have become engaged in warfare they have been advancing on converging lines of [resource acquisition for growing consumption or procreation] self-interest and aggrandizement. When the contact takes place, the struggle for supremacy, or even survival is at hand. This inevitable hour is approximately fixed and determined by the angles of convergence plus the sum of the relative [consumption / breeding war] speed by which the nations are moving along their respective lines. Thus it is that, when the angle of [breeding / consumption war] convergence of both or even one of the nations is acute and the speed or progress along one or both of the converging lines correspondingly great, war results in a few years or decades.” – [EoP Amended] Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance.
» Military Gospel According to Homer Lea.

Societies who engage in totalitarian agriculture [Daniel Quinn: Totalitarian Agriculture], engage in Predator-Prey Growth and Collapse of Civilization/Empire cycles: Greco-Rome, Minoan, Mycenaean, Sumerians, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Seleucid, Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, Parthian, Sassanid, Umayyad, Abbasid, Mauryan, Gupta, Maya, Hittite, Harrapan and Teotihuacan. Collapses result from (1) Ecological Strain and (2) Economic Stratification and include the disappearance of between 90-99% of the populations (from famine, disease and organized violence resource wars) including their kings, Gods, calendars and other complex political and cultural institutions. Economic Stratification Collapse occurs due to unequal consumption of resources generating Elites vs Commoners. As Elites become sizable and keep growing, they consume more; their over-exploitation results in collapse of resources to the Commoners; who experience famine and collapse. Elites — due to their wealth — do not suffer the detrimental effects of environmental collapse until much later than Commoners, which allows them to continue ‘business as usual’, despite the impending catastrophe; explaining how historical collapses were allowed to occur by seemingly oblivious elites (eg Roman & Mayan cases).
» Military Gospel: Human and Nature Dynamics [mg-nasa.tygae.org.za]: 11 Feb: NASA: Human and nature dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies.

Military intelligence officials aware that sustainability – resources sustainability and honesty/deception cooperation/coercion – of state is linked to sustainability of resource base [NATO: Climate Change] – concern themselves with the – honesty vs deception – character of the Milgram 35% [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers]. The 98% cattle citizens followers of the 35% will obey their cattle Milgram 35% race, religious, corporate etc masters.

97.5 % of normal people, prefer to obey ethical laws: Nestar Russell and Annette Bolton: Awareness of impending climate catastrophe has greatly increased over the last 30 years. Increasing awareness, however, has not translated into decreasing but instead increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  …… Interestingly, as illustrated by Milgram’s previously mentioned Subject Free to Choose Shock Level condition, when ordinary people at the end of an organisational chain (e.g., consumers) are aware of the harmful consequences of their actions and they are then offered the unimpeded option to act ethically, 97.5 per cent chose to do so. As long as their self-interests are not too heavily compromised by manipulative up-stream meddling, Milgram’s research clearly illustrates that most people prefer to pursue what they understand to be the morally right course of action. Thus, perhaps more than any other factor, our present inability to avert climate catastrophe is largely an abuse of (mostly higher) power and a total failure of leadership. The fish rots from the head down. – MPDI: “Climate Catastrophe and Stanley Milgram’s Electric Shock “Obedience” Experiments: An Uncanny Analogy” [PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 23 Feb: EoP Objective Honesty Errors in JP Morgan ‘Risky Business’ Climate Report.

EoP Axis Alliance motivated military intelligence officials focus in their own nation and in other nations; is to ascertain who the potential Milgram 35% EoP Axis Alliance officials are in any nation; and to provide such officials with EoP Axis Alliance support. If there is sufficient national and global EoP Axis Alliance support then a global honesty trust international law social contract can be implemented.

To build an honesty trust international law EoP Axis Alliance, you need to focus on the Milgram 2-35% legal decision makers.

Milgram 98% decision makers will abide by EoP or WiP law. An individual can be a Milgram 2% or 35% decision maker in one particular decision making commons and be Milgram 98% decision maker in most other decision making commons. They are the passengers on SY Titanic; in the same way that the Captain, cook and passengers are all passengers.

Milgram 35% decision makers are negligent or intentional conscious or unconscious racial, religious, class or gender activists on behalf of EoP or WiP law. They are the crew on SY Titanic.

Milgram 2% decision makers are negligent or intentional conscious or unconscious racial, religious, class or gender (a) military intelligence agencies; and/or (b) oligarch or foundation philanthropists; media editors, groups who decide what ideas should be funded for academic research, published in their publications; and what ideas should be censored. They are the owner, captain, officers in control of the loudspeaker message on SY Titanic.

For example, the Captain would be the Milgram 2% decision maker; about final ‘Captian duties’ decision making; but he would provide the engineer or doctor with Milgram 2% decision making on issues that he does not consider himself a Milgram 2% expert on. If the owner telephones and says ‘turn the ship around’ then he has an obey or disobey decision. If there are two doctors with different medical opinions, he has to decide which doctor is telling the truth. He has the final ‘Captain’ decision making, unless there is a mutiny.

Most mutiny’s simply replace one WiP law captain with a new WiP law captain, who has slightly different WiP law tactical more or less honest cull the slaughterhouse cattle citizens. Mutiny’s are a waste of time for EoP law motivated citizens, unless they are replacing a conscious and intentional WiP law Captain with a conscious and intentional EoP law captain. If or where a WiP law captain is a potential EoP law captain the best option for any EoP law citizen is to focus their time and resources to help build a mandate for such potential EoP law Captain to overtly embark on an EoP law strategic direction.

EoP Applicants [eop-applicants] support EoP SciCult law [eop-scicultlaw] regime change of WiP Babylon intnl-law [eop-v-wip-law].
» EoP Leg Sub: 25 Jan: EoP Seth Moulton Re: Regime Change in Venezuela, America or anywhere.

Masonic War is Peace Liberation Revolutions / Elections Ring-A-Rosy swop the Yum Yum Cannibal farm Oligarch’s Left / Right / White / Black / Mens Rights / Women’s Empowerment blah blah Celebrity Guru Farm Managers, creating a few new ‘pretend we care about this or that left/right/white/black resource conflict issue activist celebrities who do nothing about addressing the root WiP Intnl law – procreation and consumption above carrying capacity limits – causes of resource conflict of the issues they or their clients whine about’; but who continue to economically sheer or militarily slaughter their tax-farm sperm donor and brood sow sheep/cattle cannon fodder.

Ecology of Peace Liberation Revolutions / Elections abolish the Masonic War is Peace Human Factory Fiat Currency Cannon Fodder Farm, by removing the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of international law, which the Masonic War is Peace factory farm is founded upon; and replacing them with Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] international law clauses which require all the worlds citizens of all nations, races and religions to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits, relate in terms of fully informed consenting agreements; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za].
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Jul: EoP Re: Ocasio-Cortez Time for – Courage for EoP Culture Change – Revolution?

If there are not enough potential EoP Axis Alliance citizens in a nation and/or globally; in our global WiP law Milgram 35% decision making commons; then the current Anglo-American WiP Law  – economic / population growth – led global industrial civilization will go the same way as the Greco-Rome, Minoan, Mycenaean, Sumerians, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Seleucid, Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, Parthian, Sassanid, Umayyad, Abbasid, Mauryan, Gupta, Maya, Hittite, Harrapan and Teotihuacan – economic / population growth – and collapse empires.

The only difference between 0.1% economic growth Climate Change Ecocide Titanic and 5% economic growth Ecocide Titanic is the speed at which they are heading towards the Ecocide Iceberg. The ultimate outcome – ecocide destruction of the planet – of 0.1% growth, 1% growth or 10% growth consumption of any resource in a finite resource environment is the same. The only difference is the one takes longer than the other to reach the ultimate destination. [Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle. Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy: SQ Copy]. If you sincerely want to stop and reverse the Climate Ecocide Titanic; you have to find the intellectual cohones to confront the question: What is a sustainable procreation and consumption footprint?  Not what do my fragile ego feelings want to be a sustainable procreation and consumption footprint; but what – scientifically as in natures law – is a sustainable procreation and consumption footprint. Natures laws do not give a fuck about any race or class or religions fragile ego feelings. You have to be able to articulate the answer to that question in KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – language that everyone can understand – so that fake environmentalists cannot deceive potentially sincere and alarmed layperson citizens [Astrid Dannenberg: Climate Change Negotiations: Unconditional Cooperators and FreeRider Parasites]. The suggested Stop the Ecocide Titanic solution action should not affect one group of people, based on their race, religion, ideology, class or gender, any different than any other group of people. If it does, you will have massive internal conflict juridical problems implementing your Stop the Ecocide Titanic solution.
» EoP Leg Sub: 06 Feb: EoP Re: The Theranos NGO Green New Deal MIC behind Greta Thunbergs School Strike; 17 Dec: EoP Re: MH Army of Greta’s; DW: Climate Refugees in Bangladesh

Albert Bartlett: The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.
Exponential growth / degrowth work the same way. If exponential growth is the strongest force in history [Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy, Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle], exponential degrowth is the equal and opposite strongest force with which to fight exponential growth. Racial, religious, class and gender ecological overshoot resource conflict is a direct consequence of exponential population / consumption growth; which is a direct consequence of exponential function illiterate international law legislation allowing it to occur. Similarly EoP SciCult international law orderly and humane exponential population degrowth can be a direct consequence of exponential function literate lawmakers legislation. China Great Leap Forward: 1958-1961: enabled population Degrowth/Reduction from 56 million to 41 million [IG: Chefurka World Pop Growth: 1910 – 2010]. Climate change benefits via reforestation due to depopulation are massive [The Guardian: European colonization of America’s killed so many it cooled Earth’s climate: SQ Copy; Daily Mail: Genghis Khan the GREEN: Invader killed so many people that carbon levels plummeted: SQ Copy]. In the context of current massive ecological overshoot and climate change, mitigation requires not ‘zero carbon footprints’, but negative carbon footprints. EoP SciCult law – based on EoP Footprint – advocates for (a) a global one child law, which is a negative procreation footprint law [Oregon Univ: Murtaugh: Every child increases a parents carbon footprint by a factor of 20: SQ Copy]; combined with a (b) zero carbon footprint consumption law. In combination they are an End Ecocide ‘minus 25% degrowth carbon footprint’ international law policy. When population reaches ecological carrying capacity limits, the one child law can become a two child law, whereupon the law will be a zero carbon footprint law. Similarly as population decreases, individuals property rations are allowed to increase; until carrying capacity limits where property rations no longer increase, and population and consumption growth are both at zero percent, slightly lower than ecological carrying capacity limits.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 May: EoP TRC Info for Kyle Kulinski, Sean Duffy R-WI & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY

One day, at some point in the future – ten days, ten months, or ten years, ten thousand or ten million years away – there will be sufficient EoP Axis Alliance cooperators and they will implement an honesty trust international law social contract, with its related honesty trust politicians, academics, religions, genepools, etc.

 David Hilbert: Galileo was no idiot. Only an idiot could believe that science requires martyrdom – that may be necessary in religion, but in time a scientific result will establish itself. ….. A mathematical theory is not to be considered complete until you have made it so clear that you can explain it to the first man whom you meet on the street.  …….. One can measure the importance of a scientific work by the number of earlier publications rendered superfluous by it.   [Maths History: David Hilbert; via Proto-Indo-European]
» EoP Leg Sub: 28 May: EoP Law Re: Trump supports statement wearing masks endorses slavery / Whats behind SA Covid-19 Committee squabbles


Ecology of Peace cultures definition of objective truth / reality:

Ecology of Peace Functional Interpretation of Objective Reality Transforming the World Constraints for Sincere Peaceniks / Honourable Warriors:

Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr] and EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw] are EoP culture’s functional group shared system of thought and action frame of orientation and object of inter-species relating devotion interpretation of reality for individuals whose object of devotion/values include: (i) honest – race, religious, gender and cultural – relationships; (ii) an ecological carrying capacity based perspective of observable factual social contract reality; and (iii) non-violent cooperative root cause problem solving.

* Objective Factual Reality:
[1] Earth is not flat.
[2] Resources are finite.
[3] When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in ecological overshoot, resource depletion and resource conflict.
[4] Some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources include: climate change, mass migration, poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc.
[5] The root cause of humans breeding and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits is the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Babylon Masonic War is Peace international law social contract.

* Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior: Interpretative Reality:
[6] If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, political parties, corporations and/or nations sincerely – aka egological literacy [ego-eco-literacy] – want to (a) sustainably protect natural resources for future generations; and/or (b) reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; and/or (c) enable honourable, transparent and humane international cooperative de-industrialization and depopulation of the planet to return to living in accordance to ecological carrying capacity limits; they should (d) cooperate [eop-cooperator] to nullify the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses and replace them with EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw] clauses that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool.
» EoP Leg Sub: 16 May: LJ v LS Court Filing: NoM Afd & EoP UN Res [PDF] EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [PDF]; EoP Footprint [PDF]; EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [PDF]


Ecology of Peace cultures definition of subjective truth / reality:

[10] Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior: Subjective Reality:

[11] In a Babylon WiP international and national constitutional law polegal system, most subjective reality resource conflict disputes, are symptoms of living in a Babylon WiP international law legal system, that allows procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits, resulting in resource depletion, ecological overshoot and resource conflict.

[11.1] Judges, lawyers, editors, academics, politicians, religious leaders, etc can encourage citizens to focus only on their individual or group racial, religious, class or gender subjective reality resource conflict dispute, totally ignoring the root WiP international law causes of their subjective resource conflict reality; or

[11.2] Judges, lawyers, editors, academics, politicians, religious leaders etc can encourage the individuals to focus on their subjective reality resource conflict dispute, within the context of recognizing their resource conflict dispute, is a symptom of living in a Babylon WiP international law legal system; and cooperatively legally, politically, religiously, academically, etc advocate on behalf of abolishing the root WiP international law cause of all racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict disputes.

[12] Subjective Reality Summary:

[12.1] Factual Reality is founded upon Facts: what happened, who said what, who did what to whom, how, when and where. We create the world by noticing who, what, when and how via our senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

[12.2] Our motives for who we choose to be, and what we choose to do and say — covertly and/or overtly — are a reflection of our cultural subjective – ethnicity, religion and class identity – reality.

[12.3] In any objective and/or subjective reality event or circumstance, interpretive Reality is founded upon the interpretation of concrete facts and/or abstract concepts [SQ-G2G: John Friedlander: Abstract, Concrete, General and Specific Terms].

[12.4] Different interpretations of concrete facts and/or abstract concepts can be quickly resolved with no wasting of time or resources; with ego literacy sincere honest listening and confirming of accuracy or inaccuracy of interpretations [ego-eco-literacy: lj-v-ls: PDF pp.36-37/70].

[12.5] Different interpretations of concrete facts and/or abstract concepts can take forever to resolve with massive wasting of time and resources where individuals lack ego literacy character communication skills; and refuse to answer questions and/or confirm the accuracy or inaccuracy of an interpretation; resulting in negligent and/or malicious misrepresentations and/or misunderstandings, where such misrepresentations and/or misunderstandings then become fodder for more disagreements, and more Babylonian confusion and conflict.

[12.6] Objective and Subjective reality interpretations can be functional or dysfunctional. Cooperative resource sharing interpretations will be considered functional amongst individuals who identify as cooperative resource sharing individuals and considered dysfunctional amongst individuals who identify as competitors. Village idiot interpretations will be considered functional amongst individuals who identify as village idiots, and considered dysfunctional amongst individuals who identify as expert deceivers. Objective and subjective interpretations of reality will be considered functional amongst individuals who value brutal honest sharing of objective and subjective interpretations to reach a collective consciousness truth conclusion; and considered dysfunctional amongst individuals who have do not value brutal honest sharing of objective and subjective interpretations to reach a collective consciousness truth conclusion.

[13] An individuals subjective reality can either be honestly transparent, or covertly hidden behind a false public relations image management subjective reality.

[14] Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural international law solution for avoiding subjective reality conflicts with individuals who have strong attachments to a particular racial, religious or cultural value system, is to provide such groups of individuals with Cultural Law Self Rule Homelands [cult-law-self-rule: lj-v-ls: PDF pp.34-35/70]..
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 Nov: LJ Re: Notice: Judicial Service Commission and Judge NC Erasmus: EoP Applicant Statement to Judge Erasmus: Request Written Reasons for Case DismissalEoP Applicant Statement to Judicial Service Commission: Request EoP and WiP Conflict of Cultures Judge: Case Dismissal Merit Issues in Dispute.


McVeigh 2020 EoP Law Covid-19 Lockdown Rules Recommendations.

The supreme priority for EoP culture – including during any national or global resource conflict crisis symptom of WiP international law – is building an EoP Axis [eop-axis] Alliance [30 Nov: EoP Re: National Comm on Military, National and Public Service Enquiry; McVeigh 2020: TN to NATO: 14 Apr McV20 Notice: Defund UN, WB, IMF, NATO] to submitEoP UN Resolution  to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70| lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.17-54/56 | lj-v-shoc: PDF: 43-84/88 | lj-v-nmn: PDF: pp.11-76/83| lj-v-trc: PDF: pp.30-71/137] as international law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation economic degrowth path to a low tech responsible freedom family farm agrarian economy.

McVeigh2020 [mcveigh2020] / EoP MILED Clerk would – similar to Sweden and Belarus [08 Apr: McVeigh 2020: EoP Re Lukashenko Weimar Herd Culling Q re Gates WHO Covid-19 Lockdown] – not have recommended a tactical lockdown in response to Covid-19 pandemic. Caveat: unless one of the tactical goals of the Covid Lockdown was a global dimming experiment: [25 Mar: EoP Re Covid 19 – measure Global Dimming / educate exponential function – experiment?; 30 Dec: EoP A to McPherson – GHardin Climate Emergency – Paradox Question].

Either way if a – Covid19 or Covid-Global-Dimming-experiment – tactical lockdown was implemented in any nation; to accomplish EoP Axis Alliance strategic goals; then such tactical lockdown should be an EoP Law lockdown. EoP Law Covid-19 lockdown rules submitted to NIAID: Anthony Fauci, WHO: Tedros Adhanom [30 Mar: McVeigh2020: EoP Law Covid-19 Lockdown Rules Recommendations] for Milgram 2% or 35% WHO, Head of State, military, juridical, political and civil society decision makers, who want to include their nation in EoP Axis Alliance.

An EoP Axis Alliance nation is a nation whose Head of State – on their own Milgram 2% decision making [Invictus: Dictator; Iron Lady; A Woman Named Golda; The Upright Man; John Brown; Bram Fischer]; or with a Milgram 35% EoP Axis Oath [eop-axis-oath] mandate from cabinet, parliament, judiciary, military and/or civil society [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers] – has instructed their UN Ambassador to (a) authorize EoP UN Resolution for submission to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020; and/or if already submitted to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020 [09 Mar: FilingLetter to Judge Nathan Erasmus: PDF; 16 Apr: CCMA 1063-20: LJ v TRC: Draft Settlement Agreement]; (b) to vote Aye authorizing EoP UN Resolution: EoP Scientific and Cultural law to become international law; at the time of the UN General Assembly – EoP UN Resolution – vote.

EoP Axis Alliance Head of State Legal and Military EoP UN Resolution Mandate Alternatives:
» Judiciary [eop-legcertenq: 21 Apr: DRAFT: Presidents of Russia, China; USA & EU: Joint letter to their Constitutional / Supreme Court Chief Justices. Subject: Re: EoP Axis Truth and Reconciliation to End Abel & Kane Cold War Negotiations; to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law];
» Military [RI: Crimea: 10 Aug: EoP Applicants: Draft: MilDem EoP UN Resolution Martial Law].


Summary: EoP Law – TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War – Axis Alliance negotiations:

The question is whether EoP SciCult law [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] or WiP Babylon law should be master intnl law; that’s all. [EoP Summary EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Jan: EoP v WiP Law Relevance Defns A: Re JManchin: If its relevant I want to hear it.

Lawrence Wilkerson: We need some sort of relationship like that between Washington and Beijing today, I think. And I do not mean in any way that we should rule the world together. What I mean is the [ecological & economic collapse consequences of WiP ‘right to breed/consume above ecological carrying capacity limits’ intnl law] challenges like we’re going to confront in the 21st century, challenges that could be [species ending] existential, challenges like climate change, challenges like enough water to drink, enough food to eat, and so forth — I’ve seen some projections that say — by climatologists whose views I respect, that say we could have only arable land and water enough for some half-billion people. What do we do with the other 9 billion? Where do we bury them? How do we deal with that kind of massive change in human relationships with this planet? So these are huge challenges. So what I’m saying is you need this kind of great-power relationship, this great-state relationship to begin to lead the [EoP truth and reconciliation responsible freedom] way for others to follow. – [EoP Amended] The Real News: Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Lawrence Wilkerson: Who Makes Foreign Policy: If We Remain Predators; the Planet Will Cast us off [SQ Copy].
» EoP Leg Sub: 15 Mar: Req for EoP TRC Info: Timberland: J Swartz; Chiquita: C Flores: Nobel Peace Prize Nomination: Abel TRC Reason Freelancer.

EoP MILED Clerk – on behalf of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants] – Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End the Abel and Kane Cold War strategic and tactical – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr] – recommendations to Commanders in Chief of NATO, Red Army and People’s Liberation Army [lj-v-ls] is to form an EoP Axis [eop-axis] alliance to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law as international law, via EoP UN Resolution [PDF pp.25-66/70: eop-un-res]; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation by  (a) requiring all citizens of all races, religions, nations, to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool; (b) nationalizing all property and providing all responsible freedom oath citizens: (i) cultural law self rule homelands for groups with subjective racial, religious & gender identities; and (ii) a property ration to enable their shelter and survival self-sufficiency to enable the rebuilding of a relocalized low-tech organic agrarian sustainable future. With regard to military/national/public service: The implementation of EoP Scientific and Cultural law would allow for orderly and humane abolition of tax funded standing armies and political representatives to be replaced by responsible freedom citizen militia and political representatives. Sincere peacenik / honourable warrior citizens can sign their unconditional or conditional cooperator EoP Axis Oaths [eop-axis-oath] to provide their Heads of State with an EoP Axis Alliance: EoP UN Resolution mandate.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer: Iowa Secretary of State: Pro Se Filing Notice: McVeigh 2020: EoP / OKC TRC Return to Steppe Aryan Eden Negotiations: Write In Candidate [PDF.pp.24]: Annexure: E1ac [PDF: pp.16] E1c: 03 Dec: McVeigh2020 TN to US Pres Cand. EoP Re: Nat Comm on Mil, Natl & Pub Svc Enq.

FSB Director General Alexander Bortnikov’s EoP Truth and Reconciliation to End Abel and Kane Cold War [Clarkson or ExactlyTN: Endgame: Journey] negotiations preliminary offer on behalf of President Vladimir Putin and Russian Supreme Court: Chief Justice: Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lebedev; to President Donald Trump, US Senate and Congress; via SCOTUS: Chief Justice: John Roberts: FSB Message: If Donald Trump and Jared Kushner sincerely want an End Abel and Kane Cold War Peace Deal of Century: FSB / GRU / Kremlin preliminary offer: Consent to EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.25-66/70] Denuclearization Definition [lj-v-ls: PDF: pp.38/70].
» EoP Leg Sub: 02 Feb: EoP Int: Kremlin Consent to EoP UN Resolution Denuke Definition Offer.

Transparency Notification of EoP Int: Kremlin Consent to EoP UN Resolution Denuke Definition Offer – which occurred on the 30th anniversary of Apartheid SA President FW de Klerk’s 02 Feb 1990 End of Apartheid speech to Parliament; which resulted in Post-Apartheid South Africa shutting down its Nuclear Weapons program.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Feb: Notice to IA Sec of State: Re: RU Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Definition Offer; 02 Feb: TN: LJvFWdK/SGMC: EoP Int: Kremlin – Consent to EoP UN Res Denuke Defn – Offer.

[12] The Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Sep: Court Filing: LJ v Speaker: George Council & Four Others; 09 Nov: EoP Re: eNCA: Springbok support questioned.

Occidental Hotel: Aleksandr Semyonovich Feklisov aka Aleksandr Fomin: How can my government know that this is a serious and valid proposal?. John Scali: You may say that if Ambassador Stevenson pursues this approach in the United Nations, our Ambassador Soren will be most receptive. – Peter Jennings: The Missiles of October (1992).
» EoP Leg Sub: 15 May: EoP Answer to David Q: Masonic War is Peace Question; 31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP UN Resolution negotiations.


McVeigh 2020 / EoP culture re Questions:

Grab an Able Reason Ego Ready Room Death Panel Rock: Draw a Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Ecocide Footprint Line
Marcus Luttrell: I was in bad shape, I was dying and I didn’t know what to do. I was lying against this tree and looking at the moon and feeling sorry for myself. I lay there and said you are being a bitch, get up, lets go. What was I going to do, lay down there and die? I was thinking I am still alive, so the mission is still on, lets go. So I reached out and I grabbed a rock, and I reached out as far as I could and I drew a line with it in infront of me. I said I am going to crawl to that line, if my feet hit it, and I am still alive, I am going to do it again. I did that for seven miles. ……….  Gen James Cartwright: The speed of informing someone, of bringing key relevant information was so much quicker in a brutal no rank ready room, the downside that we have found is extremely small, the upsides are the intellectual capital, the speed to which you gain information; and context for decisions, and planning and execution. I have not found anything that comes even close. If you decide to enter into a conversation as a senior person, in at least rank, you can be globally stupid, and you can do it very quickly and if that bothers you, then you are going to have to toughen up the hide. In the military structure, that is something that is a paradigm shift. But if you can’t stand being globally stupid once in a while, this is not the space for you. – Lone Survivor: Trailer: Marcus Luttrell: Draw a Line; BizofGov: US Strategic Command: Gen James Cartwright 01.02.03.
» EoP Leg Sub: 20 Dec: McVeigh2020: Rep Dingell & Sen Graham: EoP Axis – If Hitler Invaded Hell – Q; 22 Mar: McVeigh 2020: EoP v WiP Law Re: Covid-19 Death Panels; IG: 17-08-05_genjcartwright-perfectinformation.

EoP MILED Clerk does not require a formal – service by a sheriff – legal process for any request for information. An email with questions, or for a request for particular information or evidence is sufficient. All emails with a request for information – irrespective of the race, class, religion, gender of the author, or the size of their country, or whether they have zero police wo/men, or nuclear weapons – are given the benefit of the doubt that they are an honourable request for information and responded to in accordance with EoP Ego/Eco literacy [ego-eco-literacy] communication policy. No lawyers or Sheriffs or Judges required to get a buck stops here [eop-rh-cult-info.tygae.org.za] answer to any question.  EoP Responsible Freedom represents ‘walk our sincere peacenik talk’ path towards smallest government in the world. When every citizen in a nation is a responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oath [eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za] citizen aka volunteer citizen militia / sheriff: Babylon Masonic War is Peace factory farm slaughterhouse [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms; ELS Ref] government is effectively abolished.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Mar: EoP Re NZ Police Req to Kiwifarms re 15 Mar Christchurch Mosque attack

EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


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