01 Jun: LJ Re MLA-FM: Re CCMA LJ v Estate Gill Elliott

* Crawley Family, David Crawley, Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys, Desere Barnard, The One Financial Solution, Isobel Rohwer, Marlise Steenekamp, Marais Lamprecht Attorneys, Francois Lamprecht, Sonja Corker, Garden Route SPCA, Bruno MacDonald
* 01 Jun: LJ Re MLA-FM: Re CCMA LJ v Estate Gill Elliott
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From: Lara Johnson <eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 17:43:06 +0200
Subject: Re: CCMA: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott
To: Marais Lamprecht Attorneys <info@mllegal.co.za>, Francois Lamprecht <francois@mllegal.co.za>, Sonja Corker <sonja@mllegal.co.za>
Cc: “The One Financial Solution: Isobel Rohwer” <isobel@theonefs.co.za>, Marlise Steenekamp <marlise@theonefs.co.za>, Garden Route SPCA <receptiong@grspca.co.za>, SPCA George <educationg@grspca.co.za>, Bruno MacDonald <brunomacdonald@gmail.com>, “Crawley Family: David Crawley” <crawleydavid1@gmail.com>, “Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys: Desere Barnard: Rachel Hannies” <rachel@bvdblegal.co.za>
Message-ID: <47c44176ea8c3cd1dbf038af9e3ec9d5@tygae.org.za>


TO: Francois Lamprecht
CC: The One Financial Solution: Isobel Rohwer & Marlise Steenekamp
CC: Crawley Family: Gerda and David Crawley
CC: Garden Route SPCA: Bruno MacDonald
CC: Dawn Meyer: Per Isobel Rohwer and/or Bruno MacDonald

Francois Lamprecht:

Re: CCMA: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott

As per email to Sonja Corker [01 Jun: LJ Re Sonja Corker ‘Estate Gill Elliott’ 20.06.01 10:54 hrs email]: I shall respond to the contents of Francois Lamprecht’s letter [01 Jun: MLA-FM: Estate Late: Gill Elliott] separately.


ML-FL: We refer to the above matter.

EoP-LJ: You – presumably Francois Lamprecht on behalf of Marais Lamprecht Attorneys – refer to the CCMA and Master of High Court: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott matter.


ML-FL: We are instructed that our client is prepared to arrange for the relocation of your SQ worm farm from the property at 18 Chestnut Street, Heatherpark, George to any address in George on or before 4 June 2020, at no cost to yourself. The above proposal is made to assist you and in an effort to avoid costly and protacted litigation and in finalization of any and all disputes with and/or claims that you may have againt our client (The One Financial Solution), its duly authorized representative (Mrs Isobel Rohwer) in her personal capacity, the estate late Gill Elliott, its executor, heirs and/or the current occupant/s of the property. We trust that our client’s proposal will meet with your favourable consideration and we await your confirmation of the address to which your belongings can be relocated as soon as possible.

EoP-LJ: If your offer is a sincere offer which you or your clients sincerely believe is within my capacity to accept. If so: Thank you for your offer.

One ought not, in Gandhi’s view, to launch a struggle for a very general objective, such as “world peace,” “freedom,” “independence,” or “brotherhood.” The avowed campaign objective must be more specific. It needs to be within the capacity of the opponents to grant and within the power capacity of the resisters to take if need be. Extreme abstractions are not. – Albert Einstein Institute: Gene Sharp: How Nonviolent Struggle Works.
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 Jun: EoP Re: Gene Sharp: How to Start a Dictatorship to Democracy Revolution.

Unfortunately your clients working hypothesis and/or belief that their offer is within my capacity to accept is inaccurate. If or when they make an offer that is within my capacity to accept; I shall be happy to accept it.

There are numerous reasons, among others: [A] I don’t have a property where all my SQWorms property can be stored. I shall move what SQWorms property can be moved to 16 Taaibos Ave, and continue to look for another property where my other SQWorms property can be moved to [§]. [B] I have not been informed of any reasonable reasons for your clients ‘Fuck Gill’s Lara Roy adoption instructions’ behaviour.

[§] If or when I receive a confirmed No EoP OKC TRC political or legal ruling; prior [30 May: Req for Info: Judge Mlambo Re: EoP Law Applic to Judge Fabricius: MKhoza v MoD] to 31 Dec 2020 deadline [09 Mar: FilingLetter to Judge Nathan Erasmus: PDF; 16 Apr: CCMA 1063-20: LJ v TRC: Draft Settlement Agreement]; then I will sell all SQWorms property to pay for my departure to Siberia. If I don’t receive a confirmed No EoP OKC TRC ruling; prior to 31 Dec 2020 deadline, I shall sell any SQWorms property at 18 Chestnut St, and make plans for my military ruling solution [19 Nov: LJ Notice to EoP Applicants: Status of EoP TRC Negotiations].

If US and/or South African officials do not cooperate re [lj-v-ls] No EoP TRC: Lara and Tim Siberia Assisted Suicide. If so: I shall have to implement my alternative departure option: Provide President Putin and the FSB with a written affidavit request and authorization to psychotronically terminate my life, my parents can provide the ashes to the Russian Ambassador, for the FSB to scatter in the Siberian wilderness.
» EoP Leg Sub: 19 Nov: LJ Notice to EoP Applicants: Status of EoP TRC Negotiations

If at any time the FSB and/or NSA individually or jointly [McVeigh and Putin final decision makers] conclude that it is a matter of military necessity [mil-nec] to activate the military assisted suicide solution at any particular time, prior to a legal or political LJ v LS [lj-v-ls] legal certainty ruling:

For example: If Dawn calls the police alleging that I am trespassing; while I am in good faith cooperating and moving my SQWorms property in accordance to SQWorms Tenant Property Access Pending Settlement Agreement / Ruling in ZAWCHC: 4968/20 or CCMA (“SQWorms 18 Chestnut St Access”) [28 May: CCMA Grg Filing: LJ v Estate Gill Elliott: PDF: pp.14-15/71]; they can give me an instant ‘military necessity’ response heart attack, and when the police arrive, I will be dead in 18 Chestnut St yard.


EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529


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