01 Jun: Transcript Lara – Dawn / Isobel SMS Correspondence

* Dawn Meyer, The One Financial Solution, Isobel Rohwer
* 01 Jun: Transcript Lara – Dawn / Isobel SMS Correspondence.
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Transcript Lara – Dawn – Isobel SMS Correspondence:

Lara Johnstone: 071-170 1954
Dawn Meyer: 072-569 5555
Isobel Rohwer: 084-660 7339


Sent 01 Jun 2020: 18:15 hrs
From: Lara; To: Dawn; CC: Isobel

Dawn: isobels lawyer says he is lawyer for u & crawleys also. Ask him or Isobel to print copies of docs for u. u or aj – for u – can also read all docs online at lj-v-gme.tygae.org.za. Lara


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