02 Jun: EoP Req for Info Re Blitsdruk Covid-19 policies.

* George Blitsdruk, LJ Rossel
* 02 Jun: EoP Req for Info Re Blitsdruk Covid-19 policies.
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From: EoP MILED Clerk <eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 22:45:14 +0200
Subject: Req for Info Re Blitsdruk Covid-19 policies.
To: “George Blitsdruk: LJ Rossel” <george@blitsdruk.co.za>
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George Blitsdruk: LJ Rossel:

Mr Rossel:

Req for Info Re Blitsdruk Covid-19 policies.

I am a longtime customer. I am writing to ask whether you would consider amending your Covid-19 business policy to allow for persons who don’t wear masks to purchase your printing services.

I noticed that Blitsdruk Covid-19 business policy is extremely enthusiastic. You are demanding people wear masks, and get temperature tests. What are you going to do, once civil courts reopen and your customers start suing you for forcing them to wear masks without scientific evidence in support of mask wearing?

Russell Blaylock: Wearing a face mask causes one to re-breath the carbon dioxide (CO2), that the lungs are attempting to expel. This in turn reduces the immune response, negatively affects epithelial cell function (cells in the lungs and blood vessels) and lowers the amount of oxygen exchange across the alveolar membranes. ……. Breathing in your own respiratory waste may not be that healthy. Who knew? – Childrens Health Defense: The Risks vs Benefits of Face Masks – Is there an Agenda?; Straight Line Logic: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy.
» EoP Leg Sub: 28 May: EoP Law Re: Trump supports statement wearing masks endorses slavery / Whats behind SA Covid-19 Committee squabbles.

Mitch McConnell: It’s going to take a certain amount of courage to open your business up again if you think there’s a lawyer right out on the curb waiting to go after you if he sees somebody within six feet of someone else. – Politico: McConnell dangles aid to states – with a catch.

My SQWorms [sqworms] small business Covid 19 mask policy is voluntary [04 May: McVeigh2020: WHO Covid-19 Lockdown, Mandatory Masks & Tobacco Ban illegal under EoP Law]. Most of my customers come at one at a time intervals, cause it’s a very small business. But if it was larger the policy would be that customers and employees who want to wear masks can work certain times of the day; or certain days; and customers and employees who don’t want to wear masks can work at different times or different days.

Would you be willing to consider such a policy for your business?  You could still apply social distancing, and only allow in a limited number of customers at a time to enforce social distancing.

Some questions I posed to one of South Africa’s ‘mandatory masks medical dictatorship’ academics:

[3] What would you say is the level of academic research certainty with regard to mask wearing?

[4] What is your personal academic level of belief or hypothesis enquiry conclusions certainty as to your academic conclusions as to the negative / positive benefits of wearing masks?

[5] If you summarize the unvarnished truthseeking quality of your research: what percentage of your research included academic truthseeking into academics research conclusions for and against wearing masks? 50/50; 10/90; 01/99?

[6] When you engage in unvarnished truthseeking; are you willing to consider the research conclusions of critics of the oligarchy philanthropy medical industrial complex medical healthcare model?

[7] Why do you think that the eNCA newsreporter only interviewed a pro-mask-wearing academic; without giving any platform to an anti-mask-wearing academic? As a truthseeking scientist who sincerely values constructive criticism as means of finding the truth; did you object to such blatant pro-mask wearing academic conclusions media bias? Did you recommend that eNCA provide a platform for an anti-mask-wearing academic, so that viewers could hear both sides; prior to consenting to be interviewed? If not, why not?

[8] Are you aware of the anti-mask-wearing conclusions; some of them from credible ‘modern medicine is the leading cause of death’ critics of the oligarchy philanthropy medical industrial complex critics: * WHO: Dr Margaret Harris [LBC: Why face masks don’t protect you]; * Denis Rancourt [Denis Rancourt: Masks Don’t Work against COVID-19; RG: Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy]; * Andrew Kaufman [Andre Levy: Masks can make you sick]; * Judy Mikovitz [Dunamisk: Judy Mikovitz; Thrivetime Show: Judy Mikovitz: Why you should not wear a mask; Buzz Pelermon: Judy Mikovitz: Mask Hoax; Childrens Health Defense: Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science]
» EoP Leg Sub: 10 May: McVeigh 2020: EoP re: KDheda: in/accuracy of mask wearing research.

If your business policy is an evidentiary policy; the following information may be helpful; not for you to conclude either way, but for you to conclude that the science is not settled, that there is a huge amount of disagreement between academics. That until the science is settled, the safest legal policy – not only for lawsuits, but your conscience – is to allow for a voluntary policy; is to trust people to make their own decisions; to choose to trust their own scientists. If they choose the wrong scientists to trust then they can sue those scientists.

According to Judy Mikovitz [Plandemic] some doctors in America are being paid $13,000 to declare anyone who dies with Covid, as having died from Covid [Bahamas: The Difference between Dying from Covid and With Covid]; to artificially raise the Covid death rate.

“The accuracy of the current COVID-19 tests is not precisely known. Reasonable estimates, based on test performance in China and the performance of the influenza tests, are that the tests will correctly identify around 60 percent of the patients with the disease and correctly identify 90 percent of the patients that are disease-free. Assume that the physician thinks there is a 50 percent of the patient having COVID-19. Given the above numbers, if the patient has the disease, the test will be positive 85 percent of the time. Fifteen percent of the infected patients will incorrectly be diagnosed as not having the disease. If the patient does not have the disease, only 70 percent of the patients will have a negative test. It would take four consecutive negative tests to conclusively prove the patient did not have the disease.“ – Kevin Pho: The accuracy of COVID-19 tests.
» EoP Leg Sub: 30 Mar: McVeigh2020: EoP Law Covid-19 Lockdown Rules Recommendations.

Is Covid-19 an Iraq WMD military medical media industrial complex culling hoax?:
A former Tory defence minister admitted his government could face a ‘Chilcot-style’ inquiry at the end of the coronavirus epidemic. The chair of the Defence Select Committee Tobias Ellwood told Channel 4 News viewers he expected members of his own government will be summoned to an inquiry into their handling of the coronavirus crisis. The former infantry captain said: “There will be many questions, difficult questions that will be asked. In the future, there will be a Chilcot-esque type of inquiry, no doubt.” The Chilcot inquiry – formally known as the Iraq Inquiry – was led by Sir John Chilcot and reviewed the government’s involvement in the Iraq War and the actions of the then Labour prime minister Tony Blair. The investigation took place between 2009 and 2011 and its findings were finally published in 2016. – New European: Senior Tory admits government could face ‘Chilcot-esque’ inquiry after coronavirus epidemic.
» EoP Leg Sub: 25 Apr: McVeigh2020: EoP UN Resolution Re: Global Bankruptcy Debt Relief.

Tanzania President Magulfi: WHO Covid tests – positive in goat and pawpaw – faulty.
Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s assertions that coronavirus tests in the country are faulty have been rejected by the World Health Organization. The statement comes after Mr Magufuli on Sunday said Tanzania’s COVID-19 test kits had been defective, as they had provided positive results after tests from a goat and a pawpaw fruit had been submitted. Dr John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC), said Tanzania was using test kits supplied by the Africa CDC in collaboration with the Chinese Jack Ma Foundation, which met international standards. “Tanzania is using the same test that everyone is using,” Dr Nkengasong said, noting that it was improbable the tests were faulty. The World Health Organization has rejected claims by Tanzanian President John Magufuli that coronavirus tests in his country have been faulty. “We are convinced that the tests… are not contaminated with the virus,” WHO Africa director Matshidiso Moeti said in a media briefing. “We are not in agreement with (Magufuli’s) point of view,” Dr Moeti added. – SBS News: Tanzania says ‘faulty’ WHO test kits showed coronavirus in a goat and a pawpaw.

Michael Osterholm: Point of Impact: An Inaccurate Covid Test is worse than No Test.
Today everyone is so convinced about getting tests, that they miss the point that a bad test is worse than no test. The FDA basically has created a wild wild west environment for this Covid testing where on their approval process they have let tests on the market that basically have a very very wide range of results. The quality of these tests right now vary a great deal and that is a challenge in terms of understanding, if you get a negative result, is it really negative?. – CNN: Trump questions ‘whole concept of tests.’ See Gupta’s reaction.

Gates: I can’t sell IMF debt slave vaccines to countries with Covid-19 herd immunity:
Rosemary Frei: Then a few seconds later, at 33:45, Gates drops another bomb: “We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people […] To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected. We’re well below that today, but with exponentiation, you could get past that three million [people or approximately one percent of the U.S. population being infected with COVID-19 and the vast majority recovering]. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain.” It appears that rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and most develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to COVID-19, Gates and his colleagues far prefer to create a vast, hugely expensive, new system of manufacturing and selling billions of test kits, and in parallel very quickly developing and selling billions of antivirals and vaccines. And then, when the virus comes back again a few months later and most of the population is unexposed and therefore vulnerable, selling billions more test kits and medical interventions. Vaccines are very big business: this Feb. 23 CNBC article, for example, describes the vaccine market as six times bigger than it was 20 years ago, at more than $35 billion annually today, and providing a $44 return for every $1 invested in the world’s 94 lowest-income countries [eNCA: SA seeks IMF loan to fight Covid-19]. Notably, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – which has an endowment of $52 billion – has given more than $2.4 billion to the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2000. The Politico article quotes a Geneva-based NGO representative as saying Gates is “treated liked a head of state, not only at the WHO, but also at the G20,”and that Gates is one of the most influential people in global health. Meanwhile, officials around the world are doing their part to make sure everyone social distances, self-isolates and/or stays locked down. Gates very likely knows that there is little if any reason to worry about being in close contact with other people unless you or they are vulnerable to developing a severe illness from COVID-19. He surely knows, also, that if you contract COVID-19 and you’re otherwise healthy you’ll very likely have few symptoms, if any, and recover quickly. And that this exposure in fact is beneficial because in the process you will develop antibodies to the virus and have natural, long-lasting immunity to it. – Off Guardian: Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason behind the Lock-Downs?; Torontians for Transparency: Where’s the Evidence Supporting the Drastic Measures Against COVID-19?; via Straight Line Logic.
» EoP Leg Sub: 06 Apr: EoP Re: Do you have reason to doubt analysis of Dr Anthony Fauci; 08 Apr: McVeigh 2020: EoP Re Lukashenko Weimar Herd Culling Q re Gates WHO Covid-19 Lockdown.

Judge Davis: SA Gov Covid-19 lockdown regulations don’t meet the rationality test:
‘Sheer irrationality’: Minister has 14 days to amend lockdown regulations, says judge. The North Gauteng High Court has declared level 3 and 4 of the lockdown regulations unconstitutional, saying “some of the regulations promulgated by the government simply did not meet the rationality test in preventing the spread of Covid-19”. The order is, however, suspended until such time Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, after consultation with the relevant cabinet ministers, reviews, amends and republishes the regulations. Reyno de Beer, of Derdepoort in Pretoria, who represented the group in court, said the Disaster Management Act regulations are invalid and illegal as they are unreasonable and violated the rights of almost every citizen in the country. He said it not only controlled business activities which are being stifled, but also almost every aspect of everyday life. Judge Davis found that some of the regulations promulgated by the government simply did not meet the rationality test in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The judge questioned various aspects of the lockdown provisions. He said, among others: “To put it bluntly, it can hardly be argued that it is rational to allow scores of people to run on the promenade, but were one to step a foot on a beach, (it) will lead to rampant infection. – IOL: ‘Sheer irrationality’: Minister has 14 days to amend lockdown regulations, says judge.

Dr Myasnikov: This covid stuff is all exaggerated bullshit.
Its all bullshit .. Its all exaggerated. Its an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality .. Why has the whole world been destroyed. That I don’t know. – Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russias Head of Coronavirus Information. – Off Guardian: Its all Bullshit -3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative.

Pro Covid Medical Dictatorship Lockdown politicians; end lockdowns for George Floyd Protests:
Item: You can’t social distance when you protest. So we now know these lockdowns and all this crap about social distancing was a lie, because what you have here are the media encouraging their own viewers to riot and protest, and Democrats encouraging their own voters to riot and protest… And I think it’s safe to assume if the media and Democrats believed the coronavirus would kill their viewers and voters, they would not encourage such a thing. The hideous Gretchen Whitmer, the hideous Democrat governor of Michigan, spent weeks gleefully punishing her own constituents for the sins of going to church, buying garden seeds, getting a haircut, and holding house parties… Anyone who dared ignore Gretchen’s Kafka-esque outlawing of the very things that make life worth living, were harassed, fined, arrested, and basically terrorized by the State — all in the name of the threat of the coronavirus. And God help those who dared protest her tyranny, God help those protesters, who she shamed, blamed, and used to extend her anti-science lockdowns. Well, well, well — will you look at the hideous Gretchen now… Suddenly large gatherings and the coronavirus is no real problem in Michigan! How else to explain why the hideous Gretchen all of a sudden turned around to support large gatherings (unless, of course, you’re going to church). So we can at least thank the [George Floyd protestor] rioters for exposing the hideous Gretchen for the tyrant she really is. What’s more, after the rioters encouraged her to come out in favor of large gatherings, Gretchen’s entire rationale for lockdowns collapsed to a point where she finally surrendered on Monday and put an end to them. Thank you, rioters! – Breitbart: We Should Thank the Rioters for Exposing the Lockdowns as purely Political.

McVeigh2020 [mcveigh2020] does not pretend to know whether Covid-19 (a) actually exists or is just another Iraq-WMD military medical media industrial complex WiP Law slaughterhouse  culling hoax; (b) some cases attributed to Covid are the result of one or more military agency’s use of psychotronic technology [03 Apr: EoP Covid Cold War Obs: Crozier v NavSec; US v Moreno]; (c) is the result of natural zoonotic disease jumping from animals to humans; (d) caused and/or aggravated by 5G and pollution; or (e) negligent or intentional iatrogenic biological warfare [08 May: Covid 19: Hoax, Experiment, Nature, Accident or Intentional?]. McVeigh 2020 does know that the root cause of all these Covid-19 – WMD hoax, natural, 5G laboratory or biowarfare negligent or intentional – symptoms are a direct and indirect result of overpopulaton and overconsumption resulting from governments and the United Nations negligent or intentional failure to abolish Babylon War is Peace international law [EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law: PDF], and implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [mcveigh2020: PDF: pp.26-67/71 | lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation.
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 May: McVeigh 2020: EoP Re: AU-EU Covid origins WHO Resolution.

Russell Blaylock: Wearing a face mask causes one to re-breath the carbon dioxide (CO2), that the lungs are attempting to expel. This in turn reduces the immune response, negatively affects epithelial cell function (cells in the lungs and blood vessels) and lowers the amount of oxygen exchange across the alveolar membranes. ……. Breathing in your own respiratory waste may not be that healthy. Who knew?

EoP/OKC TRC Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529



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