18 Jul: SQWorms A: Jeff Reese Bokashi Humanure Composting Q

* Jeff Reese, Humanure Handbook, Joseph Jenkins, Permaculture Humanure, Geoff Lawton
* 18 Jul: SQWorms A: Jeff Reese Bokashi Humanure Composting Q.
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To: ‘Jeff Reese’
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Subject: SQWorms A: Jeff Reese Bokashi Humanure Composting Q

TO: Jeff Reese
CC: Humanure Handbook: Joseph Jenkins; Permaculture Humanure: Geoff Lawton


SQWorms A: Jeff Reese Bokashi Humanure Composting Q.

I received your 18 Jul email [18 Jul: Jeff Reese: SQWorms Humanure Composting Question]. SQWorms Active Listening [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle: 9 min] answers.


JR: Great info on your site!

SQ-LJ: Glad the SQWorms [sqworms] info is useful.


JR: Quick question:

SQ-LJ: Generally speaking, my thoughts are that: Quick questions and answers work with individuals who are unconditional or conditional cooperator confirmed allies sharing the same strategic goal.

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JR: Once the bokashi humanure has fermented for two weeks, is it okay to just bury it a couple feet deep in the ground and plant a tree above it rather than putting it into a compost pile for several months?

SQ-LJ: I don’t know if two weeks of Bokashi humanure fermenting kills the humanure pathogens.

Perhaps you remember the case of the English doctor John Snow, who in the 19th century had noticed a correlation between the number of cases of cholera in London and the distance of the homes of people sick from a certain public fountain. He shut it down and so he managed to stop the epidemic. Much later, it was discovered that the fountain fished near a well that contained infected fecal matter. Today, it seems obvious to us that Snow was right but, in his time, the role of bacteria in infectious diseases was not known and his idea was initially opposed. It may be that someone had also said to him that ” correlation does not mean causation!” But if Snow had waited for certainty, people would have continued to drink from that fountain and die of cholera.  … Once more, we see how the damage we do to the ecosystem comes back to us. At this point, it is useless to blame the Chinese bat-eaters or the government that did not close the borders in time. To a large extent, the blame lies with all of us who, with the excuse of “development”, have not done enough to combat air pollution. It will take time to remedy, but, at least, the coronavirus is teaching us that there is no development if it is not sustainable and that sustainable development respects both the ecosystem and human health. Hopefully, we’ll remember that in the future. – Cassandra Legacy: Italy: The Virus Hits Polluted Areas. Is There a Correlation?.
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According to Bokashi fermenting experts, Bokashi fermenting of organic kitchen food waste helps the food waste to quickly decompose to make it more accessible for dig a hole garden composting. If two weeks of Bokashi Humanure fermenting kills the humanure pathogens, that would be news to me. I am not a Humanure pathogens precautions expert. I would ask Humanure Handbook: Joseph Jenkins and Permaculture Humanure composting Geoff Lawton, for a more definitive answer, particularly if your tree is a fruit tree.

Generally speaking my pathogen free humanure compost precautions are as follows:

I let my humanure ferment in Bokashi bucket while collecting it. Once the collecting bucket is full, I am using two methods.

Humanure Handbook Humanure Composting [Humanure Handbook: humanurehandbook.com: Happen Films: Greg & Lisa Johnstone Humanure Handbook Humanure Composting; Joe Jenkins: Uganda Humanure Handbook Humanure Composting Training]:
I let the Bokashi humanure ferment for about a month. Then I add the Bokashi humanure to a normal hot compost pile to kill any pathogens. After about two months, I add the composted Bokashi humanure pile to a second new hot compost pile, to kill any surviving pathogens. After that I turn the compost pile at least three times over a period of about nine months to a year, before using the final compost mix.

Permaculture Humanure Composting [Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Humanure Composting]:
I put the Bokashi humanure a composting toilet wheelie bin bucket. I let it sit for a year.  I only started using this method a month ago, so the permaculture composting process is far from completed. I am currently testing this method, so I don’t know what the final result will be. If Geoff’s results are accurate; I imagine the end compost result will be the same, but I will have saved myself allot of composting turning. Once the year has passed, I will see what the compost comes out like.

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