25 Jul: EoP Re RASA-WA Re EoP Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets

* RASA: Restaurant Assoc of SA, Wendy Alberts, 101 Meade, Jeremy Ben Gibbs, The Gremlin, Bruce Middleton, Afriforum, Vic Lagrange, WESSA Eden, Christine Ridge-Schnaufer, George Mayor Leon van Wyk, Gerrit Pretorius, Louise Brown, DJ Goussard Attorneys.
* 25 Jul: EoP Re RASA-WA Re EoP Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets.
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: LJ v SGMC, LJ v SA Political Parties / EoP NWO SCO: EoP NTE GM: EoP NTE GMZA| EoP Axis MilNec Evac: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity / EoP v WiP Neg.

From: EoP MILED Clerk [mailto:eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2020 2:22 PM
To: ‘Wendy Alberts: RASA: Restaurant Assoc of SA: Wendy Alberts’; ‘Restaurant Management Services’
Cc: ‘101 Meade: Jeremy Ben Gibbs’; ‘The Gremlin: Bruce Middleton’; ‘Afriforum: George: Vic Lagrange’; ‘SCape: Arno Greyling’; ‘WCape: Deon de Jager’; ‘WESSA Eden: Christine Ridge-Schnaufer’; ‘Mayor Leon van Wyk’; ‘Secretary: HC Wiid’; ‘Speaker: Gerrit Pretorius’; ‘George Councillor: Louise Brown’; ‘Counsel: DJ Goussard Attorneys: Arenda’; ‘Dirk’
Subject: Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets


TO: RASA: Restaurant Assoc of SA: Wendy Alberts:
CC: 101 Meade: Jeremy & Ben Gibbs
CC: George Mayor Leon van Wyk, Speaker: Gerrit Pretorius et al:

Wendy Alberts:

Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets.

I received your response [25 Jul: RASA-WA Re EoP Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets] to my EoP TRC negotiations email to George restaurant 101 Meade St, and George businesses and Mayor [25 Jul: EoP Re: Gremlin: 101 Meade supports 1 million seats on the streets].

EoP TRC active listening [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle: 9 min] response.

RASA-WA: Rest Assoc: Wendy Alberts
EoP-LJ: EoP MILED Clerk: Lara Johnson


RASA-WA: I am deeply saddened by the events that took place yesterday.

EoP-LJ: I imagine you are referring to The South African: Four arrested as police fire water canons on restaurant protesters; N24: Cape Town café staffer injured as police water cannon blasts her into restaurant; Groundup: At least four arrested during ServeUs Please protest.

If not, kindly clarify what exactly you are saddened by. Clarity of communication saves everyones time and resources, and prevents misunderstandings causing more conflict.  


RASA-WA: We are supposed to take care of each other

EoP-LJ: I am unclear whom you are referring to as ‘we’.

In 20 years since returning to South Africa, very very few individuals or organizations gave a flying fuck about an honest conversation with EoP law culture citizens; let alone a sincere cooperative taking care alliance.

In 1999 I filed a Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, promising to donate my inheritance to the TRC; in support of sincere – racial, religious, class and gender – land and/or economic inequality reform reconciliation in South Africa. The TRC responded in a brief form letter thanking me for my submission. If it is confirmed that there is no interest in sincere – Ecology of Peace – peacenik reconciliation between South Africans, I shall withdraw my submission to the TRC and use my inheritance funds for my Dignitas assisted suicide departure plans.
» EoP Leg Sub: 16 May: Court Filing. H111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu & Eight Others; 26 Mar: CCMA Filing Notice: LJ v TRC: Desmond Tutu, IJR & DoJ TRC Unit; 02 Jul: Filing: 1063-20: LJ v TRC: Case Closure; Withdrawal EoP TRC Offer effective 01 Jan 2021.

I am a member of an Ecology of Peace culture. You are either a conscious or unconscious [EA: Dennett: Consciousness Explained] member of a WiP culture. If unconscious, then there is potential for negotiation and resolution of issues in dispute. If conscious and intentional, you are an enemy. You are either a Milgram WiP law 2% decision maker enemy; or you are 98% soldier enemy [15 Mar: Milgram Two, Eight, Thirty Five & Ninety-Eight % Decision-Makers].

In EoP culture, its honourable warfare to be honest to your enemies; clarify the facts in dispute, negotiate in good faith [ego literacy: ego-eco-literacy: lj-v-ls: PDF pp.36-37/70]. Once you know – preferably by means of conviction in a free and fair trial – an enemy is a Milgram 2% conscious and intentional decision-maker enemy; its downright suicidally stupid to take care of them; or their 98% soldiers. If you are an honourable warrior: best option is to provide them with a humane and orderly honourable death [crimes-of-aggression: lj-v-ls: PDF pp.31-33/70| lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.31-33/56] option.


RASA-WA: Government has a responsibility to har us and help us

EoP-LJ: I imagine you meant to say ‘government has a responsibility not to harm us and to help us’.

If so: that is an extremely naïve perception of the role that governments have played since they came into being [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement; Human Farming: Our Enslavement; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms]. Generally speaking in an eco-system ruled by Kane Cannibal [Dick Fuld: RipOut Your Hearts; Al Jazeera: Meltdown; Vice: The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia] Babylon WiP international law, the only thing WiP law mafiocracy warlord governments give a fuck about helping are corporations who donate to their mafiocracy warlord political parties election chests. The shit really hits the genocide [SQ: Jason Brent: Humans: An Endangered Species IV: Easter Island Lesson: Peak Resources: A Death Sentence for Billions; 22 Sep: EoP Re: W Rees: Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People] fan once the political mafiocracy economic/population growth system hits peak resources [nnr-scarcity], then police are long gone [IG: Distracting Police; Biz Tech: Bye bye pensions], and its time to sign up for protection with your local warlord [SQ-M: Soot-stained Documents Reveal Firing Squad Executions in Ukraine].  

EoP SciCult law will humanely and orderly abolish the Babylon mafiocracy oligarchy:
A Babylon WiP Mafia-ocracy [Mafiocracy] is an overt – oligarchy, autocracy, etc – or covert – democracy – secular or religious system of government that consciously or unconsciously legislatively enables citizens to procreate and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits; enabling the WiP Mafiocracy elite to profit from the resulting – overpopulation / consumption collision with finite resources – resource depletion and racial, religious, class and gender resource conflict misery – War is a Masonic breeding slaves and cannon fodder fertility religion for human sacrifice and profit racket – war economy.  …………. If or when EoP SciCult law [eop-scicultlaw.tygae.org.za] is implemented as international law; enabling orderly and humane [cs-poc-cuba.tygae.org.za] deindustrialization [eop-v-wip-deindpopn.tygae.org.za] and one child law [one-child-law.tygae.org.za] depopulation: Sustainable Security will require all citizens to sign their responsible freedom [responsible-freedom.tygae.org.za] oaths; to learn the ego / eco literacy skills to be responsible freedom militia citizens. Individuals who refuse to sign their responsible freedom oaths will be convicted of crime of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za] and allowed to humanely and orderly eliminate themselves from the planetary genepool by their preferred method of assisted suicide. A deindustrialized low tech agrarian economy will restrict travel to animal drawn transport, sailboats, bicycles and walking. Any nation and/or local community whose population reaches the legal sustainable footprint maximum will be allowed to legally restrict any and all immigration. Shut down of the ponzi economy and land reform [eop-landreform.tygae.org.za] will humanely and orderly abolish the rich, by nationalization of all their property above the legally allowed property ration [property-ration.tygae.org.za] amount. All individuals convicted of deception – i.e. violation of fully informed consent, whether they involve violence or no violence – crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.a] will be eliminated from the planetary genepool. Individuals who engage in fully informed consenting activities in the privacy of their own homes or at an informed consenting venue – whether such activities include violence, death or are offensive to others who are not members of their racial or religious sub-culture – will have thier fully informed consenting activities protected by the EoP cultural law. As per crimes of aggression [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za] laws, individuals who engaged in negligent violations will be given the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves at ego/eco literacy re-education classes; whereas individuals whose violations were intentional, will be orderly and humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool.
» EoP Leg Sub: 03 Dec: EoP Ethics Enwokenment Control of Yellow Jacket Protests; 22 Apr: Tygae Aex: A’s to Extinction Rebellion Election Questions.


RASA-WA: I would love to assist

EoP-LJ: If you want to assist to provide an unconditional or conditional cooperator mandate to authorize EoP UN Resolution.

If so: [A] confirm that you intend to read the LJ v SGMC application, particularly EoP UN Resolution section [lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.17-54/56]; which is identical to EoP UN Resolution in other EoP TRC applications [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70| lj-v-nmn: PDF: pp.11-76/83| lj-v-trc: PDF: pp.30-71/137]; [B] confirm by when you intend to do so.  

If you or any RASA board of directors members have any EoP UN Resolution questions or constructive criticism feedback, no matter how politically incorrect; feel free to let me know. Once you agree with EoP UN Resolution: Will you ask RASA members to hold an EoP TRC Axis Alliance mandate vote [lj-v-sgmc: PDF: pp.55/56]. If so: such mandate will be used to build EoP Axis Alliance [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture]; for submission of EoP UN Resolution to UN General Assembly.

EoP oath is a mutual cooperation energy return on energy invested [sq-eroei: eop-v-wip-investing] promise – a form of labour or information barter exchange reciprocity [Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes: Reciprocity as a form of social-currency; particularly where other forms of currency have collapsed due to economic collapse. Reciprocity builds stronger relationships; even some animals practice reciprocity such as when a cat that is taken care of by its owner, it will bring it a dead mouse to say thank you.] – purchase of labour or information sharing cooperation with very clear unambiguous honest communication as to what the collective strategic goal is. If or when there is a mutual overlap agreement on strategic goal between two or more individuals, they can sign an unconditional or conditional cooperator oath, to clarify their cooperator commitment to the strategic goal. The oath is a process to learn to practice in decision-making, communication and relating responsible freedom self government 24/7/365: If or when my ego gets in the way of me cooperating, towards our strategic goal; I will not run away or play some passive aggressive egomindfuck games. I will be my own or your Sgt Major and bitch slap my own or your fragile ego Private through the face with clear sincere verbal feedback, to help quick resolution of our misunderstanding, disagreement with you my fellow Oath co-operator; to enable us to uphold our cooperation agreement towards our shared strategic goal, through potentially difficult times. It’s a statement of: our strategic goal is our cooperative master, not our individual ego’s.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jul: McV20 Re: Greg Johnson NB Principles; Richard Spencer: Trump WN Congame; 29 Jul: EoP Obs: Everytime they make it – abolish babylon idea meritocracy – plain kissed, the worlds intelligence chiefs held their breath.

If not: No offence taken. If EoP Axis Alliance are unable to find sufficient EoP OKC TRC mandate support; those who don’t want to stick around for WiP law genocide games are making their departure plans [mcveigh2020: 22 Jul: LJ Req for Gift of Givers McVeigh Release Negs Help: Imtiaz Sooliman]; and those want to stick around for WiP law genocide games can do so.


RASA-WA: 0836619000

EoP-LJ: 071 170 1954: I prefer written communication, it avoids misunderstandings, and helps focus speaker writers attention to message; keeps EoP Axis Alliance messaging transparent for all interested parties to be fully informed.


EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

RASA: Restaurant Assoc of SA: Wendy Alberts:
Wendy Alberts: RASA: Restaurant Assoc of SA: Wendy Alberts (wendy@restaurant.org.za); Restaurant Management Services (wendy@restaurantmanagementservices.co.za)

101 Meade: Jeremy & Ben Gibbs:
101 Meade: Jeremy Ben Gibbs (reservations@101meade.co.za)

The Gremlin: Bruce Middleton:
The Gremlin: Bruce Middleton (bruce@thegremlin.co.za);

Afriforum: George: Vic Lagrange:
Afriforum: George: Vic Lagrange (george@afriforum.co.za), SCape: Arno Greyling (arno.greyling@afriforum.co.za); WCape: Deon de Jager (deon.dejager@afriforum.co.za);

WESSA Eden: Christine Ridge-Schnaufer:
WESSA Eden: Christine Ridge-Schnaufer (wessageorge@isat.co.za)

George Mayor Leon van Wyk, Speaker: Gerrit Pretorius:
Mayor Leon van Wyk (mayor@george.gov.za); Secretary: HC Wiid (hcwiid@george.gov.za); Speaker: Gerrit Pretorius (gpretorius@george.gov.za); George Councillor: Louise Brown (elbrown@george.gov.za); Counsel: DJ Goussard Attorneys: Arenda (arenda@goussard.co.za); Dirk (dirk@goussard.co.za)


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