25 Aug: EoP Re: IGM tygae.org.za Q’s / EoP Law Re AlphaGo.

* I-gaming Media, Michell Ayala, Deepmind, Shane Legg, Dennis Hassabis, Lee Sedol, Korea Baduk Association, Simon Sinek, Inside IQ Quest, Tom Bilyeu, Garry Kasparov, North Korea Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-un, KP-NZ Emb, KP-UN Emb, Kim Song, IPF-CIS, IL PM Gantz-Netanyahu; IL-ZA: Lior Keinan; IL-UN Danny Dannon.
* 25 Aug: EoP Re: IgM-MA Q Re Advertising Options on tygae.org.za
* Tygae: EoP Leg Sub: EoP v Kim Jong un, EoP v IL Pres-PM, EoP v CIS / EoP NWO SCO: EoP NTE GM: EoP NTE GMA: EoP NTE GMUK: EoP NTE GMKR: EoP NTE GMRU| EoP Axis MilNec Evac: Lotto: EoP v WiP Law, EoP v WiP  Academia, EoP v WiP Media, EoP v WiP Charity, EoP v WiP Peacenik / EoP v WiP Neg.

From: McVeigh 2020 Exp Comm [mailto:mcveigh2020@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:17 PM
To: ‘Deepmind’; ‘Shane Legg’; ‘Dennis Hassabis’; ‘Dennis Hassabis’; ‘Mustafa Suleyman’; ‘Andreas Fidjeland’; ‘Lee Sedol: Korea Baduk Association’; ‘Simon Sinek’; ‘Inside IQ Quest: Tom Bilyeu’; ‘Garry Kasparov’
Cc: ‘North Korea Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-un: KP-NZA Emb’; ‘KP-UN: Kim Song’; ‘Israel Policy Forum’; ‘Commanders for Israel’s Security’; ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’; ‘Kahol Lavan: Benny Gantz’; ‘IL Emb Pta: Amb Lior Keinan’; ‘IL-UN Amb Danny Danon’
Subject: EoP Law Re AlphaGo v Lee Sedol.
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:18 PM
To: ‘IGM: Michell Ayala’
Subject: Re I-Gaming Media Q Re Advertising Options on tygae.org.za
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:30 PM
To: ‘KP-Algiers: Amb Choe Hyok Chol’; ‘KP-Singapore: Amb Kim Chol Nam’; ‘KP-MX Emb: MX City’; ‘KP-AT Vienna: Amb Kwang Sop Kim’; ‘KP-PL Warsaw: Amb Kim Pyong II’; ‘KP-RU Moscow: Amb Kim Young Jae’; ‘KP-CH Bern: Amb Han Tae Song’; ‘KP-CZ Rep: Prague: Amb Pyong II Kim’
Subject: EoP Law Re AlphaGo v Lee Sedol.


TO: I-gaming Media: Michell Ayala
Re: 25 Aug: I-Gaming Media Q Re Advertising Options on tygae.org.za

EoP TRC Neg’s Multi-tasking:
CC: Deep Mind: Dennis Hassabis, Korea Baduk Assoc: Lee Sedol
CC: Simon Sinek, Garry Kasparov
Re: DeepMind: AlphaGo.
Ref: FYI: EoP-LJ 01G:

CC: DPRK-SL Leader: Kim Jong-un, KP-UN Emb: Kim Song
CC: IPF-CIS, IL PM Gantz-Netanyahu; IL-ZA: Lior Keinan; IL-UN Danny Dannon
Ref: 31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations

IGM: Michell Ayala:

EoP Re: IGM tygae.org.za Q’s / EoP Law Re AlphaGo.

Dennis Hassabis: We let the system playing for another 200 games, and it did this amazing thing. It found the optimal strategy was to dig a tunnel around the side and put the ball around the back of the wall. The researchers working on this, the amazing AI developers, well, they’re not so good at Breakout and they didn’t know about that strategy. So they learned something from their own system, which is, uh, you know pretty funny and quite instructive; I think, about the potential for general AI. So whats next for us. Go is the most complex game, pretty much, ever devised by man. Beating a professional player at Go is a long standing grand challenge of AI research [DeepMind: AlphaGo]. …. Wikipedia: Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. The playing pieces are called stones. One player uses the white stones and the other, black. The players take turns placing the stones on the vacant intersections (“points”) of a board. Once placed on the board, stones may not be moved, but stones are removed from the board if the stone (or group of stones) is surrounded by opposing stones on all orthogonally-adjacent points, in which case the stone is “captured”. The game proceeds until neither player wishes to make another move. When a game concludes, the winner is determined by counting each player’s surrounded territory along with captured stones and komi (points added to the score of the player with the white stones as compensation for playing second). Games may also be terminated by resignation. [WP: Go (Game)].

Simon Sinek: A finite game is defined as known players, fixed rules and agreed upon objectives. Then you have infinite games which are defined as known and unknown players. The rules are changeable and the objective is to perpetuate the game and stay in it as long as possible. There is no agreed upon metrics and there are no agreed upon timeframes. So I realized if infinite games exist and we are unwitting players in infinite games, but we are leading as if we are finite players in a finite game; then we need a new set of directions to guide us on how to lead in the infinite game of business. The book really challenges many of the accepted notions of how business works today. It really is an indictment of american and western business philosophies.  I looked back and I realized ‘oh my god we got so much wrong in the 80s and 90s.’ Milton Friedman is gave us what he considered to be the definition of responsibility of business today. He proposed that the responsibility of business is to maximize business within the bounds of the law. What about ethics? Without trusting teams too many people are coming to work lying, hiding and faking. We hide our mistakes, we never admit that we don’t know what we are doing. We get promoted to a job where we feel out of control, but we are not going to ask for help, or say I need more training. So when you lie, hide and fake every day, eventually things break. – Inc: Simon Sinek Explains What Almost Every Leader Gets Wrong.
» EoP Leg Sub: 13 Apr: EoP IRGC Q: Rose Sinek: Wanna help EoP TRC Fix the Abel & Kane Cold War Mistake?

Major General Avi Mizrahi: Head of Central Command 2009-2012: In November 2013, I retired from the IDF. Until then I was limited in what I could say, now I can talk. As head of Central Command I worked closely with the Palestinians on what is called their ‘security mechanisms’. We got to a very high level of operational cooperation and intelligence cooperation. I don’t want to go into detail but at the beginning I didn’t believe it, that they have the ability, they have the will, and again they don’t love us; but we have a common interest, they are scared of Hamas, maybe even more than us. And therefore this works. Now, this security cooperation needs to be translated to political cooperation. In other words they are in favour of economic peace if that was enough, but its not enough. Military strength has a limit. If today, lets say 10,000, 20,000 100,000 Palestinians cross Kalandia crossing to Jerusalem. What do I do? Stand and shoot them? Lets say you find a general who gives that order. You think his comrades will listen?! I don’t think so! Now, could something like this happen? Yes, it can. And therefore, force has its limit. I believe there can be a solution. I believe such a solution requires sacrifice from both sides, but they are concessions that both sides can live with, because the alternative is much worse. And if someone tells me that we have flipped over every rock in pursuit of peace, that’s not true. We haven’t flipped over every rock, only some of them. [Israel Policy Forum: CIS Commanders: IDF Central Command: Avi Mizrahi; Mossad: Shabtai Shavit; ABC AU: The Gatekeepers: Israel’s spy leaders call for peace]
» EoP Leg Sub: 18 Aug: McV20: EoP Re: DNC: Wanted US-RU Reset; Mary Trump: Donald Resign.

CC: US: Pres Donald Trump, US-ZA: Jessye Lapenn; US-UN Kelly Craft:
Ref: EoP Obs: Sputnik: Trump Compares Vladimir Putin to ‘World-Class Chess Player’; Donald Trump & Bob Fischer [USA Today: 02 Jun 2020]; Bobby Fischer: Bobby Fischer Against the World; Pawn Sacrifice: Trailer; Bobby Fischer: Re: US Foreign Policy: 11 Sep 2001
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Aug: EoP Amicus Submission to NZ v BH Tarrant & US v PW Crusius: EoP Law Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior Definition Amicus Affidavit in Support of Mitigation of Sentencing.


I received your email [25 Aug: EoP Re: IgM-MA Q Re Advertising Options on tygae.org.za]

EoP TRC active listening [Edwin Rutsch: Empathy aka Active Listening Circle: 9 min] response.

IGM-MA: I-gaming Media: Michell Ayala
EoP-LJ: Ecology of Peace: Lara Johnson on behalf of McVeigh2020 [mcveigh2020].


IGM-MA 01: We’re currently working on behalf of a major industry leading client trying to enhance their brand via editorial content.

EoP-LJ 01A: The strategic focus of tygae.org.za website is not about publishing sponsored or editorial content to enhance any individual or organizations brand.

EoP-LJ 01B: The strategic focus of tygae.org.za is transparent recording publication of EoP TRC to End the Abel and Kane Cold War – EoP Axis Alliance – negotiations, to provide EoP Applicants [eop-applicants], and any and all supporting and/or opposing interested EoP Axis Alliance Negotiations officials, UN Ambassadors [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations], etc with the opportunity to keep themselves informed of all informal and/or legal formal EoP TRC negotiations correspondence, received by and/or sent by EoP MILED Clerk.

EoP-LJ 01C: Any and all EoP Axis Alliance Nations Heads of State are to instruct their UN Ambassador to (a) authorize EoP UN Resolution for submission to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020; and/or if already submitted to UN General Assembly by or before 31 Dec 2020; (b) to vote Aye authorizing EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70]: EoP Scientific and Cultural law to become international law; at the time of the UN General Assembly – EoP UN Resolution – vote.  

EoP-LJ 01D: EoP TRC negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub] correspondence.

EoP-LJ 01E: One of the symptoms of EoP TRC negotiations may be to enhance the brands of individuals or organizations whose brand is honesty [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture]; but it is not the strategic focus of EoP Axis Alliance negotiations.

EoP-LJ 01F: The EoP Truth and Reconciliation to End Abel and Kane Cold War [eop-v-wip-law] negotiations correspondence [eop-leg-sub] information published at tygae.org.za is and has been funded by SQWorms [sqworms] an Ecology of Peace business [eop-axis-oath: sqworms].

EoP-LJ 01G: Any individual or organization aware of EoP TRC Negotiations; can make an EoP TRC negotiations submission, documenting their EoP UN Resolution [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] questions, constructive criticism, etc. Submissions should be sent to EoP MILED Clerk: eop.miled.clerk@tygae.org.za.


IGM-MA 02: Whilst looking for opportunities, we came across your website tygae.org.za

EoP-LJ 02: See EoP-LJ 01.


IGM-MA 03: Please let us know pricing and options to place sponsored content on your website.

EoP-LJ 03: See EoP-LJ 01.

If the tygae.org.za editor wanted to start an honest sponsored content media publication; the website would have honestly [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] been registered at icann as sponsoredcontentverbaldiarhea.com; or something similar.

It was registered as tygae.org.za: TYGAE: Tsedaqah Yshmael Guerrylla Æquilibriæx

* Tsedaqah. Tsedaqah is a noun in the feminine form; the masculine form of the word is tsedeq. Tzadeikas is the feminine term for Tzadik, aka as Tzedek, which is Hebrew for a righteous person. EoP culture consider righteous relating to be fully informed consent relating Tsedeq also refers to ecological balance; which in the natural world refers to righteous relating [DQ: Law of Limited Competition] to other species.
* Yshmael: Ishmael is the telepathic gorrilla in Daniel Quinn’s novels: Ishmael and My Ishmael
* A Guerryllæ is an Yshmael – Æquilibriæx / CommonSism / Tsedaqah – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior.
* Æquilibriæx is derived from æquus (equal), libra/æ (balance), libri (books), lex (law). Æquilibriæx Jurisprudence, i.e. Equal & balanced Eco/Anthropocentric law; occurs as Equilibriæx Jurisprudence which adheres to the laws of nature / ecology, which manifests as all species living in carry capacity harmony with another; and Aquilibriæx Jurisprudence adheres to laws of human nature, which manifests as fully informed consent harmony between all human members of society.


IGM-MA 04: We can provide you with a high-quality piece of content, fitting your website audience. We’ll include citations and images, so to make the content naturally resonates with your readers.

EoP-LJ 04: You will include content to attract the attention of WiP Law fuck honesty verbal diarhea addicts readers. Thanks, but no thanks.  

Big difference between EoP and WiP law [eop-v-wip-law] culture audience’s definition of ‘high quality’ ‘content’.


IGM-MA 05:  Furthermore, if you are interested in publishing sponsored content on websites / blogs owned by your company, please send us more details with the below info: – Website URLs; – Pricing; – Linking restrictions (Nofollow etc); – Any restrictions about content or outgoing links

EoP-LJ 05: See EoP-LJ 01:


IGM-MA 06: Let me know and we can get something started.

EoP-LJ 06: See EoP-LJ 01.


EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

IGM: Michell Ayala:
IGM: Michell Ayala (michell@i-gamingmedia.com)

Deep Mind: Dennis Hassabis, Korea Baduk Assoc: Lee Sedol:
Deepmind (contact@deepmind.com); Shane Legg (shane@deepmind.com); Dennis Hassabis (demis@deepmind.com); Dennis Hassabis (dennisshasha@yahoo.com); Mustafa Suleyman (mustafa@deepmind.com); Andreas Fidjeland (andreas@deepmind.com); Lee Sedol: Korea Baduk Association (serial@cyberoro.com)

Start with Why: Simon Sinek:
Simon Sinek (inspireme@startwithwhy.com); Inside IQ Quest: Tom Bilyeu (connect@impacttheory.com);

Garry Kasparov:
Garry Kasparov (office@kasparov.com);

DPRK-SL Leader: Kim Jong-un, KP-UN Emb: Kim Song:
North Korea Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-un: KP-NZA Emb (koreanconsulate@xtra.co.nz); KP-Algiers: Amb Choe Hyok Chol (agkoem@gmail.com); KP-Singapore: Amb Kim Chol Nam (embdprk@singnet.com.sg); KP-MX Emb: MX City (dprkoreaemb@prodigy.net.mx); KP-AT Vienna: Amb Kwang Sop Kim (d.v.r.korea.botschaft@chello.at); KP-PL Warsaw: Amb Kim Pyong II (korembpl@yahoo.com); KP-RU Moscow: Amb Kim Young Jae (korea.emb.mos@gmail.com); KP-CH Bern: Amb Han Tae Song (dprk.embassy@bluewin.ch); KP-CZ Rep: Prague: Amb Pyong II Kim (vel.kldr@seznam.cz); KP-UN: Kim Song (rco.kp@one.un.org)

IPF-CIS, IL PM Gantz-Netanyahu; IL-ZA: Lior Keinan; IL-UN Danny Dannon:
Israel Policy Forum (info@israelpolicyforum.org); Commanders for Israel’s Security (mail@cis.org.il); Benjamin Netanyahu (bnetanyahu@KNESSET.GOV.IL); Kahol Lavan: Benny Gantz (bgantz@knesset.gov.il); IL Emb Pta: Amb Lior Keinan (ambassador-sec@pretoria.mfa.gov.il); IL-UN Amb Danny Danon (ambassador@newyork.mfa.gov.il)



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