04 Sep: MHC 4968/2020: GM Elliott: Clive Dawn Roy Adoption discussion.

* Marais Lamprecht Attorneys, Francois Lamprecht, Crawley Family: David Crawley, The One Financial Solution, Isobel Rohwer, Marlise Steenekamp, Garden Route SPCA, Bruno MacDonald, Dawn Meyer, Master of the High Court Capetown, Zureena Agulhas, Clive Johnstone
* 04 Sep: MHC 4968/2020: GM Elliott: Clive Dawn Roy Adoption discussion.
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From: Lara Johnson [mailto:eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2020 12:01 PM
To: ‘Marais Lamprecht Attorneys’; ‘Francois Lamprecht’; ‘Sonja Corker’; ‘Cherise de Wet’
Cc: ‘Clive Johnstone’
Subject: MHC 4968/2020: GM Elliott: Clive Dawn Roy Adoption discussion
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2020 12:03 PM
To: ‘Crawley Family: David Crawley’; ‘The One Financial Solution: Isobel Rohwer’; ‘Marlise Steenekamp’; ‘Garden Route SPCA’; ‘Bruno MacDonald’
Cc: ‘Master of the High Court Capetown: Zureena Agulhas’; ‘George Svc Point: Yolanda van Milligen’
Subject: FW: MHC 4968/2020: GM Elliott: Clive Dawn Roy Adoption discussion

Sent 04 Sep 2020: 12:18 hrs: To: Dawn Meyer, CC: Isobel Rohwer


TO: Marais Lamprecht: Francois Lamprecht
CC: LJ v Elliott Estate Respondents
CC: Dawn Meyer: Per SMS.
CC: Clive Johnstone

Francois Lamprecht:

MHC 4968/2020: GM Elliott: Clive Dawn Roy Adoption discussion

Summary Question to Francois Lamprecht:

On 03 Sep 2020 at approximately 19:00 hrs, Clive Johnstone made a verbal request to me to contact Dawn Meyer, to meet with her to discuss her objections to Gill’s 03 March 2020 verbal will instructions request that the Johnstone family adopt Roy. At approximately 19:32 hours, I contacted Dawn by SMS to inform Dawn of Clives request. When Dawn did not respond by 09:30 hrs on 04 Sep 2020, confirming her willingness to discuss the Roy adoption issues in dispute with Clive Johnstone; I verbally suggested to Clive to suspend his request to Dawn pending Dawn providing Clive with written consent via yourself; for Clive to contact Dawn to discuss Dawns objections to Gills 03 March 2020 verbal will instructions request regarding the Johnstones adopting Roy.

Request to Francois Lamprecht: If Dawn consents to Clive calling her to meet to discuss her objections to Gill’s 03 March 2020 verbal will instructions request that the Johnstone family adopt Roy; please ask Dawn to provide me and Clive; with her written consent to such meeting, via your office; including if she has any preferences for such meeting: witnesses, tape recorded transcript, etc. Please let me know by Monday 07 Sep 2020, at 12:00 hrs, whether Dawn consents to such meeting with Clive, and if so what her meeting preferences are.


Background Information:

My parents are not, and have never been very interested in my legal activism advocacy, except where the application filed involves them as a respondent [lj-v-chj, lj-v-ghj]. They occasionaly ask a question, and if so I will provide them with a short verbal answer and sometimes for clarity and record purposes a more detailed written answer to their questions. But generally they focus their attention on the issues that are of interest to them: golf, religious issues, and so on.

Prior to my 03 Sep 2020 SMS correspondence with my dad related to a complaint about a legal dispute with my younger brother, I did not have any verbal or written discussions with Clive about the Elliott Estate Roy Adoption issues in dispute.

The paraphrased transcript paragraphs in this correspondence should be interpreted in the context of a more detailed written answer to the verbal answer to Clives questions.

03 Sep: Excerpt of Lara, Clive & Ann SMS correspondence:

On 03 Sep I had a SMS conversation with Clive informing him of Elliott Estate issues in dispute:
* I handed in the crashed harddrive for testing to get the written transcript of Gills SQWorms-Roy Adoption barter exchange agreement data; * I informed Dawn I was going to file a Roy theft complaint with the SAPS. [03 Sep: Transcript: SMS: Lara Johnson, CH & AE Johnstone]


03 Sep 19:00 hrs: Paraphrased Transcript: Lara-Clive verbal discussion:

Clive: Can I go and speak to Dawn to discuss Gill’s Roy adoption request issues. Also do I need to go to the SPCA to provide them with the information of our consent to Gill to adopt Roy.

Lara Re-Dawn:

You can go and speak to Dawn if you want to, but I doubt she will listen to you; but I may be wrong. She has very bad – close to non-existent – listening skills; but maybe that is just with me. Maybe she has better listening skills when she talks to other people, whom she considers more credible. She is very easily offended. So if you do go and speak to her and it looks like she is getting offended, politely end the conversation, come home and make a written affidavit report. To avoid escalating the dispute: I suggest calling her first to ask if she would be willing to talk to you. If she is willing to talk to you, make an appointment and you can discuss the issues. If Dawn and the other heirs consent to your Roy adoption suggestions; such resolution of the Roy adoption issues will have to be put in writing for the Estated Executors’ Master of the High Court file. If Dawn and/or other heirs do not consent to your Roy Adoption suggestions; you can file a written statement.  I will send Dawn an SMS to inform her of your request to talk to her.

Lara Re- Estate Will Disputes:

If my interpretation of the [WiP Law] legal issues are accurate: If so: The Estate Executor must distribute Gill’s estate property in accordance with Gill’s verbal or written instructions. Generally speaking the deceased appoints the executor, however if the estate is more than R125 000, the person appointed to be the estate executor by the deceased must be approved as the authorized Estate Executor by the Master of the High Court. Gill appointed Isobel as Executor, and Isobel has filed an application with the Master of the High Court to be authorized as the executor, but as of date Isobel’s application has not been approved by the Master of the High Court. So Gill Estate currently does not have an appointed Estate Executor.

If or where there is an Estate Executor: If there is a dispute about the accurate interpretation of any verbal or written will; then among other options the Master of the High Court can call a meeting – or authorize the Estate Executor to call a meeting – of the heirs and ask them to submit their written statements as to what their evidentiary information is about the accurate interpretation of the verbal or written will property issue in dispute. The Executor then makes a decision about the evidence submitted to the meeting, and any related Estate disbursement legislation that may be relevant to the property in dispute, or to any of the parties in dispute. The Estate Executor then publishes the information in the government gazette; providing interested parties with the opportunity to oppose the Executors disbursement. If none do, then the particular Estate property is considered settled in the Estate records. If any of the heirs dispute the matter, then any party can Contest the Will in the High Court; for a Judge to make a ruling on the issues in dispute; or if there are irregularities in the proceedings that involve theft, perjury or fraud, the matter can be referred to the police for criminal court proceedings [All Africa: Lawyer Convicted of Theft of a Deceased Estate Worth R261 000].

Re: SPCA & Roy:

The SPCA is only involved in an Estate dispute; when the executor adopted an animal from the SPCA, and did not give instructions as to the adoption of such animal; none of the heirs agree to adopt the animal; then the Executor can refer the animal back to the SPCA; or in Estates where any party alleges animal abuse.  In Gills case, Gill did provide verbal request instructions about Roy. If Gill had not asked me to adopt Roy, then the matter would have nothing to do with me; except if I observed abuse and if so I would report it to the SPCA. Once Gill asked me to adopt Roy and once Ma consented, I am responsible for making sure that Gills Roy adoption instructions are followed. Gill did not ask Dawn to adopt Roy. Even if you change your mind about consenting to Gill’s Roy adoption request, it is still my responsibility to Gill as my friend, and to Gill as in my verbal contractual agreement with her; to make sure that Roy goes to a home that is the closest possible home, equivalent to Gill’s original Roy adoption will instructions.

In this case, if my interpretation of Dawns statements is accurate: Dawn said that the SPCA is the judge in deciding to consent to Gill’s instructions to ask me to adopt Roy. So I included the SPCA in the CCMA dispute to enable them to provide their evidence in the matter; but as of date, the SPCA have not informed me that they consider the SPCA involved in Roy’s adoption dispute.

If the SPCA agree that they are legally involved, or if the Executor or Master make a ruling that the SPCA are involved as a result of a Master convened meeting or some other mediation of the Roy Adoption issues in dispute; then the SPCA can clarify what information and/or fees they require to authorize and resolve Gills Roy Adoption instructions.

03 Sep 1932 hrs: SMS’s sent by Lara to Dawn; CC: Isobel.

Lara Johnson: 071 170 1954 | Dawn Meyer: 072 569 5555 | Isobel Rohwer: 084 660 7339

03 Sep 2020: 19:32 hrs
To Dawn; CC: Isobel
Dawn: my dad asked if he could go speak to you. I suggested he call you first & make an appointment with you if you agree to speak to him. Lara.

03 Sep 2020: 19:52 hrs
To Dawn; CC: Isobel
I gave him yr number. Lara

By 09:30 hrs on 04 Sep 2020, I had not received any SMS response from Dawn – or Isobel on behalf of Dawn – indicating Dawns willingness to talk to my dad; which is quite okay. She does not have to speak to him about the issues in dispute; if she does not want to.

04 Sep: 09:30 hrs: Paraphrased Transcript Lara-Clive verbal discussion:

I suggested to Clive to delay calling Dawn, pending Dawns written consent for him to do so.

I will inform Francois Lamprecht, who is an attorney, who previously responded to my written requests to Dawn. I suggested that I email Francois Lamprecht, he can speak to Dawn and Dawn can – if she wants to – provide her written consent – for such meeting with Clive.

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Marais Lamprecht Attorneys: Francois Lamprecht:
Marais Lamprecht Attorneys (info@mllegal.co.za); Francois Lamprecht (francois@mllegal.co.za); Sonja Corker (sonja@mllegal.co.za); Cherise de Wet (cherise@mllegal.co.za)

Crawley Family: David Crawley:
Crawley Family: David Crawley (crawleydavid1@gmail.com);

The One Financial Solution:
The One Financial Solution: Isobel Rohwer (isobel@theonefs.co.za); Marlise Steenekamp (marlise@theonefs.co.za);

Garden Route SPCA:
Garden Route SPCA (receptiong@grspca.co.za); SPCA George (educationg@grspca.co.za); Bruno MacDonald (brunomacdonald@gmail.com);

Dawn Meyer.
Dawn Meyer: 072 569 5555.

Master of the High Court – CT: Zureena Agulhas; Grg: Yolanda van Milligen:
Master of the High Court Capetown: Zureena Agulhas (ZAgulhas@justice.gov.za); George Svc Point: Yolanda van Milligen (YVanMilligen@justice.gov.za):

Clive Johnstone:
Clive Johnstone (clanne@telkomsa.net)


Dawn Meyer: 072 569 5555
Isobel Rohwer: 084 660 7339

04 Sep 2020: 12:18 hrs:
To: Dawn, CC: Isobel
Dawn: lj-v-gme.tygae.org.za negotiations updated. Lara



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