08 Sep: LJ v EGME Upd Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other

* Judge John Hlope, WCP-HC: Chief Registrar, Ruanne David, Judge Nathan Erasmus, Faadiah Davids, Legal Practice Council, Craig Lucas, Kathleen Dlepu, CRL Rights Commission,  Tshimangadzo Edward Mafadza
* 08 Sep: LJ v EGME Upd Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other.
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From: Lara Johnson [mailto:eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2020 8:28 AM
To: ‘WCP-HC: Chief Registrar: Ruanne David’
Cc: ‘Judge Erasmus Registrar: Faadiah Davids’
Subject: Upd Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2020 8:29 AM
To: ‘Craig Lucas’; ‘Legal Practice Council’; ‘Director: Kathleen Dlepu’; ‘Engela Pienaar’; ‘Western Cape: Frank Dorey’; ‘KZN: P Arnold-Mfusi’; ‘Free State: Tumelo Leope’; ‘CRL Rights Commission’; ‘Edward Mafadza’; ‘Maureen Chauke’; ‘Kgositoi Sedupane’; ‘Kgaogelo Makgoba’; ‘Vinolia Mashwayi’; ‘Khulisiwe Sithole’
Subject: Upd Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other


Chief Justice John Hlope
Western Cape High Court-CT
Via Chief Registrar: Mrs Ruanne David
Private Bag X9020, Cape Town, 8000
35 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: 021 480 2411 / 021 480 2636 | Fax: 021 423 0412
Ref: 28 Jul: LJ Req Judge Hlope Info Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other; 28 Jul: HC-WCD-RD Re: LJ Req Judge Hlope: Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC.

CC: Judge Nathan Erasmus
CC: LJ v CRLRC Respondents

Judge Hlope et al:

Upd Re H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other

Please take notice that Judge Nathan Erasmus dismissal ruling in H45-19/18912-19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other is cited in Application for CCMA Director Referral in terms of LRA Section 191(6) [PDF: pp.67]


Question of Law Referral Relevance to H 45/19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other
[28] Summary:
[28.1] Judge Nathan Erasmus: Case Dismissed:
[28.2] App & No Opp Papers: Fact Not In Dispute: Declaratory Order Request
[A]  Applicant is a member of EoP law culture.
[B]  EoP law culture applicant entitled to standby counsel when dealing with WiP law Only lawyers or judges.
» Affidavit: para.28-29; pp.19-22/67 [PDF: pp.67]

Declaratory Order Question of Law Referral Requested:
[1]  A fact not in dispute between applicant and respondents; is not to be declared to be a fact in dispute by a Commissioner; requiring the Commissioner’s juridical ruling decision on such alleged fact in dispute; unless the Commissioners ruling contradicting the applicant and respondents ‘fact/s not in dispute’ conclusion; provides detailed factual and/or legal evidence as to (a) how and why the disputing parties ‘fact/s not in dispute’ conclusion/s are errors of fact and/or law conclusion/s; (b) how and why juridical decision making focus on a potential ‘fact not in dispute’ error; in order to justify ignoring a juridical enquiry into applicant and respondents declared facts in dispute; is justified.
[2]  If or where the Commissioner interprets the submissions to him, to include questions of fact or law in dispute between CCMA case management administrators and an applicant or a respondent; the Commissioner should require such CCMA case management administrators to submit their Notice to Oppose Affidavits, to the proceedings, declaring such particular fact in dispute to be a fact in dispute between CCMA and an application or respondent; and allow the applicant or respondent to file a reply affidavit.
[3]  If so ruled: The CCMA director is to refer applicants complaint back to the CCMA for conciliation and arbitration focussing on the declared facts in dispute between the applicant and respondent/s.
» Notice of Motion; pp.01-02/67 [PDF: pp.67]
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Sep: Ntc: WEGE 1279-20: LJ v EGME: Filing: LRA S 191(6) Applic; 07 Sep: Filing: WEGE 1279-20: LJ v EGME: LRA S 191(6) Applic [PDF: pp.67]

Once I am informed of the CCMA Directors S 191 (8) decision; I shall notify you of the CCMA arbitration and/or Labour Court venue details; should you wish to make supporting or opposing submissions.

Labour Relations Act Section 191: Disputes about unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices:
[191] S(6) Despite subsection (5)(a) or (5A), the director must refer the dispute to the Labour Court, if the director decides, on application by any party to the dispute, that to be appropriate after considering- (a) the reason for dismissal; (b) whether there are questions of law raised by the dispute; (c) the complexity of the dispute; (d) whether there are conflicting arbitration awards that need to be resolved; (e) the public interest.
(7) When considering whether the dispute should be referred to the Labour Court, the director must give the parties to the dispute and the commissioner who attempted to conciliate the dispute, an opportunity to make representations.
(8) The director must notify the parties of the decision and refer the dispute- (a) to the Commission for arbitration; or (b) to the Labour Court for adjudication.
» Notice of Motion; pp.01-02/67 [PDF: pp.67]
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Sep: Ntc: WEGE 1279-20: LJ v EGME: Filing: LRA S 191(6) Applic; 07 Sep: Filing: WEGE 1279-20: LJ v EGME: LRA S 191(6) Applic [PDF: pp.67]

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson, Pro Se
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

WCP-HC: Chief Registrar: Ruanne David:
WCP-HC: Chief Registrar: Ruanne David (RDavid@judiciary.org.za)

Faadiah Davids: Registrar to Judge NC Erasmus:
Judge Erasmus Registrar: Faadiah Davids (fdavids@judiciary.org.za)

Legal Practice Council: Kathleen Dlepu:
Craig Lucas (craigl@lpc.org.za); Legal Practice Council (info@lpc.org.za) Director: Kathleen Dlepu (directorgp@lpc.org.za); Provincial Director: Gauteng: JS Grobler (directorgp@lpc.org.za); Engela Pienaar (engelap@lpc.org.za);  Western Cape: Frank Dorey (directorwc@lpc.org.za); KZN: P Arnold-Mfusi (directorkzn@lpc.org.za); Free State: Tumelo Leope (directorfs@lpc.org.za);

CRL Rights Commission: Tshimangadzo Edward Mafadza:
Edward Mafadza (Eddie@crlcommission.org.za); Maureen Chauke (maureen@crlcommission.org.za); Kgositoi Sedupane (asedupane@crlcommission.org.za); Kgaogelo Makgoba (Kgaogelo@crlcommission.org.za); CRL Rights Commission (info@crlcommission.org.za); Vinolia Mashwayi (vinoiah@crlcommission.org.za); Khulisiwe Sithole (khulisiwe@crlcommission.org.za)



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