08 Sep: H51/19: LJ v GHJ: Re: LJ-v-ABJ Issues in Dispute

* Andre Johnstone, Graeme Johnstone
* 08 Sep: H51/19: LJ v GHJ: Re: LJ-v-ABJ Issues in Dispute.
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From: Lara Johnson [mailto:eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2020 11:27 AM
To: ‘Andre Johnstone’
Subject: Re: LJ-v-ABJ Issues in Dispute
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2020 11:29 AM
To: ‘Graeme Johnstone’
Cc: ‘Counsel: Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys: Desere Barnard: Rachel Hannies’
Subject: Upd: H51/19: LJ v GHJ: Re: LJ-v-ABJ Issues in Dispute


TO: Andre Johnstone
CC: Graeme Johnstone


Re: LJ-v-ABJ Issues in Dispute.

This is a summary of my interpretation of our issues in dispute.


* Andre is angry about Lara emailing Boeing CEO; and sending Andre a separate copy of email.
» 03 Sep: Upd: EoP Re: Boeing CEO BEE pledge; MMbeki BigBiz not ANC created BEE.
» 06 Sep: LJ A’s to ABJ Q’s.
» 08 Sep: LJ Re 06 Sep 2020 Lara Andre Telephone Call.


Lara’s issues in dispute with Andre have been submitted to Andre in writing, and documented in legal filings; among others as follows:

Why didn’t you [Lara] include Andre and Lotta as respondents, based on their mental disorder allegations.

As I informed you: I would have included Andre and Lotta as respondents in the application; if they were resident in South Africa, and consequently within the jurisdiction of the George High Court.

I have notified Andre and Lotta of the application; as well as other family members; providing them with my objective and subjective reality summary of the issues in dispute [07 Apr: EoP TRC Dignitas Update].

If your mental disorder allegations were partially based upon their allegations and/or evidence; then you can incorporate their allegations and/or evidence on your behalf, depending on whether you choose to resolve the issue via mediation or court proceedings. If you agree to mediation; you can invite them to our mediation via skype. If you prefer court proceedings; you can ask them to file an affidavit, clarifying their allegations and evidence. Their affidavit should include a statement that they consent to answer questions, via skype, or in writing; about their affidavit statements.

Court Annexed Mediation proceedings are generally private, unless the parties consent to them being public. Court proceedings are public, unless a party request the court for documents and/or entire proceedings to be sealed/private/in camera; and their request is upheld by a Magistrate/Judge.
» EoP Leg Sub: 07 Apr: H51/19: LJ v GHJ: LJ A’s to GJ Questions.


[16] Sometime in October 2013 after I refused to shake my brother Andre Johnstone’s girlfriend, Lotta Gustaffson’s hand when Andre introduced her to me: According to Clive and Ann Johnstone; the following day or a few days thereafter, Graeme and Andre Johnstone and Lotta Gustaffson verbally informed Clive and Ann of their opinion that I had a ‘mental disorder’; and Clive and Ann should send Lara to see a psychiatrist so that I could be put on some kind of medication.

[17] In late 2014 in response to emails Graeme received from me sent to the Johnstone and Vockins family; wherein I (a) answered Johnstone and Vockins family members questions as to why I had filed a court case against Frode and Talitha; Graeme Johnstone informed Clive, Ann and me on the porch at Taaibos Avenue; that Graeme was concerned about my mental health and thought Clive and Ann Johnstone should help to send me to see a psychologist.

[18] In late October 2015 in response to Clive, Ann and myself, amicably agreeing that I would not be attending Clive’s 80th birthday family gathering festivities with other Johnstone siblings and their spouse’s; to avoid any conflict between Lara and Graeme, Andre and/or Lotta about their former ‘mental disorder’ allegations to Lara; which they informed Clive that they refused to apologize for: According to Clive and Ann Johnstone at sometime during the festivities; Graeme and/or Andre and/or Lotta wanted to discuss me and the mental disorder issues in dispute involving me; and Clive and Ann refused to discuss such issues without me present.
» EoP Leg Sub: 25 Feb: Grg High Court: H 51/19: LJ v Graeme Johnstone et al [PDF: Affidavit: pp: 35-36/44].


[8]  In my culture respect is sincere – aka ego literate – brutal honesty. In some cultures respect is defined as gatkruping / sycophancy. 

[9]  My African American husband loved me precisely because I was an honest white woman, who had the courage to tell him the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to his face, and stick with him through our disagreements, and resolve them. When I lived in the Oakland ghetto – being the only white face for miles – I was affectionately known as nigga sister. It was not an insult but a statement of – one of us – affection.

[10] Our marriage did not last. My siblings and extended families objection to having a sister, cousin, niece, married to a black man was so intense they accused me of mental disorders and attempted to have me institutionalized [H 51/19: LJ v Graeme Johnstone and Five Others]. My husbands extended family objection to him being married to an Afrikaner was simply not to include me as a family member. We amicably separated to find partners of our own race.
» EoP Leg Sub: 09 Nov: LJ Re: Notice: Judicial Service Commission and Judge NC Erasmus [PDF: pp.04/50]

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Andre Johnstone:
Andre Johnstone (andrebjohnstone@gmail.com);

Graeme Johnstone:
Graeme Johnstone (graeme.johnstone@gmail.com); Counsel: Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys: Desere Barnard: Rachel Hannies (rachel@bvdblegal.co.za);


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