17 Sep: McV20: EoP Re Phyllis Bennis: Trump “Peace Deal” a Front for War

* IPS, Phyllis Bennis, The Analysis, Paul Jay.
* 17 Sep: McV20: EoP Re Phyllis Bennis: Trump “Peace Deal” a Front for War.
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TO: IPS: Phyllis Bennis
TO: The Analysis: Paul Jay
Re: Analysis: Trump “Peace Deal” a Front for War – Phyllis Bennis.
Ref: 12 Sep: McVeigh2020 EoP Sci-Cult Law Judge Picks.

Phyllis Bennis & Paul Jay:

EoP Re Phyllis Bennis: Trump “Peace Deal” a Front for War.

The Saudis, the UAE, Bahrain, and others, have declared this boycott against Qatar. And they have a set of demands that they’re holding to, one of which is that they get rid of Al Jazeera, that they end Al Jazeera. It’s interesting that in that context that just yesterday we heard that the Justice Department is going after one part of Al Jazeera’s production, A.J. Plus it’s called, which is their online segment in English that is run out of the United States. The Justice Department is now insisting that it be registered as the agent of a foreign country. ……….. I think the possibility of an October surprise is not, unfortunately, off the table. There was another incident a couple of days ago which has gotten very little press in the United States, I think it was picked up on Fox, but it’s gotten quite a bit of public attention elsewhere, particularly in South Africa, since the allegations came from there. There’s a claim that was being bandied about that anonymous sources in U.S. intelligence have found out that Iran was considering an assassination attempt against the US ambassador to South Africa. ………… You know Paul, one of the things that we can look at here for some sort of precedent on how this works, there were, in US views, in the last 25-30 years of US claimed efforts to be dealing with trying to bring peace to the Middle East, meaning peace between Israel and the Palestinians, there were kind of two versions of how that could happen. One was known as “inside out,” the other was known as “outside in.” The inside out version, which was clarified and attempted with the Oslo process, which as we see has not worked, but that idea was that you start with the inside, you start with forcing the Israelis and the Palestinians together. You figure out some way to get them to agree. And then the outside, the Arab states, would kind of have had no choice but to go ahead and normalize relations with Israel as well. Well, that didn’t work. That started in 1993-94, hasn’t worked. The other proposal was what was known as “outside in.” That was reflected in the 1991 Madrid talks that were also orchestrated by the US even before Oslo. And that idea was, you start with the outside, you start by getting Israel and the Arab states to normalize relations. And under those conditions, the Palestinians would have no choice but to follow along. Well, as we know from Madrid, that didn’t work either. The problem with both of those models is that if you don’t have justice for the Palestinians, meaning ending the 67 occupation, ending the second, third and fourth class citizenship of Palestinian citizens inside Israel, ending the denial of the refugees’ rights to return to their homes. If you don’t have any of that, it’s not going to work, whichever side you start with. And that’s what we’re looking at right now. [Analysis: Trump “Peace Deal” a Front for War – Phyllis Bennis]

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15 Sep: McV20: EoP Re: US claims Iran plotting to kill US-ZA Amb Lana Marks.

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