02 Oct: J Brent: Amy Coney Barrett, the wrong choice for the US Supreme Court

* Jason Brent, Las Vegas Sun
* 02 Oct: J Brent: Amy Coney Barrett, the wrong choice for the US Supreme Court.
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Subject: Amy Coney Barrett, the wrong choice for the US Supreme Court

In an ad published in the South Bend Tribune on January 21, 2006 Ms. Barrett made it absolutely clear that she would do all in her power to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Her statement made it absolutely clear that no amount of evidence would cause her to change her mind . Based upon that fact she must not be confirmed as a Justice of the US Supreme Court. More importantly, overturning Roe v. Wade would be disastrous for all Americans and for every human being on the planet. Without abortion being available to every woman in the United States, thousands and thousands of women would die due to obtaining illegal back alley abortions. Women are going to have abortions and no law is going to stop that. In addition, millions and millions of children will be born who were not wanted and who could not be provided the basic necessities of life due to the financial circumstances of the parents. Those children would horribly suffer and many would become juvenile delinquents. It is a fact, that after Roe v. Wade juvenile delinquency had a substantial decline. The Republicans always fight socialism. When these children are born society has a choice— support them by socialistic methods because the parents did not have the financial ability to support them or permit those children to die of starvation, Republicans cannot force children to be born and then take the position that they are leeches who live off the government. More importantly, without abortion being easily available to every person on the planet, at little or no cost, the human population will continue to grow until civilization collapses on a worldwide basis and that collapse causes the deaths of billions.  Those that oppose abortion are not pro-life, they are pro-death of living breathing human beings and do not care who suffers those deaths.

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