07 Oct: 06 Oct 2020: 11:30 hrs Heatherlands soil-dog misunderstanding apologies

* Clive Johnstone, Ann Johnstone, John Doe, Jane Doe, Janet Smith.
* 07 Oct: 06 Oct 2020: 11:30 hrs Heatherlands soil-dog misunderstanding apologies.
» 12:20: Not Published: Two of the recipients of the EoP TRC correspondence are private citizens who have not yet provided their consent for publication of correspondence.
» 13:38 Pub Upd: Names Changed to Janet Smith, Jane and John Doe of private citizens who have not yet provided their consent for publication of EoP TRC correspondence to them.
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07 Oct: Hand delivered to Ann Johnstone; Jane Doe at approx 12:20 hrs.

TO: John & Jane Doe
Cnr ### & ### Str

TO: Ann and Clive Johnstone
Cnr Eike & Taaibos St.

Re 06 Oct 2020 soil-dog misunderstanding.

Transparency written summary transcript of disagreement and apology resolution.

On 06 October 2020 a misunderstanding disagreement occurred between Jane and John Doe and Ann and Clive Johnstone.

I was not present at the misunderstanding disagreement.

The following summary is a result of information shared with me by Ann Johnstone.

Janet Smith was looking for some soil. Ann suggested that Janet use some of the soil that was placed outside the fence next to the gate, of the Doe home. Ann was unaware that the soil was being used, or intended for use by the Does. The Does use the soil to fix the holes dug by their dogs in the yard. Janet sent her garden boy to fetch some of the soil. The Does cleaning lady noticed and informed Janets gardener that Janet did not have permission to take the soil. Janets gardener returned to Janets property without taking any soil. The Doe cleaning lady also informed Jane Doe by telephone. Jane Doe called John Doe, who arrived at the Johnstone residence, with Jane. An angry disagreement occurred where angry statements were made. The Does threatened to file soil theft charges with the Police. Ann called the SPCA to file an alleged dog abuse complaint against the Does, but did not specify the address where the abuse was allegedly occurring.

Ann later tried to apologize to Jane by SMS, offering to pay for the soil use damages misunderstanding; but her SMS did not go through. Clive tried to apologize to Jane and John but found nobody home.

On the morning of 07 October 2020, Ann asked me to go and speak to Jane on her behalf; to apologise and offer to pay for whatever soil the Does believed Janet had taken and used; without their consent. Jane accepted the apology and also apologized saying they had had a difficult day and were over sensitive said some things they apologized for. Jane declined Ann’s damages payment offer, saying it was not about the money, but about requesting their consent to use their soil.

I informed Ann and Clive of Janes acceptance of Ann and Clive’s apology.  Clive and Ann accepted Janes apology on behalf of Jane and John.


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529
Cell: 071 170 1954.


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