09 Oct: McV20: EoP law definition of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior

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* 09 Oct: McV20: EoP law definition of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior
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From: McVeigh 2020 Exp Comm [mailto:mcveigh2020@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Friday, October 09, 2020 10:20 PM
To: ‘Elisa Hategan’; ‘Changemaker’; ‘Frank Meeink’; ‘Dennis Foon’; ‘Bernie Farber: CA Antihate’; ‘Toronto Sun: Brad Hunter’; ‘Light Upon Light: Jesse Morton’; ‘The Forgiveness Project: Tony McAleer’; ‘Life After Hate: Brad Galloway’; ‘Prevent Violence’; ‘Global News: Stewart Bell’
Cc: ‘Arif Hasan Akhundzada Khan’; ‘Peace Research Institute: Rahmat Hashemi’; ‘Sebastian Ronin’; ‘Thulean Perspective: Varg Vikernes’; ‘Guerrilla Law: Paul Harris’
Subject: McV20: EoP law definition of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior

Sent: 09 Oct 2020: 22:40 hrs: Elizabeth Moore Contact Form


TO: Elisa Hategan, Frank Meeink, Elizabeth Moore, Brad Hunter, Jesse Morton, Tony McAleer, Brad Galloway
Re: Elisa Hategan: Its About Time; Incognito Press: The Truth About White Lies; Global News: ‘It’s healing’: How former extremists are working together to undermine the far right.
Ref: Reuters: Two is enough, Egypt tells poor families as population booms; Express Tribune: Justice Nisar: population control is Pakistans top priority after water conservation.

CC: Arif Akhundzada, Rahmat Hashemi, Sebastian Ronin, Varg Vikernes:
Re: SQ-H&A: Anders Breivik Issues Overture to Vikernes to Open Ethno Nationalist Peace Negotiations.
Ref: 12 Aug: EoP Re: TT: Iranian writer says wars happen because of West’s fake definition of peace.

CC: Paul Harris
Re: Guerrilla Law: Black/White Rage Confronts the Law
Ref: 12 Sep: McVeigh2020 EoP Sci-Cult Law Judge Picks.

Elisa Hategan et al:

McV20: EoP law definition of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior.

Habib Ahmadzadeh: Wars occur only because the West gives a fake definition of real and sustainable [procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits] peace. [Tehran Times: Iranian writer says wars happen because of West’s fake definition of peace.]
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Aug: EoP Amicus Submission to NZ v Brenton Tarrant & US v Patrick Crusius: EoP Law Amicus Affidavit in Support of Mitigation of Sentencing: PDF: pp.276.

Paul Harris: A few days later I walked through the long Kafkaesque hallways of the federal building on my way to court. I could not help but recognize that in this hallowed building of the law, all eight judges were white, all the U.S. attorneys were white, all the federal public defenders were white, all the probation officers, bailiffs, law clerks, and secretaries were white. Everyone was white except the defendant. We stood in court facing U.S. District Court Judge Stanley A. Weigel. Judge Weigel was a liberal in matters of civil liberties and civil rights, but he was strict with criminals and even stricter with lawyers. He was an intelligent and thorough jurist. His Yale law clerks read every motion and brief and prepared detailed memos for him. A lawyer had to be completely prepared when appearing before him. He also had a reputation for running a dictatorial courtroom. He would fine a lawyer for the violation of any one of over a hundred technical, local court rules. At times, he would lash out at attorneys, humiliating them in open court. One lawyer I knew often threw up before working a trial at which Judge Weigel presided. But you could rely on him to give a defendant a fair trial. The judge began to take Steven’s guilty plea: “You know you have a right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself”, he said. “Do you waive that right?” “Yes, I do,” answered Steven. “You have a right to call witnesses in your behalf. Do you waive that right?” “Yes, I do. “You have a right to confront and, through your lawyer, cross-examine all witnesses. Do you waive that right?” “Yes, I do.” “You have a right to a jury trial, a jury of your peers. Do you understand that right?” “If I had a jury of my peers, I would be found not guilty,” replied Steven. There was a pause as the judge stared at the defendant. “What do you mean?” he asked. “If I had twelve people who were really my peers they would understand my action,” Steven answered. The Judge leaned forward, his eyes piercing into mine. “This is not a guilty plea. Counsel, I thought you told the court this was a guilty plea?” I had been taken completely off guard by Steven’s statements. I quickly asked for some time to confer with my client. The judge motioned to the US. marshals. “Take the defendant and his lawyer, and put them in the holding cell until they straighten things out.” For half an hour Steven and I sat in the cell behind the courtroom as once again I explained my idea of a political, psychiatric defense. Once again he refused, feeling it was hopeless. He said he would plead guilty and answer all the judge’s questions the way the judge expected. We returned to court and went through the litany of rights one waives when one pleads guilty. But when the judge got to the part about a jury of peers, there was only silence. Then Steven spoke out clearly and strongly. “If I had a jury made up of people from Ellis and Fillmore Streets I would be found not guilty!” Judge Weigel was seconds from exploding. “This is not a guilty plea. I refuse to accept the plea. You are going to trial!” At the time, none of us expected that a new defense would be the consequence of Steven’s pride and stubborn refusal to accept the legitimacy of a white legal system. [Guerrilla Law: Black/White Rage Confronts the Law]

Norbert Lichtner: This racist card is being used everywhere. Now in central Europe they are trying to use it. In some way it is working, but we [in Eastern Europe] don’t have a chip on our shoulders. We haven’t gone outside of our countries, we didn’t invade, and rob and kill people. We didn’t rob them off their natural resources. So if someone is a bad person or anything else; I don’t care if he is blue back or whatever: Go. If you are a prick; you are a prick. That’s it. So here [in Eastern Europe] the ‘racist card’ doesn’t really fly; but in Western Europe it is a very often used and actually it works really well on people. Why would it work on them? [David Icke: Divide and Rule: Immigration and Manipulation]
» EoP Leg Sub: 08 May: EoP Response to: Theryn Meyer: Dear Non-Binary People: I’m Sorry.

The toughest gangsters are verbally more racist when they come here, and racist in terms of who they hang out with. But the tougher they are, the more quickly they will grant respect to a member of another ethnic group who behaves in a fashion acceptable to their code. Of course, John Maher is behind all this. He told us where the Foundation was going; we’d ask him questions. He got rid of a lot of my prejudices about blacks, and my ignorance, the labels they put on people. John has a way of carrying everyone in the room. He will say something in three hours to hit all three hundred people, give them something to work on. He speaks to an audience. He can talk about the prejudiced honkies, the prejudiced blacks, the guilt people carry around. He caroms everyone, hits them with something, and when he walks out, he leaves them thinking about themselves and their actions, what they really want to do with their lives, and if their lives are kind of fucked up, how they can change it. The reason John gets to much respect is that everyone knows he is not asking you to do anything he doesn’t do himself. I got so much trust in the man, that he can ask me to do anything, I wouldn’t even question it, and I never felt that way about anyone. John can relate to you, put you through changes, because he’s been there himself, it’s not something he’s read in a book.
» SQSwans: John Maher of Delancey Street: A Guide for Peaceful Revolution in America.

McVeigh 2020 [mcveigh2020]: A handshake is a very low cost way of making contracts, but is worthless in a community with lotsa liars. Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no steppe Aryan palaces, no prisons, no mental institutions, no homeless, no landless and no unemployed. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. [SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto Indo-European: 23 January 2017; SQ-DS: The Mosou Matriarchy: Men Live Better where Women are in Charge.]
» McVeigh 2020: Return to Eden: EoP – End Civ – UN Resolution; EoP Leg Sub: 29 May: EoP Law Re: Designing an honesty trust sustainable society.

EoP Honesty Supremacy Movement:

Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP TRC”) to End Abel and Kane Cold War – sincere peacenik / honourable warrior [eop-rh-fr] – honesty supremacy [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] movement. Strategic Goal: Implement EoP SciCult law [lj-v-ls: PDF pp.25-66/70] as international law.

Important is First, or it isn’t. Honesty is First, or it isn’t Important. Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr: mcv20: PDF: pp.44-48/71] is honesty about objective reality for sincere peaceniks / honourable warriors. Ecology of Peace Scientific Law [eop-scicultlaw: mcv20: PDF: pp.49-52/71] refers to Procreation and Consumption below carrying capacity limits. EoP Footprint [eop-footprint: mcv20: PDF: pp.40-43/71] defines how procreation and consumption carrying capacity limit is measured. EoP Cultural law refers to any racial, religious, gender cultural value agreed upon, and codified in a written agreement between two or more individuals, which does not violate any EoP scientific laws; enabling a greater degree of cooperation and mutual assistance support between such individuals. Ego literacy [ego-eco-literacy: mcv20: PDF: pp.36-37/71] clarifies how to engage in and/or measure a fully informed consenting agreement. Individuals Rights and Duties under Scientific & Cultural Law: Property Ration [property-ration: mcv20: PDF: pp.59/71] – guaranteed for life – for all individuals who have signed and abide by their responsible freedom [responsible-freedom: mcv20: PDF: pp.61-62/71] oaths. Crimes of Aggression Violations of Scientific & Cultural Law: Violations of (a) Scientific Law are Procreation or Consumption Crimes of Aggression [crimes-of-aggression: mcv20: PDF: pp.32-34/71]; (b) Cultural Law are Deception Crimes of Aggression. EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw] – based on EoP Footprint [eop-footprint] – is the Ecology of Peace culture’s answer to the EoP John Brown – how to get along without deceiving, overbreeding and overconsuming – Question: What is a Sustainable Procreation and Consumption footprint? EoP RH FR [eop-rh-fr] is the recommended objective reality socio-legal cultural frame of orientation process for implementing EoP SciCult law as international law.
» McVeigh 2020: Exploratory Committee.

EoP Axis Alliance Cooperators:

The EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War Pro Se Amicus submitted – with consent from Ngcobo SA Concourt Justices [PDF] – to the South African Constitutional Court in CCT 23-10: The Citizen v Robert McBride [tc-v-rm] argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was negligent and/or a fraud, denying both sides – Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid – an honest enquiry into the root — clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits — causes of all planetary racial, religious and class resource conflict. …. The EoP TRC Amcius was supported by an expert witness affidavit from Dr Michael Maher on media censorship of overpopulation causes of resource conflict: Written Statement of Consent by T. Michael Maher, Ph.D, to testify as expert witness for How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection and Media Framing and Salience of the Population Issue [PDF].
» EoP Leg Sub: 03 May: 03 May: Ngcobo Concourt Justices Order: Citizen v McBride: Lara Johnstone admitted as Amicus Curiae.

Currently individuals joining EoP Axis Alliance can submit their unconditional or conditional cooperator EoP Axis Oaths [eop-axis-oath] to EoP MILED Clerk for filing into SA George High Court proceedings.

EoP oath is a mutual cooperation energy return on energy invested [sq-eroei: eop-v-wip-investing] promise – a form of labour or information barter exchange reciprocity [Dmitry Orlov Twilight of the Antipodes: Reciprocity as a form of social-currency; particularly where other forms of currency have collapsed due to economic collapse. Reciprocity builds stronger relationships; even some animals practice reciprocity such as when a cat that is taken care of by its owner, it will bring it a dead mouse to say thank you.] – purchase of labour or information sharing cooperation with very clear unambiguous honest communication as to what the collective strategic goal is. If or when there is a mutual overlap agreement on strategic goal between two or more individuals, they can sign an unconditional or conditional cooperator oath, to clarify their cooperator commitment to the strategic goal. The oath is a process to learn to practice in decision-making, communication and relating responsible freedom self government 24/7/365: If or when my ego gets in the way of me cooperating, towards our strategic goal; I will not run away or play some passive aggressive egomindfuck games. I will be my own or your Sgt Major and bitch slap my own or your fragile ego Private through the face with clear sincere verbal feedback, to help quick resolution of our misunderstanding, disagreement with you my fellow Oath co-operator; to enable us to uphold our cooperation agreement towards our shared strategic goal, through potentially difficult times. It’s a statement of: our strategic goal is our cooperative master, not our individual ego’s.
» EoP Leg Sub: 22 Jul: McV20 Re: Greg Johnson NB Principles; Richard Spencer: Trump WN Congame; 29 Jul: EoP Obs: Everytime they make it – abolish babylon idea meritocracy – plain kissed, the worlds intelligence chiefs held their breath.

EoP Axis Oaths provide Heads of State and/or Judges with an EoP Axis Alliance mandate; to enter into negotiations to implement EoP SciCult law as international law.

EoP Applications requesting / suggesting official State EoP Axis Oath Offices:

* South Africa: EoP Negotiations with CRL Rights Commission [Commission for Promotion & Protection of Rights of Cultural, Religious & Linguistic Communities] have resulted in CRLRC making a Recognition of EoP Community Council Offer. CRLRC have not yet consented to EoP and WiP law judge to adjudicate disputes between EoP and WiP law cultures [lj-v-crlrc]

* USA: Request to Congress via Rep Tulsi Gabbard and Thomas Massie [04 Oct: McV20: Draft House Res for USvJPA/IRvUS EoP TRC peace wedding: Draft: House EoP Axis Oath DB Coop Resolution: PDF. pp.150].

* Intnl: Suggestion to Intnl Court of Justice via Iran v USA, US v Julian Assange [20 Sep: EoP Amicus: US v JP Assange, IR v USA: EoP Law Amicus Affidavit in Support of Parties Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation Settlement Agreement Resolution: PDF: pp.143]

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Elisa Hategan, Frank Meeink, Elizabeth Moore, Brad Hunter, Jesse Morton, Tony McAleer, Brad Galloway:
Elisa Hategan (elisa@elisahategan.com); Changemaker (info@changemaker.ca); Frank Meeink (fmeeink@gmail.com); Dennis Foon (contact@dennisfoon.com); Bernie Farber: CA Antihate (media@antihate.ca); Elizabeth Moore Contact Form; Toronto Sun: Brad Hunter (bhunter@postmedia.com); Light Upon Light: Jesse Morton (parallelnetworks@pnetworks.org); The Forgiveness Project: Tony McAleer (info@theforgivenessproject.com); Life After Hate: Brad Galloway (info@lifeafterhate.org); Prevent Violence (admin@preventviolence.ca); Global News: Stewart Bell (Stewart.Bell@globalnews.ca)

Arif Akhundzada, Rahmat Hashemi, Sebastian Ronin, Varg Vikernes:
Arif Hasan Akhundzada Khan (arif.hasan.akhundzada@gmail.com); Peace Research Institute: Rahmat Hashemi (rahhas@prio.org); Sebastian Ronin (novacadia@gmail.com); Thulean Perspective: Varg Vikernes (fremmedehenvendelser@gmail.com);

Guerrilla Law: Paul Harris:
Guerrilla Law: Paul Harris (guerrillalaw@earthlink.net)


Sent via Contact Form:

Sent: 09 Oct 2020: 22:40 hrs: Elizabeth Moore Contact Form

TO: Elisa Hategan, Frank Meeink, Elizabeth Moore, Brad Hunter, Jesse Morton, Tony McAleer, Brad Galloway
CC: Arif Akhundzada, Rahmat Hashemi, Sebastian Ronin, Varg Vikernes:
CC: Paul Harris
Published at: 09 Oct: McV20: EoP law definition of sincere peacenik / honourable warrior



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