05 Jan: Tobias: Bokashi Humanure Compost Questions

* Tobias
* 05 Jan: Tobias: Bokashi Humanure Compost Questions
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From: Tobias [mailto:t_ibot@yahoo.de]
Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2021 11:39 PM
To: sqworms44@gmail.com
Subject: Human compost
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we have started a human waste compost project on a small island close to Kampala Uganda.

We are composting in the normal way in open an compost.

Now am hearing about the existance of bokashi.

How would u use it for the human waste? We are already using saw dust to mix it with the poop and putting it into open compost piles.

They heat up internally to up to 50 to 60 degrees and have no bad smell. Is that maybe already the bokashi?

Can u please give some advice. Am returning to Uganda by march and would love to make an experimental phase with the bokashi. Would I have to use big containers? How where the japanese doing it the old days, cause they didnt have the plastic containers.

If possible I want to avoid and go for it differently.

Bokashi seems not to eat the oxygene which would be the big difference to nomal compost.

Thank u very much.

Happy new year




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