18 Jan: LJ Re: GHJ & AEJ meeting & AEJ verbal requests.

* Frode Moe, Talitha Moe, Millers Inc, Arno Crous, Graeme Johnstone, Hilary Johnstone, Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys, Desere Barnard, Clive Johnstone, Ann Johnstone.
* 18 Jan: LJ Re: GHJ & AEJ meeting & AEJ verbal requests.
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From: Lara Johnson [mailto:eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2021 9:21 PM
To: ‘Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys: Desere Barnard: Rachel Hannies’; ‘Millers Inc: Arno Crous’
Cc: ‘Clive Johnstone’; ‘Ann Johnstone’; ‘Frode Moe’; ‘Talitha Moe’; ‘Graeme Johnstone’; ‘Hilary Johnstone’
Subject: LJ v GHJ: Re: GHJ & AEJ meeting & AEJ verbal requests
Attachment: 21-01-17_LJvGHJ_AEJAffd_Amend-HNote.pdf; 21-01-17_LJvGHJ_AEJ-Affd_Amend_Typed.pdf; 21-01-17_AEJ-GHJ-Emails-Re-AEJ-Affidavit.pdf


TO: Desere Barnard & Arno Crous
CC: Graeme and Hilary Johnstone
CC: Frode & Talitha Moe
CC: Clive and Ann Johnstone

LJ v GHJ Respondents

Re: LJ Re: GHJ & AEJ meeting & AEJ verbal requests.

Meeting between Clive, Ann and Graeme Johnstone:

At approximately 14:00 hrs or thereabouts – shortly after todays loadshedding started at 14:00 to 16-00 hrs; I noticed Graeme’s car parked outside. I went inside and noticed Graeme, Clive and Ann in a conversation on the porch. The conversation appeared to be about me, related to H 51/19: LJ v Graeme Johnstone and Five Others court proceeding issues in dispute, and Graeme’s emails to Ann to request her to change her affidavit [18 Jan: LJ Re: Graeme emails to AEJ Re AEJ Affidavit: GHJ & AEJ Emails Re AEJ Affidavit PDF].

Nobody invited me to join the meeting. Nobody apologized for conducting the meeting about me, in my absence. Graeme informed me that the conversation was private. I suggested that Graeme, Ann and Clive tape the conversation so that they have a written record of the conversation. I said as far as I am aware it is illegal to attempt to manipulate a witness, outside of court proceedings; to change her/his affidavit. If you disagree with someones affidavit, then the court procedure is to file an answering affidavit; which you transparently provide to all parties, and their lawyers, wherein you clearly clarify your disagreement, and provide your evidentiary information in support of your disagreement. Maliciously attempting to manipulate a witness to change their affidavit is called obstruction of justice. Graeme said: If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it. I left. At times I went into the kitchen to ascertain if they were still talking about me. They were. I left. The meeting lasted until approximately 17:00 hrs.

Ann’s verbal requests on behalf of Graeme:

After the meeting: Ann verbally informed me that Graeme had requested that I withdraw the case. I responded: Please ask Graeme to put his requests to me in writing; CC to his lawyer: Desere Barnard. Once I have received his written request, I shall provide him and his lawyer, and all the other parties to the case; with my written answers.

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Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Clive and Ann Johnstone:
Clive Johnstone (clanne@telkomsa.net); Ann Johnstone (annscg@telkomsa.net)

Frode & Talitha Moe:
Frode Moe (fro.moe@online.no); Talitha Moe (lee.moe@telkomsa.net); Millers Inc: Arno Crous (arno@millers.co.za);

Graeme and Hilary Johnstone:
Graeme Johnstone (graeme.johnstone@gmail.com); Hilary Johnstone (hilary.johnstone@gmail.com); Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys: Desere Barnard: Rachel Hannies (rachel@bvdblegal.co.za);


[Transcript copy of 18 Jan: LJ Re: AEJ Typing Affidavit request: Email sent by Lara Johnstone; To Ann Johnstone; CC: Clive Johnstone; Subject: Re: Typing Affidavit Request; Attachments: 21-01-17_LJvGHJ_AEJAffd_Amend-HNote.pdf; 21-01-17_LJvGHJ_AEJ-Affd_Amend_Type.doc]


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