30 Jan: WA-AG: BF: Message from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

* Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson
* 30 Jan: WA-AG: BF: Message from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson
* Presumably a WA-AG and/or military psychotronically manipulated WA-AG submission; possibly preliminary answer to Poll Q toFrank Luntz; CC DNC & GOP AG’s assoc [28 Jan: McV20: Req FLuntz EoP v WiP Law Referendum Poll: Frank Luntz – EoP v WiP Referendum – Poll Vote]
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Subject: A Message from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson


Attorney General Ferguson recognizes that many Washingtonians are hurting financially in the face of a global pandemic. He asked that staff share the following information:

Over a billion dollars in unclaimed property has been turned into the state since records began in 1955. One in seven Washingtonians currently has unclaimed money sitting in the state treasury. You can check the following state website www.claimyourcash.org to search your name and the names of family members to determine whether you or your family members have unclaimed money from old utility deposits, bank accounts, investments, refunds and rebates, gift cards, insurance premiums, and a many other sources. When these old payments and other property go unclaimed, they are sent to the Department of Revenue and held in the state treasury until the rightful owner claims the money. During these challenging times, Attorney General Ferguson is working to put money back in Washingtonians’ pockets.

Thank you.

Britt Youngblood
Constituent Correspondence Liaison
Washington State Attorney General’s Office


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