02 Feb: LJ Re 31 Jan 2021 LJ, AEJ & CHJ Meeting: Re AEJ Affidavit

* Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys, Desere Barnard, Graeme Johnstone, Hilary Johnstone, Clive Johnstone, Ann Johnstone.
* 02 Feb: LJ Re H51/19: LJ v GHJ: LJ A’s Re GHJ to AEJ email Q’s: LJ Affidavit As to GHJ: Re: GHJ 13 Dec 2020 and 17 Jan 2021 Emails to AEJ; Re: AEJ Affidavit [PDF: pp.50]; LJ Re 31 Jan 2021 LJ, AEJ & CHJ Meeting: Re AEJ Affidavit [PDF: pp.03].
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TO: H 51/19: LJ v GHJ Respondents

Graeme Johnstone: et al

LJ Re: 31 Jan 2021 LJ, AEJ & CHJ Meeting: Re AEJ Affidavit.

A summary of Lara’s interpretation of verbal statements made by Lara, Clive and Ann in a meeting on the porch on 31 January 2021 is as follows. Statements in brackets are for clarity.

Lara Transcript of 31 Jan 2021 verbal statements:

Ann said she wanted to withdraw her affidavit [Affidavit Ann filed in H51/19: LJ v GHJ court annexed mediation negotiations[1]]. She had made a mistake writing the 12 Dec 2020 affidavit, and had not done her homework to find out the truth before writing her affidavit.

Lara said she had no problems with Ann withdrawing her affidavit. Lara suggested that her advice would be for Ann to cooperate to find the truth about the events in the affidavit, before withdrawing it. If Ann sincerely believes there are inaccuracies in her affidavit, then the right thing to do is to go through the affidavit, sentence per sentence, and amend or withdraw the sentences that are inaccurate. If some parts of the affidavit are true, then you keep the true parts and amend the inaccurate parts.

Lara had submitted a PAIA Request for Access to Information to Johan Fourie[2], for him to clarify whether it was Graeme or Clive or both Graeme and Clive who made the mental disorder allegations and what their mental disorder legal definitions were. Lara had suggested to Johan Fourie to request Graeme and Clive to provide him with written statements of consent that they consent to him releasing the information about his meeting with Graeme and Clive.[3]

Ann said she did not want to be in the middle of the sandwich between Lara and Graeme.

Lara said Clive and Ann put themselves in the middle of the sandwich, when Graeme came to them with his mental disorder allegations, behind Lara’s back. If Clive or Ann had simply answered: “Stop gossiping behind Lara’s back, speak to Lara about your allegations”, then Clive and/or Ann would not have ended up in the middle of Frode and Graeme’s mental disorder allegation sandwich.

Ann said that Clive wanted Lara to see a psychiatrist. Lara asked whether Clive wanted Lara to see a psychiatrist, or whether Graeme wanted Clive to demand that Lara see a psychiatrist. Clive agreed that he wanted Lara to see a psychiatrist, as soon as his cancer radiation treatment is over.

Clives’ reasons: Clive wanted to end the conflict in the family; and he and Ann may want to move to a smaller home. Lara would not be able to accompany them. Lara said that in 2009 when she had wanted to file the legal application against Frode, to remove the mental disorder allegation obstacles obstructing her from self sufficient employment; Clive and Ann requested her not to, because it would cause conflict in the family; and Lara and Clive entered into barter exchange agreements to enable her self sufficient survival; until Clive and Ann’s death, when she could use her inheritance to pay for her Switzerland assisted suicide.[4].

Lara said she doubted seeing a psychiatrist would help Clive to end the conflict in the family. The conflict was a direct result of Clive and Ann not telling Frode and Graeme to “Stop gossiping behind Lara’s back, speak to Lara about your allegations”; as Clive had promised Magistrate Torlage he would do.

Lara said she could place H51/19: LJ v GHJ court application on the court roll with a Notice of Set Down to the Judge, as is; without Frode and Graeme’s Answering Affidavits; which they have refused to file into the court record; and without Ann’s affidavit which had been provided to Graeme as part of court annexed mediation, but had not been filed into the court record. The Judge would probably rule in favour, or at least partially in favour of the financial damages requested in the Notice of Motion; since the only evidence submitted into the court record, was Lara’s affidavit evidence. If the Judge provided the financial damages requested it would be a damages order of Frode Moe: 800,000.00; Graeme Johnstone: R200,000.00. Even a damages order of half of that would be more than enough to support me for a while, while I arrange my Dignitas Assisted suicide, and to pay for my Dignitas Assisted suicide.

Ann said: What if Clive and Ann provide me with my gold coins [10 Kruger Rand gold coins] inheritance now, then Lara can pay for my Dignitas Assisted Suicide now? 

Lara said: If Clive and Ann were willing to commit to providing Lara with her gold coins inheritance now prior to their death, Lara could make the Dignitas Assisted Suicide arrangements now and be off to Switzerland before they move to a smaller house; and Clive and Ann could avoid the ongoing family conflict from Frode and Graeme’s mental disorder allegations, from the court case.

Lara suggested Clive and Ann take a few days to think about the ‘LJ v GHJ Setdown’ and ‘Gold Coins Assisted Suicide’ options; and let Lara know their answer.


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF[5]]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529


——— Footnotes ———

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[4] In approximately 2009: Lara wanted to file an application against Frode to sort out his mental disorder allegations; so that they could be removed to enable Lara not to have those mental disorder allegations preventing her from getting employment to enable her self sufficient survival. Clive and Ann objected to the legal application because it would cause conflict in the family. Lara consented to Clive and Ann’s request that Lara not file a legal complaint against Frode; to avoid conflict in the family on the condition that Clive and Ann cooperate to enter into a barter exchange agreement to provide for Lara simple lifestyle living arrangements; until Clive and Ann’s death; whereupon Lara would use her inheritance funds to pay for her Switzerland assisted suicide. Lara requested Ann to ask Frode and Talitha to contribute to Lara avoiding conflict in the family with a lawsuit, by entering into a barter exchange for Lara’s worm farm and growing veggies on Frode and Talithas property. Lara kept her barter exchange agreement with Clive, Ann, Frode and Talitha and  did not file any legal applications against anyone in the family; until Frode terminated the Moe barter exchange agreement with Lara.

[5] http://eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za/pdf/za/17-09-19_WC-Grg_Johnstone-Lara.pdf


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