02 Feb: LJ Affidavit As to GHJ: Re: GHJ 13 Dec 2020 and 17 Jan 2021 Emails to AEJ; Re: AEJ Affidavit

* Brand & van der Bergh Attorneys, Desere Barnard, Graeme Johnstone, Hilary Johnstone, Clive Johnstone, Ann Johnstone.
* 02 Feb: LJ Re H51/19: LJ v GHJ: LJ A’s Re GHJ to AEJ email Q’s: LJ Affidavit As to GHJ: Re: GHJ 13 Dec 2020 and 17 Jan 2021 Emails to AEJ; Re: AEJ Affidavit [PDF: pp.50]; LJ Re: 31 Jan 2021 LJ, AEJ & CHJ Meeting: Re AEJ Affidavit [PDF: pp.03].
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Case: H 51/19

In the matter between:

Lara Johnson Applicant
Graeme & Hilary Johnstone

Frode & Talitha Moe

Clive & Ann Johnstone

1st & 2nd Respondent

03rd & 4th Respondent

05th & 6th Respondent

Lara Johnson Affidavit Answers to Graeme Johnstone:
Re: GHJ 13 Dec 2020 and 17 Jan 2021 Emails to AEJ; Re: AEJ Affidavit.

[1] I, Lara Johnson also known as Lara Johnstone, ID Number: 661204 0012 086, the undersigned, do hereby declare that I am a fifty-four year old female adult, the Ecology of Peace (“EoP”) law culture applicant in this matter, a South African citizen, resident at 16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, South Africa.

[2] The facts set out herein fall within my personal knowledge, unless otherwise indicated by the context, and are to the best of my knowledge objectively and or subjectively true and correct.

Issues in Dispute:

[3] The focus of this affidavit statement is to provide a summary of my recollections, observations and interpretations related to allegations made by Graeme Johnstone in a 13 Dec 2020: 22:37 hrs and 17 Jan 2021: 20:55 hrs emails to Ann Johnstone, subject: Affidavit:

[4] Trying to Help:

[4.1] I was trying to help my sister get a semblence of a life [PDF[1]: pp.07]

[5] George W Bush George Airport:

[5.1] Lara did send an email to us clearly stating that she had received telepathic confirmation that she was being fetched later that day by the US presidential plane (US Air Force One) at George airport with a list of persons on board including Timothy McVeigh, Bill Clinton and Pres Bush to name the few i can remember.” [PDF[2]: pp.07]

[6] Faked Execution of Timothy McVeigh:

[6.1] Lara believed McVeigh was kept alive and they communicated by some advanced code. [PDF[3]: pp.07]

[7] Close Relationship with President Putin:

[7.1] Some time later she also believed to have a close relationship with Pres Putin of Russia. She addressed all her boxes in storage at the plot to the Kremlin. [PDF[4]: pp.07]


Summary Answer:

[8] A belief is something the believer believes to be 100% true, with 0% room for doubt. A working hypothesis conclusion is something someone believes 0.1 to 99.9% true, leaving room for 99.9 to 0.01% doubt that it may not be true.

[9] I have only one 100% objective reality belief; which is a subjective sincere peacenik / honourable warrior existential identity belief: Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Objective Reality [eop-rh-fr[5]: Detailed Answer: Abel EoP v Kane WiP Law Social Contract: Objective Reality vs Subjective Divided Self Delusional Beliefs & Opinions: One 100% Objective Reality Belief: Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty]. If or when I am informed by someone who existentially identifies as a sincere peacenik / honourable warrior that the Ecology of Peace sincere peacenik / honourable warrior objective reality definition is inaccurate; I will amend it. Until there is an EoP v WiP law: EoP Axis Oath office poll of voters [28 Jan: McV20: Req FLuntz EoP v WiP Law Referendum Poll[6]: Frank Luntz – EoP v WiP Referendum – Poll Vote[7]] or referendum; its difficult to how many people existentially identify as an EoP sincere peacenik / honourable warrior law voters. That could turn out to be one voter, three voters [27 Jan: McV Filing: IACHR: McV v USA: EoP PoW Voter Petition[8]: McV 2020 v USA: EoP Law Voter Prisoners of WiP Law and WiP Law Only Jurists and Lawyers Petition[9], ten voters [17 Feb: FSB: AM Kalganov[10], ninety one million voters [WP: Chinese Communist Party[11]; 31 Jan: org.za A’s to Chinese Domain: Paul Liu tygae Q’s[12]]; or anything in between or more.

[10] All my other opinions are socio-cultural subjective working hypothesis conclusions; some may be 50% working hypothesis accurate conclusions, and others 99.9%. They are socio-cultural working hypothesis conclusions based on my interpretation of my observations. My interpretations could be inaccurate. Provided with evidence that my interpretation on any working hypothesis conclusion opinion; is inaccurate, I am willing to amend my working hypothesis conclusion interpretation. For example: If my primary – McVeigh execution faked – source; Michael Martin tells me – at US congress, IACHR court or UNGA assembly hearings – that I misinterpreted his McVeigh’s execution was faked statements; then I will ask questions to make sure I am accurately interpreting what he alleges I misinterpreted; and once we are clear, that I am accurately interpreting his statements; if my representation of his statements in my affidavit is inaccurate; I will amend my McVeigh Faked Execution 99.9% opinion in the LJ v LS Affidavit [lj-v-ls[13]: PDF[14]: Affidavit: para 34-38/47.4; pp. 16-17/70].

[11] Graeme – whose subjective existential racial, religious, ideological identity [23 Jan: EoP PAIA Req for Info: Mediclinic: Johan Fourie: Culture / Religion Definition[15]] is unknown to me, but whatever his existential identity; it is not the existential identity of a sincere peacenik / honourable warrior – knows this [20 Dec: LJ Re: LJ-vGHJ AEJ Affd: Mediation: TN: LJ v GHJ/BB Corr[16]: Excerpts GMC 4643-13 applicant/s correspondence to and from or about Brad Blanton / Radical Honesty aka Radical Hypocrisy community; including Graeme and/or Hilary Johnstone [PDF[17]]: Sent: 12 January 2012 1:11 PM: Subject: RE: Graeme & Andre[18]; From: Lara Johnstone; Sent: 12 November 2011 5:32 PM: Subject: RE: Clive, Graeme, Hillary and Andre Johnstone: RE: Psych. Status of Lara Johnstone[19]]. I have also provided Graeme with written apologies if or where an opinion I had on a particular issue, turned – when provided with further evidentiary information – out to be partially or entirely inaccurate.

Detailed Answer Summary Headings:

[12] Abel EoP v Kane WiP Law Social Contract:

[12.1] Self Judge Ego Suicide Settlement Agreement or State Judge Ruling

[12.2] Objective Reality vs Subjective Divided Self Delusional Beliefs & Opinions:

[13] Due Process Observations:

[13.1] Information Operations:

[13.2] Inter – Racial, Religious, Class & Gender – Cultural Listening Skills:

[13.3] Equitable Inter-Cultural Due Process:

[13.4] Random and Intentional Coincidence Pattern Events:

[13.5] Magistrate Torlage: Re Lara Coincidence Pattern Events Observations:

[14] Summary Answer Observations:

[14.1] Trying to Help

[14.2] George W Bush George Airport:

[14.3] Iraq War and Iatrogenic Origins of Aids Disclosure:

[14.4] Faked Execution of Timothy McVeigh:

[14.5] Close Relationship with President Putin:

[15] Conclusion


Abel EoP v Kane WiP Law Social Contract:

[16] Robert Ardrey: The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder:

[16.1] The controversy will be resolved one day by the specialists involved. If Wilson was right at Washington, and competition occurs only when overcrowded numbers struggle for a scarce resource, then Malthus is confirmed. And humanity has little to look forward to but that chaotic day when in unlimited number we assassinate one another in our pursuit of inadequate resources. But if Wynne-Edwards is right, any population, human or non-human, has within its power the limitation of numbers through conventional rules and regulations and the capacity to abide by them. [SQ-RA: The Social Contract: A Personal Inquiry into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder[20]]

[17] Jack Alpert: Forming a Humane and Orderly Rapid Population Decline Constituency.

[17.1] The ecological overshoot full plate of the human predicament is one way to show why rapid population and consumption decline is required to assure all persons a safe distance from the plate’s edge. In the conversation, the listener has to understand that: a) the act of breeding/consuming above carrying capacity limits in an ecological overshoot full plate like environment means being a killer, serial killer, mass murderer or genocidal murderer, b) an ecological overshoot “full-plate” environment has existed for some time and thus all overbreeding / consuming persons have already engaged in a little or allot of killing, and c) surviving each day in the future means each person continues to kill a little or alot depending on the level of their breeding/consumption. The only way each of us can extract ourselves from this manslaughter predicament is to reduce the total human footprint so far below the carrying capacity that even increasing per capita consumption does not kill someone. And this means a much smaller population — maybe as small as 1 or 2% of the present global population. [EoP Amended: SQ-SKIL: Forming a humane and orderly rapid population decline constituency is a solution to our predicament[21]; Peace seekers have no enduring plan for seeking peace[22]; Nonlinearity of Overpopulation[23]]

[18] Dmitry Orlov: The Five/Six Stages of Collapse:

[18.1] Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost. The future is no longer assumed resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.          Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down, and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm.         Stage 3: Political collapse. Faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost. As official attempts to mitigate widespread loss of access to commercial sources of survival necessities fail to make a difference, the political establishment loses legitimacy and relevance.         Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost, as local social institutions, be they charities or other groups that rush in to fill the power vacuum run out of resources or fail through internal conflict.         Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for “kindness, generosity, consideration, affection, honesty, hospitality, compassion, charity”. Families disband and compete as individuals for scarce resources. The new motto becomes “May you die today so that I die tomorrow” (Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago). There may even be some cannibalism.         Stage 6: Environmental collapse: At this stage we are left without a home, having rendered Earth (our home planet) uninhabitable. This tragic outcome may not be unavoidable. And if it is not unavoidable, then that’s about the only problem left that’s worth solving. The solution can be almost arbitrarily expensive in both life and treasure. I would humbly suggest that it’s worth all the money in the world, plus a few billion lives, because if a solution isn’t found, then that treasure and those lives are forfeit anyway. [SQ-CO: Dmitry Orlov: The Five/Six Stages of Collapse[24]]

[19] Biography: Israels Generals: Ariel Sharon:

[19.1] Ariel Sharon is a farmer, and that is a very important side of his personality. He tells about how he has watched the cow bellowing as it is moved from the large corral to the smaller corral, and finally into the chute where it is taken to the slaughter and he sees himself in some respects as the cow or the bull being cornered and his job is basically to shut the gates, so that it becomes impossible to move him from the larger corral to the smaller corral to the chute. If you look at the way that he deals with the efforts of outside powers to move the process forward, he is always putting gates, shut gates infront of them. He is prepared to have those gates opened, but he will extract a price for them. That is his tactic and its quite effective. But just as he imagines himself as the cow and the bull, so he understands that it is very effective to treat others in the same way as the cow and the bull, and to move them from the corral, until he’s got them in the chute where he wants them. [Biography: Israels Generals: Ariel Sharon[25]]

[20] Thomas Szasz: The Second Sin:

[20.1] Formerly, Americans charged with murder were considered innocent until proven guilty; now they are considered insane until proven sane. To concepts like suicide, homicide, and genocide, we should add semanticide – the murder of language. The deliberate (or quasi-deliberate) misuse of language through hidden metaphor and professional mystification breaks the basic contract between people, namely the tactic agreement on the proper use of words. In the animal kingdom, the rule is: eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom: define or be defined. Man is the animal that speaks. Understanding language is thus the key to understanding man; and the control of language, to the control of man. Hence it is that men struggle not only over territory, food, and raw materials, but today perhaps most of all over language. For to control the Word is to be the Definer: God, king, pope, president, legislator, scientist, psychiatrist, madman – you and me. God defines everything and everyone. The totalitarian leader aspires to similar grandeur. The ordinary person defines some aspects of himself and of a few others. But even the most modest and powerless of men defines something no one else can: his own dreams. And we are all defined, as well: by our genes which shape us; our parents who name us; our society which classifies us; and so on. It has long seemed to me that some of the fundamental problems of psychiatry are really quiet simple: they center around a struggle for definition between the so-called mental patient on the one side and his family, society, and psychiatrist on the other. each party to this contest speaks a different language, whose content and consequences he tries to impose on his adversary. Although the context sometimes looks like a debate, it is actually a bitter fight for survival, and, like all such struggles, it is decided not by logic, but by power. If, as the Old Testament tells us, the First or Original Sin was the knowledge of good and evil, then the knowledge of clear speech was the ‘Second Sin.” At Babel, God punished man for this transgression with the Divine Confusion, and we have been misleading each other ever since. Dr. Thomas Szasz believes that it is this confusion of language that has produced much of the inhumanity, intolerance, and outright stupidity which today affect everything from our politics to our sex lives. [Amazon: The Second Sin by Thomas Szasz[26]]

[21] Abel EoP Law voters vote for politicians willing to cooperate to implement an international law social contract that will enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation by limiting all citizens of all races, religions, classes and genders procreation and consumption to ecological carrying capacity limits. Abel EoP Law voters process for implementing EoP SciCult law as international law is documented in EoP UN Resolution in H111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others[27].

[22] Kane WiP law voters negligently or intentionally – like hens in a henhouse voting for the resident fox – vote for politicians who will uphold the be fruitful and multiply slaughterhouse cattle voter Kane WiP Law social contract, enabling the – bullets, missiles, usury, big pharma, etc – war economy profiteers to profit from – taxfarm, slavery trafficking, cheap labour – economically and militarily slaughtering their cattle voters.[28]

[23] Globally there are two potential international law legal systems, requiring two different forms of agriculture and freedom; and leading to two different international and/or national economic and peace and war systems; with two different types of peacenik / military warriors [Summary EoP v WiP Law: eop-v-wip-law[29]: PDF[30]]. Abel Ecology of Peace (“EoP”) international law will require citizens to practice – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits, and fully informed consent honest relating – responsible freedom, and will lead to sustainable steady state – no population and economic growth – low tech sustainable subsistence agriculture agrarian economies [Thompkins Conservation: The Next Economy[31]; NBC: Eustace Conway’s Turtle Island[32]; RN: Russia’s Rural Villagers are Unphased by Economic Collapse[33]; NH: Russian Family Gardens Produce 40% of Russian Food[34]; TB: In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk[35]]. Kane Babylon Masonic War is Peace (“WiP”) law allows cattle-citizens [Obama Deception: False WiP Left Right paradigm[36]; Stefan Molyneux: The Story of [WiP] Enslavement[37]; Human Farming: Our Enslavement[38]; PETA: Sunny Acre Farms[39]] the freedom to procreate and consume as much as they want, and practice certain forms of relating deception [IG: 15-07-31[40]]; and leads to totalitarian agriculture [TSWabbit: Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture[41]: Excerpt: What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire[42]] boom – slaughterhouse cattle feast – bust economic systems. In a global WiP international law system, everyone is consciously or unconsciously – lab rats on a treadmill – trapped in the growth-boom-bust [OKC: The Boom the Bust and the Bomb[43]; FactXTract: Flatten Weimar Curve?[44]; Crash Course: Exponential Growth & Power of Compounding[45]; Growth Busters: Limits to Growth: Bacteria in a Bottle[46]; World Population Balance: Understanding Exponential Growth[47]; Al Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy[48]] econo-legal system. The growth-boom-bust system can only be reformed – prior to bust collapsing – if a sufficient number of elite are willing to cooperate to abolish it and replace it with a legal system enabling orderly and humane degrowth return to a sustainable steady state system. Some are consciously – prisoners – trapped, others are unconsciously – prison guards – trapped [My Dinner with Andre[49]: Guard/Prisoner Reality[50]]. All Babylon War is Peace (“WiP”) Yum Yum Cannibal Boom Bust economy’s are economic systems where the Babylon elite unconsciously or consciously – some more honest and others with a preference for flattery deception – profiteer off race, religious, class and gender Yum Yum boom-bust resource conflict misery. One of the ways in which citizens are encouraged to increase consumption at even faster levels are through banking lending practices. It is not for nothing that usury [DC: Usury: Mathematical Fraud Explained[51]; Bill Maher: Elizabeth Warren: Usury[52]] – a financial growth symptom of Babylon WiP procreation/consumption growth law – was made illegal by some nations and religions, but those nations and religions failed to address the root – Babylon WiP procreation, consumption and deception law – causes of – among others – financial boom bust economic symptom of usury.

[24] Its worth repeating that Mother Natures laws do set a single – procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits – standard [eop-footprint[53]: lj-v-ls[54]: PDF[55]39-42/70] for resource abundance prosperity; for the inhabitants of any ecological system. Its also worth noting that in the absence of the beings calling themselves citizen voters cooperating to legislate international laws that obey Mother Natures single procreation and consumption standard of procreation and consumption below ecological carrying capacity limits [eop-un-res[56]: lj-v-ls[57]: PDF[58] pp.25-66/70]; enabling orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation return to Mother Natures single responsible freedom prosperity standard; Mother Natures armies can and will Bon Voyage Motherfuckers all of the citizen voters armies – Pentagon [Global Observatory: Climate Change is Urgent Global Security Threat[59]], Red Army [Reds: Trailer[60]], NATO [NATO: Climate Change[61]], People’s Army [ASPO: Al Bartlett: China’s One Child Policy[62]]; Muslim Brotherhood [Reuters: Two is enough, Egypt tells poor families as population booms[63]; Express Tribune: Justice Nisar: population control is Pakistans top priority after water conservation[64]; Supreme Court recommends national task force for population control[65]] – combined back to the stone age; as she has done many times before [Military Gospel: 11 Feb: NASA: Human & nature dynamics: Modeling inequality resource use in the collapse or sustainability of societies[66]]


Self Judge Ego Suicide Settlement Agreement or State Judge Ruling:

[25] In 2007, when Clive and Ann objected to me filing a court case against Frode for his mental disorder allegations made to family members during the 2002 George Herald PW Botha Iatrogenic Origins of Aids disclosure bomb threat trial, because Clive and Ann said it would cause too much family conflict; I suggested the following solution options:

[26] Settlement Agreement Withdrawal of Frode Mental Disorder Allegations:

[26.1] I need to remove the Frode’s mental disorder allegations hanging over my head obstructing me from applying for any job that would enable my self sufficient survival. I cannot public represent myself as an honest citizen, and apply for a job, and withhold information about Frode’s mental disorder allegations in the job interview.

[26.2] Frode can voluntarily withdraw his mental disorder allegations. So far he has refused my requests to do so.

[26.3] Family members who want to help me get a job – Talitha, Clive, Ann, Graeme, Andre – can ask Frode to apologize and withdraw his mental disorder allegations obstructing my honest job applications.

[27] Court Damages Removal of Frode Mental Disorder Allegations:

[27.1] I can file a court application to get a Magistrate or Judge to issue a damages order against Frode; thereby removing Frode’s mental disorder allegations. This will cause allot of conflict with family members who are ‘secret society’ members. Family members who say one thing in private or behind someone’s back; and another thing in public, to the persons face. In psychology speak, family members who are alienated[67]: whose private existential identity sense of self is alienated from their public existential identity representation of who they are. In Sun Tzu honourable nonviolent warrior speak; family members who don’t know themselves[68].

[28] Barter Exchange Settlement Agreement:

[28.1] I can enter into a settlement agreement with Clive and Ann that enables them to benefit from avoiding a mental disorder family conflict court case. The barter exchange agreement must:

[A] Provide me with barter exchange room and board; in exchange for – gardening, compost and 24 hour emergency on call help – labour services; until Clive and Ann’s death; and

[B] Provide me with Dignitas Assisted Suicide assistance; such as written consent that I can use my inheritance funds to pay for my Dignitas Assisted Suicide after Clive and Ann’s death.

[C] Provide me with SQWorms small business barter exchange access to a property – preferably Frode since his allegations caused the conflict – for my worm farm; to earn an alternative small income from wormery and compost sales, and to grow veggies; to reduce Clive and Ann’s supermarket food bills.

[29] Dignitas Assisted Suicide Settlement Agreement:

[29.1] I can enter into a settlement agreement with Clive and Ann that enables them to benefit from avoiding a mental disorder family conflict court case. The barter exchange agreement must:

[A] Provide me with my inheritance funds to pay for my Dignitas Assisted Suicide;

[B] Provide me with written consent assistance to be able to get Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green light.

[30] In 2007 Clive and Ann chose the “Barter Exchange Settlement Agreement” option. The same options were provided to Clive and Ann during the George Magistrates Court: 5048-15: LJ v Clive Johnstone negotiations; where Clive and Ann again chose the “Barter Exchange Settlement Agreement”.

[31] I upheld my part of the agreement and did not file any court case applications against Frode or any other family member; until 2014[69] after Frode and Talitha ended their Witfontein Barter Exchange Agreement with me, Clive and Ann; cutting off my access to alternative small income from wormery and compost sales.


Objective Reality vs Subjective Divided Self Delusional Beliefs & Opinions:

[32] Jeffrey Schaler: Strategies of Psychiatric Coercion:

[32.1] Now, why a person engages in certain behaviors is an entirely different matter. When someone states “schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance,” I assert that they are being inaccurate. “Chemical imbalance” is an explanation for why a person engages in self-reported imaginings, what is referred to as hallucination, the primary characteristic of schizophrenia. (There is no such thing, no such disease, as schizophrenia.). There are socially acceptable self-reported imaginings, or hallucinations, and socially unacceptable ones. Claiming that Jesus has entered one’s heart may be a socially acceptable self-reported imagining. Claiming that Martians are beaming messages to me through the fillings in my teeth may be a socially unacceptable self-reported imagining. The former is referred to as a valued religious experience. The latter is referred to as schizophrenia, a type of mental illness. Explanations for behavior fall into four categories: Theological or spiritual explanations are one; biological explanations are a second and are focused primarily on the structure and function of the nervous system, specifically, how neurons communicate with one another; psychological explanations, including all the different theories about personality, are a third category; and finally we have socio-cultural explanations, a fourth category, where the meaning of a behavior is contingent upon the cultural context within which the behavior occurs. Socially acceptable and socially unacceptable behaviors vary by cultural context. Literal diseases do not. In the United States, homosexuality is no longer considered a disease. In Uganda, homosexuality is considered a disease, a sin, and a crime. Controversial legislation punishing homosexuality with the death penalty has been proposed in Uganda. Obviously, it is a very backward country, composed of very backward people, when it comes to protecting individual rights. Much of their antipathy towards persons who choose homosexual ways of having sex comes from religious influences. [Cato Unbound: Jeffrey Schaler: Strategies of Psychiatric Coercion[70]; CCHR: Jeffrey Schaler: Psychiatry as Fraud[71]]

[33] I don’t know what Graeme’s experiential definition of an imagining hallucination delusion is, but here is my laypersons definition of an imagining hallucination delusion.

[34] A delusion can be a racial, religious or secular – this or that belief is true / superior – belief. A belief is something the believer believes to be 100% true, with 0% room for doubt. A working hypothesis conclusion is something someone believes 0.1 to 99.9% true, leaving room for 99.9 to 0.01% doubt that it may not be true. An individual suffers from a delusion if or where they believe something to be 100% true; which objectively scientifically and/or subjectively culturally is scientifically objectively and/or culturally subjectively not true.

[34.1] A scientifically objective belief is a belief that is scientifically objectively true, and subjectively sincerely held. A belief that the earth is flat; is scientifically objectively a delusion, but may be subjectively inaccurately sincere. An individual who has never seen space pictures of the round earth, could reasonably sincerely believe the earth was flat; their belief is not a delusion; since they have not been provided evidence to the contrary; enabling them to correct their inaccurate belief. If provided with evidence their flat earth belief is inaccurate, and they refuse to amend it, their flat earth belief can then be diagnosed as a delusion.

[34.2] A subjective cultural or racial group shared system of thought[72] belief s an idea a group of people have subjectively agreed to believe is the objective reality foundation of their racial or religious or professional culture.

[A] A group of neo-nazis who agree that they love Hitler and giving each other Nazi salutes on Hitlers birthday, have a joint scientifically objectively accurate – the members of their racial group culture scientifically objectively voluntarily sincerely love Hitler, according to their cultural definition of love – cultural law racial group shared system of thought belief.

[B] A group of psychiatrists who agree that the DSM bible is based upon cultural law, and their DSM bible mental disorder diagnosis is applicable to people who consent to their DSM bible culture; have a joint scientifically accurate cultural law professional group shared system of thought belief.

[C] A group of psychiatrists who agree that the DSM bible is based upon scientific law, and their mental disorder diagnosis is scientifically applicable to any person of any culture; have a joint sincere but scientifically objectively inaccurate cultural law professional group shared system of thought belief. If they are provided with – DSM is not based on scientific law, but cultural law – evidence of the objective scientific inaccuracy of their cultural law professional group shared system of thought belief, and refuse to correct their cultural law professional group shared system of thought belief for objective reality accuracy; their ‘DSM bible is based on scientific law’ professional group shared system of thought belief is a delusion.

[35] Precautionary Principle Working Hypothesis Actions Interpreted as Delusions:

[35.1] An individual acting in accordance to a working hypothesis conclusion that they believe could turn out to be objective reality; act in accordance to precautionary principle law[73] Such an individuals ‘working hypothesis conclusion’ actions or statements are not delusions; because such person has a sincere working hypothesis conclusion that their particular hypothesis has a high chance of being proven to be objective reality 100% true, while that individual continues to be open to receiving evidence proving their  “99.9 working hypothesis conclusion” accurate or inaccurate. Climate change activists advocacy is based upon the precautionary principle.

[A] Michael Breen: US Army: Think about it from a military perspective. When I was leading paratroopers in Afghanistan and 98-99% of my intelligence told me that I was driving my plattoon down a road and that 2 miles down that road there is an ambush waiting for me. I don’t get to say ‘yeah but there is that 1% that says there is no ambush. So to hell with the other 99%, we are going to keep going down this road’. I mean that is negligence on an unfathomable scale. That is the debate we are having right now, with regard to climate [Age of Consequences: Trailer[74]; PBS America: Age of Consequences[75]]

[35.2] Orville and Wilbur Wright sincerely believed that with enough scientific experimentation they could figure out the natural laws of flight that enabled birds to defy gravity. If a psychologist was sitting on a hill watching the Wright brothers experiment with their planes, that continued to crash, they could have ignored the precautionary principle evidence that birds defy gravity; so its possible the Wright brother experiments could find the natural law formula enabling them to build machines to defy gravity; and simply accused the Wright brothers of mental disorder delusions; based on the cultural law mental disorder definition: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. However that psychologist mental disorder delusion diagnosis would have been incorrect; because that psychologist was not considering the precautionary principle and was not paying close attention to the Wright brothers miniscule adjustments to their working hypothesis conclusion experiment planes; then observing the effects of their flight engineering adjustments and making new adjustments. Eventually the Wright brothers found the correct flight formula and their planes did not crash.

[35.3] Ecology of Peace culture sincerely believe that with enough sincere scientific experimentation cooperation humans can figure out the responsible freedom (a) scientific ecological carrying capacity limit natural laws for a sustainable steady state – zero population growth and zero consumption growth – economy; and (b) human fully informed consent natural laws for a global fully informed consenting relating racial, religious co-existence civilization.

[A] Scientific Law: Scientific Law refers to Procreation and Consumption below carrying capacity limits. EoP Footprint [eop-footprint[76]] defines how procreation and consumption carrying capacity limit is measured.

[B] Cultural Law: Cultural law refers to any racial, religious, gender cultural value agreed upon, and codified in a written agreement between two or more individuals, which does not violate any EoP scientific laws; enabling a greater degree of cooperation and mutual assistance support between such individuals. Ego literacy [ego-eco-literacy[77]] clarifies how to engage in and/or measure a fully informed consenting agreement.

[36] I have only one 100% objective reality belief: Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Objective Reality [eop-rh-fr[78]]. All my opinions about George Bush, origins of AIDS and Covid, Faked execution of McVeigh, Putin relationship, etc are socio-cultural subjective working hypothesis conclusions; some may be 50% working hypothesis accurate conclusions, and others 99%. They are socio-cultural working hypothesis conclusions based on my interpretation of my observations. Others interpretations of my observations and interpretations would depend on the quality of their listening skills. If they have good listening skills, they would accurately represent my working hypothesis conclusion. If not, their would negligently or intentionally misrepresent my working hypothesis conclusion. Provided with evidence that my interpretation on any working hypothesis conclusion opinion; is inaccurate, I am willing to amend my working hypothesis conclusion interpretation.

[37] One 100% Objective Reality Belief: Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty:

[38.1] Ecology of Peace Functional Interpretation of Objective Reality Transforming the World Constraints for Sincere Peaceniks / Honourable Warriors: Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality [eop-rh-fr[79]] and EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [eop-scicultlaw[80]] are EoP culture’s functional group shared system of thought and action frame of orientation and object of inter-species relating devotion interpretation of reality for individuals whose object of devotion/values include: (i) honest – race, religious, gender and cultural – relationships; (ii) an ecological carrying capacity based perspective of observable factual social contract reality; and (iii) non-violent cooperative root cause problem solving.

[38.2] * Objective Factual Reality:
[1] Earth is not flat.   [2] Resources are finite.   [3] When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in ecological overshoot, resource depletion and resource conflict.    [4] Some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources include: climate change, mass migration, poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc.     [5] The root cause of humans breeding and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits is the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses of the Babylon Masonic War is Peace international law social contract.

* Sincere Peacenik / Honourable Warrior: Interpretative Reality:
[6] If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, political parties, corporations and/or nations sincerely – aka egological literacy [ego-eco-literacy[81]] – want to (a) sustainably protect natural resources for future generations; and/or (b) reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; and/or (c) enable honourable, transparent and humane international cooperative de-industrialization and depopulation of the planet to return to living in accordance to ecological carrying capacity limits; they should (d) cooperate [eop-cooperator[82]] to nullify the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ clauses and replace them with EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw[83]] clauses that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits; or be humanely eliminated from the planetary genepool.



Information Operations:

[39] Summary: White, Gray and Black Information Operations:

[39.1] Black Five: When you engage someone openly with “white” information operations, i.e. IO where your identity is clear and explicit, you imply that they are roughly your equal. By speaking to or of them directly, you point up that they are important enough to demand your attention and your reply. [Black Five: A Lesson in Information Operations[84]]

[39.2] Black Five: Since this is an IO post, it’s worth noting that those methods are generally more effective than white IO for taking on groups that you don’t want to risk legitimizing. White IO v. hostile groups is best reserved for occasions when you are the weaker group, or when the stronger group is actively trying to raise the stature of a group. Why would they wish to do so? If you google “the Gravity Well” at Blackfive, you’ll find an essay I wrote that might explain why. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is choose the one of your enemies that you prefer, and raise their stature so that they begin to draw in more of the people who are predisposed to the hostile cause. For example, you may find that one group that is overtly hostile to you nevertheless obeys certain rules of engagement that makes them a more honorable or preferable opponent. By raising their stature as an enemy, you may undercut the recruitment of other hostile groups — and thus get to fight the opponent you prefer to fight. [Black Five: COIN: The Gravity Well[85]]

[40] Dear Loony Nutjob or Information Operations Responses?:

[41] Request Graeme clarify what his interpretation is regarding the motives for George W Bush, Anders Breivik, Netherlands Ambassador in Pretoria: Ambassador Rob de Vos; Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa: Charge D’Affairs: Claudia Thomas; Switzerland Federal Assembly: President of National Council: Foreign Affairs Committee: Andreas Aebi and President of the Council of States: Foreign Affairs Committee: Hannes Germann; FSB Public Relations Officer AM Kalganov written responses to my Ecology of Peace culture correspondence.

[42] Generally speaking conventional politicians ignore the hell out of voters who have (a) no campaign finance funding; (a) no lawyers; (b) no big fanclub; (c) no media attention. I had none of those, so the chances of any politician or government official listening to what I had to say on that issue, let alone risking being controversial by sticking a big red flag infront of WiP Law media bulls; with a formal on the record written response – in some cases the only such written response on such controversial issue to any activist anywhere on the planet – to applicants correspondence is; I am guessing around 0.1%. Why did these politicians respond?

[42.1] On 06 Sep 2001, Nicholas E. Calio, Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs, in the George W Bush administration, responded to my hungerstrike on behalf of UFO Disclosure Projects whistleblowers [National Press Club: May 2001[86]: Witnesses: 01[87].02[88]], on behalf of President George W Bush, via US Representative Barbara Lee’s office; a transcript of which is available at: The President’s UFO Website: George W Bush’s UFO Mail[89]]. Allegedly Mr. Calio’s response letter to UFO disclosure issues, is the only formal White House response on the UFO issue ever authored. All other White House responses to UFO Disclosure issues were referred to NASA for a form letter official response.

[42.2] On 02 July 2012, Anders Breivik responded [02 Jul: Anders Breivik’s Thank you letter[90]] to my Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation legal applications to Norwegian courts on his behalf: “I received your letter and have followed your blog (indirectly) for quite some time now. I am also familiar with all your hard work and efforts to assist me. I first heard about you when you offered to stand trial and go out in flames with me. Thank you for this moral support. It was perhaps the most spectacular and also quite romantic way to show support, that’s for sure, and I truly do appreciate it. If it came down to it, it would be an honour to have you at my side”. As far as I am aware I was the only individual making Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation submissions to Breivik’s court proceedings.

[42.3] On 28 May 2011: Netherlands Ambassador in Pretoria: Ambassador Rob de Vos [PDF[91]]; and on 11 January 2012: Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa: Charge D’Affairs: Claudia Thomas; Switzerland Federal Assembly: President of National council: Foreign Affairs Committee: Andreas Aebi and President of the Council of States: Foreign Affairs Committee: Hannes Germann [PDF[92]] formally responded to my Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation – Volkstaat Secession or Jus Sanguinis Right of Return for African White Refugees petition [PDF[93]] – application as a descendant of progenitor settlers[94] from Norway [95], French[96], German[97], Netherlands[98] and United Kingdom[99]. As far as I am aware I am the only individual making Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation submissions to South African and international officials in support of Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw[100]]Racial, Religious, Class and Gender Cultural Law Self Rule Homelands [cult-law-self-rule[101]] secession.

[42.4] On 17 February 2017, FSB Public Relations Officer AM Kalganov, responded [17 Feb: FSB: AM Kalganov[102]] to my Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation correspondence on behalf of EoP Applicants [eop-applicants. As far as I am aware the FSB letter is the only such letter to any peacenik on the planet from the FSB.

[43] Is the accurate interpretation of their correspondence:

[43.1] Dear Loony Nutjob Voter: I am a government official wasting taxpayer money responding to loony nutjobs on loony nutjob issues.

[43.2] Dear EoP Law Voter: I received your correspondence on the controversial issue WiP law voters don’t care about. I don’t imagine WiP law voters or their lawyers care about Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty aka sincere peacenik / honourable warrior objective reality honest relationships between voters and politicians. Please know I received your correspondence; am listening and watching your efforts to teach your fellow citizens how they can learn to be responsible freedom voters.

[44] If Graeme confirms per affidavit that President Bush’s response was a Dear Loony Nutjob response. I shall be happy to write a letter to President Bush to ask him to clarify whether the Bush White House response was a Dear Loony Nutjob or Dear EoP Law Voter or some other Dear Voter response. If President Bush confirms his White House response was a Dear Loony Nutjob letter, I can provide Graeme with a written apology, for my incorrect precautionary principle benefit of the doubt – Dear EoP Law voter – interpretation.


Inter – Racial, Religious, Class & Gender – Cultural Listening Skills:

[45] I don’t know what level of listening skills Graeme generally practices. I don’t know what level of listening skills Graeme was practicing when he drew his conclusions documented in his 13 Dec 2020 22:37 hrs email to Ann Johnstone.

[46] If you had to measure your listening skills on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is a very good listener, 03 is a medium listener, and 01 is a bad listener; what do you consider your listening skills to be.

[46.1] Clive and Ann’s Answers were:

[A] Clive: 1

[B] Ann: 1.5

[47] There are many things that I am incompetent at: for example: I am probably the most incompetent gatkruiper in South Africa. I am not an incompetent listener. Generally speaking listening is important to me, and my active listening skills are 5.

[48] The whole self is open to sincere active listening, to walk in the other persons moccasins experientially understand. The whole self is open to the vulnerability of being open to learning to experientially understand another person from a different race, religion, culture or gender; by active reading, active listening and/or active kinesthetically co-experiencing.

[49] The Divided Ego Self is very seldom open – or may just be negligently or intentionally On Mount Ego Addiction Stupid incapable – to walk in the other persons moccasins experientially understand. The Divided Ego Self feels threatened by the vulnerability of being open to learning to experientially understand another person from a different race, religion, culture or gender; by active reading, active listening and/or active kinesthetically co-experiencing.

[50] RD Laing: The Divided Self:

[51] Ronald David Laing (7 October 1927 – 23 August 1989), usually cited as R. D. Laing, was a Scottish psychiatrist who wrote extensively on mental illness – in particular, the experience of psychosis. Laing’s views on the causes and treatment of psychopathological phenomena were influenced by his study of existential philosophy and ran counter to the chemical and electroshock methods that had become psychiatric orthodoxy. Taking the expressed feelings of the individual patient or client as valid descriptions of lived experience rather than simply as symptoms of mental illness, Laing regarded schizophrenia as a theory not a fact. Though associated in the public mind with anti-psychiatry he rejected the label. Laing was portrayed by David Tennant in the 2017 film Mad to Be Normal.

[52] RD Laing refused to view mental illness in biomedical/clinical terms, and has often been labeled as part of the so-called ‘antipsychiatry’ movement, alongside figures such as David Cooper, Thomas Szasz and Michel Foucault. However, Laing vehemently rejected this label. He never tried to deny that mentally ill people are in need of help – he simply did not believe that conventional psychiatry provided the answer. He was especially opposed to the use of lobotomies, ECT and the dehumanising effects of incarceration in psychiatric hospitals.

[53] John Clay: R.D. Laing: A Divided Self:.

[53.1] While still in Chicago, Laing was invited by some doctors to examine a young girl diagnosed as schizophrenic. The girl was locked into a padded cell in a special hospital, and sat there naked. She usually spent the whole day rocking to and fro. The doctors asked Laing for his opinion. What would he do about her? Unexpectedly, Laing stripped off naked himself and entered her cell. There he sat with her, rocking in time to her rhythm. After about twenty minutes she started speaking, something she had not done for several months. The doctors were amazed. ‘Did it never occur to you to do that?’ Laing commented to them later, with feigned innocence.

[53.2] His books, especially The Divided Self, made a profound impact. Many readers felt their own voices were being articulated for the first time; Laing’s genius lay in his ability to say what so many knew intuitively, but had never thought or articulated before. His writings touched people’s ‘secret minds.’

[54] Fritjof Capra: Uncommon Wisdom:

[54.1] I could imagine Laing falling asleep in front of a schizophrenic patient and I realized that he was probably the only psychiatrist in the world who would actually do such a thing. He would not be afraid of psychotics because their experience is not foreign to him. He has been to the farther reaches of the mind himself, has experienced their ecstasies as well as their terrors, and would be able to give an authentic response, based on his own experience, to virtually anything a patient could show him.

[55] RD Laing: The Divided Self:

[A] The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.

[B] The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man. Society highly values its normal man. It educates children to lose themselves and to become absurd, and thus to be normal. Normal men have killed perhaps 100,000,000 of their fellow normal men in the last fifty years.

[C] Long before a thermonuclear war can come about, we have had to lay waste to our own sanity. We begin with the children. It is imperative to catch them in time. Without the most thorough and rapid brain-washing their dirty minds would see through our dirty tricks. Children are not yet fools, but we shall turn them into imbeciles like ourselves, with high I.Q.s if possible.

[D] A little girl of seventeen in a mental hospital told me she was terrified because the Atom Bomb was inside her. That is a delusion. The statesmen of the world who boast and threaten that they have Doomsday weapons are far more dangerous, and far more estranged from ‘reality’ than many of the people on whom the label ‘psychotic’ is affixed.

[56] Timothy Leary:

[56.1] You will not find on this planet a more fascinating man than Ronald Laing.

[57] Jeffrey Schaler: Addiction is a choice:

[57.1] ‘Addiction’ is a fine old English word meaning commitment, dedication, devotion, inclination, bent, or attachment. Particular addictions may be good or bad. Some folk are addicted to music, others to books, others to walks in the country. Some are addicted to a religious doctrine or community. Some people are addicted to another person. Others are addicted to a habit. Sometimes addictions fade gradually. Other times, one addiction is suddenly replaced by another: the ardent lover of x becomes the ardent lover of y, or the heavy drinker becomes instead a born-again Christian. Malcolm X relates how converts to the Nation of Islam quickly abandoned any of their former drug-taking habits. An addiction is not exactly the same as habit, though one can be addicted to a habit. Human life is always involved with addictions, and would be wretched and worthless, perhaps even impossible, without addictions. Addico, ergo sum. Yet human life can be devastated or horribly blighted by ill-chosen addictions. Addictions are indispensable. Addictions–and only addictions–can open us up to all that makes life rich and fulfilling. Yet addictions can also have appalling consequences. The conclusion is clear: choose your addictions very carefully! Nothing is more vital for a young person than to select the right addictions. Addictions we approve of are called ‘virtues’. Addictions we disapprove of are called ‘vices’. [Jeffrey Schaler: Addiction is a choice[103]]

[58] Example of whole ego self fully informed consenting relating addiction:

[58.1] On 09 March 2001, Armin Meiwes met Bernd-Jürgen Brandes, an engineer from Berlin, took him home and killed him. Over the following months with his victims consent he dined on his flesh. Armin: [Human flesh] tastes like pork, a bit more harsh. Looking for a willing volunteer, Meiwes posted an advertisement on the website The Cannibal Cric (a defunct forum for people with a cannibalism fetish). Meiwes’s post stated that he was “looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, an engineer from Berlin, answered the advertisement in March 2001. Many other people responded to the advertisement but backed out; Meiwes did not attempt to force them to do anything against their will. The two made a videotape when they met on 9 March 2001 in Meiwes’s home, in the small town of Wüstefeld, west of Rotenburg an der Fulda, showcasing Meiwes amputating Brandes’s penis (with his agreement) and the two men attempting to eat it together. Before doing so, Brandes swallowed twenty sleeping pills, and a bottle of cough syrup, likely causing an effect of slowed breathing and extreme tiredness. Brandes initially insisted that Meiwes attempt to bite his penis off. This did not work, and ultimately, Meiwes used a knife to remove Brandes’s appendage. Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw but could not, because it was too tough and, as he put it, “chewy”. Meiwes then fried the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, wine, and garlic; he then fried it with some of Brandes’s fat, but by then it was too burnt to be consumed. He then chopped the penis up into chunks and fed it to his dog. According to court officials who saw the video (which has not been made public), Brandes may already have been too weakened from blood loss to eat any of his penis. Meiwes then ran Brandes a bath, before going to read a Star Trek book, while checking back on Brandes every fifteen minutes, during which time Brandes lay bleeding in the bath. Brandes continued to drift in and out of consciousness before finally collapsing again. After long hesitation and prayer, Meiwes killed Brandes by stabbing him in the throat, after which he hung the body on a meat hook. The incident was recorded on a four-hour videotape. Meiwes dismembered and ate the corpse over the next ten months, storing body parts in his freezer under pizza boxes and consuming up to 20 kilograms (44 lb) of the flesh. According to prosecutors, Meiwes committed the act for sexual pleasure. [Wikipedia: Armin Meiwes[104]].

[59] Cultural – Whole Ego Self vs Divided Ego Self – Cannibals:

[59.1] In a culture with a – Whole ego self fully informed consenting relating – mental health definition; Armin Meiwes is the most mentally healthy cannibal in that culture.

[59.2] In a culture with a – DSM Bible[105] aka Divided self coercive secret society WiP law procreation and consumption resource thieving footprint cannibal – mental health definition; Frode Moe and Graeme Johnstone are diagnosed by Whores of the Court[106]; as mentally healthy.

[60] Carrying Capacity Sustainability: I=PAT Equation:

[60.1] For activities to be genuinely sustainable it must be possible for them to continue indefinitely. The impact of humanity on the environment and the demands that people place on the resources available on the planet can be summarised by what is known as the Ehrlich or IPAT equation, I=PAT. I = impact on the environment or demand for resources, P = population size, A = affluence and T = technology. The two most important conclusions deriving from this IPAT footprint[107] relationship are that: (i) the Earth can support only a limited number of people, at a certain level of affluence, in a sustainable manner; and (ii) Population and Consumption must be reduced to below EoP Footprint carrying capacity.

[60.2] An individuals IPAT footprint is a result of: (A) Consumption Footprint multiplied by (B) Procreation Factor (Every child increases 20 Child Factor). If their IPAT footprint is below carrying capacity limits, they are an Eco-Innocent Leaver; if their IPAT footprint is above carrying capacity limits, they are a Taker Crime of Aggression Scarcity Combatant.

[60.3] Total Footprint = Consumption x Procreation Factor:

[A] To work out your Consumption footprint; you will use the Consumption Footprint calculator. Current online footprint calculators: Global Footprint Network[108] (copy available at Earth Day[109]; Center for Sustainable Economy [110]; EcoCampus[111]. See more at Global Footprint’s Application Standards [112], where they detail how their calculators calculate Consumption footprints. The quiz will ask you various questions about your consumption habits, and provide you with a final consumption footprint in global hectares which is your ‘consumption footprint’. For the purposes of this calculation; avoid footprint calculator quizzes that do not provide you with your final gha consumption footprint amount, such as for example: World Wildlife Fund’s footprint calculator [113] or Stanford International Students[114] (which is excellent and has great detail; but does not provide you with a final footprint in gha terms).

[B] Multiply your consumption footprint gha amount by your Procreation Factor: factor of 0.5 for zero children; factor of 20 for each child, one child: 20, two children: 40, three children: 60 and so on. The total amount is your Total Footprint.

[60.4] For example: My Consumption Footprint using Sustainable Economy’s Myfootprint.org quiz, was 12.75 [115] global hectares (gha) [now 15.13 [116], presumably due to increased population since original quiz was taken]. I have no children, consequently my procreation factor is 0.5. Consumption (12.75) x Procreation (0.5) = Total Eco Footprint of between 6.375 gha.


Honourable Enemies: Equitable Inter-Cultural Due Process:

[61] Equitable inter-cultural due process refers to an individuals commitment to a free and fair trial for their colleagues, neutral allies, opponents and enemies; supporting a sincere evidentiary truthseeker trial that does not hide evidence of any parties mistakes and/or skeletons.

[62] I don’t know what Graeme’s commitment is to a free and fair trial in this matter, for himself and his family members. I don’t know what Graeme’s commitment – if any – is to free and fair trials for people of other races, religions, classes and genders.

[62.1] I don’t know how many letters, petitions, affidavits Graeme, Hilary, Frode and Talitha have signed. I don’t know how many hungerstrikes or civil disobedience protests, Graeme, Hilary, Frode and Talitha have participated in. I don’t now how much financial or labour resources Graeme, Hilary, Frode and Talitha have provided to free and fair trial non profit or activist organizations; in support of a free and fair trial for members of his own race, religion or culture; or members of other races, religions or cultures.

[62.2] I do know that Graeme, Hilary, Frode and Talitha have not written one letter, signed one petition, signed one affidavit; gone on one hungerstrike, attended one civil disobedience protest in support of a free and fair trial for their Radical Honesty or subsequent Ecology of Peace culture sister, sister in law, niece, niece in law. I do know that Graeme, Hilary, Frode and Talitha have not offered to make any financial donation or labour resources donation, in support of their family members free and fair trial Ecology of Peace charity advocacy activism.

[63] Ecology of Peace culture equitable inter-cultural due process is referred to as a Braveheart SS aka Shibumi Satori Honour Code fair trial lawfare tactic. Braveheart is used in the context of: ego literacy [ego-eco-literacy[117]]: the courage to sincerely and actively listen, understand, forgive and admit mistakes. Shibumi and Satori are Japanese Samurai words. Shibumi means authority without domination, elegant simplicity; and Satori means enlightenment or awakening. It is not possible to find the truth, when one or more parties are hiding their skeletons and are involved in fake virtue signalling public relations, instead of naked transparent truthseeking.

[64] A few examples out of my [braveheart-ss[118]] walk my talk support for fair and impartial scientific and cultural law legal due process for people who are not a member of my culture, race, religion, class or gender:

[64.1] In 1999 I filed a Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, promising to donate my inheritance to the TRC; in support of sincere – racial, religious, class and gender – land and/or economic inequality reform reconciliation in South Africa. The TRC responded in a brief form letter thanking me for my submission. If it is confirmed that there is no interest in sincere – Ecology of Peace – peacenik reconciliation between South Africans, I shall withdraw my submission to the TRC and use my inheritance funds for my Dignitas assisted suicide departure plans.

[64.2] In May 2001, I wrote a letter to President Bush requesting President Bush to suspend Timothy McVeigh’s execution pending OKC bombing Truth and Reconciliation, to facilitate honest forgiveness and truth-seeking problem solving related to the US domestic and foreign policy causes of the OKC bombing. If the OKC TRC proceedings did not grant Timothy McVeigh amnesty, they would choose to sentence Timothy McVeigh and myself to death.

[64.3] On 28 July 2001, I went on a hunger strike in support of President George W Bush to support the US Disclosure Project [119] witnesses [120]. Among others I wrote to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, requesting him to support President George W Bush and the Disclosure Project witnesses. He responded declining to support President Bush and the Disclosure Project, stating among others, to my recollection, that the first world ‘did not have the will to make the Sahara blossom’. On 06 Sep 2001, Nicholas E. Calio, Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs, responded to my UFO Disclosure hunger strike on behalf of President George W Bush, via US Representative Barbara Lee’s office; a transcript of which is available at: The President’s UFO Website: George W Bush’s UFO Mail [121]. Allegedly Mr. Calio’s response letter to UFO disclosure issues, is the only formal White House response on the UFO issue ever authored. All other White House responses to UFO Disclosure issues were referred to NASA for official response. On 09 September 2001, unaware of the White House letter, I notified individuals following the UFO Disclosure hunger strike that I would be ending the hunger strike, and would issue a press release on 11 September 2001 at 09:00 hrs PST. The press release was never sent. The World Trade Center attacks started at 08:46 EST. 11 September is the anniversary of 11 September 1830, the Anti-Masonic Party’s First National Convention, the four-year anniversary of the abduction of William Morgan, who was planning to print an exposé on Masonic rituals, and was believed to have been kidnapped and murdered by Freemasons supposedly intent on making sure that Morgan did not reveal any Masonic secrets [122].

[64.4] In October 2001, I made a Braveheart-SS offer on behalf of a free and fair trial for Osama bin laden. I notified various US, Pakistan, Afghanistan and US officials shortly after I became aware of the Taliban’s offer to extradite Osama bin Laden to the International Criminal Court at the Hague, for his alleged involvement in the World Trade Center Attacks; on the condition he was granted a free and fair trial by a jury of his peers.

[64.5] From July 2011 to 2014: I filed EoP TRC complaints against Anders Breivik’s appointed psychiatrists, and applications to among others Oslo District, Norway Supreme Court, and the European Court of Human Rights, requesting Norwegian authorities to provide Anders Breivik a free and fair terrorist treason trial equivalent to the free and fair terrorist treason trial provided to Nelson Mandela by the Apartheid government [123]. If they were willing to provide Anders a free and fair treason trial, and Anders was convicted and sentenced to death, they would also sentence me to death.


Random and Intentional Coincidence Pattern Events:

[65] According to various secret society communication experts: observing coincidence pattern SIGINT is a sign of intelligence; and being legally involved in transmission of secret society SIGINT information to negligently or intentionally commit a crime is legally considered a conspiracy, generally the motive for conspiracy’s are resource thieving:

[65.1] Julian Assange: First take some nails (“conspirators”) and hammer them into a board at random. Then take twine (“communication”) and loop it from nail to nail without breaking. Call the twine connecting two nails a link. Unbroken twine means it is possible to travel from any nail to any other nail via twine and intermediary nails…Information flows from conspirator to conspirator. Not every conspirator trusts or knows every other conspirator even though all are connected. Some are on the fringe of the conspiracy, others are central and communicate with many conspirators and others still may know only two conspirators but be a bridge between important sections or groupings of the conspiracy… Conspirators are often discerning, for some trust and depend each other, while others say little. Important information flows frequently through some links, trivial information through others. So we expand our simple connected graph model to include not only links, but their “importance.” Return to our board-and-nails analogy. Imagine a thick heavy cord between some nails and fine light thread between others. Call the importance, thickness or heaviness of a link its weight. Between conspirators that never communicate the weight is zero. The “importance” of communication passing through a link is difficult to evaluate apriori, since its true value depends on the outcome of the conspiracy. We simply say that the “importance” of communication contributes to the weight of a link in the most obvious way; the weight of a link is proportional to the amount of important communication flowing across it. Questions about conspiracies in general won’t require us to know the weight of any link, since that changes from conspiracy to conspiracy. [Cryptome: Julian Assange Manifesto: Conspiracy as Governance[124]]

[65.2] Derrick Jensen: One sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns: let’s lay out a pattern and see if we can recognize it in less than 10,000 years. When you think of Iraq, do you think of cedar forests so thick that sunlight never touches the ground? That’s how it was prior to the beginnings of this culture. The Near East was a forest. North Africa was a forest. Greece was a forest. All pulled down to support this culture. [Derrick Jensen: Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism[125]]

[65.3] Kim Philby: True genius as Churchill taught us resides in the capacity to evaluate conflicting information. You Jimbo have true genius. You have that unique skill to find patterns in what seems like conflicting trivia useless pieces of information. Patterns as every spy worth his salt grasps are the shells of conspiracy. So are you a Stalinist or a Marxist. Yevgeny: I am neither, I am Tolstoyist. Tolstoy spent most of his life searching for a unifying theory, a single key that would unlock every door; a universal explanation for our poverty, our politics, our passions, economics. [The Company: 01[126]. 02[127]. 03[128]]

[65.4] On the morning of the 7 July 2005 London bombings: Peter Power, a former Anti-Terrorist Branch Metropolitan police officer and “crisis management specialist” informed a television news report that he was involved in a fictional drill for a client – later revealed as publisher and backer of the UK’s largest arms fair: Reed Elsevier – “based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning”. In an interview he gave to the Manchester Evening News he spoke of “an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real”. According to 7/7 Ripple Effect the probability of 7/7/2005 drill and attack coinciding without being planned to coincide in a 10 year period, is one chance in 3,715,592,613,265,750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. [The Freemason Crew: 7/7 Ripple Effect[129]; Antagonised: Peter Power 7/7 Terror Rehearsal[130]; Channel 4: Coincidence of bomb exercises[131]]

[65.5] Wayne Root: I’ve been a Las Vegas oddsmaker and sports gaming expert for four decades- long before I became known as a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host. I understand odds and gambling in a way that no other conservative media personality, host, or politician in this country could. And I can tell you something is very wrong with this presidential election. It reminds me of a fixed football game. Remember the famous fixed 1978 game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. Every bettor in the world knows that game was fixed. It doesn’t matter if you can prove it. We all know. .. How can Trump go from 8 to 1, to 2 to 1. Someone knows something. We’ve got a problem.” It was as if someone had decided in advance to give Arizona to Biden- whether he won it, or not. It was as if the secret code was known to only a few billionaire gamblers, “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden.” Six magic words. Someone was ready for that call. Someone waited until Trump was a prohibitive 8 to 1 favorite, then knew to bet millions of dollars on Biden at the longest odds of the night. Someone knew the fix was in. Someone made a fortune. .. One more piece of the puzzle. From almost the moment that secret code “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden” was spoken, three key Midwest battleground states with Democrat Governors all decided to stop counting votes for the night, with Trump way ahead. Why? Why all three, at the same time? Like they were coordinated in advance. Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all mysteriously quit counting around midnight. I don’t know what the Supreme Court will decide. But bettors all over the world know in our guts exactly what happened. The fix was in, no different than that famous NY Giants-Philadelphia Eagle fix in 1978 at the Meadowlands. [Root for America: Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump Was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen”[132]]

[65.6] Suspect Zero: [Orobourus background wall Image] I was operating under the assumption that O’Ryan was somebody’s fantasy. Oh, no, he’s real. He was a student of mine. That fax you sent me, this circle with the slash through it? That’s his construct, his theory. He called it “Suspect Zero.” Suspect Zero? He posited a theory that a serial killer could cross the entire country without ever getting caught. What makes a killer catchable? Patterns, repetition of behaviour. He imagined someone with no patterns, no telltale fetishes, no rituals, just a random killing machine that never leaves a clue. But a serial killer by definition is condemned to repetition. I mean, isn’t that what he’s all about? Well, he is until he isn’t. And this Suspect Zero, is that something that you believe in, doctor? It’s something O’Ryan believed in. He swore guys like that existed, only we couldn’t see them because they didn’t obey the usual laws, like cancer doesn’t or the HLV virus that tricks your immune system, into thinking it isn’t there. So you’re saying a guy like that could exist? Do you know the definition of a black hole? Not precisely, no. Its a celestiall body with a gravitational force so strong that nothing escapes it. Not even Light. Well, then how do you find something you can’t see? Well, it was there and we found it. Why do you think O’Ryan is convinced a person like that is around? In this time and place. What about a split personality? Could you have a stone-cold killer on one hand and a thoughtful man with a conscience on the other? I mean, could O’Ryan possibly be this Suspect Zero? Yeah. It’s a viable theory. I mean, the point is, I don’t think you’re gonna know until you find O’Ryan. Just a random killing machine that never leaves a clue. [Suspect Zero: Trailer[133]: Orouborous Serial Killer[134]].

[65.7] In the documentary A Brilliant Madness: A Mathematical Genius Descent into Madness ; John Nash talks about how he attempted to mathematically calculate the probability of the existence of God; by attempting to determine the ‘normal’ probability for any coincidence event to occur; and if or where any highly improbable coincidence event occurred; which was not man-made; considering whether highly improbable coincidence events could be messages from God. Erhan Cinlar: “From time to time you would see in his office, you know under the door a huge number of sheets that has been worked out the night before computing the probabilities of certain coincidences. Very detailed computations. He was attempting to prove the existence of God.” John Nash: “I felt I might get a divine revelation that seeing a certain number of [above normal] coincidences; could be interpreted as a message from Heaven.”


Magistrate Torlage: Re Lara Coincidence Pattern Events Observations:

[66] As noted in my Reply Affidavit in 5048-15: LJ v Clive Johnstone:

[39] Abnormal Possibly Cryptic Coincidence Messages from Military Intelligence Agencies using Military Technology to Manipulate Events:

[39.1] Lara’s working hypothesis is that if or where there are abnormal coincidences related to some event; the most probable source to consider as the possible source of such abnormal coincidences would be military intelligence agencies. “In Lara’s personal opinion: in an age where military agencies have access to technology that includes mind reading and manipulating the thoughts, behaviors and actions of individuals, animals, the weather; etc; if or where any individual perceives any event with an above normal number of highly improbable coincidence’s; it would have to be verified that such improbable coincidence was not the result of (a) military agencies using military technology to manipulate events; (ii) extraterrestrial beings using extraterrestrial technology to manipulate events; before (c) any consideration could be given to whether it could be a message from God.”

[42] Why do so many religious, political, military and/or legal elites prefer to speak in cryptic code?

[42.1]   There are many possible reasons: Dunning and Kruger Effect; Habit; Addiction to Power and Manipulation; Cultural, religious or corporate brainwashing; Enables resource thieving deception and manipulation plausible deniability; citizens who prefer political correct image management to honest problem solving; etc. I don’t know.

[42.2]   Why did Rahab hang a cryptic red chord outside her window as a message for Joshua? To betray her city and help Joshua to steal her city’s resources?

[42.3]   What I imagine Rahab and Joshua’s discussion would be like if Rahab was educated about Ecology of Peace Factual Reality; if some religious or racial tribe’s soldier/spy Joshua came to another religious or racial tribe’s Rahab to ask Rahab to help him to steal the resources of her nation, city, religion or race:          [A] Dear Joshua: In case you have not noticed; the earth is not flat and resources are finite; and if your religious or politician bosses allow your tribe’s citizens to overbreed and/or overconsume; it results in resource scarcity; and them sending you to go and be a soldier/spy hitman to steal other cities, races or religions resources.          [B] If you are willing to cooperate to share your skills and resources to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; then let us share resources and cooperate to educate people to cooperate to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract. If you don’t want to; you should simply kill me; preferably quickly and humanely; and since I would not be offended if that is what you choose to do; if you want to do so; or if your political bosses order you to do so; then let me provide you with written legal authority to do so; so that you don’t get into legal trouble for having killed me.          [C] If Joshua then decide he wants to cooperate: Rahab’s response can be: Joshua: how can I help you to go back to your religious and political bosses to educate them about Ecology of Peace Reality Facts; to see if any of them shall be willing to cooperate with us to support the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract; that restricts all the citizens of the world; from all religions and races; to breeding and consuming below ecological carrying capacity limits?          [D] If Joshua does not want to cooperate and wants to kill Rahab: Rahab can say: Joshua; let us go to court; so I can inform the court that I grant you the legal authority to kill me; as long as it is humane and orderly. Maybe the Magistrate will say: Joshua; don’t you want to change your mind; Ecology of Peace social contract is a good idea; let us all cooperate; to investigate and see if it is possible. Maybe I can write a letter to your political bosses; so we can try and change their minds.

[67] Joint Statement by Lara, Clive and Ann Johnstone: Re: Written Summary of Verbal Statements made in 10 May 2016 Negotiations Meeting with Magistrate Torlage in Case 5048-15: LJ v CHJ:

[67.1] Magistrate Torlage had read the entire contents of all the documents filed by Clive and Lara Johnstone in the case: 5048-15: L Johnstone v CH Johnstone; and could find nothing that could be reasonably interpreted as justifying a sincere lawful ‘mental disorder’ allegation against Lara.

[67.2] Family members had made repeated ‘mental disorder’ allegations against Lara; which had caused a significant amount of friction and direct and passive aggressive social conflict in the Johnstone family, and between Lara, Clive and Ann Johnstone.

[67.3] The negligent and perhaps malicious defamatory ‘mental disorder’ allegations contributed to: (a) denying Lara a strong family support platform for her legal activism which contributed to Lara losing her job, and subsequently being discriminated against as a ‘retard’ at other jobs; being illegally and irregularly sent to a mental institution for a few weeks and prison for a year; (b) denied Clive and Ann a strong family support platform for their attempts to provide Lara support in her battle with prosecutorial authorities and lawyers, attempting to have her institutionalized; (c) caused psycho-social conflict trauma for Lara, Clive and Ann and with other family members; (d) contributed to the psychological and socioeconomic damage to Lara’s psychological integrity amongst her family; and in the broader activist and local community.

[67.4] Lara considers the following issues as necessary for a reasonable sincere lawful ‘mental disorder’ allegation against Lara, or anyone else; from any individual considering themselves a medical or legal expert: The basis of the mental disorder allegation must be based on a ‘mental disorder’ definition that is based upon scientific factual law, not cultural conformity law. The evidence in support of the ‘mental disorder’ definition must fit the scientific ‘mental disorder’ definition.

[68] 20 May 2016: Magistrate Torlage’s letter [PDF[135]]:

[68.1] [3] During the discussions it became clear that Mr Clive Johnstone was prepared to assist you in your quest to go to Switzerland and your subsequent burial. He also undertook to never again refer to your mental capacity in any derogatory way and to prevent any further such references. Ms Johnstone, your mother, undertook to lay down the rules of the house in writing, in order to prevent any misunderstanding in future. The aforesaid require to be agreed upon by all family members in the household.

[68.2] [4] At the conclusion of the discussions I was under the impression that the parties understood clearly what was expected from each other and left the office.

[69] 10 May – 06 Oct 2016:

[69.1] Clive verbally informed Frode and Graeme of Magistrate Torlage’s conclusions based upon his reading of 5048-15 court filed documention; and requested Graeme and Frode to withdraw and apologize for their allegations or provide evidence for their allegations. Both refused to withdraw and apologize or provide evidence for their allegations.

[70] 06 Oct 2016: Magistrate Essel and Torlage letter [PDF[136]]:

[70.1] Magistrates Essel and Torlage respond to my notifications to the Court to inform them of my inability to get Johnstone family members to recognize Magistrate Torlage’s conclusions of lack of evidence of any mental disorder; and suggest that I should file a Summons to sue the particular family members for financial damages.



Trying to – Ego Strategic Suicide Mount Delusion Stupidity Literacy – Help:

[71] John Nash, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord:

[71.1] John Nash: taking consideration of Napoleonism …… Talleyrand: People tell me you are not afraid of anything. Napoleon: Of one thing: stupidity. Talleyrand: Then you must tremble every day of your life.[137]

[71.2] Dunning and Kruger On Mount Stupid definition of stupidity:

[A] The Dunning Kruger Effect can be summarized as people who are so stupid on a particular issue; that they lack the honest self awareness to admit to themselves and others that they are stupid on the particular issue. Social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger describe the Dunning–Kruger effect as a cognitive bias hypothesis that people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. The Dunning-Kruger Effect bias results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, “the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others”. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from people’s inability to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their level of competence. The identification derived from the cognitive bias evident in the criminal case of McArthur Wheeler, who, on April 19, 1995, robbed two banks while his face was covered with lemon juice, which he believed would make it invisible to the surveillance cameras. This belief was based on his misunderstanding of the chemical properties of lemon juice as an invisible ink. Colloquially, people experiencing the Dunning-Kruger Effect bias are said to be “on Mount Stupid”.

[71.3] Contextually: I don’t comment on issues that I have not read about, such as for example: golf or golf rules, Torah; Torah rules; because I know that I am village idiot illiterate about golf and golf rules, Torah and Torah rules. I include – working hypothesis conclusion observation or interpretation – caveats when commenting on issues that I know a little about, because I have read about the issue, from both theses and anti-thesis critic expert sides. A working hypothesis is a statement that can be summarized as “My observations and/or interpretations of this event are not statements of – 100% factually true belief – they are working hypothesis conclusions; which could be anything from 0.01% to 99.9% true or false.”

[72] The Gods Must Be Crazy II[138]:

[72.1] Bushman Xixo: I have to find my children, but two people are playing some game. They went that way. I hear them. …. He showed her the tracks where he met the two heavy men. He said, “This is where they turned back. This one was angry because the tired one grabbed the stick. And then he had to run.” She couldn’t understand. She was also quite illiterate. She couldn’t read the signs and tracks at all.

[72.2] Contextually: Different people have different literacy expert skills. If you know what you want, you listen to the experts with the particular skills you need; to help you to get what you want.

[73] Dan Russell: Strategic Suicide: The Birth of the Modern American Drug War:

[73.1] Bourke boasted, quite honestly of Crook, that “If there was one point in his character which shone more resplendent than any other, it was his absolute integrity in his dealings with representatives of inferior races: he was not content with telling the truth, he was careful to see that the interpretation had been so made that the Indians understood every word and grasped every idea.

[73.2] Contextually: I have never ignored a question – no matter how controversial or offensive – from anyone. If anyone is confused about anything I have written or said, it is because that person did not sit down and write me an email to ask a question: ‘what did you mean by this or that word, sentence, paragraph’. If they had written such an email to me; I would have answered it and there would be no confusion about what I meant.

[74] Hakam Al-Shawi: The Role of Philosophical Courage in Philosophical Counseling[139]:

[74.1] I .. suggest that this transformational process requires at least one necessary ingredient without which philosophical counseling would not be possible. Whether implicitly or explicitly, both counselor and client need the virtue of courage in its form as “philosophical courage” in order for the counseling to be successful. Moreover, the degree of such courage in both client and counselor will determine the extent to which issues are brought into question…… there is another form of courage—philosophical courage—required of individuals in dealing with their most fundamental beliefs and values. ….. I believe the best way to demarcate roughly the different forms of courage, is through an analysis of the cost involved with each form of the virtue…. First, with physical courage, the possible cost involved, at the extreme, is the physical loss of life….  Second, with moral courage, the possible cost is social rejection and isolation and/or a loss of “ethical integrity or authenticity”. Third, with “psychological courage,” the possible cost perceived by the individual is “psychic death.” …. And fourth, with “philosophical courage” the possible cost is philosophical instability where one’s most fundamental beliefs and values are brought into doubt. …  it demands of the individual a confrontation with fundamental beliefs and values.

[74.2] Contextually: I have honesty whole self courage. If Divided Self deception is considered courage. I have no desire to learn two faced hypocrite backstabber Divided Self deceiver courage.

[75] One of Professor Richard Korn’s criminology and psychology counseling expert abilities was his research focus on what kind of counseling ‘help’ to a prisoner or medical or psychology patient ‘works’ and what kind of ‘help’ ‘does not work’. Summary: If you don’t know what the patients strategic goal is, if your help is overt coercion or covert passive aggressive do-gooder manipulation coercion help; it won’t work. If you know what a person wants, you can help them. If you don’t know what they want, because they don’t know what they want, or because they are ashamed of being political incorrect about what they want; then you can help them to create an environment more conducive to honesty than political correctness to help them learn to be more honest with themselves and others about what they want. Once they are capable of honestly clarifying what they want, you can honestly inform them whether you have the skills or resource to help them to get what they want. If you do, you can help them; if you don’t, you don’t waste their time and resources pretending that you can help them.

[76] When psychologist and criminologist Dr Richard Korn was sent to a mental institution or prison as the resident psychologist; he would – professional ego strategic suicide – refuse to confirm any resident as ‘insane’, unless that resident could each one teach one simply and clearly explain to him why he needed to be considered insane. His path to healing, for his patients, was similar to RD Laings…. He’d say something like: Well, the Doctors tell me that you guys got something wrong with you, but I’m not too sure; what do you think? Patients were encouraged to provide their own diagnosis and analysis of their alleged mental disorder disease, and how they got there, and if they had it, and so on. He said he had some of the most fascinating conversations in his life!

[77] If Dr Korn came to visit and asked me: Do you have a mental disorder? I would answer; well it would depend on your scientific or cultural law definition of mental disorder. There are many cultural law mental disorder definitions; some of them are direct contradictions of each other.

[77.1] If your cultural law definition is a WiP law cultural ideological capitalist / communist definition; then I am not a good WiP law cultural ideological capitalist / communist, and if evaluated in accordance with that WiP law cultural ideological capitalist / communist mental disorder definition; a psychiatrist or psychologist will conclude that I have a mental disorder.

[77.2] If your cultural law definition is a WiP law cultural religious Kane Christian / Muslim / Buddhist / Futilitarian definition; then I am not a good Kane Christian / Muslim / Buddhist / Futilitarian; and if evaluated in accordance any WiP Kane Christian or Kane Muslim or Kane Buddhist or Kane Futilitarian cultural law cultural conformity mental disorder definition; a psychiatrist or psychologist will conclude I have a mental disorder.

[77.3] However I have never claimed to be a Kane capitalist, Kane communist, Kane Muslim, Kane Christian, Kane Buddhist, or Kane Futlitarian. I have never claimed to be a member of any Kane racial or religious or ideological or gender culture. I have never accused any of the people who are conscious and intentional members of any Kane religious or ideological culture, of mental disorders. I have cooperated with people who are potential EoP Abel Christians and EoP Abel Muslims and EoP Abel capitalists and EoP Abel communists, and informed them of the legal – EoP v WiP law – differences between EoP Abel Christians Muslims capitalists and communists and WiP Kane Christians, Muslims, capitalists and communists; and informed them of EoP Abel Christians Muslims, capitalists and communists strategic goals to implement EoP Abel international law.

[78] If Dr Korn asked me: What do you want? I’d say, what I want is documented in H 111/19: LJ v LSisulu & Eight Others[140]: If there is something about what I want you don’t understand, please ask questions, and I will answer them. If you understand what I want. Can you help or not? If yes, how can I labour barter exchange pay you for your help; so our helping is mutually beneficial. If you don’t want to help, no big deal. Please don’t waste my time and resources pretending you want to help. If you know someone who may want to help, please refer me to them; so I can ask them if they can help.

[79] Richard Korn: The Private Citizen, the Social Expert and the Social Problem[141]:

[79.1] Reciprocity: Alternative Models of the Social Correctional Expert

[79.2] We are dealing at bottom with the fateful consequences of three different attitudes towards the Other. We can do things to him, in which case he becomes and Object. We can do things for him, in which case he becomes a Dependent. We can do things with him, in which case he has the opportunity to become an Agent. Whatever the content or intent of the action, it is the relationship between the actors that is crucial – and that defines the difference between domination (to him), dependency (for him) and self-realization (with him) in the political, economic and social realms, as well as in the interpersonal.

[79.3] It is at least an arguable proposition that many of our social problems are exacerbated by the decrease of situations enabling reciprocity on a give-and-get basis with our fellow men. It is also arguable that the role of patient, in its passivity, dependency and lack of mutuality, contributes to the perpetuation of the illness. Studies of institutional adjustment, whether in the prison, the hospital or the clinic suggest that situations which limit the possibilities for reciprocity between the cared-for and the caring contribute powerfully to the continuance of the need for care. It may we be that the status of the patient is half of the disease.

[79.4] The Mutual Help Model: Expert Citizen and Offender as Co-Participants

[79.5] The realization that the citizen and the offender are, in the deepest senses, mutually responsible for their problems with each other has led some to believe that these problems can be solved only in the same context of mutuality. One of the most effective proponents of this view, Professor Charles Slack, has set down his conception of the necessary conditions for this result. Our aim, he suggests, must be “to utilize the creative forces of stigmatized individuals as a means to their own development’. To that end, he asserts, we must recognize the following principles:

[A] The stigmatized individual is the worlds foremost authority on himself.

[B] If he has a goal outside of himself, toward which he is committed, his rehabilitation will become a natural by-product of the success or failure in the achievement of that goal.

[C] Planning for a stigmatized individual tends to keep him in his stigmatized role. Making his own plans and experiencing the consequences of his behavior is vital to any change which will take place in him.

[D] He helps himself as he helps others; he changes himself as he attempts to change others; and he teaches himself as he teaches others. The professional operator and prescriber role relationships tends to precluded change because it prevents the stigmatized individual from being the active participant.

[E] Change in the stigmatized individual is facilitated if professional or non-stigmatized people associated with him refrain from engaging in activities which cannot also be done by the stigmatized individual. In working with probation officers, for example, it would be better not to play the role of probation officer, since this role is one a probationer can never place, no matter how he tries.

[80] Many of the Ecology of Peace Revolution in Military Ethics ego literacy white information operations communication values practiced by Ecology of Peace culture; are partially based upon Dr Korn, RD Laing, Brad Blanton, Thomas Szasz and other anti-psychiatry psychologist and psychiatrist authors reciprocity help principles.

[81] Under EoP Scientific and Cultural law, legal physical coercion of another is only justified in terms of EoP Scientific Law: if the individual has been convicted of a breeding, consumption or deception crime of aggression [crimes-of-aggression[142]]; or in terms of EoP Cultural law: if or where they are convicted of a deception crime of aggression that clearly violated one of their cultural law self rule homelands mutual fully informed consent cultural law self rule homeland values.


George W Bush George Airport:

[82] At any given moment there are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations involved in recommending one or other peace or war policy to political and corporate policy makers. Some of those policy recommendations acquire a sufficient amount of support enabling legal and/or political or corporate policy makers to proceed to legislate in support of the recommended policy; others do not.

[83] Sometime in September or October 2002, I informed – I don’t recall if I informed them verbally or in writing per email – Clive, Ann and Graeme Johnstone that if – I Repeat IF – my interpretations of particular State v Johnstone negotiations messages – messages received by fax, telephone and via the media over the preceding months – were accurate; and there was cooperation from all US and South African government negotiating officials; President Bush was willing to authorize a plane; not Air Force One, but a small government lear jet, to travel to South Africa, land discreetly at PW Botha aka George Airport on 18 October 2002, where US officials would hand over US government documents detailing how and why AIDS was created as a biological warfare depopulation agent; to South African officials; for South African officials to investigate. Once investigated, South African, American and Russian officials could schedule a joint summit press conference to disclose the documents and causes of AIDS to the public, as a shock and awe measure to encourage responsible procreation behaviours. If the EoP TRC policy recommendation acquired sufficient support; it would be implemented. If not, it would not. I requested Timothy McVeigh to be on the plane. I don’t recall anything about President Clinton being involved.

[84] When my working hypothesis interpretation conclusion turned out to be an inaccurate interpretation conclusion, I apologized to Clive, Ann and Graeme Johnstone. Graeme always refers to an exaggerated version of my inaccurate interpretation, and never to my apology – not at his request; but of my own volition – for my inaccurate interpretation.

[85] Sometimes my interpretations are accurate and sometimes they are inaccurate. If or when I am provided with evidence – as a result of my own research or whether informed by the research of someone else – that indicates the beyond reasonable doubt probability that my interpretation of a particular event is inaccurate, I have no problem voluntarily – i.e. without any Sheriff Services requests – apologizing for my inaccurate interpretation conclusion.


Iraq War and Iatrogenic Origins of Aids Disclosure:

[86] During the 2002/2003 Iraq war buildup, I advocated – including to President Bush and PM Blair via the UK High Commission and US Embassy in Pretoria – in support of Presidents Bush and Putin alternatively holding a Shock and Awe – Necessity for Global Responsible Freedom Procreation – Truth and Reconciliation educational initiative, by holding a Shock and Awe Truth and Reconciliation Disclosure Summit with African nations and the global LBGTQ community to disclose how and why AIDS was partially created as ethno and sexual promiscuity specific biological warfare depopulation virus [Leonard Horowitz: Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?[143]; Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare[144]; Boyd Graves: State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS[145]; Alan Cantwell: AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic[146]] to request and recommend global cooperation support to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw[147]] as international law to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation return to procreation and consumption to below ecological carrying capacity limits.

[87] The EoP TRC advocacy occurred in parallel – prior and during – to proceedings in George Criminal Court: CAS 572-01: State v Lara Johnson: 18 June 2002 Political and Military Necessity Iatrogenic origins of AIDS bomb threat to the W. Botha Airport trial. [31 Dec: TC to NPA WC & HQ, CC: US & RU Attorney General, of Affid ref to Irregular & Illegal Actions of NPA et al in George Case CAS 572-02[148]: Affidavit PDF[149]: pp.63]. 18 June is the birthday of Thabo Mbeki.

[88] I don’t know if there was no cooperation or some cooperation. I do know that if there was any cooperation; it was not enough cooperation to enable the 18 October 2002 PW Botha airport disclosure sharing of the Iatrogenic Origins of Aids documentation; and the related South Africa – USA – Russia Aids Disclosure Summit. Besides myself; I don’t know who cooperated and who did not cooperate. Prior to the bombing of Syria, I again contacted many peaceniks and political prisoners on the left and right to ask them whether they would be willing to cooperate with President Obama on the same Iatrogenic Origins of Aids Truth and Reconciliation disclosure goals. None agreed to cooperate with President Obama, so I focused on other Truth and Reconciliation advocacy.

[89] The alleged motive for the bombing of Iraq was based upon alleged WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction. In some media critique circles WMD in a media communication sense refers to Weapons of Mass Deception. DMW refers to Dead Man Walking.

[89.1] WMD is an anagram of DMW. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. For example, the word anagram can be rearranged into nag a ram, also the word binary into brainy and the word adobe into abode; silent into listen. [WP: Anagram[150].

[89.2] “Are you asking about Vice President Biden?” McChrystal says with a laugh. “Who’s that?” “Biden?” suggests a top adviser. “Did you say: Bite Me?” [Rolling Stone: The Runaway General: The Profile That Brought Down McChrystal[151]]

[90] President Bush declaration of war against Iraq occurred on 19 March 2003 [AP Archive: Today in History: 19 March 2003: Pres Bush Announces Start of Iraq War[152]]. As documented in Death in the air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare: [Annex: Leonard Horowitz: Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare: pp.302]: The Denver International Airport’s New World Airport Commission – which hosts Leo Tanguma’s apocalyptic biological and chemical warfare global depopulation murals Children of the World Dream of Peace, and In Peace and Harmony with Nature – Masonic capstone is dated 19 March 1994.

[91] The Shock and Awe bombing of Iraq began on 20/21 March 2003. 21 March is South African Human Rights Day, commemorating the 21 March 1960 Sharpeville Massacre [Wikipedia: Sharpeville Massacre[153]]. UNESCO marks March 21 as the yearly International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, in memory of the Sharpeville massacre.

[92] Operation Mason: The name of the official police investigation into the death of British biowarfare expert and UN weapons inspector David Kelly – a biowarfare associate of Wouter Basson [CopvCIA: Murder of David Kelly II[154]] – who disappeared on 17 July 2003 when he went for a walk in the woods, and was found dead on 18 July, on Harrowdown Hill, near his home in Oxfordshire. Dr Kelley’s death was ruled a suicide by the official judicial inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton, others claim Dr Kelly was murdered. [Global Research: Ten Years Ago: The Death of Dr. David Kelly. Murdered on the Orders of Her Majesty’s Government?[155]]. 18 July is the birthday of Nelson Mandela. 17 July is the anniversary of the 1918 execution of the Russian Imperial Romanov family [Wikipedia: Execution of the Romanov family[156]].

[93] As documented in Leonard Horowitz book: Death in the Air [Leonard Horowitz: Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare]: Edward Keinholz artwork The Birthday[157] depicts War is Peace non-consensual procreation conception and the global warfare consequences thereof. A woman is in what appears to be a Masonic doctors office covered in dirt. The floor has tiling similar to a Masonic lodge, the dirt represents the furrow / earth of a woman’s vagina; where the seed is planted. She is tied down, not consenting; while, screaming into a bubble, representing that her voice is censored, giving birth to missiles, implying Masonic use of women as raped human cattle brood sows; to breed Human Factory Farming War Economy cannon fodder for the perpetual war economy. Edward Kienholz (23 Oct 1927 – 10 Jun 1994) was an American installation artist and assemblage sculptor whose art is created from trash; and is highly critical of aspects of alleged civilized modern life. Keinholz benefactor was media mogul Henry Luce.

[94] The name of the psychiatrist who refused the National Prosecuting Authority and Dept of Health’s efforts to have me certified for my – Military and Political Necessity to urgently non-violently educate citizens on importance of cooperating to implement humane and orderly EoP SciCult intnl-law population and consumption reduction by “Shock doctrine” AIDS is a biowarfare depopulation virus bomb threat – was Dr. Mason [State v LJ: Affidavit PDF[158]: para.110.2/135; pp.37/63].

[95] The mainstream media is the primary threat multiplier cheerleader advocating in support of global population and consumption growth [SQ-MfS: T Michael Maher: How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population – Environment Connection[159]] and subsequent Shock and Awe profiting from biological, chemical, military warfare depopulation resource conflict [Written Statement by Consent of T. Michael Maher, Ph.D, to testify as expert witness for How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection and Media Framing and Salience of the Population Issue: PDF[160]:04].


Faked Execution of Timothy McVeigh:

[96] As noted in H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others[161] affidavit:

[97] 07 Oct – Dec 2001: Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing commanding officer: Timothy McVeigh’s execution was faked:

[97.1] Sometime on the morning of 07 October or between 6 and 17 December 2001 – the initial meeting occurred during media reports about the bombing of Tora Bora in Afghanistan – I accidentally met US Special Forces Native American – Seminole tribe – soldier Michael Martin – not his real name, which I do not know – at the Westridge park Flying J Truckers Parking lot – Flying J #611, at 6700 Latham St, on the corner of Papago Freeway and N 67th Avenue – in Phoenix Arizona. We traveled together for the day and spent the night at the Geronimo Motel in Flagstaff, discussing among others the OKC bombing, then returned to Phoenix the next day. Michael Martin informed me that Timothy McVeigh’s execution had been faked, and he knew this, because he had personally run into Timothy – who had been partially disguised – at a homeless shelter, in the week of 4th of July 2001, a few weeks after Timothy’s alleged execution. Initially we decided we would travel to various militia compounds where Michael thought McVeigh could be found, or who would know where we could find McVeigh. However, my funds were low, and I had to be back in California for a court date, and so we agreed that Michael would go back to Washington DC to speak with his Pentagon superiors to ascertain their level of interest if any for the disclosure of Oklahoma City bombing events via Truth and Reconciliation proceedings, and I would return to the Bay Area. A few weeks later Michael Martin returned to the Bay Area from DC, where I picked him up at the San Francisco bus station, where I got a parking ticket waiting for his bus to arrive. He stated his Pentagon superiors did not object to his enquiry whether the OKC bombing events could be disclosed via Truth and Reconciliation proceedings, but they did say that it would open a can of worms that went directly back to the John F Kennedy Assassination, and they did not know whether American citizens really want to know the truth about what is done for them in their name.

[97.2] Upon returning to California I went to CA Governor Gray Davis office where I proceeded to inform Steve West, Former US Special Forces and then Secret Service Officer in the office of Governor Gray Davis of Michael Martin’s information regarding the faked execution of Timothy McVeigh. Mr. West doubted my assertions but I refused to leave the office unless he promised to request Governor Gray Davis to ask President Bush to confirm or deny the information. A few weeks later, I returned and Steve West confirmed that his previous conclusions about the execution of Timothy James McVeigh had been incorrect. Governor Gray Davis had requested President George Bush to confirm or deny Michael Martin’s information about McVeigh’s faked execution, and President Bush had confirmed it; when he met President Bush at their recent meeting in San Bernadino County. Consequently he confirmed for me that Timothy McVeigh had not been executed on 11 June 2001; his execution was faked. Mr. West then thanked me for informing Governor’s Davis office of this information for him to verify with President George W Bush.

[97.3] All my EoP TRC to End Abel and Kane Cold War negotiations legal applications and correspondence since 2002 has been – a result of my OKC Bomb TRC offer – and an effort to cooperate with US Pentagon officials to ascertain the level of American and international support for such Ecology of Peace Truth and Reconciliation to End to the Cold War.[162]

[98] As of date I have not been provided with any law enforcement – FBI or similar – or evidentiary truthseeking court or congressional hearing venue; where Michael Martin could be subpoenaed to provide his McVeigh faked execution evidence under cross examination; for juridical or congressional enquiry investigation. If or when Michael Martin is provided with a court evidentiary truthseeking venue to detail his faked McVeigh execution evidence, and such evidence is impartially and transparently investigated and proven inaccurate: I shall apologize for providing Michael Martin the benefit of the doubt that his evidence – presumably sincerely believed – was inaccurate.


Close Relationship with President Putin:

[99] How to Save the world: The Illusion of Communication:

[99.1] “The great enemy of communication is the illusion of it”, William Whyte (not GB Shaw) famously said. The functioning (and dysfunction) of our whole society rests on the myth that what the speaker says and what the listener hears are at least close to the same thing — that communication and understanding have been conveyed. The cognitive linguist George Lakoff describes how our language and our conditioning, from very early in our lives, form our beliefs, hopes and expectations (collectively, our worldviews), and that the way we think is primarily though frames and metaphors (we learn metaphorical thinking at age two). Our worldviews in turn directly affect what we do and don’t do. “The theory that communication is embedding thoughts and ideas into language and then transmitting them to another who then assimilates the same thoughts and ideas, simply doesn’t work”, George says. Only if the sender and receiver share worldviews, frames and metaphors will there be understanding, and without understanding there is no communication. And what is not understood — which is everything that doesn’t fit the listener’s worldview and ways of thinking — will simply not be heard. We are also, George asserts, incapable of learning about anything we don’t care about, since we will not even be trying to understand.[How to Save the world: The Illusion of Communication[163]]

[100] Stan McChrystal: TED: Stan McChrystal: The Illusion of being connected[164].

[100.1] So how do you know when you’ve got real connections. You could glibly say its whose going to come to your funeral, if they are not in the will and its not raining and Homeland is not on. At the end of the day, you really want to think who you are connected to. And are you connected to the people that really matter.

[101] Brad Blanton: Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth:

[101.1] Any-thing less than full disclosure is withholding of the kind that creates alienation. There is no such thing as “none of your business” in an intimate relationship.

[102] I don’t know what Graeme’s definition of a ‘close relationship’ is; or what he means when he uses it in the context of these issues in dispute.

[102.1] Do voters have some form of relationship with the politicians they vote for?

[103] I am an Ecology of Peace law voter [responsible-freedom[165]: eop-axis-oath[166]: LJ[167]]. As of date I am the only Ecology of Peace law responsible freedom voter in South Africa and globally. In that capacity I advocate on behalf of EoP Axis Oath Alliance voting; and participate in global elections to vote for the candidate most likely to cooperate to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law; to enable orderly and humane deindustrialization and depopulation. As noted in my correspondence to ANC Secretary General Jesse Duarte [24 May: EoP Re: JDuarte: BAT Back Off: Dlamini Zuma democratically elected[168]]: As of date my vote for global Ecology of Peace law Czar is for President Vladimir Putin.

[103.1] I have a close voter relationship with President Putin, in the context that I am his only unconditional cooperator Abel EoP law sincere listener resource conflict problem solving voter.


Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law: Re Mental Institutions:

[104] There will be no prisons and no mental institutions, no homeless and no unemployed under Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law international law. Anyone convicted of a negligent violation of a cultural law in a particular Cultural Law Self Rule Homeland; will be able to (a) apologize for their misunderstanding as to the Cultural Law Homeland Cultural law values; be (b) required to attend ego literacy communication classes; to be able to help them to more clearly communicate their cultural law preference values; to avoid future cultural law homeland values and rules communication misunderstandings; and (c) be allowed to swap-move their property ration to another Cultural Law Self Rule Homeland to setup their own homeland with their own cultural law self rule homeland values; or to move their property ration to another Cultural Law Self Rule Homeland, more in line with their cultural law values.

[104.1] Day Brown: A handshake is a very low cost way of making contracts, but is worthless in a community with lotsa liars. Gimbutas noted the stable – no population & economic consumption growth – Steppe Aryan population: that a low tech agrarian village founded in 8000 BC was still a low tech agrarian village in 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land, and live in peace. There are no steppe Aryan palaces, no prisons, no mental institutions, no homeless, no landless and no unemployed. No harems; they didn’t even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they don’t have words for it. [SQSwans: Day Brown[169]: Proto Indo-European[170]: 23 January 2017[171]; SQ-DS: The Mosou Matriarchy: Men Live Better where Women are in Charge[172].]

[105] Under EoP SciCult law everyone – including Armin and Bernd and Captain Sully Castro scientists – will have a guaranteed property ration [property-ration[173]] basic income; where they can focus their scientific orderly and humane conflict resolution experiments without mental disorder allegations from people from different cultural law self rule homelands; with different cultural values:

[105.1] Captain Sully: Nobody warned us. Nobody told us we would lose both engines at a lower altitude than any jet in history. This was dual engine loss at 2800 feet followed by an immediate water landing. Nobody has ever trained for an incident like that: This is the Captain: Brace for Impact .[Captain Sully: Trailer[174]: Plane Engines Collapse[175]: Crash Landing in Hudson River[176]]

[105.2] How Captain Fidel Castro Safely Crash Landed Cuba Economy Plane:
When Cuba lost access to Soviet oil in the early 1990s, the country faced an immediate crisis – feeding the population – and an ongoing challenge: how to create a new low-energy society. The breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s created a major economic crisis in Cuba known as the special period. So we have from 1982 to 1983 a freefall of the economy of 34% of GDP, gross domestic product. When I tell you freefall of the economy, try to imagine an aeroplane suddenly lose their engines. It was really a crash. Cuba lost 80% of its export and import markets. Oil imports dropped by more than half, buses stopped running, factories closed, electricity blackouts were common and food was scarce. People almost starved. Over the next decade Cuba took drastic legal social, cultural and agricultural landreform steps to find solutions. It is the first country to face the crisis that we will all face, the peak oil [economic collapse] crisis. [Community Solution: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil[177]]


[106] I am willing to provide written answers to any written questions.

[107] I confirm that I know and understand the contents of this court annexed mediation affidavit declaration. If so requested, I am willing to sign it before a Commissioner of Oaths.


Applicant: Lara Johnson, Pro Se
16 Taaibos Ave, George, 6529, RSA
Signed EoP Axis Oath[178]:
23 Sep 2017[179]: Lara Johnson[180]


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[19] I don’t have any ‘beliefs’. I only have working hypothesis. My definition of a belief is an idea someone believes 100%; they refuse to change their your mind about it. Very few of my ideas are 100% beliefs. Almost all of my ideas, including whether “I” actually exist are working hypothesis. My definition of a working hypothesis is a scientific concept, that is founded on the level of evidence for the hypothesis. It can be anything from 1% amount of evidence, to 99% amount of evidence, and is constantly fluctuating with new evidence, either confirming or contradicting which either raises the level of possible certainty or reduces the level of certainty of the working hypothesis, as being true or false.

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[73] The precautionary principle (or precautionary approach) is a broad epistemological, philosophical and legal approach to innovations with potential for causing harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking. It emphasizes caution, pausing and review before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous. Critics argue that it is vague, self-cancelling, unscientific and an obstacle to progress.      In an engineering context, the precautionary principle manifests itself as the factor of safety, discussed in detail in the monograph of Elishakoff. It was apparently suggested, in civil engineering, by Belindor in 1729. Interrelation between safety factor and reliability is extensively studied by engineers and philosophers.      The principle is often used by policy makers in situations where there is the possibility of harm from making a certain decision (e.g. taking a particular course of action) and conclusive evidence is not yet available. For example, a government may decide to limit or restrict the widespread release of a medicine or new technology until it has been thoroughly tested. The principle acknowledges that while the progress of science and technology has often brought great benefit to humanity, it has also contributed to the creation of new threats and risks. It implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to such harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk. These protections should be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that provide sound evidence that no harm will result.     The principle has become an underlying rationale for a large and increasing number of international treaties and declarations in the fields of sustainable development, environmental protection, health, trade and food safety, although at times it has attracted debate over how to accurately define it and apply it to complex scenarios with multiple risks. In some legal systems, as in law of the European Union, the application of the precautionary principle has been made a statutory requirement in some areas of law.

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[94] All South Africans are settlers, regardless of their skin colour, and their DNA carries the proof. So says Dr Wilmot James, head of the African Genome Project, a distinguished academic, sociologist and, more recently, honorary professor of human genetics at the University of Cape Town. And he says South Africans will soon have a public genetic database which will show how the country became populated over thousands of years. The African Genome project is supported by local genealogy website Ancestry24.com. James aims to trace the origins of South Africans “no matter what their language, ethnic origins, or skin colour. No one group can lay claim to South Africa. Everyone is a settler, and we will show how people came here in waves of migration. [IOL: ‘We are all settlers in SA’, Lynnette Johns, August 18 2007 at 03:37pm: http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/we-are-all-settlers-in-sa-1.366860 ]

[95] NO: FURSTENBERG, Johan Pieter: Johan Pieter FÜRSTENBERG was born about 1760 in Bergen, Norway. He was an officer in the artillery and is referred to by some sources as: Johan Petrus. On 04 July 1784 he married Anna Elizabeth HAMMES (01.03.1767) in Capetown; daughter of Pieter Casper HAMMES (~1752, Drakenstein) and Maria Magdalena DELPORT (1753, Sergauts River, Swellendam).

[96] * FR: DELPORTE, Jacques & VITOUT, Sara: Jacques DELPORTE was born about 1680 near Rijswijk (Lille) in Flandre, France. Sara VITOUT was born about 1681 in Guines, Picardie, France . They married in January 1698 in Veere, Europa. His name is also spelt as La Porte. He is from Ryssel (Lille) and he marries Sara VITOUT in October 1698 and three months later, on 10 Dec. 1698 they leave the Netherlands on the ship Cattendyk, as French Huguenots. They arrive in Capetown on 13 April 1699.

* FR: DE VILLIERS, Abraham & GARDIOL, Susanne: DE VILLIERS, Abraham was born in Bar-sur-Seine, Bourgogne, France in 1659, and married Susanne GARDIOL (1668), daughter of Antoine GARDIOL and Margueritte PERROTETTE, from La Coste, Provence on 05 October 1689 in the Cape. Abraham and his two brothers Jacques (Jacob) DE VILLIERS (1661) and Pierre DE VILLIERS were from La Rochelle – although it has been argued they were originally from Bourgogne and fled to La Rochelle – were French Huguenots who left France in 1689 on the Zion. Jacob married Marguerite GARDIOL and Abraham her sister Susanna GARDIOL. Abraham and Susanne lived at Meerust, Drakenstein. Susanne GARDIOL arrived at the Cape in January 1689, with her mother and sister Margueritte and brother Jean on the Wapen van Alkmaar, having left Amsterdam on 18 July 1688. Susanne GARDIOL is a descendant of the GARDIOL families from Luberon; who settled in Luberon at the end of the 15th century; of the Vaud clan, who came from the alpine valleys of Piedmont (Theses of Gabriel AUDISIO, published in 1984 : “The of Vaud ones of Luberon – a minority in Provence”).

* FR: DE VILLIERS, Jacques (Jacob) & GARDIOL, Marguerite: DE VILLIERS Jacques (Jacob) was born approximately 1661 at La Rochelle, where they had fled to from Burgundy. In 1689 he and his brothers Abraham and Pierre arrived in the Cape on Zion. Jacob married Marguerite GARDIOL, from Provence. He established himself at La Brie, Franschoek, and later Boschendal.

* FR: JACOBS, Pierre & DE VOS, Susanna: JACOBS, Pierre from Calais was a French Huguenot who arrived in the Cape in 1688 on De Schelde wit his wife Suzanna DE VOS, and three children, Daniel, Sara & Suzanne. They settled on De Goede Hoop (1688), Groot Drakenstein. He died in 1693.

* FR: MARE, Ignace & VAN VUUREN, Susanna: Ignace Mare was born about 1684 in Calabria France; although some sources allege otherwise. It is alleged he was christened in Ardennes, Montherme, France in 1686; and that he was the second son of Paul Mare, some also consider him a possible Huguenot. On 07 February 1706, in Drakenstein, he married Susanna van Vuuren (born 1691) in Calais, France. Susanna was the daughter of Gerrit J. van Vuuren (1660, Netherlands – 1700, Cape) and Susanna Jacobs (1671, Calais France – 1696, Cape).

[97] * DE: HAMMES, Pieter Caspar: HAMMES, Pieter Caspar — son of Friedrich HAMMES and Anna Margaretha FALKENRATH — was born in Remsheid, North Rhinde-Westphalia and arrived in the Cape in 1753 as a soldier. He married Maria Magdalena DELPORT on 31 July 1763 in the Cape. She was the daughter of Pieter DELPORT and Anna Elizabeth MARE (b: 04.01.1710, Drakenstein). He died on 20 May 1772 in the Cape.

* DE: ROOS, Johannes (Hans): ROOS Johannes (Hans) was born 10 May 1677 in Leipzig, Germany and came to South Africa from Leipzig, East Germany. He was the son of Johannes ROSE, a linen merchant and Anna BLUMEN. Johannes was a mason 1713-1715. In 1715 he became a burger and a black smith. On 19 May 1715 (some say 1714) he married Johanna VISSER who was baptised on 5 March 1690 – the daughter of Johannes VISSERr and Catharine VAN DER ZEE – an orphan from the Netherlands. Johannes and Johanna had 10 children. On 9 December 1746 Johanna married Lucas VISAGIE. She died about 1755. (de Villiers and Pama, Genealogies of old S A Families 1981)

[98] * NL: BOSMAN Hermanus: Hermanus BOSMAN was born on 19 April 1682 in Amsterdam, and left Holland, from Texel on 20 January 1706 destined for Batavia. He did not like the Far East, so returned on the De Overryp, arriving in the Cape on 19 April 1707, where he as appointed Pastor of Drakenstein. He married Elizabeth DE VILLIERS (daughter of Abraham DE VILLIERS & Suzane GARDIOL) on 04 March 1708. They established themselves on De Nieuwe Plantatie.

* NL: KOLVER, Andreas Lutgerus: KOLVER, Andreas (Andries) Lutgerus, was born in Zwolle in 1743, studied at Leiden and Jena and was ordained in 1766. He preached in Dordrecth, until 1780 when he was despatched to the Cape on the Krooswyik. In 1742, the German community in the Cape requested permission from the Dutch East Indian Company to establish their own church. The German farmer Martin Melck, from Elsenburg, donated one of his “sheds” in Strand Street as the first Lutheran Church. It was the first new denominational church allowed by the Dutch, but they were instructed to only preach in Dutch. The first service was led by Andreas on 10 December 1780. Their were 441 members, 300 Germans, the rest Dutch and Scandinavians. He married Antonia Adriana HEZELER. They had two children: Wilhelmus (1769) and Johanna Elizabeth (1786) [married Andries CRONJE in 1805]

* NL: VAN VUUREN, Gerrit (Janse): Gerrit J. VAN VUUREN was born about 1660 in Vuren, Netherlands; and died in June 1700 in the Cape. He was the son of UNKNOWN, Johannes born about 1647 in Gelderland; died about 1667 in Vuren. In circa 1689, Gerrit married Susanna JACOBS (born in 1671 in Calais, France, and died in 1696 in the Cape). Susanna was the daughter of Pierre JACOBS (1643, Calais, Artois, France) and Suzanna DE VOS (1645, France). She died in October 1696.

[99] * UK: JOHNSTONE James Augustus: James Augustus JOHNSTONE was born circa 1810 in Edinburgh (Dumpfries), Scotland, and was an 1820 settler to Port Elizabeth. On 20 September 1837 he married Elizabeth Cornelia ROOS in Port Elizabeth, from Laings Nek in Natal (daughter of Francois ROOS, born 13/05/1791; and Maria  Elisabeth FURSTENBURG, born 03/11/1805); and in 1840’s after the birth of their first son, they moved to Natal.

* UK: KOLBE George Augustus & DOWNING Margaret: George Augusts KOLBE was born on 7 December 1802 in London, travelled to South Africa as an English settler, employed as a missionary doctor, settling on the farm Wurtenburg, Knopdaar, near Burgersdorp, where he died on 01 December 1844. He married Margaret Downing  (descendant of Sir George Downing), born in London on 23 February 1805, who died in Burgersdorp on 25 November 1861. They had 15 children.

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EoP Law Pro Se Applicant Question of Law Answers:  [A] Any mental disorder diagnosis, based on any DSM – APA: American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-1, DSM-2, DSM-3, DSM-4 or DSM-5 – Bible’s mental disorder legal definition; is based upon cultural law. [B] Cultural ethics should require cultures with cultural law mental disorder definitions to educate their cultural members, that such definitions are not based on scientific law, but cultural conformity law, and in a fully informed consent multi-cultural community, society or nation, cultural laws apply only to the individuals who have consented to the particular cultural groups cultural values.    http://lj-v-ghj.tygae.org.za/pdf/19-05-09_LJvGHJ_QoL_FS-Afd_C-Svd.pdf

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