09 Feb: Application for Dignitas Assisted Suicide Statement

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Member: 515.66.866
Date of Birth: 04 December 1966
Name: Lara Johnson aka Lara Johnstone
Address: 16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529, RSA

Application for Dignitas Assisted Suicide Statement

[1] I, Lara Johnson, the undersigned, do hereby state under oath in English. I am adult female, the Ecology of Peace culture applicant in this matter, born 04 December 1966, ID No: 661204 0012 086, a South African citizen, resident at 16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, South Africa. Cell: 071 170 1954. I am a qualified paralegal, who advocates on behalf of Ecology of Peace culture law. I manage a small worm farm business: SQWorms.

[2] The facts set out herein fall within my personal knowledge, unless otherwise indicated by the context, and are to the best of my belief true and correct.

[3] I hereby make a formal application to Dignitas, requesting Dignitas provisional green light authorization; based upon legal; not medical grounds.

[4] Application for Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green Light Authorization:

[5] The motives for my application for a Dignitas Assisted Suicide ‘provisional green light’[1] Authorization Request are legal; not medical:

[5.1] For the past twenty years I have been denied legal representation and/or standby counsel to legally assist me in accordance with my cultural values. Put differently, the lawyers appointed by the State, and/or paid for by family members have objected to representing me in accordance with my Ecology of Peace legal culture cultural values.

[5.2] Ecology of Peace legal culture member:

[A] As of date Western Cape High Court have refused my Ecology of Peace application for standby counsel legal representation as documented in H 51/19: LJ v CRL Rights Commission and One Other [Annex A2]; and ignored my appeal for referral of my case to an EoP and WiP Conflict of Cultures Judge [Annex A3].

[5.3] H 111/19: LJ v LS: No EoP OKC TRC:

[A] If the US Government and/or UN General Assembly vote outcome of H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [Annex B] is No EoP OKC TRC, the Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green light, will assist Russian authorities to authorize my No EoP OKC TRC assisted suicide logistics arrangements in Siberia.

[5.4] H 111/19 LJ v LS: EoP PoW:

[A] As noted in the IACHR [Annex C1] application; my legal cultural membership of the Ecology of Peace legal culture [Annex A]; places me in prisoner of war legal context with the majority of citizens, lawyers and judges who negligently or intentionally endorse WiP law legal culture; and the minority who appear afraid of legally formally opposing the WiP law legal culture; in the same way that Jack Kervorkian struggled to find lawyers willing to legally represent him[2]. As such I am a prisoner of WiP international law, and WiP Law only jurists and lawyers. The IACHR EoP Law Voter Pro Se Application requests IACHR to issue an – EoP Prisoner of WiP Law War – Declaratory Order to authorize the Swiss Federal Council to submit H 111/19: LJ v LS; to UN General Assembly; on behalf of EoP Law voter and McVeigh2020 candidate applicants; in terms of Art 4, 5 and 128 of the Geneva Convention relative to Treatment of Prisoner of War; for an EoP v WiP international law UNGA vote. If the UNGA vote is No EoP OKC TRC [Annex B], the Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green light, will assist Russian authorities to consent to my assisted suicide in Siberia. Alternatively a Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green light can also help me to formally request Attorney Fiegler to provide me with Pro Bono standby counsel assistance with the IACHR: Inter-American Court of Human rights or CADC: Court of Appeals DC Circuit: EoP PoW authorization applications.

[5.5] As noted in LJ v CRLRC & One Other [Annex A2; pp.04/40] lawyers objected to the following cultural values:

[A] Culture of Honesty: Lawyers overtly or ambiguously demanded that I engage in behaviour that I objectively and/or subjectively considered to be legal strategic and/or tactical advice that I should engage in conscious deception of the court – in legal terms fraud or perjury – that violated my honesty cultural values – and I refused. Lawyers did not want to engage in intellectual honesty truthseeking to cooperate to clearly and simply legally define responsible freedom procreation and consumption behaviour; and cooperate to draw up a legal plan to implement such responsible freedom procreation and consumption definition as international law.

[B] Culture of Honest Race Relations: Lawyers did not support my cultural values of buck stops here honest race relations: honesty with black people about procreation above ecological carrying capacity limits causes of resource conflict. They did not appear to have objections to my honesty with white people about consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits causes of resource conflict.

[C] Exposing Babylon Law as root cause of all resource conflict: Lawyers ignored or refused my legal strategic and/or tactical orders to inform the court of information and/or evidence in support of my cultural values to advocate on behalf of the strategic goal of (a) exposing and abolishing Babylon Masonic War is Peace law – clauses of international law enabling procreation and consumption above ecological carrying capacity limits – as the root cause of all resource conflict, and (b) implementing Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural law – clauses of international law [Annex B] requiring all citizens of all nations, races and religions, to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits, and relate in terms of fully informed consenting agreements – as international law.

[6] Reasons for My Assisted Suicide Request:

[7] There are two legal reasons for my application for a Dignitas Assisted Suicide Green Light Request:

[7.1] H 111/19: LJ v LS: No EoP OKC TRC:

[A] In accordance with my legal – Braveheart SS[3] – offer to Timothy McVeigh and President George W Bush[4]; documented in H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [Annex B]; in the event of a US Government and/or UN General Assembly No EoP OKC TRC[5]

[7.2] H 111/19 LJ v LS: EoP PoW:

[A] As a member of an Ecology of Peace legal culture, I am an Ecology of Peace prisoner of War is Peace law, jurists and lawyers. I would prefer a humane assisted suicide death to avoid the race, class, religious and gender wars resource conflict violence of impending WiP law deindustrialization and depopulation. As an activist I have spent time for political crimes, as a pacifist minority in third world overpopulated guardless prisons. It is not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy. Individuals who have never experienced being in a third world prison as a racial, religious or ideological pacifist minority in an overpopulated dormitory cell full of violent prisoners, may not experientially understand, the future that awaits them under WiP law deindustrialization and depopulation.

[8] Physical Condition & Medical Reports:

[8.1] Bio-physical Health: Medical Doctor Reports:

[A] I have no medical aid, and have been lucky to have avoided the need for doctors and medicines. Excluding being a little overweight; I have no medical problems.

[B] Excluding the last two visits to Dr Botha: If I recall correctly the last time I went to a doctor was when I fell off my motorcycle when I was in high school and needed some stitches to my knee; which was thirty six years ago.

[C] The only doctors I have seen in the past thirty six years, have been gynaecologists; to replace my IUD once every few years.

[D] As per Dignitas requests for a doctors report; I requested a physical checkup report from Dr. Johanna Botha [Annex D], to be able to provide to Dignitas.

[8.2] Psycho-social Health: Psychologist Reports:

[A] I have spent approximately 400 or more hours in individual and group therapy over the course of my adult life.

[B] Some of those hours were a result of my voluntary outreach for individual or group therapy constructive criticism help from a psychologist, when I was struggling to cope with psycho-social and/or emotional problems.

[C] Most of those hours were a result of my voluntary outreach for individual or group therapy constructive criticism help from psychologists – Dr Brad Blanton and Dr Richard Korn – for revolution of ego literacy consciousness self help group therapy.

[D] Enclosed are two affidavits from Dr Brad Blanton [Annex E], which he has submitted into civil and criminal court proceedings on my behalf, in support of my Ecology of Peace Radical Honesty legal social contract advocacy.

[9] Biographical Family Sketch:

[10] I am the eldest child of Clive Henry Johnstone and Ann Elizabeth Johnstone.

[11] I have three siblings; two brothers: Graeme and Andre; and a sister: Wendy.

[12] I attended two primary schools, and three high schools. I was an average to good student, qualified for university admission and did not get into any significant trouble.

[13] At approximately age 12 or thereabouts my parents converted to evangelical Christianity. My interpretation of my mothers reason for becoming a Christian was lack of meaning in her family life, and infidelity marriage argument problems with my father. My father became a Christian shortly thereafter. As of date their evangelical Christian journey has led them to various churches, congregations and fellowships; resulting in previous churches being accused of being ‘fake churches’. I do not know what their definition is for a real / fake church; and how they measure whether a church is fake or real. Their evangelical Christian fervour to save souls has alienated them from their children; who have felt coerced by their religious fervour.  

[14] Important events in my life include: (a) travelling: sailing around the world; (b) marrying Demian Johnson; (c) Radical Honesty culture experiences; (d) Timothy McVeigh experiences; (e) Ecology of Peace culture experiences.

[14.1] I spent fourteen years backpacking travelling around the world including Russia and China. I worked on sailboats in the Indian Ocean, Red sea, Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans; and worked as a nanny, caregiver, secretary, etc in Europe and America. Sailing and travelling activated environmental concern issues, and while working in London I joined Greenpeace, and have since been involved in environmental advocacy concerns.

[14.2] While working as a caregiver in Washington DC, and doing part-time prison-reform activism; I was befriended by African American prisoner Demian Johnson; who subsequently asked me to marry him, which I did. We married in Folsom prison in California on October 11, 1997 [Annex F]. The experience of being married to someone from a different race, who was also a maximum security prisoner, taught me many lessons in fairness, compassion and suffering. None of my siblings ever contacted my husband to write him a letter to welcome him to the family. None of my siblings ever offered any emotional support to me or my husband. The racial pressures from our respective family members combined with the maximum security prisoner status of my husband, my US temporary residency status, and subsequent deportation from America, after the World Trade Center attacks, resulted in our decision to amicably separate. We both made attempts to file for amicable divorce; mine were unsuccessful due to lawyers objection to my Ecological of Peace cultural membership. According to Demian’s sister – Suzette – Demian filed divorce papers, which were successful. As of date I have not been provided with a copy of such divorce papers.

[14.3] In 1999, I became aware of Dr. Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty books, which I read. I subsequently took a Radical Honesty course, and was then invited to become a Radical Honesty employee in Virginia. I embraced Radical Honesty doctrine on forgiveness and became a Radical Honesty culture member and activist. Overtime I became aware that Brad Blanton and Radical Honesty trainers, almost all of whom were ideologically middle class European liberals, did not want to practice their Radical Honesty forgiveness processes with individuals who ideologically identify as conservatives.

[14.4] Timothy McVeigh: A summary of my efforts on behalf of a free and fair trial for Timothy McVeigh are documented in H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [Annex B]: Oklahoma City Bombing Truth and Reconciliation [para 34-38/47; pp.16-17/70].

[14.5] Ecology of Peace culture: A transcript of Ecology of Peace culture values are documented in h 51/19: LJ v CRLRC & One Other [Annex A2] and H 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu and Eight Others [Annex B]: EoP UN Resolution [pp.25-66/70]: Eco Literacy: EoP Radical Honoursty Factual Reality: [pp.43-47/70]: Ego Literacy [36-37/70].

[15] Family Assistance Sketch:

[16] Enclosed are my letters to family and friends [Annex G] informing them of my Dignitas Assisted Suicide plans in Siberia and/or Switzerland.

[16.1] My parents have provided their legal written consent and authorization [Annex H].

[16.2] A few presumably angry ranting verbal ‘thousands of people commit suicide every day without any drama and without going to Switzerland; why don’t you just commit suicide and save us the trouble’ responses from family members. As of date they have not been willing to put those verbal statements into writing.

[16.3] Friends who responded were supportive.

[17] As of date, I do not have anyone willing to travel with me to Siberia or Switzerland.

Signed and Sworn to at George on 09 February 2021, the Deponent acknowledging that she knows and understands the contents of this Affidavit, and that she has no objection to taking the prescribed oath and that the oath is binding on her conscience.


Applicant: Lara Johnson, Pro Se
EoP Axis Oath[6]: 23 Sep 2017[7]: LJ[8]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529, RSA
Cell: 071-170 1954


——- Footnotes ——-

[1] Assuming that the doctors agree to help in the specific case (by giving the so-called “provisional green light”), DIGNITAS will inform the member after which all further steps may be discussed in detail. The “provisional green light” is the preliminary consent of a Swiss medical doctor, which bases on the request and the medical file. However, definite decision remains reserved until personal consultation between the Swiss medical doctor(s) and the member.

[2] Geoffrey Fieger: Jack had talked to other lawyers and they were scared to death. What will the effect be on my practice. What will other people think of me rather than how important is this issue? It was a classic battle between the reactionary forces of religion, people who believe that its Gods will that you suffer and die the way God makes you do it, versus enlightenment. HBO: Kervorkian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8_Ket4prGU

[3] Braveheart SS legal offers are Shibumi Satori Honour free and fair trial lawfare legal activist tactics. Shibumi and Satori are old Japanese Samurai words meaning elegant simplicity; and enlightenment. Honour code is a Nash Equilibrium / Prisoners Dilemma conditional or unconditional cooperator act, which is a legal equivalent of a WWII Marine protecting a Navajo Code Talker to keep his Navajo code secret; with his life; as depicted in The Windtalkers. A Braveheart SS free and fair lawfare trial activist enables the prosecutor to allow the accused to honourably transparently disclose his/her necessity alleged secret criminal act motives etc; with his/her life. In this case the prisoner’s dilemma Nash equilibrium occurs where the players choose to conditionally unconditionally cooperate for a win-win benefit. All benefit from the offer in terms of raising the ‘sincerity skin in the game’ stakes of the game; and observing the responses of the other participants. If the offer is accepted, other benefits include among others: accused benefits from a free and fair trial, the prosecutor from having honourably provided a free and fair trial, cooperative inter-group trust bridge building, etc. Satori and Shibumi are words which originated in Japanese culture: Shibumi means ‘elegant simplicity’. Satori means: sudden enlightenment. Shibumi by Trevanian: Shibumi in the personality of a man, it is … how does one say it? Authority without domination? Something like that. How does one achieve this shibumi, sir?  One does not achieve it, one . . . discovers it. And only a few men of infinite refinement ever do that. Men like my friend Otake-san. Meaning that one must learn a great deal to arrive at shibumi? Meaning, rather, that one must pass through knowledge and arrive at simplicity.

[4] [34] In May 2001, I wrote a letter to President Bush requesting President Bush to suspend Timothy McVeigh’s execution pending OKC bombing Truth and Reconciliation, to facilitate honest forgiveness and truth-seeking problem solving related to the US domestic and foreign policy causes of the OKC bombing. If the OKC TRC proceedings did not grant Timothy McVeigh amnesty, they would choose to sentence Timothy McVeigh and myself to death.

[5] [C] If No EoP TRC: Authorize US v McVeigh Siberia PoW Suicide:
Logistics: (a) Respondent Lapenn on behalf of Respondent NSA: Gen Paul Nakasone and/or Timothy McVeigh’s NSA superior; authorizing the release of Timothy McVeigh to travel to South Africa and to Russia with applicant for their joint assisted suicide in Siberia; (b) Respondent Lapenn and Respondent Petrakov on behalf of Respondent NSA Dir Gen Paul Nakasone and Respondent FSB Dir Gen Alexander Bortnikov negotiating the authorized release of Timothy McVeigh to travel to South Africa and to Russia with applicant for their joint assisted suicide in Siberia; (c) Respondent Sisulu authorizing a visa for Timothy McVeigh to travel to Russia via South Africa; (d) Respondent Petrakov issuing a visa for Applicant and Timothy McVeigh to travel to Russia for their assisted suicide departure in unmarked graves in the Siberian wilderness.

[6] http://eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za/eop-axis-milnec-evac/eop-axis-oath/              archive.is/Yv2t3

[7] http://eop-miled-clerk.tygae.org.za/2017/09/23-sep-iaea-dgamano/          archive.fo/NrdRC

[8] http://eop-axis-oath.tygae.org.za/pdf/za/17-09-19_WC-Grg_Johnstone-Lara.pdf


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