27 Feb: LJ Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention

* Selina Jung, Lindsay St Antoine, Brad Blanton, John Rosania, Taber Shadburne, Clara and Jerry Griffin, Susan Campbell, Raven Dana, Marina Dervan, Grace Llewellyn, Keith Moon, Etain OKane, Tony Shawcross, Tuulia Syvanen, Pete Jordan, Christopher Fink, Sebastian James, CoConnection, Fergus Murtagh, Myles Treanor, Julie Gregerson-Uderitz, Jura Glo, Marvin Schultz, Michael Kreuzwieser, Mike Lewinsky, Maggie Doyle, Anne Alexander
* 27 Feb: LJ Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention
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From: Lara Johnson [mailto:eop-leg-sub@tygae.org.za]
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2021 1:33 PM
To: ‘Selina Jung’; ‘Selina Jung’
Cc: ‘Lindsay St Antoine’; ‘Brad Blanton’; ‘Radical Honesty Support’; ‘John Rosania’; ‘Radical Honesty Trainers: Taber Shadburne’; ‘Clara and Jerry Griffin’; ‘Susan Campbell’; ‘Raven Dana’; ‘Marina Dervan’; ‘Grace Llewellyn’; ‘Keith Moon’; ‘Etain OKane’; ‘Etain OKane’; ‘Tony Shawcross’; ‘Tuulia Syvanen & Pete Jordan’; ‘Christopher Fink’; ‘Sebastian James’; ‘CoConnection: Fergus Murtagh’; ‘Myles Treanor’; ‘Julie Gregerson-Uderitz: Education Rocks’; ‘Jura Glo’; ‘Marvin Schultz’; ‘Michael Kreuzwieser’; ‘Mike Lewinsky’; ‘Maggie Doyle’; ‘Anne Alexander’
Subject: Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention

TO: Selina Jung
CC: Brad Blanton, RH Trainers.
Ref: 25 Feb: LJ Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention [PDF]; 26 Feb: LJ Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention.


Req for Info to RH Circle; ITO Aarhus Convention

EoP Observation and Interpretation:

If I am interpreting your silence to my requests for information to Radical Honesty Circle accurately; you are indicating that you are consciously or unconsciously; a closet BDSM addict.

Professor Freud. Dr Jung. I have simply opened the door, it’s for young men like you to walk through it. Karl Jung: Tell me about the first time being beaten by your father. Sabine Spielrein: I was so frightened I wet myself, and then he hit me again. I liked it. It excited me. [A Dangerous Method: Trailer: Sabine Spielrein describes her psychological disorder]           Sabine Spielrein: I do not want to be a slave. What remains for me, if not science, marriage? [Facets: My name was Sabine Spielrein]            Sabine Spielrein: Shall I tell you what they do on Mars? Carl Jung: What do they do on Mars? SS: They don’t have babies. CJ: Why not? SS: Because nobody makes love on Mars. CJ: How do you know that? SS: I’ve been there. CJ: I wish I had been to Mars. Sabine Spielrein Will: When I am dead, I want Dr. Jung to have my head. Only he is to open it and dissect it. I want my body to be cremated and the ashes to be scattered underneath and oak tree on which is written: I too was a human being. Carl Jung: Primitive man used to think that stones had souls too. I want you to be the keeper of my soul. [Soulkeeper: Trailer:]          Sabina Nikolayevna Spielrein (25 Oct 1885 – 11 Aug 1942) was a Jewish Russian psychologist and psychiatrist colleague of Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud. Spielrein’s conception of the sexual drive as containing both an instinct of destruction and an instinct of transformation, anticipated both Freud’s death drive and Jung’s views on transformation. Spielrein and her two daughters were executed by an SS death squad, Einsatzgruppe D, hiding in a synagogue in Zmievskaya Balka, or “Snake Ravine” near Rostov-on-Don, together with 27,000 mostly Jewish victims. [WP: Sabine Spielrein]

Please forgive me and try to understand my happiness. The uncertainty of the last few months has vanished. All of a sudden my life has meaning, a goal. Before everything seemed unimportant, but as I get closer to the front, my melancholy lifts.  All the feelings I felt unworthy of especially my feelings for you burn bright again. You should see me sitting surrounded by these stalwart men of ours.  My men, I love them, because I know that only through hard work will I earn their respect. If you were here beside me, you’d probably faint from the smell. Where is this crate headed anyway? How about Stalingrad, gentlemen? Time to each Ivan a lesson. We’ll take that city in three days. Cheers! Do you always look that stupid? I find it touching that our Lieutenant is keeping us company. Permission to ask a question, sir? Go ahead. Is this your first time to the front? Everybody starts somewhere, right? Should be fun. Make a bet with you, sir. I come out alive and you don’t. And whats the stakes? From you, two cases of water. Accepted. And how’s he supposed to pay if he’s dead? Our iron cross will look great on our coffins. I shat myself. I shit in my pants. You’re not the only one. [Stalingrad 1993: Trailer]

Lt. Col Dave Grossman: One obvious and tragic price of war is the toll of death and destruction. But there is an additional cost, a psychological cost borne by the survivors of combat, and a full understanding of this cost has been too long repressed by a legacy of self-deception and intentional misrepresentation. After peeling away this “legacy of lies” that has perpetuated and glorified warfare there is no escaping the conclusion that combat, and the killing that lies at the heart of combat, is an extraordinarily traumatic and psychologically costly endeavor that profoundly impacts all who participate in it. […] A Cultural Conspiracy: It is essential to acknowledge that good ends have been and will continue to be accomplished through combat. Many democracies owe their very existence to successful combat. ..  And around the world the price of civilization is paid every day by military units on peacekeeping operations and domestic police forces who are forced to engage in close combat. There have been and will continue to be times and places where combat is unavoidable, but when a society requires its police and armed forces to participate in combat it is essential to fully comprehend the magnitude of the inevitable psychological toll. It is often said that “All’s fair in love and war,” and this expression provides a valuable insight into the human psyche, since these twin, taboo fields of sexuality and aggression represent the two realms in which most individuals will consistently deceive both themselves and others. Our psychological and societal inability to confront the truth about the effects of combat is the foundation for the cultural conspiracy of repression, a deception and denial that has helped to perpetuate and propagate war throughout recorded history. In the field of developmental psychology a mature adult is sometimes defined as someone who has attained a degree of insight and self-control in the two areas of sexuality and aggression. This is also a useful definition of maturity in civilizations. Thus two important and reassuring trends in recent years have been the development of the science of human sexuality, which has been termed “sexology,” and a parallel development of the science of human aggression, which D. Grossman has termed “killology.” There is universal consensus that continued research in this previously taboo realm of human aggression is vital to the future development, and perhaps to the very existence, of our civilization. [Killology: Psychological Effects of Combat]

If that is an inaccurate interpretation; kindly clarify your written reasons for your silence.

If that is an accurate interpretation:

My suggestion is to follow Taber Shadburne and Grace Llewellyn’s path and enter into a written agreement; where you confirm your written consent that if or when you and Brad have a disagreement; you are allowed to physically and violently beat the shit out of each other.

I ain’t into relating with passive aggressive tits and ass slut BDSM addicts.

The only time I ever hit anyone was when I slapped Billy Wimsatt during a Radical Honesty workshop, cause I thought he was having an apileptic fit. However he was not having an epileptic fit, he was only pretending to have an epileptic fit.

I have fuck all problems cooperating with honesty in your face BDSM addicts [Tablet: From the Dungeon to the White House – Almost] and/or cannibals [WP: Armin Meiwes] on any non-bdsm or non-cannibal issues.

Brad has had many such conscious and/or unconscious tits and ass slut BDSM addict women in his life and participating in Radical Honesty workshops; whose negligent and/or intentional definition of love included Brad physically violently beating the shit out of them.

I never got involved, none of my business.

I did clearly let Brad know that was not my definition of love and/or fucking.

As far as I am aware, I am not the only Radical Honesty workshop participant, Brad has submitted affidavits to courts on behalf; but I am also the only Radical Honesty workshop participant whom Brad called the Page County Sheriff to remove me from one of his Radical Honesty workshop. The Sheriff listened to my response to Brads allegations; and informed Brad that they were not there to kick people out of his workshops, who had a written contract signed by Brad authorizing their permission to participate in the Radical Honesty workshop. So Brad fired me. Few days later he verbally changed his mind, and asked me to stay; but he never put his verbal change of mind offer into writing; so I did not take it very seriously.

Brad has never asked me a question verbally or in writing – before or after firing me; before or after many of the disagreements I have had with him – for which he did not get an ego literate [ego-eco-literacy] voluntary buck stops here objective [eop-rh-fr] and/or subjective honesty verbal and/or written answer.

Greg Small who it appears is no longer working as an RH Trainer – is the only Radical Honesty trainer who ever had any interest in any friendship relationship with me – never asked me a question verbally or in writing, for which he did not get an ego literate voluntary buck stops here honesty verbal and/or written answer.

EoP – OKC TRC – Axis Alliance [31 Mar: EoP Upd: Sergey Lavrov: Re: EoP Axis Alliance negotiations] Honest Lives Matter [29 Jun: EoP Axis Alliance is an Honest Lives Matter culture] Negotiations correspondence is published at EoP Leg Sub [eop-leg-sub.tygae.org.za]


Lara Johnson,
EoP MILED Clerk [EoP Oath PDF]
16 Taaibos Ave, Heatherpark, George, 6529

Sent per electronic notice to:

Selina Jung:
Selina Jung (selina@radikaleehrlichkeit.de); Selina Jung (selinasoraya@gmail.com);

Lindsay St Antoine
Lindsay St Antoine (lindsay@radicalhonesty.com);

Brad Blanton:
Brad Blanton (brad@radicalhonesty.com);

Radical Honesty Trainers:
Radical Honesty Support (support@radicalhonesty.com); John Rosania (john@radicalhonesty.com); Radical Honesty Trainers: Taber Shadburne (taber@churchofsoul.org); Clara and Jerry Griffin (venusrise@aol.com); Susan Campbell (drsusan@susancampbell.com); Raven Dana (raven@stresswizardcoaching.com); Marina Dervan (marina@thehonestycoach.com); Grace Llewellyn (GraceLlewellyn@gmail.com); Keith Moon (keithmoon@telus.net); Etain OKane (therapybelfast@live.com); Etain OKane (etain@ordinarybadass.com); Tony Shawcross (tony@openmediafoundation.org); Tuulia Syvanen & Pete Jordan (info@tuuliasyvanen.com); Christopher Fink (hi@honesty-lab.com); Sebastian James (sebastianjames@seznam.cz); CoConnection: Fergus Murtagh (coconnection@gmail.com); Myles Treanor (coconnection1@gmail.com); Julie Gregerson-Uderitz: Education Rocks (info@edrocks.org); Jura Glo (workshops@juraglo.com); Marvin Schultz (hello@marvinschulz.com); Michael Kreuzwieser (info@kreuzwieser.org); Mike Lewinsky (mike@radicalhonesty.com); Maggie Doyle (maggie@multiversity.net); Anne Alexander (annebizcoach@gmail.com)


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