14 Mar: Cybersmart: McVeigh2020.com Renewal Order Request

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* 14 Mar: Cybersmart: McVeigh2020.com Renewal Order Request
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From: Cybersmart (Pty) Ltd [mailto:noreply@cybersmart.co.za]
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2021 8:01 AM
To: Lara Johnstone (Lara Johnstone)
Subject: Domain Renewal Confirmation


Dear Lara Johnstone (Lara Johnstone),

Thank you for your domain renewal order. Your domain renewal request for the domain listed below has now been completed.

Domain: mcveigh2020.com
Renewal Length: 1 Year/s
Renewal Price: R259.00
Next Due Date: 2022/06/12

You may login to your client area at https://hosting.cybersmart.co.za/ to manage your domain.

Please note that Cybersmarts policy (and the industry norm) has always been to advise clients to renew domains well in advance to ensure that any domains are not lost through non-payment of renewal fees. To this end we invoice renewals 90 days before expiry to ensure that the customer has a reasonable timeframe in which to transact without running the risk of their domain expiring. We cannot re-new a domain without payment. This is outside of what we deem an acceptable business risk, It still remains the customers responsibility to ensure their domains are renewed.


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