11 Apr: Eli Elihu: Help the President and Vice-President

* Eli Elihu
* 11 Apr: Eli Elihu: Help the President and Vice-President
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From: Eli [mailto:obligated74@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2021 3:20 PM
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Subject: Help the President and Vice-President

Dear Friends and Family,

I pray that you and yours are all doing well. I am leveraging my network like never before.  Anytime we try something new, there are bound to be mistakes and lessons learned.  Therefore, forgive me in advance for any possible snafus or mistakes in this e-mail.  This shows us that we need to mitigate all stalling tactics and quickly undue 400+ years of racism that exists within our democracy.  Here is one of possibly thousands of examples of how institutional and structural racism is currently being promoted and invoked in our nation:



If I had 30 seconds at the table with Kamala and Joe, I would request that they review every EEOC case that was filed during the Trump administration.  We can all chip-in to help right the wrongs of the past.  The Biden Administration is preparing for the transition. In the upcoming administration, relationships really matter. As you know, Kamala and Joe are down-to-Earth people. Our relationships and professional contacts enable us to maintain 1 or 2 degrees of separation from each other. Do you know any members of Biden’s Transition Team?

I recommend that we continue to pray, take risks, and siege this moment by sharing all resources, POCs, and opportunities with each other to make the best connections possible. This opportunity to serve for Biden and Kamala is reflected by this Biblical reference: Matthew 25:14-30. I wrote this several years ago, but the goals and impact remain the same:

Black Careers Matter To:


Identifying the Root Cause and Developing the Solution:


Social Responsibility:

Three questions:

[1] Can a career politician never solve any problems, but win election after election?

[2] Can a career problem solver never win political office?

[3] Are the majority of our elected officials experts at winning elections or experts at solving problems?

Someone recently asked for my Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) suggestions in support of young Black Men within the workplace.  Like most of you, I don’t give a care whether a racist sleeps under a Confederate flag every night.  We just do not want their beliefs to have a negative impact on my life.  These will be my recommendations to Joe and Kamala to end racism in the workplace:

[1] Promote and encourage a book of the month within the workplace: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1568588259

[2] Change the culture within the workplace by financially incentivizing leaders to pursue diversity within companies.

[3] Conduct team and individual contests of awards and recognition within the workplace to solve both technical and cultural problems that impact the world such as Stack OverflowICF International, and the Brookings Institution

[4] Create a corporate social responsibility strategy for diversity.

[5] Create a system to enable employees to submit requests for funds to pursue side projects.  Ask African-American males to develop and program the functionality.

[6] Create a web-based anonymous and/or named methods of submitting D&I concerns.  Have African-American males develop the website or page.

[7] Develop a formal mentoring develop and program within HR applications such as Workday. Ask African-American males to develop and program the functionality.

[8] Display more dark-complexioned men in advertisement.

[9] Ensure that a SHRM Certified Professional is assigned to each African-American male to be available for career counseling and the professional submits a quarterly report on each assigned employee that details short and long-term improvements to ensure the highest level of performance possible. One of their goals is to ensure that African-American male employees’ skills remain aligned with company goals.  Also, ensure that every African-American male has a workplace pipeline established within the company’s HR system.  If the functionality is not present in the HA application, assign a team of African-American Software Engineers to work on it during their free time.

[10] Establish better meeting protocols that give African-American males more opportunities to talk during meetings that encourage extraverts to yield inclusively during meetings.

[11] Invite all African-American male employees to 2-3 sessions on the subject of diversity. Invite government leaders such as Lloyd Austin and Charles ‘CQ’ Brown to speak on the expectations of both African-American men and company leaders.

[12] Lobby Members of Congress to pass bills that financially incentivize diversity: https://www.slideshare.net/ElihuEl/equity-bill-template

[13] Our country is roughly comprised of 7%-8% African-American Males.  Identify the top 30 income earning leadership roles and/or departments within the workplace. Of those top 30, identify which ones are 5% or less African-American males.  Ask all African-American males who would like to obtain these roles or join one of these departments. Then develop a career pipeline for each person.

[14] Setup recruiting booths and sponsorship signs at Black events similar to what State FarmMcDonald’s, and Coca-Cola is doing.

If necessary, Joe and Kamala can work closely with the Congressional Budgeting Office to ensure that every company getting a dollar of the taxpayers’ money must implement all 14 recommendations appearing above.  Furthermore, my thoughts on having any form of open discussion on D&I is this:

Imagine a 10-year-old little girl who is locked in an adjacent room, we never get to see, and has not eaten anything in over a day – ‘Girl’ instead of ‘female’ to humanize it a bit. Nobody gets to visit her but her caretakers which are brilliantly educated sociology doctorates, continually hosting meetings, speaking at churches, and publishing papers on the importance of nutritional diets in youths. The highly revered doctorates are continually applauded and praised by the media, the masses, and community leaders for their poetic and captivating dialog and work in the areas of nutrition and food; meantime, the girl’s hunger grows and grows by the hour…Where is the urgency?

I compare that hungry poor girl to Black Men who remain equally deprived of socio-economic nourishment.  Our modern-day version of D&I empowers those educated and charismatic doctorates whose purpose is to impress, captivate, and make folks ‘feel good’.  Meantime, the narrative is controlled and locked in a room and there is no urgency to actually provide food to the hungry.  Each point that I sent you is a means of getting actual food, we just want to eat like everyone else.  However, due to historical and current workplace practices, the food is the same, but the methods of food delivery are different for most Black Men than all others – Some folks call it EQUITY.

At the end of the day, we are a capitalistic society.  There must be an incentive to change.  The incentive to change coming from workplace leaders is based on their ‘feelings’ and personal displeasure.  Generally, there are no clearly defined milestones or quantified objectives.  Subjectivity and objectivity are relative and maintain years and years of continual discussion and talking about the problem.  The only reason why any defense contracting firm would change, is to increase or protect its assets.  Since that form of directive starts at the top of the pyramid, I support only leaders who advocate for Social and Corporate Responsibility.

Mainstream media is just now addressing censorship by social media due to the moderation of conservative speech.  However, social media has been censoring the pragmatic voice of the Black community since social media platforms were created.  Question – What are reasons for giving social media a free pass when censoring Black folks, but screaming foul when social media now censors other groups?  Black folks have been getting censored for years.  As you could possibly figure, based on the political incorrectness of my questions, I am actually proud to express that I have been strategically censored by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  For instance, Facebook is blocking accounts and censoring users for sharing stories that the media refuses to cover like this:

Bad things are happening to good folks in America. I am often sickened by the city slicker type lip service by so-called Diversity & Inclusion experts that look good and sound good to make “some” folks feel good. These peddlers of D&I are simply brilliantly educated snake oil selling flim-flam artists just taking your money. With your support, I would someday sit at the table with Kamala and Joe speaking truth-to-power and asking them to listen to this by Stevie Wonder:

If my LinkedIn account had not be unjustifiably deleted by LinkedIn censorship for speaking Truth-to-Power, I would publish these two HR suggestions within my LinkedIn:

[1] Understand that companies have social and corporate responsibilities to help employees.  Imagine how African Americans living in the early 1900’s and seeing bodies of unjustifiably lynched people hanging from trees as they walked to school.  Those injustices gravely harmed them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  As we see current day images of African Americans being unjustifiably killed on TV and the internet, it harms African Americans emotionally, mentally, and spiritually just as it did a hundred years ago.  Human Resource organizations should keep in mind that this has been an exceptionally hard year on many African Americans and has had a negative impact on job performances.  Take that into consideration when evaluating yearly performances.

[2] African Americans have been marginalized for over 400+ years.  Sadly, our marginalization is part of American normalcy and we are used to it.  However, many White folks are not used to being politically marginalized, misrepresented, and underrepresented.  Without proper guidance or negligent guidance, they tend to “wild-out”.  Many of their recent protests and riots result from acting on emotional impulses and politicians using them as “controlled opposition” that got out of control.  For some politicians, “controlled opposition” = “building my voting base”.  I recommend that HR departments counsel and publish ways for those who feel politically marginalized to assert themselves in a healthy and productive manner instead of violence and destruction.  It is a crying shame that in 2021, our politicians leverage “controlled oppositions” to pit us against each other so that they can win elections.  We cannot alter the scheme of American Democracy; However, we can teach each other better ways of responding to perceived injustices.

I only have yours and a few other folk’s e-mail addresses. I am attaching my own resume and information; If you have Biden / Harris contacts, feel free to share this email and both documents as well as you see fit – It’s all good. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 301-906-1292. Stay safe.

Warmest Regards,



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