12 Apr: MLI-CM: 542-21: Re Filing of Reply Affidavit.

* Marais Law Inc, Charl Marais
* 12 Apr: MLI-CM: 542-21: Re Filing of Reply Affidavit.
» 08 Apr: LJ Re MLI-EB-MS: Re: M Steenekamp S33 Written Reasons
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From: charl@marais-law.com [mailto:charl@marais-law.com]
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2021 4:35 PM
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We refer to the above and your email letter dated 8 April 2021, attached below.

Regarding delivery of a replying affidavit, we respectfully refer you to Rule 55 (1) (h) (ii) of the Magistrates Court Rules, which indicates that an applicant may deliver a replying affidavit within ten days of service of the opposing affidavit.

Delivery of a replying affidavit now, 20 days after service of the opposing affidavit, will not be in terms of the Rules of the Magistrates Court.

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